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  1. tarw

    efests Exit Poll

    Don’t bother gloating about getting rid of odious fuckers-they’re being replaced by even more of them
  2. tarw

    efests Exit Poll

    I’d rather Ireland but it could get a bit nasty there. The foreign secretary has already threatened to starve Ireland out!
  3. tarw

    efests Exit Poll

    Scotland or Canada
  4. tarw

    Who's bigger...?

    Where’s JJ on the list?
  5. Depends on the type. My quick hiker 2 stood up to storm winds on the beach at Shell Island. Not sure if some of the stand up in tents of any type would have done.
  6. Is there a particular reason for wanting pre-erected? The family camping at Wickets always has loads of room and entry is strictly for families with children. Depending on the age of the children I would have thought that any of the pre-erected options would add miles of walking every day.
  7. Thanks I’ll keep looking until next weekend then.
  8. Depends on your feet. The only way to find out which is best for you is to try both on and see which are most comfortable for you. If you cant do that then I’d go for the Gelert as they’re based in Gogland.
  9. @crazyfool1 What date was the Decathlon Black Friday thing when you got your tent? I need a new tent for next year and have decided on the 3 man Xl pop up. Keep looking on the decathlon site but cant see any Black Friday deals or info about when it is. Thanks
  10. Sorry but they would have to be prepared to play for a fee that is inline with the budget. Good idea for a game though
  11. tarw

    Musical Confessional

    You are amongst friends here, a safe place. Don’t forget that whatever you have done someone will have done worse
  12. tarw

    Musical Confessional

    The first record that I bought was The ying tong song by the goons. The second was Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris
  13. tarw

    Camp Fires

    I know that in Spring Ground and JP staff camping that they were banned at the request of the fire crews. Whether that was just this year due to weather/congestion or a new policy I don’t know. Spring Ground had it’s communal fire but people asked not to have their own
  14. Yes. I have said that what he did was wrong but to label him as a predator with the information we have is also wrong
  15. I wholeheartedly agree with the modern definition. I am a father. What I don’t agree with is judging JP by those definitions. Would you want to be judged for your actions now by the moral code in 40 years time? A lot happens in 40 years. Maybe eating the flesh of an animal will generally be seen as akin to child abuse by then. What he did was wrong but to label him as a predator?
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