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  1. Similar crowd some of which will be pulled away from the pyramid? PSB will get a decent crowd regardless, Definitely a balance of having different acts to pull some away as well offering alternatives to avoid people tempting people with no alternative
  2. Saturday night Pyramid - Macca Other - The 1975 West Holts - Pet Shop Boys JP - Ian Brown Park - Michael Kiwanuka
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if he does Anfield again a few days before Glasto
  4. presale will be available to anyone who thinks foals or lizzo should headline
  5. august1

    2020 headliners

    If you could be 'headline size' why would do the second stage? For a smaller fee, less TV coverage/post Glasto boost and less prestige? I think it points to massaging the ego of friends of festival so Foals/Biffy/Royal Blood/Dua Lipa
  6. I wonder how many camp offsite these days compared to say 10 years ago? Feels to be ramping up
  7. I reckon Ian Brown could do the JP against Macca and not be overcrowded
  8. I'd love to hear an answer to this although it wouldn't be a positive one. the answer is definitely yes, but the collating of info was already a thing on here, just posting it on social media has given it a bigger audience. If it wasn't set up and run by people on here, I think someone else would have done so by now. I think quite a few things have been held back, not teased, and published pretty late or not at all for fear of overcrowding and safety. 'we' both want what best for the festival,That wouldn't be guaranteed elsewhere, so they are quite lucky with it as it stands although it probably doesn't feel like it! They obviously will never recognize it as a thing but if they did and told us not to post about this or that, it would be respected.
  9. I think Dua subbing Macca would be good. Given Maccas long set I expect the other sub and and headliner to be decent to keep the crowd away. Slowthai/Dave into Royal Blood/a dance act?
  10. He'll do Something for George, Give peace a chance for John. I think its more like he invites Yoko and Olivia than any special guest. I hope the Glastonbury crowd nail singing this at 1.50 - 2.20. Such a moment.
  11. Guy Garvey has called shotgun on subbing Macca and to duo on Golden Slumbers later on
  12. august1


    The crowd will be awful waiting for Macca. Defo swerve
  13. He won't go out his way to bring anyone. If Ronnie Wood or Dave Grohl etc happen to be around he'll have them on.
  14. august1

    2020 headliners

    Shame I never tweeted this from Secretglasto. Would have been mystic meg
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