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  1. Thank you! What are NA queues usually like on the Monday too?
  2. I'm thinking about using National Express coach to get home to Bristol after the festival, and am after some advice please Previously, I've got the train there (I volunteer so have to be there on the Tuesday) and got the direct bus service back, but last time we had to carry all our gear on our laps on the bus which was incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. Which I really don't want to repeat. So, is it possible to get the NA one way only? And is our gear stored separately please?
  3. I bought one of those for last year, absolute godsend. More comfy than the self inflating mat I had previously, and (as I come by public transport) much lighter & smaller to carry in.
  4. Confidence Man UK/EU tour announced for April!
  5. deepkittycaz

    Lock ups

    Lockups volunteer here! Yes, we do provide envelopes for putting cash in, and as stated upthread you sign across the seal which we then tape over as an anti-tamper measure. It's definitely better to check small valuables & cash in separately as we have different procedures for those compared to larger items. Please use our service & spread the word!
  6. Carnival of Light? I'm guessing that was not what the crowd were expecting!
  7. I saw High Society totally by accident this year, they were brilliant!
  8. That was you with the cut out then? That was brilliant! I'd never seen Lucy before, but I thought she was fantastic. Well worth sacking off Kylie for.
  9. 1. The Cure 2. Bjorn Again 3. Lucy Spraggan With an honourable mention for Bananarama, who were just edged out.
  10. I'm being trained in my new job & keep nodding off whilst people are talking to me!
  11. The 1pm GF3 Bus to Bristol TM left about 30 mins late, but I was only queuing for 45 mins before I got on it. We'll see what the traffic is like, but certainly got away when I hoped for.
  12. Does anyone know how the GF bus queues are looking this morning?
  13. deepkittycaz

    Is It Too Hot?

    I'm having to hide in the Cabaret tent, rather than see bands!
  14. I saw you & the hat walking past our lockup on Wednesday!
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