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  1. Similar. I'm two episodes into Series Two and kinda stopped for a few more House MDs and a couple of Brassics and Brooklyn 99s. Haven't given up on it yet.
  2. Can't believe I've watched over 50 episodes of House MD so far during this. GoL was far fetched but I got through it. Is White Lines worth the hours?
  3. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    @Yoghurt on a Stick Thanks for your reply and understanding. I always appreciate your wisdom on here. My optimism yesterday was unfounded as they are at it again as I type. They have changed the venue I think and they're letting other people sing other than just Johnny Wannabe (hope they're disinfecting the mic between songs). It's not as much as a pain in the arse but I'm still seething. I haven't been able to watch telly on a Sunday evening for weeks. We've discussed narcissism on here before haven't we. You're dead right about him crossing the line. He's literally been urging people to "C'mon" outside between almost every line of every song for the last six weeks or so. Guess the guidelines don't apply to some people. Amazed he didn't get fined. Really makes me want to drink. They had a three for two on bottles of wine at Morrisons yesterday, but I was so stressed out by the confrontation last night that I got through all of them. I aimed to have enough supplies so I didn't have to leave the house for about a week. Can't go out right now as I'd probably get lynched. I'm also a bit worried my car may get vandalised. This used to be such a nice neighbourhood. Now it seems to be full of people just doing as they like and sod everyone else. What I find ironic is that the people hanging around outside their houses in the street all day every day, are the very same people who were previously moaning about the local immigrant population because they "hang around in the street all day outside their houses". As it's a Bank Holiday weekend and it's not just the terrible Johnny Wannabe I can kind of let it slide this week. My worry is that they've been getting away with it for so many weeks that it's never going to stop and this is now the new acceptable normal for them. If I go out there and pour a bucket of water over their machine, I'm the bad guy right?
  4. I don't think Rodrigo y Gabriela ever had a UK number one. I'll get my coat.
  5. I would like to know the answer to this. I also went "Chic", but "performed by the original artists" is the catch. Did you see Blondie that year? They had at least a couple. Stevie Wonder year surely? This feels like a question that could have so many correct answers.
  6. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Thank you. @Simsy. She's really not. I think you spotted the subtext there.
  7. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Thank you fc07. Needed some reassurance. Precisely my point. I'm all for partying and getting wasted, but if me and/or mine's behaviour starts to impose on other peoples enjoyment of their lives, I deserve to have it pointed out to me.
  8. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    I feel really bloody terrible (but thanks for asking) and I need to rant. Tl;dr at the end if I remember. I hate to be a killjoy, but I think I've just been a killjoy. We've had this wannabe social media star doing karaoke pretty much every Sunday in our street (and on VE day for good luck) since lockdown. Loud enough that I have it on good authority he can be heard at least a mile or so away: (It's a Twitter link so may not post, here it is with # where the / should be: https:##twitter.com#Independent#status#1247837843629568002). Pretty average cruise ship crooning at best I think you'll agree. Same set list every week almost. Even on VE day, when he could have done a good old wartime singalong, but we still got "Here's me and my setlist". I've tolerated it up until early this evening, when amateur feedback noises started coming into our house from what seemed closer than normal. I take a nose outside and sure enough, it looks like tonights venue for the weekly street party has moved to three doors up from me (and has changed to a Saturday). I hate confrontation. I always get all adrenalined up and my voice and body start shaking. I really didn't know what to say. I just kind of stood there staring. I was asked, "What's up?". Then it all kind of came out. "Really, again?", I think I asked. I pointed out that my mother is ill in bed (another long story and another reason I'm feeling bloody terrible). "But it's party night", is the response that I got. I stated that it doesn't need to be so loud, and that I think the majority of the street are against the whole street party turned up to eleven every week thing, given that the majority of households seem to be staying indoors (which turned into a "No they're not", "Yes they are", exchange (Hint: Watch the video)). I asked if they really thought it acceptable that everyone within about a miles radius has had to put up with their nonsense every week. I was told to come out and join in. I pointed out that I can't as I am shielding and again that my mother is sick in bed. I was basically told, "not my problem, shut up and go back indoors", not by him but by another neighbour who had turned up. I was asked, "Well, why haven't you complained before?", and explained that I have been tolerating it previously, but it is getting a bit too much every week. I am complaining now and that my mother is sick in bed. The weekly karaoke may be getting to their ears a bit as I kept getting asked the same question. "How come you haven't complained before? About the other house?". This made me wonder if a noise complaint about Johnny Wannabe's place had been lodged, and that tonights change of venue was a ruse to change address. It ended with me going back indoors, feeling like I'd been fobbed of and dismissed, ranting about how, "the bloke can't really sing for toffee anyway". (They seemed really offended by that. If they think he is any good, they are as deluded as he is imo). I may, in my annoyed state, and to my shame, have used the phrase "bloody chavs". So, I spent a couple of hours really pissed off, thinking here we go again with the racket. Bee in my bonnet and can't think about anything else but how selfish some groups can be. But. No karaoke. OK, they're still being social in the street. But they took notice. I now I feel like a right killjoy c**t who can't show his face in the street again. I feel that maybe I should buy them a couple of crates of lager as a way of saying "Thanks for listening and not making a racket tonight". This maybe the wrong website but Am I The Arsehole? Tl;dr: Felt justified in moaning about partying. Now I feel like a killjoy.
  9. MrZigster

    BBC iPlayer

    Stevie Wonder doc on BBC4 at the moment. And I just happen to be wearing my 2010 T-Shirt (the glow in the dark one).
  10. Having a flashback from that purple bit. Sod working at a Bar on a Thursday near anything going on. We had three queues of that length all shift at Williams Green. (Obviously, I felt glad and privileged to be there really).
  11. I read a tweet that described it as, "...fetishising a war beyond our comprehension, we should perhaps remember that those who actually had to live through it are now apparently making the ultimate sacrifice in care homes across Britain". This. I find it hard to feel celebratory when extremism seems to be making a resurgence across the globe. It's almost like we learn nothing as a species.
  12. Genuinely the first I've heard of. My mother is the same age, has had cancer, and didn't get one. As I said, confusion. I genuinely thought everyone over 70 was going to be contacted from the information given out at the start of all this.
  13. Quite. A shambles of mixed messages were given to people with pre-existing conditions prior to the lockdown. Was fully expecting to get a NHS letter as they were saying anyone who's offered a flu jab every year was at risk. From what I can gather, only those deemed to be "Extremely High Risk" got letters in the end (though I have yet to hear from anyone who actually got one). Those deemed "Particularly High Risk" or "High Risk" were left confused imo. And I'm sure they've changed the names of the categories at least once, just to add to the confusion. I didn't know what the fuck to do. My G.P. and employer didn't know what to do and were both looking for guidance from above. Those above didn't have any answer at the time. Eventually work made the call for me (kind of). Still not really sure what is going on. Personally I'd take the BHFs guidelines over the governments. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/news/coronavirus-and-your-health I reckon they'd have been calling for heads to roll a couple of months ago if the election had gone another way.
  14. MrZigster


    Same with the Hot 'n' Spicy. I wonder if it's due to residue from the wax lining of the cups? Would you still get the same if poured into a glass?
  15. How did I manage to miss Future Man? Four episodes in and loving it.
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