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  1. kingcrawler

    2020 headliners

    Justin Timberlake is apparently headlining Pinkpop the week before Glastonbury. I reckon he's a much better fit for BST and I don't think they'd book him and Taylor Swift to headline in the same year but another name to consider.
  2. Good to see someone else taking up Elton John's usual summer routine of playing a strange selection of football stadiums.
  3. I think Twenty One Pilots are a good shout. There's not many dance acts who fit this and I know they've headlined Other before but I still wouldn't be surprised if Disclosure are one of them.
  4. kingcrawler

    2020 headliners

    If RHCP play then I think it will definitely be on the Pyramid. As much as we’re apparently getting bigger than usual Other stage headliners I don’t see a band who’ve been headlining festivals and playing stadiums for about two decades taking that slot. I agree with others that BST or IOW are more likely for them but their gig in Italy right in the middle of IOW weekend is a bit worrying.
  5. kingcrawler


    I think @TwicketsMusic is the account they use for the alerts. I’d recommend using something IFTTT like Tuna mentioned above, I’ve done that before where it sent me a message every time that twitter account tweeted a key phrase, so for this it could be “IDLES at Barrowland”. It worked pretty well and was noticeably quicker than notifications from the Twickets app.
  6. kingcrawler

    Taylor Swift

    The Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire and The Who I think. Obviously The Who were a late booking for Glastonbury and I think Arcade Fire were announced quite late on for BST.
  7. kingcrawler

    2020 headliners

    The Coachella subreddit seem to have started using your posts for information.
  8. Yeah that's fair, I suppose Judas Priest not being exclusive at Bloodstock means they're probably still more likely.
  9. Was just basing it off Deep Purple doing an arena tour last time they toured here, whereas Judas Priest are a support act on one next year. I reckon they'd be more well known to a Glastonbury crowd anyway.
  10. Looks like they’re in Germany on the Wednesday then are free over the rest of Glastonbury. They seem like a great shout for the rock slot, a much bigger deal than Judas Priest which fits with what Neil was told ages ago.
  11. If they're playing other songs from the High Violet era then I hope they play this banger
  12. kingcrawler

    2020 headliners

    There was an interview with some involved with Coldplay a couple of years ago that said their next tour wouldn't be until 2021. Obviously things can change in that time but it looks like that's still the case, so I'm definitely expecting them back on the farm in 2021, especially if they do release another album next year as was rumoured.
  13. I was reading an interview with HMLTD the other day where they talked about someone from their label turning up to the studio and trying to make them wear Pretty Green parkas to appeal to people from the north
  14. Looks like they're bringing their Homecoming festival back and playing High Violet in full for it's 10th anniversary. I don't see them doing a full tour with it though, I can see this taking place just after Aaron Dessner's tour with Bon Iver and then The National going on a break for a bit.
  15. 1. Reckoner 2. Videotape 3. Pyramid Song 4. Everything In It's Right Place 5. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 6. Let Down 7. Daydreaming 8. Motion Picture Soundtrack 9. Idioteque 10. The National Anthem 1. In Rainbows 2. OK Computer 3. Kid A 4. A Moon Shaped Pool 5. The King of Limbs 6. Amnesiac 7. Hail to the Thief 8. The Bends 9. Pablo Honey
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