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  1. I can see Macca building a diary around Glastonbury, not so much Kenneth
  2. gonna party like its 1999 (2009) ?
  3. I'm a 'mild?' fan of hers but it was boring on the other stage so I'm giving this a miss, I'd probably have been excited to see her it wasn't for that tbh
  4. august1

    Ticket Price

    I think they'll keep it below £300 marker. A bit of psychology barrier
  5. august1

    Nick Cave

    showfilmfirst doing tickets for Blackpool for £3.50
  6. I wanted to book rhythm of the 90s for my wedding but I suspect their out my price range these days!
  7. the longer grass took me by surprise and I always done my ankle a few times with the uneven ground!
  8. I was surprised how quiet it was at the pyramid at night, me and my girlfriend had our camping chairs out sat under it looking out at the field, was kicking myself for leaving the engagement ring in the car that night
  9. Yeah a fire brazier, essentially any fire off the ground which doesn't cause damage to the grass
  10. You can detach the partition, can easily fit a double airbed on one side of it though and have all your stuff other side so worked quite well.
  11. Mad thing with Elton is he loves rocking up at league two grounds but the pyramid stage? no thanks. Just tell him its Pilton FC. I was excited for Billie when she done the other but it was pretty boring and no one is giving her a headline slot based on that. Despite being a massive star I don't think that translates into Glasto crowd success yet , I think the fact tickets for 2022 went on sale 2019 and she appeals to younger audience who have been shut out of next years festival does her no good. If you are in or around the pit it will be good but the rest of field will just be chatter waiting for bad guy tbh.
  12. I'd recommend the fish and chip stall, although things got a bit ragged with them later at night so have it early evening. The guys at the pasta place are really friendly and happy to hold stuff back for late arrivals, adjust recipes. If you want to do any of the games in the charities field, do it before the site gets busy on the weekend.
  13. Sunday market was a bit disappointing, it was the Glastonbury postcards stall, then 5-6 random stalls selling belts, jewellery, kids clothes, mugs, non of it Glastonbury related
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