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    it was deathly quiet around the rest of the site. Only other time I've seen it so quiet was when the Stones played.
  2. it's too early to be pointing the finger of blame,. Unless your name is Spaffer, where it's important to get in there first and divert the blame away from you.
  3. she strikes me as tough as old boots who's almost revelled in her reputation, and certainly isn't cowed by the pressure from others and has felt able to (when she's needed to) front out her own clear hypocrisy. And I'd also say that while many question her competence &/or suitability as a front bench politician, she's somewhat admired for her balls. If she was going to be crushed by the pressure of politics I reckon that would have happened 25+ years ago.
  4. yeah, I think it probably was, tho the timing of it all was still very convenient. It was of the same theme as Spaffer flying off to Afghanistan when he should have been lying in front of the Heathrow bulldozers (and we all took the piss with that [in advance with that one, too]). They're of course welcome to make their choice like anyone else. There's definitely an element out there tho (not sure if or how much it might apply to black people) who are looking for reasons to be offended by the party because they're unhappy with how the leadership election went, and the suggestion of the party or Keir being possibly-racist is generally seen (by me, anyway) mixed in with that. I'm not entirely sure that recent lost members would have stayed whatever.
  5. can say that for all matches for every team. It's a bit pointless going there. Anyhow, City were clocking up the losses before lockdown, it's not only been after. They're a bit shit in defence and other teams have realised. I watched yesterday's match, and city were generally great, it was just one of those days where the ball isn't going in the net (Soton defended very well too). Foden was pretty anonymous tho, which had me (just for the fun of it) look up his stats and compare with Curtis Jones. It's still early days for Jones, but he's ahead.
  6. Did she have health issues or was it a convenient excuse? Cos it sure *looked* to everyone like it was a convenient excuse. And that applies even if it was genuine health issues - cos she was being mocked for what happened that day before that day, and on that day before anyone knew she was claiming health issues. She was being mocked for hypocritical actions, if you care to remember. Nothing to do with her health.
  7. mate of mine runs Liverpool Philly. He was the guy who started Leicester's Summer Sundae.
  8. Without endorsing anything of what was said, I reckon 'the other side' are choosing to take what was said in those whatsapp messages far too seriously overall. There might be a few things said that the people should be disciplined for (investigation is still in progress), but the majority I've seen was workers bitching about their bosses in the way most people would bitch about their bosses if there's a platform for the staff to share it. It's not good of course if there's a general lack of respect for the bosses (tho that does generally have something to do with the bosses, too), but that still doesn't make those messages everything that's happening. People everywhere bitch about their bosses while continuing to do their job in a more-than-satisfactory way.
  9. he said something like "black people are having a moment" - which probably wasn't meant quite how it sounds but didn't go down very well. I've seen claims of huge numbers of black voters leaving because of it, tho I expect that's mostly hyperbole. Whatever, I think Starmer is trying to avoid getting dragged into identity issues as they tend to turn off voters who aren't from that group. Voters want to vote for a politician who will do something for them, to make their lives better ... which is precisely where the SNP got their momentum.
  10. lol, you don't understand how it works. But anyway, working from the real (mid) infection rates it would take 1,000,000 people from England to travel to Scotland for your claim of "most" new infections coming from England to be true. Which only shows how far you're reaching to satisfy your prejudice.
  11. but what is certain is what makes the difference for decline are controls to keep the R below 1, and NOT how many people have the virus.
  12. well, it wasn't, because that hadn't happened yet (at the time I updated) But it does add to the justification for Macca being a strong rumour.
  13. yup. The geezer I had covering didn't have time to do lots of the stuff that could have been done (and I'm still playing catch-up on the bits he put to the side).
  14. I was illustrating a point you plonker. You know, about how your claim of "most" (possibly) coming from England was utter utter bullshit unless millions and millions of English headed to Scotland. Now, I wonder what guided your thoughts for you to make that claim...?
  15. all the money will go to the places that are already strongly tapped into arts funding - which is good for them of course but leaves the rest high and dry. The businesses that normally trade without govt support are likely to be left without govt support.
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