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  1. that happened to cummings, nothing happened.
  2. so is shameless to someone who gives a fuck!
  3. he wont care about breaking the code he didn't when mayor of london.
  4. a mate has just been in touch to say he has covid, tested clear for two days and is now testing positive again, poor sod.
  5. anyone worried about gas supply i8f russia invades ukraine. germany is the biggest user of russian gas, and apparently sanctions will cause russia to be bankrupt beforre germany runs out of gas.
  6. he wo9n't care if he is, he has no shame.
  7. bhe won't resign, most that'll happen is that there'll be enough letters to the 1922 to trigger a leadership election.
  8. An organised crime group. With organised gangs in most towns, conspiring with those gangs and others to break the law on a regular basis
  9. theres limnited press access, morew applicants than tickets. a lot of it was allocated a couple of years ago.
  10. if there's war its not (this time) been contrived by 'the west', putin is a proper evil bastard who's alwatys wanted to restore the russian empire.
  11. i think there was, byut i don't think it was within the old-ish backup that was restored, sorry about the lost posts its not possible to take a constant backup.
  12. if they force this on the trader then the traders will want a guarantee it'll work, and that they won't suffer losses via a buggy system.
  13. tory mps are p0robably hoping they can go back to winner boris.
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