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  1. I think it's telling that the "Created by" line lists six people, five of whom are cast members. A proper drama group ensemble creation then maybe? Luvvies. Just typed the above and found out that that a lot of them were cast members from Horrible Histories. Christmas special and a third series commissioned: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghosts_(2019_TV_series) This bit: "The programme is filmed at West Horsley Place in Surrey, England, a large country house unexpectedly inherited by the writer and former University Challenge presenter Bamber Gascoigne in 2014 from his grea
  2. This is honestly the first I've ever heard of this phenomenon. Thanks for adding the link. Fascinating stuff The Mandela Effect. I was gripped from the start. I would say it gets brutal later on (esp. when referencing events in The Philippines). I maybe biased as it's a subject I am interested in, and that I think everybody should be interested in, and if they're not, they should be made aware of the subject. I re-iterate. It should be made compulsory viewing. Particularly in schools. OK it was arguably predictable in the overall point it was trying to make, but it was good t
  3. Others have mentioned it I know. The Social Dilemma should be required viewing. A great documentary.
  4. This. Mr. "I got a Double First from Cambridge", but am not able to follow instructions. Hilarious. Especially the "drawing on someones back" round.
  5. They kept moving the goalposts last time. Extremely High Risk. High risk. At Risk. They kept moving illnesses down the rankings (when they realised how many people certain categories contained imo). Me, my employer and my GP were all baffled and thrown. We still are if you ask me.
  6. Quite. Like the "not put out to tender", dodgy shenanigans. I honestly think we're screwed.
  7. This makes me feel really sick. In the head. Just angry all of the time. Don't the voting public care? How are people not awake and so blind as to how corrupt (and just how ridiculously bad at this governing the country lark) this is and this lot are? I think they buy into the, "but Labour would do the same thing and give it to their mates", rhetoric. Maybe, but at the very least they'd give the illusion of transparency by putting it out to tender. "But it's the way of The World". If you don't believe we can do better than just be corrupt and greedy then I feel sorry for you and
  8. This had completely passed me by. Last year I tried for a work colleagues group (didn't get a snifter of a booking page).
  9. Well this is clearly daft. No loud music but live performances are exempt (plus other nonsense. i.e. no groups of over 6 allowed to sing. Seriously wtf?). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8780631/Pubs-bars-restaurants-blame-3-coronavirus-outbreaks-week.html
  10. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Hope you feel better soon. Been there done that. Had a heart attack in 2009. Had to wait around around in hospital for days for a slot to come up to have a stent fitted, so you did well there. Two weeks before Glastonbury I got out. Still made it. Hope you are mentally stronger than I was/am regarding this. In all honesty my lifestyle did not change much in this regard, despite my best intentions. Maybe don't follow my example, as I then went on to have a mini stroke in 2015 and another stent fitted (again just before Glastonbury, again still made it). Stay strong.
  11. I second this. Exactly how I feel. Hope you feel better soon @Monkey Allen.
  12. Frightening. That reads like a proper high on drugs rant.
  13. There's a store called County Music near me. The "o" used to regularly go missing.
  14. Sid Meier's book: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/games/sid-meier-interview-civilisation-memoir-autobiography-b404968.html
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