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  1. Sorry but they would have to be prepared to play for a fee that is inline with the budget. Good idea for a game though
  2. tarw

    Musical Confessional

    You are amongst friends here, a safe place. Don’t forget that whatever you have done someone will have done worse
  3. tarw

    Musical Confessional

    The first record that I bought was The ying tong song by the goons. The second was Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris
  4. tarw

    Camp Fires

    I know that in Spring Ground and JP staff camping that they were banned at the request of the fire crews. Whether that was just this year due to weather/congestion or a new policy I don’t know. Spring Ground had it’s communal fire but people asked not to have their own
  5. Yes. I have said that what he did was wrong but to label him as a predator with the information we have is also wrong
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the modern definition. I am a father. What I don’t agree with is judging JP by those definitions. Would you want to be judged for your actions now by the moral code in 40 years time? A lot happens in 40 years. Maybe eating the flesh of an animal will generally be seen as akin to child abuse by then. What he did was wrong but to label him as a predator?
  7. To me a predator hunts for its prey. From what I’ve seen JP did not hunt for it but accepted what was offered when he shouldn’t have it was a different time as Neil said. Our physics teacher got married to one of his pupils the week after she left school at 16. They stayed together until he died. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning it, it just needs to be seen in context
  8. I was thinking of a genre rather than an era for an identity. Apart from the fact that nearly all of the acts have been booked before is there a common identity? Maybe it is just there to host Michael’s favourites, and that’s its purpose
  9. I used to spend quite a bit of time in the acoustic field. Haven’t set foot in it for the last three festivals. There are two things that need to change imho. Pilton palais needs to go or be moved. There are two entrances to the field, both are dominated by tents putting people off even going in. The positioning of the acoustic tent could do with changing if possible. The other thing that needs changing is the booking of acts. It doesn’t have an identity. Avalon seems to do what the acoustic should do only better
  10. tarw


    It was definitely down before subfocus
  11. First time volunteering this year and would do it again next year in preference to paying. I was reasonably happy with my shifts this year, but had to do a Saturday night shift which hurt. The other two shifts were Thursday and Monday. Staff showers and secure camping just behind JPT with the chance to explore and party on Monday and Tuesday were a bonus
  12. I read that as fisting 🤜 there might be areas that you could do this, wouldn’t have thought Avalon was one of them
  13. tarw

    Been offered a way in

    With the change in EPO bands there will be fewer there anyway. We need you to make up the numbers
  14. tarw

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Is that the same grazing shed that’s in Cardiff? Are they there?
  15. tarw

    Coach questions

    Depends on the driver and how much space there is/how much everyone else has brought. They’re usually pretty reasonable but if there’s no room you cant take it.
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