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  1. MrZigster

    BBC Glastonbury

    My Mum always called Blondie The Blondie. Still does even though she knows better. She knows it infuriates me. I carried on this tradition by always calling S Club 7 Sclub 7 whenever my godson and his cousin brought them up.
  2. Tried to cheat and googled it and all I got was pics of and adverts for white boots.
  3. Wanted to. Not got Spotify. Everything seemed to lead to Spotify.
  4. I was kind of waiting for this. When I get a ticket I usually try to aim for Gate B and then Row Mead, so definitely a bit biased. I was going to concede the point that the far reaches are generally less packed, but is there still lots of space by the Friday night? I would argue that if you're solo, you would probably still have issues with coming back from a bimble and finding yourself inconvenienced in some way at some point (it's hard to create a camp perimeter with just one tent). Plus the post was getting too long. You're spot on about the trade off/balance thing. Posted elsewhere how I would have probably struggled with it this year. I'm getting to old to be camped miles away from everything is a major consideration these days methinks. Also, the amount of land given up for crew camping these days (bottom of Pennards being a prime example, but not just them, pretty much every crew encampment you can see from site). They never exactly look cramped together like everyone else do they? Even with massive tents and caravans. Acres of room. They still have bonfires. Wish the same could be said for the camp when I volunteer, where we pretty much get told where to pitch by the camp stewards. Which is a horrible feeling at Glastonbury. They don't really have any choice though, as space is tight and there are probably more people to fit into said field year on year. Same point kind of applies there though. The head honchos get there early with their large encampment and do a land grab. Sorry wittering on again.
  5. This. It's got ridiculous and it's getting worse. Every year it feels like they increase the capacity but reduce the camping space. As generally a solo camper, I can envision the day that I set up, wander off for a bimble, and come back to find that there is absolutely no way to get back to my tent. From any approach. Blocked off by a combination of tents right next to each other and the associated poles and guy lines. (I may have actually dreamt about this happening more than once). 2017 I think the only (read easiest/least hassle) way back to mine involved barging through a couple of camps, squeezing between tents and having to lift a guy rope or two, whilst trying not to break my ankles tripping over tent poles. And that was relatively close to a path. Not even enough room for me to put up a camping chair anywhere near my tent. Another year I could hardly get out of my door 'cause some thoughtless bugger had pitched right in front of it. Be interesting to see the stats for injuries caused by tripping up/being garroted whilst getting to and from camp. I wonder if it's now a become a bigger H&S risk than camp fires ever were. Hate to think what Row Mead would've been like this year with the tent line being pushed back again. Where are the displaced people from there going to go? Along with the annual increase in punters? Worthy View? Sod that hill and the possibility of being allocated a spot right at the back thus adding another huge trudge. (It could do with an additional entrance/exit at that end these days imo). A ridiculous thought given the size of the place, but an idea maybe, would be to grid the camping areas. You get a certain amount of square metres per person. Four of you with a lead booker? Four times that much space then. Six of you? Likewise. You can choose to bring a big "fuck off everyone else" tent, or you could bring a reasonably sized one, or six individual ones, then you'd maybe have room for a chair or two and/or a bonfire and/or, god forbid, a gazebo inside your allocated grid. Enforcing the gazebo ban would be a start. I fully realise the above is completely unworkable and that the chaos of the camps is half the fun of the place. Just triggered a bit and bored alone at home. And they may have to consider such a ridiculous idea if this things still about next year. As you were. Tl;dr: what @stevieweviesaid.
  6. Just don't smoke/drink/snort/pop anything that you're not 100% about. I was proffered a long smokable once after a particularly trying situation (I can remember the set but I'm not going to mention it). I asked, "Is that just what I think it is? Just that? No funny powder business? Cheers mate. Just what I needed". Who knows what the fuck was in it really?
  7. Cheers. Likewise I enjoy your, hmm, what's the phrase, train of thought posts on here. I've always had issues with summarising.
  8. Well you called that correctly ('cept I'm not that drunken. (Only stayed for two). Cant speak for where you are obvs, but felt reasonably safe where I went this evening. Phoned 'em up beforehand. "You open?". "Yep". "Do I need to book a table or anything?". "Nope, just sit down and we'll come and serve you". Got there. Walked in. Was asked "Usual Ziggy?". Had to disinfect hands, sign a log book in and out, and had a temperature gun pointed at my forehead (which hadn't happened in the previous pub today). Gun didn't work as I "had just come in from outside", and apparently I was too cold for it to get a reading (always knew I was cool). Felt like bollocks to me as I'd sprint walked there from about twenty five minutes away and was sweating like a fat bloke in a sauna. Despite the "just sit down and we'll come and serve you", advice, I again just stood a short distance from the bar and then paid (cash) as usual (twice). There was the usual door but it had been marked "Entrance Only". It was still also the only exit that I could make out. There were no more than about 15 or so people in there. A group of about half a dozen NHS workers (apparently. Most worrying aspect of the adventure for me personally). The couple who run the place, and, the reason I went out, a decent smattering of the old usual Saturday night crowd. So glad they were there. Made it worthwhile. Spent the evening socially distanced at a table with one of them, with the occasional smoke outside with a couple of the rest. Really pissed off that I couldn't hug people. Was offered a "Shh, no one's looking", but had to point out that I thought I was a bit daft just being out anyway. Could've at least fist bumped and then sanitised I guess. Jukebox was a bit loud and I caught myself nearly singing out loud to it, which is a no no. No hymns in church allowed atm. Aww shucks you really called it didn't you @crazyfool1. You've still no idea from the above if it's safe or not have you. Am I that predictable or are you clairvoyant? All I can advise is pick your pubs like your friends. Carefully. I deliberately didn't head downtown/Market Square/Seafrontwards as I thought if anywhere was going to get rowdy... Town seemed quiet as a whole really. Only slightly busy/loud place I passed was the local Liverpool fans base pub, and they had a good excuse.
  9. It's got worryingly quiet 'round these parts. You've all gone to the pub haven't you.
  10. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    I'm feeling like going out to the pub tonight. Stupid idea I'm thinking, but the feeling is somewhat overwhelming me. I passed a half empty one earlier this afternoon and had a (seemingly) safe swift one. Bit late in the day now mind.
  11. MrZigster

