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  1. Is reading on Sunday still the the wild Wild West of festivals?
  2. I go past on my walk to work, shall I buzz in and see how they’re doing?
  3. I’m still pinning everything on my one man rumour of Prodigy.
  4. I’m going on Sunday just for Halsey (willow, ashnikko, RTJ, RATM an added bonus)
  5. Looking like the 1975 are gonna pick up the Rage against the machine slack at Reading & Leeds this year. what do you think this does for their chances of headlining glasto next year?
  6. GeezLouise

    2023 Headliners

    REading & Leeds. Lots of panic in the Reading Festival efests forum now that Rage have dropped out.
  7. I haven't been to Reading since.... I actually dread to think how old i am. Is there still PIt and LockUp stage?
  8. Sorry @Radiochicken, but i think you've done yourself out of a tenner there. If the 1975 announce when they're about to drop their next album - people are definitely gonna wanna buy a ticket. Just not the same people who bought their day ticket based on RATM (i.e. furious people like me).
  9. All Points East have a bad time selling ticket anyway, surely they wouldn't agree to this?
  10. are you just catching up because....hooooweeee are you in for a shock.
  11. I disagree but this made me proper lol.
  12. Honestly, it was bloody amazing and they do a nice tribute to Keith which had my partner in bits (he's delicate)
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