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  1. I think he'll either do Europe in arenas this winter or stadiums next summer. Can't see him retiring or announcing a final tour.
  2. august1

    Burning Lotus

    anyone go to this on the Sunday? When the 16 year old girl singer was introduced by first name only, I wondered how rich or famous her parents were going to be and was not disappointed by the answer 🤣
  3. I think there someone at foals with some weird flare spitting out on the people below, looked dangerous Don't mind smoke bombs for 1-2 songs a set personally
  4. In 19 and 22 we headed to Gate D around 4 am. 19 there was stewards making sure we were packed in and we were inside the zig zags, this year there was stewards but no attempts to condense the crowd so we were down the hill, at 8 am they decided to pack everyone in before the gates opened and we were pretty much in the same spot inside the zig zags as last time. Its impossible to gauge the density/length of the queue
  5. Negative Monday. Thumping Red line Wednesday and today. 🤧
  6. august1

    2023 Headliners

    I know the fest would like to catch people on the way up but having a 2 album headliner meaning we then don't get a 3/4/5 album show from them is a bit rubbish imo. If they fade away before that point oh well. I think Dua has enough material outside her 2 albums to properly fill a set, the other touted names would be better off waiting.
  7. feels like the whole site could do with a bit of a rework, it wont happen of course. I'd imagine any changes would have teething issues and unexpected consequences as well as positives. Would be interesting if they kept the pyramid where it was and ripped up the rest. The way its naturally been built up and adapted over the years, now its reached peak capacity/size, feels like a bit of a sluggish beast. Where as smaller fest could be much more agile to change.
  8. I was expecting Taylor Swift in some kind of passing of the torch to the next year's headliner 🤐
  9. did they still do their nightly 2-3 hour highlights package, couldnt see it on the planner before I left?
  10. yeah that was better than 30 minutes and done, nothing worse watch the clock get to that half an hour mark knowing the game is up
  11. Was there any banners etc on the railway line?
  12. I'd never heard of this app and a girl camped next to me said she'll be using 3 words to find her tent. I suggested '4th post down' as we were 4 light poles down from the top of the field. Explains the confused look she gave me 🤣
  13. has anyone ever seen a steward in the pyramid field, thats not behind a barrier? They definitely need some on the area by the toilets, access point to the markets between acts to help flow. I think the festival gets away with crowd issues due to being in a field and break out relief points being bushes/trees and not concrete and steel in a urban setting. I'm not sure getting away with it is good enough tbh
  14. august1

    Second Helping

    They've recorded their second album, so imagine they'll be singles if not more.
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