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  1. Businesses want certainty. Knowing there is help available until September provides it. Restrictions ease from next week, and it will only be 16 weeks before we are hopefully done with them completely and every adult offered a vaccine. Can we just do this once and correctly for a change.
  2. I thought they possibly could have held out until mid/end of March. I wonder how much extra money they would have burnt if they did but it still wasn't possible to proceed then. Surely not *too* much
  3. only 5 weeks since Glastonbury cancelled, crazy how the picture has changed since
  4. august1

    How do you feel?

    I lost my dad in November and surprisingly few people have checked in with me since. The ones who ask how are you soon disappear when I told them straight rather than 'fine'. We are rubbish at dealing with death and I would put myself in that category before this happened to me, hopefully I can help others in the future. I wanted to have a big celebration of life for my dad post covid restrictions to make up for the limited funeral but it already feels like everyone else has gotten on with their lives. Everyone is getting excited about the reopening, but I'm dreading going places/doi
  5. Possibly but I think a few things from steps 3/4 might find themselves being brought in a step earlier than the current roadmap so still a 5 week gap. A little bonus just before local elections as well... Less of a big bang of opening in the final step and slightly more gradual lifting.
  6. If the data continues to be good, plus the vaccine rollout is faster than they are saying (which seems highly likely) and everyone gets offered one earlier. I think that's a reason to pull things forward without being accused of rushing it.
  7. I know the festival want to be cautious but they have planned for the next festival for almost 2 years now, if they could get the insurance to cover cancellation. There is plenty of time to reboot the machine for June.. I'd happily pay a non-refundable fee for the chance to go this year.
  8. Do they have data from kids? in terms of 'emergency use' I think it will be the vulnerable. Maybe a lot later down the line it might be rolled out to high school age, hopefully it wont be needed then.
  9. I think only vulnerable children will be given the jab tbh unless the data is amazing in stopping the spread/wider risk.
  10. I think the 70% figure is from natural herd immunity as in the virus running rampant through the population. The Vaccine rollout is targeting the elderly/vulnerable and people least likely to have loads of interactions with people. The big risk is the 16-40 group being unvaccinated and it spreading like wildfire and catching people out in the risk groups who haven't been jabbed. Non of the jabs are targeting cutting the chains of transmission. It won't happen but if after the over 50's they looked at people who work in dense work places, use public transport, mix a lot, people who a
  11. Booking online is for going to get vaccinated rather than someone coming out I think.
  12. Still waiting on a jab for someone who's 100 (One hundred). GP still saying will be weeks before someone comes out to do it, they come into contact with 3-4 carers a day. Surely should be some procedure to complain?
  13. Yep and due to covid restrictions last year they couldn't properly raid their archive. Will be much more prepared this year and hopefully some rare/unseen footage.
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