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  1. august1

    Foo Fighters

    I think it would more likely be what they done in London with Rick Astley than anything serious. Grohl opening the park would be nice though
  2. august1

    Self Confirmed 2020

    2010 she was on in dance village at 8.15 pm Saturday from memory of course..
  3. august1

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I'd like to see Kelis again but I reckon a subheadliner/headliner time slot in Sonic
  4. Apparently Uber Eats Meets Glastonbury. Deliveries from any food trader to your tent in under an hour.
  5. august1

    The Strokes?

    They'd make more money and get more publicity headling other than playing the roundhouse
  6. august1

    2020 headliners

    It would be the ultimate we'll give her one more song and if its not a hit..
  7. Would be a brilliant alternative to usual other opener
  8. Spanish plume will be doing a secret set on the Thursday
  9. not looking for Swift under FPTP..
  10. Headlining R+L rules him out for any official slot I reckon. Secret set on the Sunday to pull the crowds away from the pyramid?
  11. thought this thread was about the beat hotel
  12. august1

    Foo Fighters

    Dave doing the early morning park slot acoustic request like VW last year?
  13. Nailed on to join Swift for shake it off whilst 'mean' tweets fill the screens.
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