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  1. Absolutely impossible. A couple which would probably make my top 20 are: Paul Simon - Late In The Evening David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust The Strokes - Trying My Luck .... yeh this is definitely impossible, there might even be 50 in front of those!
  2. Precisely my experience of it too. I was so excited to visit The Louvre. It was so underwhelming, particularly the Mona Lisa with 100's of rude tourists pushing past to get a photo. Im sure it's beautiful to see up close. The Dali museum however.... immense!!!
  3. My wife received a message today about needing to isolate for 9 days as she has come into contact with someone with Corona. She has not used the app/QR/scanner thing for ages, and the only places we've been in 2 weeks are a massive park and a swimming baths (had the entire family pool to ourselves and changing rooms were dead). How might this have flagged up without her checking into places? I'm not too clued up on how the system works. She's a teacher who takes 2 lateral flow tests a week.
  4. So, serious question - are they ever gonna reform or is it a guaranteed no?
  5. Dizzee Rascal 2013 Lauryn HIll 2019 Utter tripe.
  6. No way, cos of the weather? Looked insane. Not that there's fuck all I can do about it, but I'm so gutted I didn't go earlier than my 2011 debut. It's such an important part of my life and I've immersed myself in endless online footage like I was there.
  7. Far too emotional for all this, but absolutely loving the GF in 90s show.
  8. As an enormous Elton fan (seeing him in Manchester in December), I would be beyond ecstatic to see him at my favourite place on the planet on Pymild. He is a God of music, his shows are excellent, his piano improvs between tunes are mesmerising.... It's fucking Elton John. Hit, after hit, after hit, after hit. I'd be a fucking blubbering mess.
  9. I thought so. Cheers all.
  10. Is it 3 or 4 tickets available in a resale? Please help settle a debate / some panicking people in our friends of 4 who didn't get a ticket.
  11. Ohhhh the mass-anxiety thread is back yaaaaay🥺
  12. Nothing like tarnishing everyone with the same brush ay? 😆
  13. Hopefully Jarvis say's: "Hi yeh, so er, we're reforming and playing on the farm next year so, yeh, see you there" and it'll be the greatest piece of poetry of all time.
  14. For fellow CM geeks... Maxim Tsigalko (the best ever CM player) died in real life recently at about 35. Was genuinely gutted. No age at all.
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