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  1. At least after Guigsy’s been we know A Bell Will Ring.
  2. kingcrawler


    I think there was always going to be a backlash at some point, it happens to most bands once they become really big but particularly so for Idles given the kind of band they are. They seemed to have near universal acclaim for the last couple of years but I feel like things have definitely turned a bit this year. People are always going to criticise a big band who have spent the last two years being very present and opinionated and it seems like they're struggling to deal with that. I'm not sure if it's because the new songs seem much more divisive than previously (though given how many t
  3. This is quite a nice story about Taylor and her management sending signed copies of Folklore to an independent record store in Dundee and Edinburgh.
  4. This week seems quite quiet but next Friday is absolutely stacked. Deftones, Sufjan, Idles, Sylvan Esso, Anna von Hausswolff, Will Butler and more.
  5. Yeah I agree. As much as they'll obviously want the best headliners they're in a much better position than other festivals who still need to sell tickets and have big names. Even if they ended up with a weaker year (e.g. Foals, Dua Lipa, The 1975), they've already sold out and would still sell out even if a few extra people put their tickets back in the pot. Neil's info from a few weeks ago about them talking to Muse, Florence and Arctic Monkeys is still plausible but it makes sense if those talks were based on if they can't get this year's headliners back rather than formal offers, which
  6. Given we know they're around I reckon Muse are the most likely Macca replacement at the moment.
  7. Kendrick, Macca and Dua Lipa would be a very good trio given the circumstances.
  8. Fair play to The Avalanches causing havoc with publications who release their AOTY lists in November by releasing their album two weeks before Christmas. Nice to have something else at that time of the year to go alongside the festive Sufjan albums. Edit: I've just seen that it's 25 songs which even including interludes seems a bit wild, though I suppose the other two albums are a bit like that too.
  9. It would probably make my top 20, along with Pink Rabbits. Too many great songs!
  10. Yeah I think I agree with this. The run from Alligator to I Am Easy to Find is sensational and I think Turtleneck is the only real misstep in there. I listened to Sleep Well Beast the other day and it still holds up really well other than that song which just ruins the flow. Day I Die and The System... are both similarly upbeat songs by The National standards but they manage to fit into the album fine, Turtleneck just feels a bit out of place and inferior to the other songs.
  11. About Today Bloodbuzz Ohio Fake Empire Terrible Love (Alternate Version) Rylan Don’t Swallow the Cap Sea of Love The Geese of Beverly Road Mistaken for Strangers This Is the Last Time
  12. Robert Smith in that video
  13. I wonder if Emily will accept this currency for my balance payment in April?
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