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  1. Yeah, around midnight it goes down fully until I fall asleep. Is it running some sort of batch job/maintenance?
  2. I think it's real. Here's the Manchester numbers for the last couple of days. Some absolutely gargantuan drops:
  3. Here's my hot Bowie take - The Buddha of Suburbia is better than everything else he did afterwards, with the exception of Outside and Blackstar.
  4. Hang on, let's parse this for one minute - Heathen and Reality, two bang average albums - are better than The Buddha of Suburbia, Scary Monsters, Let's Dance and Outside? And Diamond Dogs? And Heroes??
  5. Sometimes people are getting their first positive test at a later point in their infection. So, a combination of clearing up faster and taking longer to register.
  6. "Rose more sharply", or at a push the "The COVID-19 case rate rise in Wale was sharper".
  7. Also, seemed to be fully down just after midnight (serves me right for looking at my phone at that hour). And at the moment, I'm navigating ok, but having to do a double request to load the pages.
  8. Although I have just had a couple of pages that needed to be loaded twice - both topics with new posts on them FWIW. So, not entirely as good as normal, but certainly acceptable. However, it's that sluggishness after you've not been on for a bit which is a killer.
  9. Actually, after having to refresh a few times to get to this post, I've been clicking around the site and it seems fine for the time being, just as good as before the big crash. I wonder if it's cache or session related, as it always seems to misbehave when I check it after a couple of hours. I'll happily do any testing you can dream up.
  10. At the moment, I'm having to make a lot of page requests twice. It's pretty hard to quantify "a lot", but potentially up to half of page reloads fail on first attempt, they hang. Hit stop, reload page and you're in. Either way, the forums are pretty poorly at the moment. I'm still on the default theme, but it seems to be behaving identically as far as I can tell.
  11. And it seems to be almost unusable at midnight. Sometimes it's more likely than not to get a 500 error. It's pretty bad at the moment to be honest, sorry 😞
  12. I updated the theme and tried several times over a couple of hours before this page would load.
  13. Agreed. He was there between 2002 and 2012. During that time, there was a substantial rollback of the visible sponsorship around the site. There wasn't a Rizla or Smirnoff Ice tent in 2011, but there was in 2000.
  14. And of course, you're always more than welcome at the virtual meets.
  15. I think I remember this cropping up and Michael saying he'd never do the top up thing because it's just a rip off and about making money, not his thing at all. I'm not expecting this to be a thing at Worthy, even if the infrastructure is around to support it.
  16. These numbers are great. All of a sudden, the daily infection rates started to plummet - over 100 a day loss. Let's hope it's not just a lack of testing and is real. It's about the time we'd expect them to drop, so I think it's real.
  17. Do you have any inside information that Melvin will be the licensee again, or is that just and educated guess? It's kind of what I've been assuming, but I don't actually know.
  18. I think he did sing the first few lines at a press conference around that time, but sadly didn't do the whole song.
  19. Lockdowns can still make sense in a vaccinated population for the original justification - flattening the curve to prevent healthcare from being overwhelmed. If Omicron was causing severe disease in the numbers that Alpha was in a vaccinated population, then a lockdown would have been justified to prevent excess death, even if it would be frustrating. However, it wasn't, so it isn't.
  20. If the person in question is unable to communicate their wishes, it's up to whoever has medical power of attorney.
  21. That's the thing, Melvin isn't a visionary, but his organisations tend to be well run. When he held the licence for Glastonbury, it was still very much Michael (and later Emily's) festival, but was also the period where Glastonbury transformed from a wild west that seemed perpetually on the brink of chaos to one of the slickest, best run festivals about. I don't know how much he had to do with that, but the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted in a way they had never been before.
  22. And it's not as if the workers are going to be backed in close to each other indoors. It's more COVID safe building Glastonbury than working from home and popping out for a butty every day.
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