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  1. This was years ago. Maybe a decade: My (now ex) mates girlfriend (late 30's/early 40s): "Why doesn't the image on the screen match up with the sound?". Me (disbelieving): "Well, that's because light travels a shit load faster than sound". Mmg: Turns to look at my mate with a look of, "Listen to this idiot/is that true?", incredulity on her face (I'm not sure which). My mate had to confirm to her that: This is a fact. I. Could. Not. Believe it. Fuck me. Have you never, like, seen a thunderstorm in your life? Or watched literally anything noisy, ever, from a distance? I may be wrong (I must be, surely), but I think she was privately educated as well. She was certainly fairly fluent in two other languages. There are definitely different types of intelligence! Was reminded of the above after watching some fireworks earlier tonight, and my mate stating that he was teaching his four year old THIS OBSERVABLE FACT the last time they were at fireworks. I'll maybe put it down to too much zoider.
  2. Don't feel rude. I'm also glad it's not just me. I left by North exit at about 21:45 and there was a stream of people leaving. Thousands I'd say. A large percentage. Like you say, there's a line. Currently listening to Bringing It All Back Home as I type and loving it. Needed to remind myself why I went. Still a bit peeved though. Neil was indeed on par with '09 and hope the '20 rumours are true. Dylan was indeed Dylan but see my previous post. "Arrangements" you call them . Was also at Waters (sic) last year but never experienced 30 minute queues at bars then or yesterday. Always pretty much served immediately yesterday. Trick is to find the right bar. You've got places only selling "packaged" product which worked out at about £9 a pint at some bars, or others with poured pints at £5.50/£6.00. Still amazed that the cheaper ones often had the shorter queues. Saying that: Though I didn't have a problem with queuing, the amount of time it took (in no particular oreder) between asking for a pint, getting it, handing over the money and then getting change was strange. It was like a different person was involved at each step in the transaction and they were all chatting amongst themselves during said transaction rather than getting on with their jobs. It's not the ratio of staff it's how they're allocated and managed possibly? And why the question I got at every bar "cash or card"?. I already have my payment in hand. Can't you see? You literally didn't spot me. It was the twenty I was waving about that caught your attention. And you still asked the question?
  3. Like @Gilgamesh69states I have heard so many negative things about Dylan live that I shouldn't be disappointed. But I still was. It's like he makes no effort to ennunciate properly. He only seems to have about two or three notes vocally these days. He may as well just talk the lyrics but see point one. And, as for his timing? It's like he just spits out the next line whenever he feels like it. Call it "constantly reworking old material" or "improv", if you like. Personally I think it's just lazy. He still plays a mean harp though. I left half an hour early to get home an hour earlier than I would have done otherwise. He should have gone on before Young but I don't think that was ever going to happen. There was no effort made to enforce the "No picnic blankets beyond this point" rule. They should be banned. Someone had even bought in a tent for their kids. It felt more like being on a beach in places than at a musical event. I must remember to seriously reconsider going to Hyde Park if anyone I like comes up there in future. Even a decent view of the stage feels half a mile back with a GA ticket, and I found a decent view is hard to get (the sound tower on the left blocks out huge swathes of view). It's more like you're paying £80+ to see a live performance on a couple of screens and you can just about make out the stage in the distance. With only one or two different camera shots.
  4. As it's Hyde Park?: Pay attention to the T&C's. If it says "Don't bring this", then don't bring it. Don't bring anything you're not prepared to lose. Or have confiscated at the gates because you didn't take the above advice. Bring sunblock! It can get really hot there and shade is hard to come by. I know this contradicts the "Only sealed bottles of water or empty", rule, but it's an outdoor event and hopefully security aren't going to be total dicks. No bags over such a size? My strategy is pockets. Jacket. Tied around waist if it's too hot. Can hold sunblock, water bottle, tickets, wallet, phone, you name it. It may get searched but it's not a bag. The trick is a decent carrier bag in one of the pockets. Shorts under trousers (which both have pockets ideally). Once in, everything has a decent carrier bag to go in. If security aren't reasonable I guess I'll just end up heavy, hot, sweaty and sunburned. Edit: @shoeboxhas a relevant point about bins and litter. Londoners fear bags and bins more than litter these days I fear.
  5. @shoeboxbeat me too it but Waters/Floyd are renowned for their sound system set ups arent they. Even the interval was great at RW last year. Sounds of dogs, sheep and pigs just running about in the field. And aeroplanes (may have been real world sound). Proper "Wtf was that?", type of noises. Made me jump and giggle. Why can't every band do that? It wasn't just great it was brilliant. Blur in '09 were OK sound wise. I wonder what happened? Anyway. Just popped in to say see you tomorrow to anyone going. And screw people with picnic blankets. The w*nkets (sic). Thought they were barred items? If not they should be. Worse than chairs right? Certainly more land grabby.
  6. Also going. Hope to see you there. I'm not aware of anyone else I know attending. Even big Dylan & Young fans. Felt like half of the regular gig goers in my town were there for Roger Waters last year.
  7. I'm remembering the "Security" thread from 2017. That got hectic. Just after The Manchester thing and the official site getting all, "We're upping the searches this year". "But I'm camping for almost a week. I need my penknife and axe". The queues were mad that year in that heat. In and out through Gate C every day from Tuesday this year. Wasn't stopped once apart from the obligitary and necessary EPO scan. Didn't notice anyone else with their stuff emptied onto tables either. I think it's random. One year I got proper emptied out three times. I don't think we're ever getting back to the relatively laid back attitude of old though. I would seriously question someones remit if they tried to search me on the way out.
