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  1. At the risk of this thread being derailed by the same idiot trolls (you know who you are)... As per the title. Had a very thin line this morning. Hopefully clear tomorrow. Reckon I must have caught it on the Wednesday or Thursday given the ten day thing.
  2. I'd swear I'm sure I saw some swing boats somewhere.
  3. Yes. Could seemingly text out fine. None of my texts got through to my friend on site after the Wednesday evening. They finally got some of them Monday afternoon. I'm with EE as well so rather pissed off about that. Probably stopped a few meet ups.
  4. Not sure if it's been mentioned: Sinks. At the camp sites and generally. Banks of hand sanitiser bottles seem to have replaced them.
  5. When did they have the booster?
  6. Misread and voted wrong. Sorry. Caught it and will go again. Kicking myself for not seeking out booster before I went.
  7. Best: 1/3 pounder Porky Burger from a yellow truck place (with a kitchen in a tent behind) near WH (may have been Eat The Farm?) Best burger I've ever eaten I think. At £9.50 almost definitely the most I've ever paid for a burger. Worth it. Wish I'd found it before Sunday evening. Worst: £6.50 for two tiny, burnt sausages in a stale baguette. Can't remember where. Stale dry buns were an issue at a lot of places (as always). Biggest rip offs: Can't remember where again but £8.50 for a lemon & sugar pancake (£5 most places). What can I say? Was hungry and had a sugar craving. Also a drinks place at the top of Big Ground .First place I went on the Wednesday. £3 for a tiny cup of tea and then they only had brown sugar! Cheapest cup of tea I found was £1.50 near Williams Green, but they didn't do real milk. How the fuck do you milk an oat or a potato anyway? They don't have an udder or teats of any description. Bloody hipsters. Agree about the ridiculous queues almost everywhere. Almost as if if you let x000's more people in you may need to provide a few more food stalls, bars and urinals to deal with them. Plenty of room for more food stalls. Loads of gaps between them that are just fences covered in brown hesian. A bit more competition may keep the prices steady for a while as well.
  8. The cake stall in the acoustic field. Le Grande Bouffe. The toasty place just to the right as you exit the acoustic field. Arcadia missing all the cool bits. Went through on a bimble on the Wednesday and thought, "Hmm, it's not fully built yet". Went back after The Pet Shop Boys set and was disappointed to find it still the same. Where were the robots on wires and the trapeze artists? It was like it had gone back to Arcadia year one. Oh and Vegetarian Delights AKA Not The Hot Dog Stall usually near the tor rugby club stall. My go to place for a near camp cheap cup of tea usually.
  9. MrZigster

    Crowd Etiquette

    Managed to keep my backpack on the floor between my legs throughout Noel and Macca whilst about ten rows from the front. Totally doable. If it's a moshpit type crowd don't take a bag or don't encroach. Fair point. Girl in front of me at Macca had a piss on the floor with her mates surrounding her. This was before I'd put my bag down. Wish I'd remembered before I put it down.
  10. I live with a vulnerable elderly relative. A friend I see three or four times a week has multiple sclerosis. You are an absolute fucking moron at times.
  11. Where and when was the other Idles set? Saw The Other set. Sugababes.
  12. No symptoms to speak of but tested to be responsible. +ve. Despite being double jabbed and then subsequently getting it in February. Bugger. There's next to no food in the house plus I'm meant to be going to Guns n Roses on Saturday. What a waste of annual leave as well. Feeling like a fool for not getting a booster before I went.
  13. Usual A303 jams. Sure it's all down to people slowing down to gawp at Stonehenge. It's just some stones ffs. On the plus side, there was a huge Peregrine Falcon (I think) just sitting on a fence post by the side of the road in said jam. A right wow moment.
  14. Leaving now (I intended to be arriving now. It's not like I haven't had two years odd to get ready). Be there within about four hours I hope. No smart phone so going dark for the week. See you at the meet. If I miss it it's because I'm sleep deprived. May your festival gods go with you.
  15. I was aiming to do it in one. Have resigned myself to two.
  16. Yes. I think your way is the way.
  17. So is there a meet on the Thursday as well?
  18. Having real trouble locating the A360 for some reason. Can find every number near,
  19. Is that before or after Stonehenge? Just found a couple of alternatives myself I think. Get to CC turn right then left onto A359 -> Left onto A361 @ Nunny Hatch -> Left onto A37 towards Shepton Mallet. OR From A303 to A350 Warminster then Frome A36 -> A362 -> A361 Shepton Mallet type thing.
  20. Damn. I've just been google mapping/earthing that route fore the last few minutes. Coming from SE Kent. As you said A303 then right at Podimore roundabout onto A37... Edit: Might just have to go for the hide the pass thing. That's quite a long detour only to get to CC and have to turn 'round.
  21. Just the answer I was hoping for. Directions added to end of journey. Thanks. If it works I'll buy you a pint at the meet if you're there.
  22. 3l box of Westons Organic 0.75l Smirnoff 0.75l Tesco Armagnac
  23. Am I going to need a mallet to get the tent pegs in?
  24. Overlapping posts. Totally agree with the "a bit of a mess" thing. Once the queue reaches a certain length (the funnel) it starts breaching off and you end up with the situation come Wednesday morning where people who have just rocked up are getting in before people who've been there overnight. I have to say the Gate C queue seemed a lot more orderly in 2017. Just one long line from what I remember . Not a line that then starts branching off everywhere. Hey they've only been doing it fifty years. You can't expect them to have worked everything out properly yet /s.
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