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  1. Well this is clearly daft. No loud music but live performances are exempt (plus other nonsense. i.e. no groups of over 6 allowed to sing. Seriously wtf?). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8780631/Pubs-bars-restaurants-blame-3-coronavirus-outbreaks-week.html
  2. MrZigster

    How do you feel?

    Hope you feel better soon. Been there done that. Had a heart attack in 2009. Had to wait around around in hospital for days for a slot to come up to have a stent fitted, so you did well there. Two weeks before Glastonbury I got out. Still made it. Hope you are mentally stronger than I was/am regarding this. In all honesty my lifestyle did not change much in this regard, despite my best intentions. Maybe don't follow my example, as I then went on to have a mini stroke in 2015 and another stent fitted (again just before Glastonbury, again still made it). Stay strong.
  3. I second this. Exactly how I feel. Hope you feel better soon @Monkey Allen.
  4. Frightening. That reads like a proper high on drugs rant.
  5. There's a store called County Music near me. The "o" used to regularly go missing.
  6. Sid Meier's book: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/games/sid-meier-interview-civilisation-memoir-autobiography-b404968.html
  7. One of my mates from school was the bassist for Badly Drawn Boy for a while.
  8. I totally forgot: Topper Headon was and still is a local.
  9. MrZigster

    Hot Chip

    I also wish I'd known about this. Just up the road from me (relatively).
  10. In Kent so probably Keith Richards (from Dartford). Joss Stone was originally from my home town.
  11. It's close enough and point still stands. Irrelevant now. Nice one Emily.
  12. Given that it's been pissing down like a tropical monsoon all night here, at levels like those that caused the flood of 2005 in only 30 minutes, I am not too keen on a move to September right now. It'd be wetter than 2007.
  13. OMG! Work is going to be hell today.
  14. Great question and surely the right answer. I do enjoy this thread. Buggered if I'd be able to come up with a question like that though.
  15. Well for me, that's an already too busy weekend, with not enough staff to deal, made even busier then. Pretty short notice to everyone. Especially the staff that have to deal. Too late to call up more staff. Would love to rant but OSA (i may have whoopsed a bit already there). These. Quite. It's all just been mainly "guidelines" hasn't it. Not law. Just "guidelines". And even the laws they did make (like fining people) have hardly been enforced that extensively.
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