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  1. Attended a Marcus Brigstocke Cabaret performance where he suggested The Healing Fields should be renamed "The Field of Lies". Got a big laugh from the majority of people in there. And Josh Widdicombe joked on The Last Leg this Friday (referencing the cancellation) that it should be held to account as it's obviously not working. Like others, I personally find it a great place to go should you need a break from it all to chill out and/or a bit of peace and quiet. And I always try to fit in a massage at some point each festival. A good one feels like a proper workout, except you just li
  2. And let's not forget that Michael Gove admitted to taking cocaine. Whilst Justice Secretary. FFS. And he's still in a job. That's how corrupt this lot are.
  3. MrZigster

    BBC Glastonbury

    Ooh yes, that was indeed memorable.
  4. As a Pratchett fan I'm sure other Pratchett fans will hate me, but I'm really quite enjoying The Watch. OK they've definitely taken some (lots of) liberties, but for what it is it's quite watchable.
  5. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Thank you. It's not so much that they aren't listening to me. It's more the nonsense and being misinformed. I was initially told that she could be there for up to three months and that she would be getting physio every day until match fit as it were and this clearly hasn't happened. I was told by her physio on Thursday that, "we're going to try her with a stick today". What? So you mean you've made the decision to send her home and you don't even know if she can walk with a stick yet? Do you not see how wrong way 'round that is? They continually obfuscated and tried to change the subject
  6. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Thanks. Appreciate your support. Apparently we will be getting "up to four" visits a day for six weeks, which is a bit better I suppose. They're kicking her out on Monday. There is no reasoning with them. It's hard to have faith when you feel like you are being fobbed off, but I will try.
  7. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    So, a quick update. They want to send my mum home. With a commode. Because stairs are a concern. We have both told them that this is not suitable, that there is nowhere to really accommodate this, but they are proceeding ahead anyway. It's like we have no say in the matter and our concerns are just disregarded. This team have not/are not communicating with the teams that were dealing with her previously. So we're back at stage one again. No worse actually. She's arguably in a worse state now than she was when she went in. She genuinely cannot walk far, wash, dress and subsequently therefo
  8. Sorry to hear this. Very similar to my mother (see my post in the How Do You Feel? thread). And now they want to send her home and she's in a worse condition than she was when she went in. Go figure? If she ends up needing long term care...? Well I've been joking that we're facing what is arguably a 95% Inheritence Tax before anybody's even died 😉 😭.
  9. As others have said, definitely this. How many times have Elbow played Glastonbury? Never got to catch them due to shifts and other clashes. Was on shift for the above performance. The one that made me go "wish I was at that", though was the year they performed this track and brought about a hundred violin players on stage to do the riff. Now that was a Glastonbury moment. Think I caught it on telly when I got back.
  10. Cocked up the above post. Used to love Lego so much. Had tons of sets as a kid. It'd be worth a fortune now. Had the original Lego Family which I believe is sought after by collectors. My train set-up (with the old blue rails) used to fill the living room. I was particularly fond of a motorised set I had that only consisted of yellow and black bricks. All got sold to pay towards a racing bike for a Christmas and Birthday combined present one year (think I was about 13/14), which I promptly crashed into a stationary car about a month after getting it. One of my biggest regrets ev
  11. Some bloke on Celebrity Mastermind this Christmas (E03) had The Glastonbury Festival as his specialist subject. I'll bet plenty of people here could have got 100%.
  12. Are you watching it live as you record it? If not spoiler alert (hey they've al been shown before): That's the first time I think I've ever seen Ed Sheeran play a full sized, adult guitar. And that's a not actually bad Stevie Wonder impression.
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