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  1. tarw

    First Gig Back

    Just trying to book Camp Kin for next weekend. It will let me book a pitch but not add people or car park pass. @Zoo Music Girl how did you book yours?
  2. Far too much optimism. Denmark win 2-1
  3. I might have both of those up in the loft 😊😊
  4. Yes. I’m sure that it was an ironic counter-point to “Loving You Sunday Morning”. Or it could be just 70s sexist metal. Either way it was my first gig and started me off on a lifetime of enjoying live music so can’t be all bad
  5. My first gig so fond memories. But it is definitely a dodgy cover
  6. Like I said probably controversial. I was in the pit. People around me were a mix of people who had come to see Beck and those waiting for Coldplay. The crowd where I was could easily have been won over. I did not get the impression he was trying to win people over more sulking that they weren’t here to see him. should have taken a leaf out of Frank’s book when he was on before the Killers
  7. Oasis 2004- The biggest disappointment since seeing Dylan in 87 Beck 2016- Probably controversial. I’d gone to watch Beck not Chris and his mates. There was a disconnect between them and the audience. I don’t play Coldplay fans as most do. I thought there was no effort from them to get the audience onside.
  8. Try mixing PVA adhesive with the paint. It normally works
  9. I probably wouldn’t make the effort for the Foos. Saw them in 2017 and though they were good they were not good enough to be desperate to see them again. Depending on the other acts.
  10. tarw

    2022 Headliners

    So @Matt42 Sunday headliners Other - Billie Pyramid - Tay-Tay what would you do?
  11. Really hard for me to choose Jorja- a revelation to me. I quite like her poppy songs to listen to but live I thought her range and expression were fantastic Haim- just hit the spot for me right time right mood just a good fit for me at that time coldplay- a great show. Shame about the music smile- good but just the wrong vibe for me at that time idles- lm just too old Damon- downer ezra have not seen Kano onwards yet
  12. tarw


    The only sleep podcasts I’ve tried are creepy Australians trying to hypnotise me. And I don’t trust them!!!!!!
  13. tarw


    Is there any way to not put a playlist into your history? I listen to their sleep playlist all night most nights. But it really fucks up my suggestions why can’t they make all those lists podcasts? My year wrapped makes somnolent listening
  14. June easing in doubt? Hope this doesn’t cause more cancellations
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