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  1. Bring trolley in, leave at lockups for security.😁
  2. I love Nothing! Why does it have to be the same weekend as Glasto?! 😭
  3. Gutted. But think they had no other option.
  4. I prefer the composters. At least until they run out of compost! (which happened in Dairy Ground staff camping early on in 2019)
  5. Tim's been an absolute legend this year. The listening parties have been such a ray of light in an awful year.
  6. That viewing platfrom was great for watching Pangaea.
  7. As someone who goes to Glastonbury solo, I'd say that volunteering is an ideal way of doing it. Usually a good community of people to slot into 🙂
  8. I have the Flare Isolates and think they're great. Absolutely did the business the last time I saw Mogwai.
  9. It looked like it was phenomenally successful for the whole festival - I was camping in Dairy Ground so had to walk past it a lot!
  10. I guarantee he ditched the Scottish accent then!
  11. Finlay Quaye's never Scottish is he? I went to secondary school with him in Manchester. Pretty sure he was there for all 5 years.
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