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  1. I'm fine for this year as I have a 2020 paid for ticket rolled over (I will really miss the crew bars though). It was 2019 pre covid I was on about. Don't really know about Avalon but with Shelter it was always usually around now/early Feb we'd get the email iirc. 2019 they were a few weeks behind (again iirc) despite things said on twitter. I think a change in the people running things may have occurred. Knew not to worry too much as ear to the ground on here. Still always tense though. Will reply to your PM when I have a bit more time. Just off a night shift then shopping and now going to bed for a few hours.
  2. I wish I hadn't watched that. Like I wasn't angry enough already. Patel literally moves to get the camera time when Boris starts replying. She looks straight down the lens. And total avoidance of the topic being discussed. Stopping typing before this turns into a rant. Just fed up.
  3. MrZigster


    My immediate thinking as well. It's a solo artist. A microphone, a PA and a backing track is surely all that is needed. But then there's the lighting, stewarding, refreshments, etc... I'm now wondering what the bare minimum staffing levels would be to put on a one person show in a venue like wherever she was meant to be playing.
  4. I remember playing the waiting game with Shelter the last time the festival was held. Well behind their usual schedule they were. Tense isn't it.
  5. MrZigster


    Really enjoyed that. Surprised I hadn't seen it before, especially as the post is almost five years old. Was my first in 1995. "There's only one act that can storm a post-midnight cabaret stoner crowd, and it's Woody Bop Murray's Vinyl Graveyard". Indeed.
  6. Don't Look Up is frightening. An Idiocracy for our times.
  7. Really enjoyed the first three episodes of Peacemaker. A proper binge watch, as in, "have to watch the next one despite it being well past bedtime and I've got work in the morning", binge watch. Don't start watching good stuff late in the evening.
  8. Ha. I watched every episode of House during the first lockdown. "Is it Lupus"? A hundred odd hours or something. Really wish I'd picked up the guitar or getting fit instead.
  9. All the best Neil. Been there done that but it sounds like you suffered to a greater extent than me. Hopefully everything will come back with time. Hope to see you both in the fields next year.
  10. Unfortunately this error has re-occurred since the site came back (posting from work).
  11. Have a cool yule y'all. Good to have the site back.
  12. MrZigster


    I thought they were allowed at the back/up to a certain point. It's been a while. I maybe misremembering. Nothing like the swathes of blankets at Hyde Park though. Think Paul Simon on that Sunday levels of blanketry.
  13. MrZigster


    Last few Hyde Parks I've been to there has been a "No Picnic Blankets Beyond This Point" sign. Which people just ignore/is not enforced. It was like being on a beach the last time I was there (Young/Dylan). Between that and it not really being a great view unless you've paid for gold circle etc. I swore it'd take someone special to get me back there again. Which for me is not Adele.
  14. As per title. Can't access the forums from my machine at home. I get the "do you agree to cookies" request. The two buttons appear to "click" but in actuality do nothing. It gets stuck there. Running Vista OS (which is probably the issue) through Opera browser. Everything normal via (this) work machine.
  15. Ricky Wilson is one of the great frontmen. Proper stagecraft. Makes the effort.
  16. ...and the PC/projector malfunctioning at least once every year.
  17. Thanks, thanks and thanks (out of upvotes). Didn't know that subtitles and close captioning were different things until today. Big Tim Roth fan here. Loved Lie To Me. The first series of Tin Star was also very good. Haven't got around to watching S2.
  18. Hard Fi's debut (Stars Of CCTV) is up there with the great débuts imo (I may have mentioned this previously). A great album full of songs about growing up in a shit town.
  19. A question regarding Squid Game: Started watching the first episode with subtitles, but stuff got in the way. Have since read that there are two different subtitle files. One that just replicates the English dub, and another that is more accurate to the original Korean dialogue. They are numbered 11 and 12 in the Eee Zed Television version I have. Which one should I be using?
  20. I think @dotdash79wins that one. The lucky eels are good.
  21. At The Chippy was and still is a masterpiece. Not just the song but the choreography. (Searched YouTube and couldn't find it. Sorry).
  22. Possibly one of the greatest vocals in rock history? That bloke is one confident cocky motivated soab. A top notch Rock Star, Pilot, and Fencer (read Sword Fighter) by all accounts. ANd The Jam are in turquoise?
  23. How very dare you. Was lucky enough to catch Tim Minchin in a tiny venue just after his Edinburgh Perrier win (or whatever it was called that year) and found myself almost questioning my sexuality after about three numbers. Just stunned at the originality and obvious talent. I was thinking only a couple of nights ago how much I used to like the first Bad News album. And I think The Darkness are a bloody fun band. Can't wait to see them in December.
  24. I thought Steve Coogan was similarly brilliant in Stephen.
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