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  1. Liverpool mass testing has produced around 250 cases not 10,000...
  2. let us back in the match if you test negative and things would change..
  3. Still early days but I don't think the mass testing in Liverpool is working. After the initial rush to get tested when it first opened, numbers seem low and only 0.6% testing positive. The demographic coming forward for the test seem to be people who are following the rules and having less contacts so less virus. Its not reaching the people who are spreading it around and stopping them.
  4. Odds going crazy on betfair, Trump closing in?!
  5. What time is that SDSM chap going on rampage on here?
  6. Any info on what will happen to funerals in this 'lockdown'?
  7. fucking annoying how it was under control in early July so go mad and eat out, foreign holidays, mass gatherings, back to work/school. I think late summer travel was the main cause then add in schools reopening, unis soon after the situation was fucked. When cases went from hundreds to a mad jump to 6,000 in a day, then continued to rise. A 3-4 week lockdown then to figure it out and get it back down would have prevented all this shit. Until politicians/people see deaths/high cases was always going to be inaction and reactive as per.
  8. The 60 million will still be available for the regions of GM, it will be given to areas in GM individually to agree/take to bypass AB being in control.
  9. anyone know what the situation with weddings is if we go for a 'circuit breaker' lockdown?
  10. are the students tested privately by the uni, do they count in the official figures ?
  11. Cummings didn't get tested did he? She did and no doubt told to isolate when tested and after being positive. Also he drove in his own car and not on public transport. Not remotely similar.
  12. Travelling down is bad enough, going back up is sackable imo.
  13. When will this Champions League draw end?
  14. I think harshly shutting down Liverpool whilst most of the country is still open will just led people to meeting up in houses rather than restaurants/cafes/pubs which have some licensed measures in place. Obviously not everyone will do that but think there will be enough push back for it to not work as planned.
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