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  1. Feel free to stay for a weekend at the beach lads
  2. Yeah that’s fair, I was thinking back to when I saw them in a very small, half-full venue in Glasgow but turns out that was only a couple of months after the album came out and not a year or so after like I’d thought. I do remember thinking they were pretty high up at All Points East so fair play to them, hopefully they end up at the farm next year if there’s space. I kind of agree with you on Go Farther In Lightness. It was one of my favourites of 2017 but I don’t go back to it too often, mainly because it’s pretty long and could do with a few songs trimmed from the middle. A shorter al
  3. Really like that new Gang of Youths song. Nothing new for them but they do that style really well. Go Farther In Lightness seemed to get quite a lot of critical acclaim without really boosting them too much here, as FloorFiller says I think this album will help make them a bit bigger. I'd love an All Points East day with them, The War on Drugs and Sam Fender.
  4. alt-J are a strange one, I don't see them being booked for Other headliner again given they seemed to pull in a pretty small crowd. They won't move up to Pyramid sub now and they've already done 3rd down Pyramid, where they just seemed a bit out of place. I don't think we need to worry about them being booked anytime soon. In terms of Glastonbury 2020 acts who were meant to play Mad Cool in 2020/2021, there's no no London Grammar, Haim, Sam Fender, Waxahatchee, Cage the Elephant, Charli XCX, Anderson Paak or Tones and I from 2020 and no Glass Animals or Angel Olsen from 2021 on that Mad
  5. No Spanish dates on Iggy Pop's tour, he looks quite unlikely with the lack of consecutive dates but hopefully he's announced for Primavera too.
  6. He was meant to play there the week before Glastonbury in 2020, possibly the same again. If he’s touring Europe next summer he’ll be at Glastonbury.
  7. Update from Ken in the Rock Werchter thread. Good news for us, especially@SwedgeAntilles
  8. Yeah this is a decent point. Bicep, Disclosure and Jamie xx all make more sense in that 3am slot than the closing DJ set too, so seems fair to assume these are the closing live acts before the DJ slot after them. Disclosure are an interesting one, they were one of the big names in 2020 and presumably would have been in Mordor but have been bumped down since then due to even more big names being added. They’re not quite the force they were 5 years ago but they still seem a very big name to not play on the two big stages.
  9. kingcrawler


    Perfect Places Supercut Sober Green Light The Louvre
  10. I remember watching QOTSA on TV at the time and thinking it was brilliant, looking forward to seeing that one again. I don’t think I’ve seen anything from The National’s set since the festival so I’m quite intrigued to see how that looks, I think it might seem better in hindsight.
  11. kingcrawler


    I think Arctic Monkeys in 2018 was the only time they’ve shared a big act but yeah, there’s very rarely much crossover between the lineups at all. I suppose it’s possibly more likely next year with Primavera booking so many headliners but Pixies do seem much more likely for that gap.
  12. Iggy Pop’s around in May. Potential for a pretty great bill if Goldenvoice are looking for ideas.
  13. Probably more likely for their own dates but get Nine Inch Nails in for one of the replacement Other headliners.
  14. Probably more likely to be back at BBK but maybe Kendrick Lamar?
  15. I think Taylor Swift will announce all her dates at once like she did before, so I didn’t expect her on this lineup yet anyway. I normally don’t use this logic but it looks like they’ve only got three headliners on one day and two on the others. I think this year they said they’d have three each day so very possible that they still have headliners to announce.
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