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  1. It seems like literally everyone else in this thread agrees that the forum was a better place with Ddiamond’s contributions. Are we all idiots too for supporting him?
  2. On the crisps threads, I’m not sure why they weren’t allowed yet there’s threads on the first page just now about tv programmes, marvel and how old everyone is, none of of which are related to Glastonbury. I can’t say I was too interested in the crisp threads but it’s pretty easy to just not click on them, much like how I’m not really interested in marvel so don’t look at that thread but I’m aware others enjoy it and I have no complaints about it existing.
  3. Kevin Morby was the first act I saw at Primavera in 2017, Dorothy blaring out across Mordor in the sun was a great way to kick things off. I’m expecting the times towards the end of the week. I think they’ll give themselves as long as possible to see what’s happening with Nick Cave. Replacing someone like Girl In Red is easy enough at the last minute, you could probably book a Spanish act without too much fuss, but replacing a headliner is very different as we know from the Massive Attack debacle.
  4. I don’t think we had a day. Manic Street Preachers were presumably headlining the Friday and Emily confirmed that Laura Marling was playing that night, presumably subbing and I think Khruangbin were Friday too. She hadn’t even released Kyoto by the time the 2020 poster came out and Punisher hadn’t had time to become a hit, so I think she’d have been about third or more likely fourth down in 2020. A slightly upwards move to third down JP is a bit strange given her boom in popularity since then but perhaps she preferred playing in a tent than mid afternoon on a big outdoor stage. There’s Rufus Wainwright on that day too. If we get eight acts on the Pyramid that day, which seems possible as the headliners and subs won’t need extended sets, then yeah maybe but I’m expecting Olivia Rodrigo on the Other stage now.
  5. Nope, I think the ones I’ve seen are done by @Mattymooz, @the wonderwho and @Acid_Haze
  6. Ah fair enough, it’s just a lot lower than where she was in 2019 and what we were expecting, but we’re often wrong on this stuff.
  7. Phoebe 3rd down in JP would certainly fit with someone hinting the other day that she wouldn’t just end up lumped on the Other stage. Fair play to the JP bookers if they’ve got Sigrid and Phoebe Bridgers to play lower down than subbing in there. There’s going to be some interesting placings this year.
  8. They announced The Park in 2019 and just gave a list of names to avoid mentioning the two special guests, so I suppose they could just do that again. I’m not really expecting to get both that and West Holts before the big announcement though.
  9. Two Door Cinema Club? I won’t pretend to be able to read all of that but it seems like they’re getting someone else in to sing because of the lead singer’s ‘illness’.
  10. kingcrawler

    Kendrick Lamar

    @Gnomicidewill be turning up early for the support.
  11. I think it’s wrong. I had a look after they posted their tour dates, as I’d seen they were down to support Liam Gallagher in Belfast on the Friday but it wasn’t on their dates, but it seems like they were due to do that last year and some places have just carried that over. There’s nothing on the Belsonic website about them playing, so seems like it’s just a mistake.
  12. Shame about Massive Attack pulling out but I was expecting that to happen after they pulled out of their earlier dates. Idles seem a strange replacement for that day given it's mostly electronic acts. I still haven't bought a ticket yet, definitely going to go on Sunday but waiting for more acts before deciding on the other two days.
  13. Ah fair enough, I do remember seeing them now you mention it. He’d work pretty well on any night and he’s a step up from Editors as the other JP headliner. The full lineup is going to have so many clashes this year.
  14. Jamie T would be another solid headline option, though one I’d probably miss due to clashes. Has he announced any gigs this year yet? I know there’s a new album coming but I was expecting him to play next year, probably as a JP headliner, rather than appearing this year.
  15. Not for the bootleg Macca who’s then out of a job!
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