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  1. I'm still blown away by PSB. One of the best sets I've ever seen.
  2. Stokesy10

    Wolf Alice

    One of the best Glasto performance I've ever seen
  3. Stokesy10

    Queue watch

    Gate A can fuck itself, alongside the bell end steward who pulled us out of the queue for D, telling us A was better and smoother. 3 hours later, stuck in A, and my mates at D who were behind me are sat at their tents.
  4. Got you. I plan to set off at 5am so if the 8am closure is accurate, I should be OK? Thanks for your help!
  5. Sorry just seen this, sorry parsonjack, hopefully you can answer us both as to whether or not this is possible πŸ™‚
  6. OK you might have just saved me a lot of stress at 7am. To confirm, are you saying that this stretch is going to be closed (circled red)? I have to come down A37, through Shepton Mallet to meet a friend, then wantto continue down the B3136 / A361 to Orange Gate - is this definitely not happening?
  7. Excellent, thanks. That's metres from the post code I have so should be fine. Just really don't want to be forced to go somewhere else other than Orange as there's 18 of us trying to meet at the same point.
  8. Hi, didn't want to start a new thread so thought I'd ask here. We're leaving West Midlands at 05:00 tomorrow, hoping to arrive at around 07.30. All but one of my 6 Glastonbury's, we've parked on Orange Car Park. Every year there seems to be hassle with the exact post code (in 2019, the postcode on the website took me to the wrong side of the festival somehow). Someone from here told me a postcode for a car garage which is opposite Orange Car Park entrance (BA6 8NB). I can't remember how this works, but I've read of people being 'diverted'. Surely, I can just drive directly to Orange Car Park using this post code? Where else might they divert us, to Pink? On Glastonbury website now, it suggests using postcode TA11 7DP... which is a 15 minute drive further south of the festival!!!
  9. Yes, Sir. Thank you very much. I had earmarked Hopkins DJ set but I think it'll be heaving after Macca. Will try to catch the others!
  10. Any tough techno recommendations late on Saturday? @bennyhana22 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I'm more of hard house fan but that's few and far between at GF. Do like the tougher techno stuff, or any tough EDM which breaks nicely!
  11. In 2017 I'm pretty sure I was walking from West Holts towards the railway track, and on my left was a Thai street food place. Pretty sure it was there anyway... anyone back this up? I think it was varying prices and you could select a number of dishes to go on your tray. Was bloody sublime.
  12. If you're directed to Pink, can you still enter through PgD?
  13. I remember reading a comment on EFests about 6 years ago, and I've always quoted it to mates and it could well be total bollox. Paraphrasing, but something along the lines of, there's high clay content in the mud, so if it pisses it down, if the sun comes out shortly after it dries it up rapidly, much more so compares to normal mud? I don't know why it stuck with me, nor why I use it as a nugget of info when I have zero knowledge in that field. Pun intended.
  14. I'm gonna throw one in... Savage Garden. Heard it here first.
  15. God imagine how tragic that would be.
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