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  1. MrZigster

    Tips on ditching volunteering

    Fuck you. You narcissistic c**t.
  2. MrZigster

    Resale Club 2019

    Multiquote not working for me then. Look into Shelter volunteering is what I wanted to get at (from posts made about five pages ago). I'm hoping my thricelly, previous, unflawed (imo) service will get me that priority registration chance again (that may, or may not be, a thing). Register anyway is the Top Tip I am getting at here.
  3. MrZigster

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm trying to multiquote here but I'm not sure if it's working. Test post.
  4. MrZigster

    Efests Recipe Book

    Which one? Thanks for bumping this thread. Love a bit of nostalgia me.
  5. MrZigster

    Who's watching what on tv

    Netflix's Norsemen was a great random find for me. Made by Scandinavians but in English. Just Imdb'ed it and appaently it was originally titled Vikingane. So was it done twice? Because the version I saw didn't look dubbed. Ah... Wikipedia... Fuck me, that's clever. Really funny if a bit puerile. But so was Monty Python.
  6. MrZigster

    2019 Headliners

    What did you go for? I was really aiming for centre stalls but was thinking they would be the cheap seats for some reason. Was offered side stalls but balked at the price and then started dithering about whether to go for cheaper seats in the gods or a side view and they were gone. Ho hum. I'd have needed to get a day off anyway (off a night that morning) which I may not have been able to get and I've seen them at least four times already. Best one being Brixton Academy a few years ago. Johnny Marr and Paul Weller guesting and I swapped a hello and a grin with Posh Spice (I didn't realise who it was 'till I got back home and my mate told me the Beckhams were there. I'd thought she was someone I vaguely recognised from back home). The screen synching was well out though, which ruined it a bit for me. It seemed like it was set up for people half way at the back of a field at a festival.
  7. MrZigster

    2019 Headliners

    NGHFB's gig at The London Palladium has just sold out in about a minute. I was there on the dot and only got offered expensive or side seats and then they were gone. Bollocks. I quite fancied that.
  8. MrZigster

    Who's watching what on tv

    The BBC's Guitar Drum and Bass is good.
  9. MrZigster

    Insurance when you buy your tickets ?

    Worth taking if you can afford it imo. Have always ticked the box after almost not making it one year because I was flattened by a health thing (and a few years later very nearly had to claim on it for the same reason). It's a fiver to cover a possible £200+ loss. People are right about having to jump through hoops to prove that you are eligible for the refund though.
  10. MrZigster

    Acts That Will Never Play Glastonbury

    Jeff Beck for some reason. Would love to have seen The Sex Pistols. As OP mentioned, I don't think Eminem is considered suitable by the festival.
  11. MrZigster

    The Darkness

    They (TD not ZM) were charging £30 a pop when I saw them in December '17. Though tbf they later went on sale on Groupon for a tenner. Just caught up with the entire thread and really not understanding the hate here for The Darkness. Though I do know lots of proper rock heads who refuse to tolerate them. They tend to be the same people that hate Queen. Just a little bit too camp for certain camps. Really wish I hadn't watched that Steel Panther video. I hope TD never get that tacky.
  12. MrZigster

    The Darkness

    Jut love The Darkness. One of the best live acts going.As Jools Holland pointed out on their Later... debut, they really make an effort.
  13. MrZigster

    Craft Beer

    Barry bloody Fish? Really nice to see you post again oafc. Been lurking in the mean time have we? If so I admire your restraint. You realise you're being the stereotypical real ale bore though right? I've been joking for ages that sanctimonious vapists are the modern equivalent.
  14. MrZigster

    New Somerset cider for Glastonbury Festival

    Now that clears it up for me. Obviously. Non competes only last for so long or they are uncompetitive/restrictive of trade It's a long time since I did (low level) business law, but if it's true that Thatchers had signed an x years contract x years ago and these overlap...? Hmm. Lots of questions. Business boring. None of my business but intriguied.
  15. MrZigster

    New Somerset cider for Glastonbury Festival

    Again Mr. Hats, thanks for doing the research that I couldn't be arsed to do. I think I'm still going to tell that Babycham story though. It's one of those that, even if false, has enough credibility to sound true. I mean, from what you've taught me today... Family starts what becomes a famous drink. Sells it to someone else. Then proceed to start a new company with an extremely similar drink that becomes simarlarly massive? What? Surely the buyers lawyers would've put a "no competition within x" boundary type clause on the sellers? Billum has replied whilst typing this. This gets curiouser and curiouser. So then. Thatchers, Brothers or Burrows? We should start a poll (Disclaimer: Other peoples ciders are also probably available on site).