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  1. I may have stated this before, but: Their first three albums (at least) are just impeccable pop. As a rock fan at the time I should have hated them. But as a rock fan who was also into musical technology, I couldn't ignore them. Everybody was copying New Order's Blue Monday as the template/test case for their new, affordable(ish) Atari St/Commodore Amiga MIDI home studios. I mean just everybody. I found PSB stuff way more interesting to practice with personally. PSB v Muse was a horrible clash for me. Started at Muse, wandered off to PSB and then wandered back to Muse. Total FOMO. I so want to see them but I'll bet they will clash again.
  2. MrZigster

    Roger Waters

    I wish I could tell you that you're wrong. But. He did this last time with Us & Them didn't he? Extensive Americas and European tour and then announces only five UK gigs, with one whole night in London at the appalling Hyde Park. Whoopee. He could have sold out Wembley Stadium at least twice I reckon. And let's face it, he's getting on a bit. A tour that extensive has to take it out of you. If this doesn't make it to the UK I'll be as gutted as I was that Rush's R40 was America only.
  3. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    We had a global email saying we could get so many special leave days a year for volunteering (not just for Glastonbury) I only applied for the three days I was actually volunteering. It's not like I asked for the whole week as special leave. And as we count leave in hours it was only really two shifts worth. Miserable pedantic gits.
  4. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    My work wouldn't let me take special leave as a volunteer last year. It was deemed that I was "getting something out of it". Yeah. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion mainly. Bastards.
  5. MrZigster

    Roger Waters

    I can see this tour not making the UK this year. Unless he does a few shows here before going stateside. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. I have a condition. I carry an "In Case Of Emergency" note in the Guardian guide lanyard. Just in case. Not needed it in a decade.
  7. A tiny bit of of Marmite when you butter the roll transforms a bacon & egg butty.
  8. Real life had already turned me into a bit of leftie, (long story. I'd started to type my political social economic awakening history, but you don't want that do you). How Glastonbury has turned me over the years possibly?: Convinced me that there are way better things to spend money on than Trident. (CND). Made me wonder why so many people on this planet still don't have decent water access? (I mean really? The Romans had worked out plumbing hadn't they?) (Water Aid). Why the fuck are there so many more homeless people 'round my way recently? (Shelter). Plastic = bad for planet. Farming for meat = bad for planet. Everyone going vegan would do a lot to save the planet. (But we'd have to eat the locusts to save the vegetables wouldn't we? (Joke (). (Greenpeace). Leave No Trace. I was brought up not to litter and I hate it even more now. I am still crap at at all of the above mind and have just realised that the above sounds like "virtue signalling". But? No! Just a slightly more aware hypocrite.
  9. Why's this page all blurred out for me? Edit: Working now.
  10. MrZigster