    The Verve 2008

    Bimbled up towards the end of this set. Great bit of timing. That run of three blinding singles from UH was perfect for someone who didn't (and still doesn't) really know their stuff. Sung my heart out I did (sorry if you were near to me). I remember Love Is Noise feeling almost trippy.
  12. Made the mistake of buying a bag of Maltesers "for the tent" at a garage on the way there once. What was I thinking?
  13. Thanks for that. To be honest Jay Pee, you've reminded me how good I've been through all of this,(literally only popping out for supplies), and that to suddenly get all gung ho just because of an arbitrary date/being a bit stir crazy may be a bit of a dick move/unnecessary risk taking. I was deemed "at risk" and have an elderly relative at home after all. But, as others have said, life has to get back to some kind of relative type of normal at some point. What to do? Thought I might give said haunt a ring. Ask if they're open. What their system is. Do I have to book, and if so, are any of the usual Saturday night at the back of the room crowd likely to be there?
  14. And I broke. Was walking past one of my regular haunts, it looked quiet, I held strong, passed it, did some shopping, walked back past the place, still quiet, pint of Strongbow and a seat outside with a fag then please.Haven't done that for over three months. Couldn't make out a word any of the barstaff were saying through their masks mind. Think they may have been telling me to sit at a certain table and wait for my drink, but I just waited a distance from the bar and then paid as normal. The landlady informed me she was going to close at eight tonight, and had already had to bar a couple of people 'cause they didn't want to obey the rules. "If you don't like it, you don't have to come out". Indeed. Did see a group of about a dozen young lads just wandering through the town carrying plastic pint pots, ignoring social distancing and catcalling out to passing young ladies. There was a group of blokes around my age where I had said pint behaving in exactly the same manner. (The usual suspects. Certainly haven't missed that crowd).Other than that no troubling behaviour witnessed. Spoke to one of the local 'spoons managers on my way past. Was told that they were almost at capacity. I pointed out that I was only really passing and being polite. Had it pointed out to me that, as a single punter, it would be hard for them to find me a table. If I wanted to find a few mates and book a table in advance etc.... But that's never been my pub experience/the way I do pubs mate. I'm more of a - come out and see who's about - type of barfly. I've honestly only got one or two numbers of people I (used to) regularly see out and about. So that's a bit of a bastard personally then. My barber's doing appointment only. Kind of glad about that as every other one I walked past today had a queue of at least half a dozen outside (and this was after 4pm). Couldn't book one though as I have no idea what I'm doing work wise next week yet. Bought a box of Morrisons cider on the way home. Swore I was giving the booze at least a couple of weeks if not months after what I got through last weekend watching the festival on the beeb. I never get through that much when I'm actually there, as have to drive home/catch a coach early Monday. Currently wolfing a pint of that down accompanied by a rib-eye steak with a couple of (perfectly cooked) eggs and waffles. Overdid the steak so just like 'spoons then, except I think this cost me around a fiver. Now I'm tempted to pop out again later to another haunt to see if I can bump into people I haven't seen or spoken to in three months.
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