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  1. MrZigster

    This time last year I was....

    I think Liam was about to start wasn't he? I was on my way there via the sunshine smoothie stall. Mmm. Sunshine Smoothie.
  2. MrZigster

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    You. You just had to. Didn't you. I'm actually kind of glad I thought it was (I mean would've been) next weekend. It means I can get over it earlier. Can't believe I got so skew wiff about this. It generally goes (in terms of June weekends) Download, Isle of Wight, G doesn't it? Is IoW taking advantage of the F year? Obviously. Sure I saw it mentioned somewhere. That may be how I got confused. Right now? I'd probably be climbing up the hill to Row Mead towards my tent in a not good state. Having seen the fireworks from the SC, been to the eFests meet and seeing Mik Artistik (in reverse order). KIcking myself for having overdone it in terms of walking way too far way too early, and imbibing way much too much way too early. In the current real world, coming off of a night shift on Tuesday morning and then having Wednesday & Thursday off before a horrendous weekend work shift pattern seems quite similar in a "calm before the storm" type of way. As in.drive there over Tuesday night to get there for Wedneday opening and your body clock being all out. I have a couple of days off to muck about and then have to really concentrate. This is the support thread right? I'm arguing/replying to myself here! Councelors? I may be missing those healing fields.
  3. MrZigster

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    How perfectly put (see my sig). I'm so using that to explain it at work this weekend. Have an upvote.
  4. MrZigster

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Damn. I thought I was meant to be sad next weekend! How did I mess that up? Been thinking that forever. Hopefully I'd be in and set up in Row Mead right now. Probably on second (final) car run. I'm working Friday, Saturday and a night shift on Sunday. Couldn't be more differently extreme. Bollocks.
  5. MrZigster

    Beer Prices

    Wanted to mention that my friend managed to get a tiny amount of vodka into The Stones at Stratford. It was in a small plastic bottle with "Holy Water" printed on it. The security guy opened it, sniffed it, ummed and erred with his colleague and let it pass. Either he was Catholic or she charmed him someway.
  6. MrZigster

    Beer Prices

    Just got back from Jeff Beck at Chelsea. One bar and only selling bottles: Not a great picture is it. I was drinking 330ml bottles of Bulmers flavoured cider at £5.50 a pop. I make that £9.47 a pint! If I'd worked that out whilst there I wouldn't have bothered. I thought I was getting about two pints from three bottles which would still have put it at over £8. And some bugger spilt half of a full one I had under my chair when him and his date left before the encore. Premature "lets miss the crush" bastards Should have stuck to the Heiniken (bleurgh) at a fiver for a slightly bigger bottle (can't remember the size (that's why I took a photo, not close enough). I think they're really taking the piss.
  7. MrZigster

    Got any gigs coming up?

    Jeff Beck tomorrow. I mean tonight. It's not tomorrow until I've been to bed. Must go to bed. Jeff Beck tomorrow. I mean tonight. Only found out today (I mean yesterday) that it's an outdoor gig. Hope the weather's nice. Intend to spend some time at either the V&A ot the Saatchi as they're in the vicinity, and free, and I will have time to kill. Anyone else here going?
  8. MrZigster

    Rolling Stones

    I've been checking for LDs for Twickers. When did they go out? I deffo missed the boat there. I'm off of a night shift that morning and will be knackered (and probably late home 'cause trains), but for £35 a pop it had to be looked into afaic. Only things that have been available when I click "find best seats" (via AXS) are Golden Circle and Lower Tier A (which are probably better than standing in a "no jostling, good tiering", type of way, but not £80 better). Given that. Doesn't that suggest that the only left (i.e. Lucky Dip) tickets will be GC or LTA? I don't know how much your work is reliant on you on a day to day basis. But. I would suggest: Pop over and get them. See what type of tickets you get. If they are good. PULL A SICKIE THE NEXT DAY. Ffs. Trust me. They're well on form. Take the fallout. Or. More reasonably. Explain totally the situation (it's a lucky dip, at least a hundred quid ticket for £35) in advance. Only the most uncompassionate, sociopathic, narcisisstic type of management could begrudge you a short notice day off to see The Stones for £35. Good luck! First dibs to you obvs You may have to haggle with the mentioned touts though
  9. MrZigster

    Rolling Stones

    Would have to be Get Off My Cloud for me. One of the first songs I ever learned on guitar. Thanks Russ Shipton.
  10. MrZigster

    Beer Prices

    £6.50 for a pint of Strongbow Cloudy at The Stones at Stratford. Some places outside were selling 440ml cans for the same. We were joking about the prices whilst waiting for the train home: The prices shoot up every year. You can picture the conversation at the pricing meeting: "How about £6?". "They'll never pay that". "But you said that last year when we suggested a fiver, and we settled on £5.50. And they still paid that much". "£6.50 it is then". I'm waiting for the £6.99 London gig pint.
  11. MrZigster

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    Quite possibly The documentary hasn't been shown yet so we don't know what the figure refers to. My money was on number of registrations. Hang on. You just watched it. It's not on 'till Thursday is it? Oh, do you mean the trailer? Doh! Edit: As for the odds of getting a ticket. My experience for the last seven has been alternate got one, not got one. SO that's fifty/fifty isn't it. .
  12. MrZigster

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    Definitely for the 2004 festival. They went on sale in the evening iirc. Was at work on a night shift trying on phone and on line. Getting nowhere for hours. Noticed there was a scroll bar and scrolled down to see the international number. Dialled that and was in. Pretended I was working abroad (can you send it to my UK address please?). Wish I'd bought six. As someone else said I think it took 24 hours that year. Sure it was for 2004 as I had a conversation with ME about it and he moaned about a certain band who played that year.
  13. MrZigster

    Worst Headliner?

    Which year?
  14. MrZigster

    Rolling Stones

  15. MrZigster

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    Had a panic attack then for a moment. Still of the mindset of just "first Sunday in October". Luckily that's worked out all right this year though.