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Had my worst ever experiences with sleep deprivation last year. Was volunteering and the crew site was right next to The SE Corner. The bass stopped pumping at around 06:00 and then at 06:15 the portaloo vacuum tanker lorries would turn up and start doing their hoovery thing for about an hour. Just no way to get any peace at night. With bars opening at 11:00 I was beyond knackered and fucked and functioning. Partly my own fault. Not my first time in that site so I knew what to expect. Forgot to take my Zopiclone with me. I've just found them and the prescription date is July '16. 28 of them and there are only 5 gone, and I'm sure I dropped at least one of them sometime (on the floor that is, rather than "dropped" dropped ). That's an indication of how much I hate taking sleeping pills. They generally leave me a bit zonked the next day. Better that though than the completely mental, just about managing to stand up tiredness I felt last year. As others have stated though, sleeping pills are notoriously a little bit dangerous (especially if they're out of date). Only at Glastonbury, generally. It can be hard to sleep at Glastonbury wherever you are though. Not just the noise but the massive FOMO. Take your usual quilt (way better than sleeping bags imo) and favourite pillow is a great suggestion. Hey, you can buy a quilts and pillows for a few quid these days if you don't want to risk taking your favourite mega tog duck down filled duvet to a potential mudfest. Take them home or dispose of them properly obvs. A good mat/inflatable thing! I've never got lucky with these. I'm on my third one. The first was a self inflating mat. Which inflated itself into a shape that meant you rolled off. And then a couple of blow up yourself mattress things. First wouldn't stay inflated and the latest suffers from the same "roll off" issues as the mat. Pisses me off this, as I have come across, and flopped out on, plenty of abandoned inflatable airbed mattresses on The Monday that obviously work, feel really comfortable, and don't have these issues. How about a tent where the whole ground sheet is just a layer of memory foam? With heating? (I would like a royalty on this idea if it's workable). Earplugs. Earphones. Eyemasks. Each to their own. I'm oldish and like to camp near the conveniences for already mentioned reasons (I also find it convenient). This generally necessitates camping near a path. I have had many an entertaining night falling asleep while listening to rando discussions emanating from said paths. Plenty of ammo for the "Overheard Funnies" threads. It' can be strangely cathartic and peaceful. As a funny thought : Four pint milk bottles are probably easier to come by than Lenor bottles. I'd rather have a Lenor bottle though. Less chance of contracting cow herpes or something and obviously a better fragrance.
  11. And so, the consensus seems to be that this is a "Controlling Under-age Drinking" thing then? As a four time bar volunteer I can assure people that every bar person is (hopefully) absolutely petrified of serving someone under-age. Along with: Not doing "Challenge 25", serving clearly inebriated people, not writing down every Challenge 25/not serving clearly inebriated people on the list of challenges that the licensing rules require every bar to keep, accidentally forgetting to to do any of the above in the heat of the moment and it's an undercover council worker they're serving, not remembering the name of the main licensee and the bar licensee if a council worker does declare themselves and asks you for said names, etc... Any kind of personal fuck up along those lines and it's an: Out on your ear immediately. Make your own way home. That's your volunteering spot forever gone ultimatum. They make this quite clear in the training (which they reinforce every year). Do gate checkers get the same level of "Don't fuck this up or you're out", training? I remember Brothers Bar being asked (told?) to stop selling/refilling 2L bottles 'cause of passed out teenagers in The (then) Jazz Field concerns. Has this stopped passed out teenagers there? (It may have reduced them) Like others here I'm old enough to remember regularly drinking in pubs since about 14 years of age. We were with older kids who looked eighteen, our mates brothers/old school mates were eighteen and worked behind said bars and, generally, publicans just didn't seem to really give a shit in those days. No challenge 25. Nobody at all was expected to be able to immediately produce ID. It was just an, "Are you eighteen?", "Yes!", "What can I get you". type exchange. I grew up friends with a family who always had wine at dinner on special occasions. From toddlers up we were introduced to alcohol via a splash diluted with tons of lemonade. Much to my current me shame, I joined The Young Conservatives as soon as I could. Long story as to why (said older friends...), but the point is: They knew fully well how old I was (14) and were quite prepared to sell me cheap members rate booze in the club bar. Likewise, at 16 I had an apprenticeship that required me to spend 3 months away residentially with a few dozen other 16 year olds. The local bars loved us (when we were let out). They knew how old we were. That was 1985. I honestly think they may have been more enlightened times. Better to have kids who want to booze in a bar. With adults that can keep an eye on them, rather than have them buy a bottle of White Lighting from the offy and sit in the park and get blitzed and vulnerable? (And that, maybe, is why Glastonbury is different and should be given some sway. We still keep an eye on people and help each other out of the mud). I obviously don't have any answers. Just observations. Merely my tuppence worth (or £2 given inflation). Maybe my point is that, as others have said more succinctly, rules get finickier year on year. Jobsworths' jobs depend on them being jobsworths. Continual Improvement and all that business mantra bollocks. I do wonder if it's easier for a 17 year old to score hard drugs than it is for them to buy alcohol these days. Not being 17 I wouldn't have a clue. It'd be easier to smuggle 24 drugs in than a crate of lager. No? As for the recommendations, I'm surprised there's not more outcry about the cross contamination point. Back to that "four time bar volunteer" thing, the very limited supply of hot water to properly scrub up at the end of a shift seriously rang health and safety alarms in me. But what are you going to do? There are dozens of bars. All spaced out over what is a plumbing and electricity desert. And the food stalls way outnumber the bars. And they must have way more stuff to wash up, not just a few jugs...
  12. MrZigster

    Neil Peart

    I'm going to have to bump this thread again. Apologies to the Glasto crowd, 'cause none of the band have ever played there (afaik). I forced myself to listen to Tom Sawyer last night. I knew it would be difficult given the news, but it had to be done. Just for those drum rolls. Ended up listening to the whole album (inevitably, doh). Tonight was p/G. You may be correct with "masterpiece". What a great album. In so many ways. (Don't start me off about how all of the guitar solos are mostly all rhythm and chord based rather than just individual notes. It's Alex's album,,,? No.They all shine!).They really slowed down Between The Wheels when they played it live and upped the light show. One of my favourite live memories. What I always loved about Rush was their progressiveness (sic?), They just absorbed what was going on musically and kept up. g/P is (for me) their, "We like The Police. They're a three piece. We're a three piece. They're popular. We want to be popular. We can do white rock reggae way better then they can", album. Possibly? Power Windows tomorrow then. And, that Afterimage was one shite eighties video. Not what Rush were about at all. Live is what they were about. I recommend Rush in Rio. Exit The Warrior indeed.
  13. MrZigster

    Brit Awards 2020

    They will never top Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse calling out The Brits for ignoring The Shamen when they definitely had the single of the year:
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