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  1. Sadly, I don't think any of us will be ripping the 4k stream, if I understand correctly, it has DRM on it and works differently to the other qualities. Nothing seems to be able to download it.
  2. What's the exact command you're running? Do you know which version of get_iplayer you have installed?
  3. Sounds like a bug if best available means 720p, doesn't it?
  4. What happens? It definitely looks legit according to the docs and seems to be downloading bigger versions of videos I already have, although admittedly I've not checked the resolution directly.
  5. Remind me in a few days. Computer is currently flat out downloading everything they have in 1080p 😁
  6. I didn't realise there was an option to go to 1080p, nice one! The new hard disk has arrived and downloading has commenced 😄
  7. Sounds like it's not installed properly, or you're using the normal command prompt rather than the get iPlayer one.
  8. To be fair, that depends on when you're making the prediction. It's very easy to say "just move them", but not always so easy to do. Although in this case, I agree they really should have tried harder.
  9. Windows: https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer_win32/releases/tag/3.30.0 Mac: https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer_macos/releases/tag/3.30.0
  10. I'm confused. Isn't the GitHub link above what we need? Do you have a better link Pinhead?
  11. It's both. Having so many people makes it that much more obvious when they mess up the scheduling, which they undoubtedly did. But The Park was rarely the peaceful refuge it often was in years gone by this year. Mental crowds were the norm, not the exception this year. Edit: they probably got it wrong lots of times before, but nobody noticed because there were so many fewer people on site.
  12. What's the temperature like in them?
  13. No car for me, I'm a coacher, sadly.
  14. After finding myself increasingly a light sleeper and struggling with lying flat on the ground - what are the options here and WV for larger tents that come with campbeds already installed - are there any, or do you always have to bring your own bedding?
  15. I've been thinking about this and have now decided. During Kae Tempest's More Pressure, there was a section where Kevin Abstract does a guest rap and I wondered how it would be handled. Would Kae attempt to do it themselves (like Damon doing Phil Daniels' part in Parklife), would the audio play of Kevin's part over the speakers (this is what I expected)? Would the man himself come onto stage? None of this happened. Instead, Kae did what they did best - spoke to the crowd. Made a speech about how much the festival meant, raising their arms, letting the risings synths wash over them, something we could all do and share in the audience. My favourite song, from my favourite album of the year, unexpectedly made more special by not trying to fill a space in the song, just savouring it. Quite in keeping with the lyrical theme. That was my moment.
  16. It always got me to where I needed to be. Galaxy A52.
  17. Part of it is that they're the last massive act that hasn't played or died. Who else is there? Madonna?
  18. Me! And it would 😜 But I've softened after this year and wouldn't mind screens, as long as they're somewhere behind the tower, preserving the live experience for people in the traditional Park Stage arena. Up on the hill would be alright.
  19. And the changes to the taps were good too. Much easier to control than the push button.
  20. 😂😂 That set was just about the peak of my festival this year. What a party!
  21. Arcadia toilets didn't have a queue a single time in the mornings. Massive queues at the Paines compost toilets.
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