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  1. Six month leeway for MOTs. My car was booked in for tomorrow. However. as my garage is still open, I've decided to still put it in as I can see a queue stretching out of town in six months time.
  2. MrZigster

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Fond memories of Terry Wogan playing his tunes before I went to school. What were the words to Lucille again? "With four hundred children and a corn on the heel"? Missed him on the farm for some reason. Just love the chorus to The Gambler.
  3. Hmm. Not the original cover obvs. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimi-hendrix-banned-cover/
  4. Always gave Slave To The Rhythm a play on route to Glasto every year when I still had a cassette player.
  5. Do you own a jet or something?
  6. Not any more. Spent a couple of years there as a student about a quarter of a century ago.
  7. OK. I'll start. Was looking forward to Stewart Lee at The Marlowe in Canterbury tonight. Cancelled. Could've booked for last night but opted for a better seat today. Properly gutted. Been looking forward to it for ages. Real crap communication from the venue as well. I can see people still turning up. Where's my email? Cancelled or rescheduled?
  8. If it goes ahead, McCartney should start with Let It Be and just let the crowd take it.
  9. I came here to have a whinge but am loving the positivity. On a purely selfish note, I literally work on the front line in "travel & tourism", live with an elderly relative, and have a medical condition that, according to The Daily Heil, means I have a 10% chance of not getting out the other side should I contract this. Also, but less seriously, but more selfish, I don't think I've ever had so much stuff booked and things to look forward to as I have right now. First one is Tuesday in a 1,400 capacity venue. Been looking forward to it for months. It's looking edgy. Then at least another two between that and the big G, both in big London venues. I would willingly have them all cancelled and self isolate in order to have Glasto happen. After all this? Should be the best one ever!
  10. Wow, Neil Tennant is reminding me of my Grandad these days.
  11. MrZigster

    2020 Must Sees

    Elbow. How many times have they played? That's how many times I've missed them due to volunteering commitments or clashes or just plain old fuckwitted forgetfulness. Possible clash hell again. Bring on the full line up and stages and times announcement. Can't start to really plan things 'till that drops.
  12. I'm running Opera on Vista OS on a twelve year old PC . No issues here.
  13. A what's that now? (I'm a bit of a Luddite with no smartphone ). Anyways, since posting that I was eager to help, I have remembered that I'm already obliged to someone from work whos list/spreadsheet/ticket buying army I joined for the original sale. It's a big (almost 30) list and, given how quick resale tickets will go, I doubt they'll all get through the process, but, if they do, I will be right back on here offering my help. I reckon this is a top tip. A way to limit possible losses if you don't necessarily know/trust/have ever met persons on the list. I think (i.e. this is mere speculation) that that's what above mentioned workmate and their TBA do. I got their first six in October, mentioned that I was still trying for more and said workmate got a bit flustered in a, "Hang on, I'll have to load that card a bit more", type of way. I'm not sure what I thought was going on. I was only given the one card number for the whole list. So, £300 quid they must have had on that (at least). That was just for deposits. Good job I contacted them after the first six. What if I'd got all thirty? £1500. I could have bankrupted them. Don't you have to pay full wack immediately in the resales? Is it max of four? So that's £1080 you'll need to pre-load at least (postage & booking fees etc.). £1620 if it's still six. Still a real top tip though I think. Whatever was going on.
  14. Congratulations on 10,000th post. How does it work? Do you trust strangers with card details etc.? I'm not really willing to trust £270 (at least) of my cash to the internet, but if people are willing to trust me with their details then fine. If I'm not at work (or maybe even if I am) I would like try to help.
  15. Booked Tommy Emmanuel for March 2021.
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