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  1. Wonder when we'll see the rollout move on to 30 something? Not before a decision has been made if they can have AZ/Oxford surely
  2. was good to be back at a gig yesterday, paying for it today. Thought i'd be a bit anxious being in a crowd again but was completely fine. Everyone slotted straight back into normality like it hadn't been away. Was pretty well organised but still lots of queuing for the toilets/drinks for the authentic experience 😂 Bands were good, the noise when the first act walked on the stage was pretty emotional. The dj in-between playing indie hits and everyone singing and dancing was class. If full on camping festival can't happen this summer, I don't see why we can't have these one
  3. Melvin has stumped up 500 festival tickets for any of the 5,000 yesterday who complete their PCR test later this week. Not bad odds! He must be desperate for the data.
  4. On the dashboard it shows 8 positive tests in Liverpool over the last 3 days, that's for the whole city plus all the event testing. Might be a bit of lag in reporting but won't jump much.
  5. just finishing my drinks to stroll across the park to blossoms gig, weird feeling!
  6. he's guarding old trafford at the moment..
  7. my theory is they want to ensure a certain % arrive on Weds-Thurs so its not a ghost town (plus more income) and are holding back tents which will be later released for Friday bookings if no interest
  8. I was slightly worried about so many test events in Liverpool on one weekend. But given cases rates are so low, 12 in 100,000. Current testing positivity in the city is 0.5%, plus how well the vaccine roll out is going. Not too concerned. Don't think much data will come out of it tbh. The two PCR tests are optionable, the lateral flow before is mandatory.
  9. If you arrive on Wednesday all options are showing for every week
  10. Was expecting it to start a week earlier than it is?
  11. I don't think the price is too bad considering the work going into the application/organisation, facilities, staffing, entertainment on offer etc. More than regular camping but worth it imo. If I get a tent, going to make it main summer holiday. Spend a few days in Bath before, go to Glastonbury Town/Town, explore the area. Treating it as even more laidback Wed/Thurs of the fest.
  12. Hopefully able to get tickets/tent for this. There is an option to bring my nieces/nephews in the for day/night if they are under a certain age do you reckon? Don't want to fork out for a 4 person tent.😂
  13. It seems very obvious, the fact we are sitting on 11 million doses makes me think the government know something we don't know when it comes to future supply issues or are just very cautious. Wales going for it alone.
  14. I wonder if you need to book for the full 5 days? so many questions!
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