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  1. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    Usual "have you checked your spam folder" comment. Well done for getting an email conversation with them. Was a time when they would reply speedily to everything, but the last few years all I've ever got is an automatic reply stating "we will get back to you", then they've never got back to me. "Lenny" was brilliant. This "Lucy" on the other hand...
  2. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    It's never failed me yet! But, as the demand this year seems to have soared, I would make sure I was trying the link constantly from about 9am onwards (or whatever time they've given). Inevitably there will come a year when the numbers that have previously volunteered with Shelter will surpass the number of places available. I can see them getting all Oxfam/WaterAid and insisting on doing another event with them or something if that happens. Not looking forward to that. In previous years, the Tuesday link has always leaked and, as far as I am aware, as long as you were on their list/had registered, you could get a place on the Tuesday even if you hadn't previously volunteered with them, rather that waiting 'till the Thursday. They have stated that this will not be doable this year. Personally I have my doubts. May be worth a try tomorrow if you are a newbie (and have previously registered).
  3. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    Have done Shelter four times now. Have always had one shift either Wednesday or Thursday, plus one Day shift and one headliner/Late shift Fri--Sun. So have always had at least one day to myself. So in other words, I think you would be very unlucky if you got shifts where you miss two headline slots. Pretty sure they do their best to make it fair. I did meet someone last year who got shifts for both Wed & Thu and so had two days entirely to themselves Fri-Sun. Very much an exception to the rule though. Good luck to the regulars trying tomorrow and to everyone else for the Thursday.
  4. Aaaaand It appears that I've really fucked up here (and I'll bet some of you'd noticed). I googled "act name tour" about 20 minutes before said gig was meant to go on sale and just clicked the first link that came up. Panicked a bit when I saw they were already (apparently) on sale and just went for what seemed like a good seat. Reckon I've paid about four times what I needed to. With the possibility of being turned away if they decide to get arsey about where said ticket is from. Always go straight to the venues website. FFS what a cock up. It's not like I'm new to buying gig tickets. Don't do ticket buying with a hangover while down on sleep is the lesson to be learnt here. Seriously embarrassed and worrying if I'm going senile or something. It's a schoolboy error. At least it was only the one ticket. A positive to come out of being single on Valentine's Day
  5. Was that the year he followed Supergrass? Supergrass: "We're alright". Morrissey: "I'm not".
  6. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    Managed to get a ticket this year . I'm not looking forward to having to queue up though. It's yin and yang. I'll miss some of the luxuries of being crew, but I won't miss missing things.
  7. Barry Gibb into Chic was '70s disco heaven.
  8. MrZigster

    Volunteering 2020

    Came here to post this. As a previous volunteer I was given the date of Tuesday 18th at 10am. If previous years are anything to go by, this always leaks, though they are saying they are having none of that this year:
  9. Tickets going on sale before the advertised time. Fuck you Viagogo. Plus about a dozen pages of crap to wade through. Worst ticket buying experience ever.
  10. MrZigster

    Credit card fraud

    Now that's the proper way to lose a phone.
  11. Way to make me feel old. Next year for me.
  12. MrZigster

    Credit card fraud

    I dropped a ton of stuff on my way in one year. Amongst the missing stuff was the GTN spray for my angina. The medical centre sorted me out straight away after I'd explained myself. Despite the long line of people in front of me waiting to be seen with injuries. For a, "suggested donation", of a fiver. Which was cheaper than a proper prescription would have cost me. Absolute troopers they are. Got back to the car on the Monday and said spray was sitting in the car door pocket, where it had obviously dropped out of my pocket before I'd dropped all of the other stuff.
  13. Clicked the link. Wow. They've really upped their game. That is one impressive menu! Pretty sure I posted years ago when they first started, taking the piss about how their menu was basically just pigeon, rabbit and mackerel (not exactly rare), for the same price you'd have paid for a full on foodie fest at a posh place at the time. Wasn't it more expensive then? Weren't they charging a ton? How the fuck do you pull this off for that price in the middle of what is usually just acres of field with no infrastructure? Full Service meals will cost £38 for 2 courses and £48 for 3 courses Sunday lunches will be £28 I've worked bars four times and it's difficult enough just washing up, let alone cooking stuff and then washing up. Main courses must be ordered in advance. Where's the catch? What am I missing?
  14. Sad memory triggered. Ditto. A relatively recent tragic story. After a funeral and the wake. An old primary school friend had buried his sister. His best mate (who I had also known for years), just slipped over backwards at the top of some house steps and that was it. Poor guy buried a sister and lost his best mate in the space of a few hours.. Happy memory triggered. It's been years Like the milkman but once a week instead of daily and a massive proper lorry.. Regular as clockwork. I used to sit outside waiting for it. I cried my little eyes out the day it stopped stopping at our house. My Mum was shouting at it and ringing our doorbell, trying to get it to stop. Grown up me now thinks that my Mum had cancelled the order and had started buying pop from the Co-Op. She could have just tried explaining that to me. Rather that letting me think that Corona and their driver were being horrid and letting me get seriously distressed.. Still loves creating unnecessary drama she does . Pretty sure the Corona makers had a factory near us in Folkestone that got taken over by SilverSpring. Or maybe it was a SilverSpring lorry all along? Also remember winning dozens of bottles like this at the old "ring/fish a bottle" games that you used to see at fetes and school fundraisers. An easy carny game once you knew the trick. Plus you got 10p back on the empties.
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