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  1. MrZigster

    First Gig Back

    Just got back from The Darkness. First proper music gig back. Just chatting to randoms and "Have a good one" and all that. My god have I missed all that. I got quite emotional.
  2. Right I'm off. Really nervous about this, despite re-assuring emails from TM. Am armed with initial booking and email exchange with TM. Well. Screenshots of the relevant bits.
  3. Fucking changing barcodes! Grumpy Old Man mode engaged (and maybe some wine). That's the end of collages on a random wall made up of tickets from gigs people have been to.then. A real pity. Waah. I'm really feeling old and behind the curve.
  4. Continued because formatting balls up: This was at the end of TM email: ____ Moving to animated mobile tickets unlocks a host of benefits. From greater security to decreased fraud, using mobile makes it easier and quicker for you to enter the venue. Simply open up tickets in the Ticketmaster App and present your smartphone for scanning. Please note: screenshots of your mobile ticket will not be valid for entry. ____ So things are still in the air then... And it looks like the poor people in customer services don't know about animated tickets yet. I've sent them this: ____ Given the demographic of this particular bands audience I can imagine that there will be more than a few thechnobuggerd oldsters with issues at this venue tonight. So what should I do? Attempt to use a screenshot of a barcode from a few days ago that may have changed? Versus pick up ticket at venue? What should I do? ____ I've been looking forward to this for so fucking long. Thwarted at every turn it seems.
  5. Thanks for the help and advice. TM have got back to me and assured me that I'm going to be all right. But it took a couple of goes. I mean this (from one of their emails) is contradictory isn't it?: _____ "The QR codes seems visible enough and can gain you entry to the venue. However I cannot confirm if a screenshot will be valid or not, at the venue they usually scan the bar code or QR code". _____ Confusing or what? I've since had this from TM customer services re my screenshot: ____ "The codes will be scanned to get in the venue, given that the QR code is in clear view for the venue to scan, there should be no issues". ____ But then I was sent this: ____ " Hi there, Quick reminder about your tickets! We'd just like to remind you that your phone is your ticket. Locate your tickets with order number **-*****/*** in your Ticketmaster account, or in the Ticketmaster App. When you go mobile, your tickets will not be emailed to you or be available for print. For more information on using the Ticketmaster iPhone and Android app, please click here. You can watch a quick video on how to use mobile entry tickets or find answers to any queries here. You can download your mobile tickets on the Ticketmaster App and store them in the Wallet on your iPhone or Android before the event. If you’ve already downloaded your tickets to your Wallet prior to receiving this email, we recommend that you delete the saved tickets from your Google Pay or Apple Wallet, and download them again from the Ticketmaster App to ensure that you have the most up to date version of the ticket. If you’ve already sold your tickets on our Ticket Exchange and are no longer attending the event, then please disregard this email. We hope you enjoy the event!
  6. The Freak Brothers (if two episodes can count as a binge). They've finally made it beyond print. Didn't think I'd get to see it. Fabulous and Furry.
  7. Ticketmaster still haven't got back to me. Not looking good for me not owning a smartphone then is it? I've got a screenshot of my QR code sent to my PS Vita and thought that would do but people are saying screenshots don't work!? Can't see why not tbh. It's just a barcode isn't it? It states at the top "Your phone is your ticket. Just display the barcodes below on your mobile device, to be scanned at the door". Well I'm going to be arguing that a PS Vita = a mobile device. I'm pretty sure I've done this before at a different venue. Or I'm going to be begging strangers outside to lend me their device so I can log on to my ticketmaster account. Also I got an email today that they need: "Upon entry to the venue, a ticket holder will be required to present their NHS COVID pass via the NHS App or an NHS Covid Pass letter* demonstrating that they have at least one of the following: That they have completed a full course of vaccination [at least 14 days ago]. That they have received a negative PCR or lateral flow test result [within 36 hours of the event]. That they have proof of natural immunity by way of a positive PCR test [at least 180 days ago]. *available by phoning 119 and selecting “NHS Covid Pass Service Find more info on the Covid Pass here. Ticketmaster Customer Service" Likewise that's getting the screenshot treatment. What a faff about this all is. And that's bloody confusing af as well. Went through the process this morning "2D barcode expires: 19 November 2021 at 9.44 AM But on the same form it states: Your 2D barcode expires 30 days from the date of issue. You can generate a new one by logging in to the NHS App, visiting the NHS COVID Pass section, then download or email yourself a new PDF copy". So which one is it? 48 hours or 30 days?
  8. And what about us old technophobes who still like a bit of techno :)? I am thinking along these lines. Off work at the moment so can't use their machines. Was thinking that all I should really need is the QR Code or a screen shot of said "My Account" to get in? Guessing people on here can still access their Ticketmaster "My Account" account and see their upcoming gigs they have purchased?
  9. Thanks, but still get the same message. I'm on Vista OS through Opera. Wasn't sure if I would even get Chrome to work. Thought I'd ordered ticket to be delivered but may have cocked up. Don't own a smartphone. I've sent them a message (which took absolutely ages to find out how to do without being able to get into "My Account"). Only an automated response so far. Gigs on Friday. Could be a waste of forty odd quid this.
  10. It's fucking sick isn't it. The things the most vulnerable people in our society have to go through just to get the things that they're entitled to. Just this one single policy should be enough for anyone at least half decent not to vote Tory. It's literally killing people ffs.
  11. I haven't been able to see my tickets for upcoming events. Keep getting: "We can't load your tickets right now. The website is very busy at the moment and My Account is taking longer than usual to load. Please come back later and try again". Is it just my ancient machine?
  12. I sometimes forget that not everyone is my age. It's overrated. Extras was way better.
  13. Really? Just wow! How have I missed this in all these years? Literally just a couple of stalls down from my favourite breakfast cup of tea stall (Vegetarian Delights aka Not The Hotdog Stand(+10) ).
  14. I've now got a The Cult earworm from the song Outlaws ("From The Badlands Baby. The Badlands Baby"). ☺️ It was very Stephen Merchant wasn't it?! The CS support officers lines were so SM I wonder if he wrote that role for himself and changed his mind later.
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