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  1. Anyone able to see the resale tickets on ticketmaster? When i try and go into it, it gives me a 404 error. There were ones for £34 on sunday and i want them (reading)
  2. This is uncalled for: Cassiel Wuta-Ofei (born 9 April 1992), known professionally as LD (formerly Scribz), is a British rapper and convicted drug dealer.
  3. Have Barns Courtney and LD disappeared for leeds too?
  4. That's me but i'm only doing sunday because i'm selfish. Have barnes courtney disappeared? and LD? (I'm probs not spelling correctly as going off clashfinder)
  5. oh man, there's no screens? I'm 5 foot so that's going to suck.
  6. Yeah, that's what i'm going with too but that clash is brutal. I've seen Ashnikko twice and Pale Waves once and Ashnikko puts on the better show. I am sad though, i quite like some of Pale Waves new stuff.
  7. A question for the pop bitches: Ashnikko or Pale Waves?
  8. How was the sound at Wembley? Shit as always?
  9. I don’t like AM, they’ll surely have some competition .
  10. which festival are you attending? Perhaps it's different depending on which site?
  11. After the shambles at Glasto, i'd be up for that.
  12. I think Halsey's new album is on a par with Crash and thrilled to be seeing them both. 🙂
  13. What's with that gap on the festival republic stage on sunday (reading). are we expecting something to be popped in there?
  14. I can't effing wait. YES CHARLI. I've seen her three times this year and was looking to go to All Points East on Friday (saturday?) to catch her set. regarding the miming, she def has a backing track which is pretty loud on some songs but she also definitely sings a fair amount because on some songs she sounds rotten (in the best way)
  15. unbelievable, good for APE finally selling some tickets.
  16. I just found out he clashed with GAYLE and has been immediately removed from my clashfinder. Sorry Bru-C!
  17. Still waiting on these discount APE tickets, any news? Tickets on Twickets are going close to face value for the Charli XCX day so i'm thinking that maybe they're not struggling to sell this year?!?!
  18. Is Bru-C well known? Recommend live? I'm enjoying what i'm hearing on spotify but it sounds like something that could be incredibly different live...
  19. I can see it. I think it's quite ...hard pop???
  20. Well, obviously the Mystery Act are a maybe.
  21. I'm only going sunday: Halsey(!!!) Willow Ashnikko 100 gecs Bad Boy Chiller Crew RTJ 1975 I got a fair gap between Ashnikko and RTJ if anyone wants to recommend me some acts based on the above (not courting, I lived through the first wave of 00s indie and that was more than enough for me)
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