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  1. Actual age 54. Age I feel Physically? I've only relatively recently started to really feel my actual age. Age I feel mentally? There's still a toddler, seven, fourteen, twentyish, thirtyish, etc person in there always. Certainly not a mature 54 year old. Age I act at Glastonbury? Average the above + extra for the really knackered, down on sleep psychotic moments. Add a decade if I'm made to park on the outskirts/am volunteering. Monday? Have to get my, "I can still drive home as well as a younger person", head on I guess.
  2. Last nights The Simpsons (S33E22) was the best episode I've seen for what seems like a decade. Possibly their best song and dance number ever. First part was a bit weak though.
  3. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2022

    I much preferred the old place.
  4. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2022

    Thanks for that. Much appreciate the offer. I have a ticket for this year but Shelter have always been my lifeline in the ticketless years. You are making it sound doable. How close is the parking spot to the pick up point and how much is the parking if you don't mind me asking?
  5. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2022

    So 40 minutes with a rucksack and an unfit body probably then? Are you driving to Bristol or getting a bus or train? Have they moved the campsite then? If not I'd hardly call it central. Outside the fence at the extreme East I'd call it. A fair plod from Ped Gate C. And right next door to THE NOISY CORNER. Rest is good though (not that you'll likely get much rest). So glad too hear that but not optimistic. Once a cost has been cut they tend to stay cut in my experience. I think the train and then overnighting on the Monday would be the only way for me to do it if the Bristol thing remains. Unless anyone knows where I could park in Bristol for a week nearish the pick up point. Did you have much problem booking accommodation? Is it close to the pick up point?
  6. A perfect opportunity to make up with and invite back The Darkness. They're in Norway on the Friday though. What day was Doja Cat?
  7. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2022

    I've been saying this for years. It's a right pita all round. Especially if you've already done it two/three times already and it's basically just here's how a multi pint pourer works. remember these two peoples names, challenge 25, don't serve inebriated people, bring some wet weather gear, don't do drugs, do your shifts or get kicked out, etc.. All pretty much common sense stuff even if you've never worked a bar before. Hence me trying to find out what the score is this year. I've never known it so quiet on the Shelter front as this year. Especially with the controversy. I can't see "no posting on social media" in this years T&Cs but wonder if it's been implied. Edit: Still theorising that, and trying to find out if, this an Avalon thing, not a Shelter thing.
  8. Been watching a lot of All4 recently and I'd just like to say I'm glad there's little chance of NGHFB doing Stand By Me this year (given that it's more of a Liam track). I used to quite like that song. Heard it to death now. Fuck you The Halifax for giving me that earworm multiple times recently. Selling your songs to a bank? How very Rock'n'Roll. (Is it a cover version on the ad? Sounds a bit off to me).
  9. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2022

    Not with them this year (got a ticket) but I'd be grateful for an update on the Shelter situation. Was the "coach from Bristol" being the only way in their decision or Avalons? (I have a feeling it was Avalons, as I think there have always been volunteers from other organisations on the coaches). Was the training also Bristol only this year? (Becoming "Avalon Certified" as they phrase it). How far away is the pick up point from the train station? Is there much accommodation nearby? Paging @ohmygod& @garc1aI guess. I'd also be glad to hear if anyone else thinks this could spell the end of them volunteering in the future. It was already a huge faffle just making it to London for me.
  10. Not just you. Me also. Very few must sees but Supergrass are one of them.
  11. Bread & Roses open I think. ______ Cider Bus first visit for me.
  12. Yeah there was a bar selling three (or was it four) types of Thatchers Craft cider from 20l boxes. Was also Martin Thatchers personal party bar out the back. (Source: Worked it 2016) Nexium is better. If a bit pricey. Beat me to it. _________ Hot 'n' Spicy is the taste of Glastonbury in a paper cup afaic. Trick is to swirl it around a bit before every sip, or you end up with all of the spicy as sandy dregs at the bottom. First place I'll be heading is The Blue Bus, hoping that they've had enough time to get it hot enough, and then convincing myself that it used to be served way hotter in previous years and that health and safety may have had words.
  13. Sorry to wake you. Should be in bed myself.
  14. The title "Abba at The BBC" is a bit of a misnomer isn't it? Abba made some videos and let Aunty Beeb show them more like. Was all of that actually recorded at White City?
  15. Abba next. Paging @stuartbert two hats.
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