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  1. Neil

    UK Politics

    some read a bit special school, which make clear that they don't understand the sector or how it works, but doesn't stop them commenting.
  2. Neil

    UK Politics

    would probably help a lot if she wasn't blocking the process by not engaging with it. but its given Diane the chance to do her favourite thing, play the martyr. 😛
  3. Neil

    UK Politics

    guess they didn't poll many people in Scotland, it suggests their methodology is poor so you shouldn't take too much notice of any of the numbers.
  4. Neil

    In Memoriam

    was talking with an aged cream fan today, who said he's always been disappointed in clapton when he's seen him post-cream.
  5. Neil

    UK Politics

    its almost costing me that.
  6. Neil

    UK Politics

    looks like the parties that big up PR are not keen on inter party co-operation.
  7. Neil

    UK Politics

    everything say that hes toast. if the chancellor in a true blue seat is at risk then the tories will get slaughtered.
  8. Neil

    UK Politics

    i was brought up close to hunt's constituency, will be amazing if he looses it, that area is as blue as it gets, proper posh surrey, stockbrokers/civil servants/spooks/ (40 years ago) the queens doctor (- i did some work on his house), big houses with servants quarters including bell systems for calling the servants. not so amazing for hunt to lose it after the adjacent council (rushmoor: a downgraded version of hunts constituency) went labour in the recent locals - that's something i never thought would happen, and on the other side of rushmoor is Gove's seat of Surrey Heath which gove is tipped to lose. 🙂
  9. Neil

    UK Politics

    open goal for labour campaigning, and i reckon starmer can score open goals.
  10. Neil

    UK Politics

    @eFestivals reckon that'll get fixed in a coming upgrade to the forums software
  11. Neil

    UK Politics

    if its not dragged up the unrelenting idiots will do the same again. some are still at it - slagging off the guy who makes corbyn look sh*t with his competence.
  12. Neil

    UK Politics

    its not opposing corbyn to speak the facts about him, his supporters like their own facts about him.
  13. Neil

    UK Politics

    the people who supported corbyn gave the tories that free pass. it was just like the gaza conflict; predictable consequences.
  14. most difficult questions is surely is the ball over the goalline, that part has worked well.
  15. Neil

    UK Politics

    there was no chance of that victory, do you think we'd be we’d be in a better or worse situation as a country now if someone had led labour to victory in 2019?
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