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  1. I have the Flare Isolates and think they're great. Absolutely did the business the last time I saw Mogwai.
  2. It looked like it was phenomenally successful for the whole festival - I was camping in Dairy Ground so had to walk past it a lot!
  3. I guarantee he ditched the Scottish accent then!
  4. Finlay Quaye's never Scottish is he? I went to secondary school with him in Manchester. Pretty sure he was there for all 5 years.
  5. My last gig was Explosions In The Sky on 15th Feb in London, with AA Williams supporting. I did a same-day round trip via public transport from Bristol, and got home about 3am. Knackering, but totally worth it.
  6. I managed to get the other two I was after, online. Pale Saints from Badlands, and Gary Numan from Vinyl Tap.
  7. I had a 50% hit rate. Got: Jansen Barbieri Karn; Galaxie 500 Missed: Pale Saints; Gary Numan Bit gutted about the Pale Saints one.
  8. I'm hoping to go, but only to Rough Trade in Bristol. I'm particularly after Pale Saints and Jansen/Barbieri/Karn
  9. There's a voice, keeps on calling me....
  10. Wow, the Finns really don't like anyone!
  11. I'm looking forward to that!
  12. Flags? You were lucky. We had to use 2 tin cans joined with string. And we had to weave the string first!
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