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  1. august1

    The National

    Will be on the availability of the arenas which are busy at that time of the year. Quick glance them, Jack Whitehall and Pete Tong are all doing them places that week. The other two probably planned much earlier so they are left with the scraps
  2. I thought this thread was about the other stage line up
  3. in the very lucky position to manage my own workload so I only need to be in when I've booked something in myself. Other than that time off is fine, I have all the football/gig/festival fixtures in my calendar and work around them. Was very strange to begin with, I used to asked my manager 'Would it be possible to be off on *insert date*?', the answer would be 'I duno can you? What have you got on those dates?'
  4. august1

    2020 headliners

    Like I said they wont be back unless Damon manages to twist a few arms and i'm not entirely sure he would wish to diminish the legacy of the 2009 set and play again.
  5. august1

    2020 headliners

    I have a loose link to blur and basically as it stands they'll never play Glastonbury again. As it stood in 2007 they'll never reform tho..
  6. august1

    Camp Fires

    The crew camping in Oxylers had massive fires each night in their section. Fire and festivals go hand in hand, nothing binds people like plonking yourself in front of a random fire for a few hours and chatting away to strangers. Honestly been some of my most memorable moments in the past.
  7. august1

    The National

    Don't feel too bad then. We started towards the back of the lower but the sound was awful so moved to the hill. Assumed people would stand at some point but they just sat and talked whilst I had to stand at a mad angle whilst they were on the flat. From the back all the new stuff was flat for 95% of the crowd. 12 new songs from an album that wasn't in the pipeline when tickets were sold wasn't the smartest move.
  8. august1

    The National

    Did they play past half 10? I left towards the end of light years to catch my train. Gutted to miss Vanderlyle.
  9. august1

    The National

    Fairly sure when I booked tickets for the Manchester gig I wasn't expecting a new album and the setlist to not be so SWB heavy but more even with High Violet and TWFM tracks. How wrong.
  10. august1

    2020 headliners

    Despite their massive decline KOL are probably bigger now than their 2008 performance which was just before they blew to the masses with Only by the Night. Still think they could headline and have a massive crowd although it wont be popular on here. When did a band bigger in size do the pilton party?
  11. I know a story of a premier league club. Couple of season ticket holders bumping into the CEO in the pub one evening, declaring their seats were the best in the house by a mile. Next season guess where the biggest hike was?!
  12. There should be a 52 festival loop line. You do 1 week in a field then move onto the next..
  13. august1

    John Peel announcer

    Thanks both Wasn't sure if he was binned off for not being entirely PC. I was just thinking the tent doesn't have the same feel/vibe it used to have. Seams to have strayed from its original remit
  14. With the weather this year the site could have easily done back to back weekends like Coachella, will never happen and not something you could plan for. I spent a few hours walking around on the Monday thinking it was a shame to see it all dismantled. Has it even rained since at the site?!
  15. august1

    John Peel announcer

    Is the fella who introduced the bands still doing it? Cant say I noticed it as I was only outside for a couple of sets this year
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