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  1. I think its far too complicated for Glastonbury to move unless they make their minds up this year to do it for definite. They would have to start booking a line up from scratch and America/ROW will want all the same acts late summer. The stages/equipment/coaches will be being used at other events plus crew etc. Then overcome the council/locals, its too big a beast to move imo. Plus having to start work on the next festival in 2022 with 3 months less planning time.
  2. august1

    Legend Slot 2021

    Diana Ross is rescheduling her dates for next summer
  3. freezing public sector pay according to the telegraph, I don't remember it being defrosted since austerity..
  4. august1

    Kings of Leon

    take sex on fire and use somebody off that album and their career earnings plummet, their direction after that album would be totally different too. they are a very awkward sized band to ever fit into a Glastonbury line up again because of those 2 songs like a mad Tetris piece with weird arms
  5. awful news, always enjoyed his updates if only he knew his fame
  6. Libertines at R+L in 2010 had to stop at both sites due to crushing
  7. Fender would be 3/4th I think, he owes them one after last year and there is plenty of bigger names on that OS line up.
  8. I could've seen her doing two sets, main stage and maybe a sub/headline slot somewhere
  9. accuweather have it dry and sunny, low 20's all fest
  10. Is the Home Office your employer? Or agency? If you cant work from home or they find a role you can do from home, they should be giving you paid special leave, that's happening elsewhere in the civil service
  11. If we were all as good as Lee Mavers as self isolating/social distancing things would be fine. Kf_8smUgjXOsuiJU.mp4
  12. The Optimists have announced dates for next weekend.
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