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  1. MrZigster

    New Somerset cider for Glastonbury Festival

    Again Mr. Hats, thanks for doing the research that I couldn't be arsed to do. I think I'm still going to tell that Babycham story though. It's one of those that, even if false, has enough credibility to sound true. I mean, from what you've taught me today... Family starts what becomes a famous drink. Sells it to someone else. Then proceed to start a new company with an extremely similar drink that becomes simarlarly massive? What? Surely the buyers lawyers would've put a "no competition within x" boundary type clause on the sellers? Billum has replied whilst typing this. This gets curiouser and curiouser. So then. Thatchers, Brothers or Burrows? We should start a poll (Disclaimer: Other peoples ciders are also probably available on site).
  2. MrZigster

    New Somerset cider for Glastonbury Festival

    Thanks for the enlightenment Mr. Hats. At festival strength Brothers is 1% proof stronger than Babycham, so maybe not the same. Agree about the Cider Bus. First drink on site for me always has to be a Hot & Spicy as a matter of tradition. When they have it ready for opening that is. Which often they don't.
  3. MrZigster

    New Somerset cider for Glastonbury Festival

    Cider anecdote time: Thatchers always was (and still is) my go to pint with a 'spoons meal deal. In 2016 I found myself working at one of the Thatcher's stalls at the festival and met Martin Thatcher himself. The bloke's a proper trooper. Though possibly profit motivated, he wasn't afraid to really get his hands dirty at the front end when things were going totally tits up because of the weather that year. I'm sure he could've got a minion to do said job. Whenever I tell the "I met Martin Thatcher once", story over a pint, I'm nearly always met with replies along the lines of, "What? The arms dealing, coup plotting, ex Prime Ministers son?". Anecdote two: Many years ago I was sitting on one of the stone benches in West Holts at the tail end of one festival (so it must have been the Monday morning as the Brothers Bar was shut) and got chatting to somebody who had been working there. They informed me that Brothers Cider is just rebranded Babycham. Exactly the same drink and same generations old family business and all that. I still have no idea how true this is, but I like the story. So, just another rebrand is it then? And yeah. I'll bet Thatchers are a bit pissed off at this. I've worked at a couple of their craft bars now. We possibly turned away more people who were looking for beer than we actually served a cider. I can't believe how quiet they were compared to the Brothers constant four deep, like serving a 70's football terrace, queue/scrummage scenario. Thatchers (of any description) is surely the superior and classier drink right? "I'll have a pint of Babycham plus a shot of flavoured sugar syrup please". Really? Well aren't you all grown up and cultured . I think it's a bang for bucks thing. That "festival strength" is what sells it.
  4. MrZigster

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Erm. No. Obviously not. Huge apologies if that is what happened. The opposite was intended. I've been having issues with this site for months. I need to upgrade. (Running Vista on a ten year old computer. I can't access eFests vis Chrome these days, only via an old toolbar link via IE. IE sucks). Who called me Grandad! Do I want a bag on my head? I really need to upgrade because Steam will stop running on Vista come the new year (What a con that is. Don't start me off).
  5. MrZigster

    Who's watching what on tv

    I've been binge watching through Lie To Me. How the fuck did I miss that? It's almost a decade old and I've been a Tim Roth fan since Made in Britain. Slipped past me that one. It's no Cracker, but...
  6. MrZigster


    Loved eXistenZ. Ahead of its time.
  7. MrZigster

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Genuinely gutted by this news. Buzzcocks totally owned it at Leftfield 2015. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/buzzcocks/2015/worthy-farm-pilton-england-6bc952ee.html Part of the soundtrack of my youth. Never ever thought I would get the chance to see them.
  8. MrZigster

    british summer time 2019

    That was painless.
  9. MrZigster

    british summer time 2019

    Hmm. Being promised a random spot in the queue when the sale starts. Never had this before.
  10. MrZigster

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    What a great thread! I'm truly inspired. Most of my memorabilia is not "Around *my* House" though. It's generally on me in the form of T-Shirts. I usually buy at least two a festival and sometimes (read usually) more. I am generally wearing a bought at Glastonbury T-Shirt most days of the year. Two at a time at this time of year as undergarments 'cause it's all about layers (I work outside). I've mentioned on here before that I'm quite embarassed that most of my wardrobe is stuff I've bought from Glastonbury. As for the rest. I have probably a dozen or more Yeo Yoghurt and Guardian bags full of tickets, wristbands, programmes, Q/Free Press dailys and Q/NME magazine afterwards review mags and accompanying overhead shot posters. They are filed within my old vinyl collection and likewise haven't been looked at for years. People have bought me Free Press posters as Christmas presents. They're still in their tubes. I consider it memorabilia. Just that. Something to show the (never going to happen) grandkids. Maybe I need to learn how to frame and put things on the wall, rather than hide them in a metaphorical box. Again. Great thread.
  11. MrZigster

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Gutted is an understatement. Wasn't prepared to feel this low. I don't think I was calm enough. Got up late (08:50) and was angry and anxious and in a bit of a tizz. Wrong vibes for Glasto. Got straight to holding page on Opera and Chrome. Then Opera kicked me off after about five minutes and never let me back. Chrome kicked me off at about the same time but I did get back to the holding page now and then (most often not). Speaking of Holding Page are we all meaning the same thing here? There were two yesterday and I only saw the one you got previously if you mashed F5 too much. Can't imagine how those who got past this stage, only to get kicked out must feel. That really is not on and shouldn't happen. Other ticket sales manage to manage this type of thing so why not this? Ho Hum. Here's hoping Shelter get in touch again, though I think I'm getting a bit old for working it. It can be a real slog. I'll have to insist they let me camp by the loos.
  12. MrZigster

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I can't get any page now!
  13. MrZigster

    My best tips for ticket day....

    Lol. You quoted @Pinhead. Love @Pinhead. @Pinhead You ready dude?
  14. MrZigster

    T. DAY

    I'm out of upvotes. Great post. Time for bed. Boing!
  15. MrZigster

    its the final countdown