  8. I'm seriously regretting my last but one post now .
  9. I've also seen some great acts in the acoustic field. To mention a few: Had the best light show/lasers I saw this year at Hawkwind (who didn't have one acoustic instrument). The last few numbers from Keane sounded great from outside. That bloke can hold a vocal. Tommy Emmanuel was a fantastic booking (now that's what I call an acoustic set). Seen Glenn Tilbrooke/Squeeze/The Fluffers there more times than I can remember (again, proper acoustic sets sometimes). Gilbert O'Sullivan. The Beautiful South and yes @gigpusher, Portishead in '95. Still pissed off that I missed Chas 'n' Dave one year. Sound bleed from the pyramid is always a problem. You can hear the crowd singing from there over the sound in the tent quite often. Not sure how you can stop that. I honestly can't remember the tent/stage ever having had a different orientation. I may be wrong. If, as people seem to think, it slopes uphill, then surely the obvious solution is to just rotate everything 180? (I'm an annoying, not quite six foot 5,11 and a bit for the record). The Cake Hole is my goto for a cake. I recommend the ginger and the lemon. They're always really welcoming there. Feels kind of homely. Decent coffee as well. Field could do with a couple more food options other than cake or mac & cheese though. It's also my favourite spot for a relatively painless (read clean) longdrop experience. Especially late at night when I'm camped outside Gate C and heading home (Shhh). I wouldn't like to see a stage in the bar. Too many bars with DJs causing sound bleed problems everywhere this year imo. The Village Inn made a huge bit of The Pyramid field untenable to stand in for me this year. Bloody ridiculous. Oh, and they'd better keep that path clear near the fence and trees that seperate it from Kidz Field. The best place for finding shade this year that wasn't already fully occupied. A whole huge bloody wall of it. (Again. Shhh). I've previously worked in Cockmills Bar and am sorry to hear tales that it's not got the selection it used to have. Pain in the arse as a barperson. But. What? You can't find Guinness anymore? Anywhere? (I know the bar I was placed in this year didn't do it). Outrageous. It used to have a great reputation for variety drinks wise Cockmills did. But at least the field's got a bar. Croissant Neuf needs a bar. Apart from Hawkwind the bookings didn't really do anything for me this year. I'm up for the idea of it doing proper names doing proper acoustic, unusual, off beat sets a la MTV's Unplugged. Hey. The BBC might even start covering it properly In fact, reading that back, I guess it's been a bit of an relatively unchanged refuge for me over the years. Long may it continue. Sorry to rant on your thread@FuzzyDunlopbut I hardly ever go/get to Silver Hayes or JP, and you did ask .
  10. Interesting thread. I've often posted here before about the difference between just pressing play and actually making/performing music. I'm debating with myself over what is a backing track and what is a gadget (or many gadgets) full of preprogrammed sequences that the artist(s) can trigger at appropriate moments. Someone mentioned Slowthai earlier. I was under the impression that his backing crew were using pretty much the latter. They seemed to be able to stop things when they needed to (and then start up again). Let's look at a band like Rush. I watched their live shows evolve over the years (forty years). I seem to remember they came to a policy that it's all OK as long as someone on stage is triggering the sequence somewhere somehow. So that may mean that the drummer just has to hit one pad to trigger a whole three minute jazz section that they couldn't do live as a three piece. Is that cheating? And there's no way that a three piece band could do that many vocal harmonies live (I am aware of vocal harmony/chorus pedals). But at least Geddy always really sang into said pedals! Right? Do you remember when Queen and Boston albums used to proudly proclaim on their sleevenotes "No Synthezisers"? Queen certainly changed their tune. I'm sure I read in some guitar magazine somewhere that the likes of Metallica and U2 have people under the stage stomping on things at the right time because they can't be arsed with guitar pedals? Cheating? I had a very early sampling/sequencer set up and the stick I used to get from "proper" musicians about how it was somehow cheating... Anyway. Point is that there's possibly no way that us music and festival fans opinions are going to change the behemoth that is the music/music tech industry. It's slid too far now. You want lots of nine piece Earth, Wind & Fire type of live musicians acts? Nah. Sorry mate. Costs too much. Takes too long for mike checks etc.. We can stick that in a box these days. Here's a ton of DJs (people with USB sticks) and a few people dancing and pretending to actually play things.
  11. Yes. I am quoting myself. It overflowed. Bloke next to me left pre show to get drinks for him and his Mrs and wasn't allowed back in. Felt really sorry for the proceeding act. Bojangles. A properly impressive proper string quartet. Who also dance and jump about. Who also are basically putting on a whole play they've written and rehearsed (along with the being a string quartet and dancing thing). Only to be ignored by pretty much the whole tent who were only there waiting for Pie. I was so impressed by them. 'twas a bonus. Pie was enjoyable but nothing new script wise really.
  12. A lucky escape. It's sickly. The first time I tried it I was impressed by how much it tasted like an actual toffee apple. I wanted that experience again. The percentage and solo bottle also influenced my decision to buy. Knew I had to drive a few hours later. (The vodka and wine were imbibed later. Out of spite for not being able to drink properly at a wedding. Ffs.).
  13. MrZigster

    Crowd Tolerance

    I never miss a chance to reminisce about The Dog Faced Geisha Girl Bar.
  14. MrZigster

    Crowd Tolerance

    I also got seriously caught out by that. Thought I'd head home via Avalon and down (hill wise. I guess it's up if looking at the map) through Cabaret, but nope. Back you go. Really pissed me off as it seemed pointless at the time. But I wanted to get back to camp, not to SE corner. Guess they didn't want SE goers steaming through Avalon (maybe?).
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