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  1. Class in the air but a shit touch.
  2. Yep. I'm in Dudley tier 3. I can't go to my mom's house but I'm able to play fully competitive football this coming Sunday against 11 strangers.
  3. I'd love it to still be in March but can't see it happening. Hopefully they can work something out. Never seen them and they're high on my little list of acts I AM seeing before they retire/I'm jed!
  4. Interesting. I have Doves tickets in London for March 😕
  5. I'm too scared to get optimistic... 😔
  6. I've just messaged her fella to ask.
  7. My friends wife has been given a date for hers in December.
  8. Anyone watching the Woodstock programme on Sky Arts? Probably an old one but fascinating.
  9. Stokesy10

    2021 chances

    Must we tarnish these wonderful message boards with the word Albi*n? 🤢
  10. Hahaha, unbelievable - he does that sometimes, he played at some weird venues in East Midlands too if I recall correctly. Literally doesn't get weirder than the Bescott though. Mind you, bet he got some lovely trainers from the market...
  11. Ah right of course. Timeframes of years and events in my head are all over the shop. Fingers crossed for 2021.
  12. Utter shite isn't it. Why didn't you see Elton in the end - was that when he was ill on that flight back from S.America? I saw him in 2017 (I think) for the first time at LG Arena...if that's what it was called then.
  13. Got Doves tickets for March too. No chance of that happening 🙄😥
  14. Just bought tickets for Elton in Manchester, December 2021.... things will be back to normal by then.... right?
  15. The email she screenshot and forwarded me.
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