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  1. if Westminster didn't operate some oversight, the SNP would have a ref every Thursday until they got the result they want.
  2. theres a lot on bbc sounds too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b007r6vx
  3. it doesnt look like having a different result, and it seems a majority of scots aren't in favour of it, so yeah, the uk should operate some oversight about it, the GFA stipulates 7 years between votes.
  4. didn't use the ear defenders I bought. i coped with the sensory overload OK, i'm pleased to say.
  5. Womad is a lovely gentle festival, very unlike the Glastonbury beast, approach with an open musical mind and you'll have a great time.
  6. i'd avoid that one, you'd struggle to find an aspect of any festival as horrid as an ibiza bar.
  7. If its the only way to form a govt, that disappears as soon as Scottish mps cease to count at Westminster. Its a pathway to out of govt, not into it.
  8. what do you think labour can gain out of a deal, if they did one, it only has negatives.
  9. Labour will never strike deal with SNP, Keir Starmer to pledge good move as that's possibly the ground the next election will be fought on.
  10. he might have been a bit dull and shit, but anyone who thought it would be different hadn't been paying attention. still, he's much better than the previous leader.
  11. Neil

    Fire stewards

    friend of mine stewarded arcadia via a school he had a connection with, he's already arranging to go back next year.
  12. might do beautiful days with a few mates.
  13. any issue here, is down to differing views of what zionism is? at the most simple level its the right of Israel to exist.
  14. A very disposable product aren't they, not very green.
  15. i didnt eat there but walked past it a few times, think it was called The Green Bus.
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