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  1. Cleaned the tent last night and reproofed it today. Not that I’ll need a waterproof tent, it’s just to appease the weather Gods.
  2. tarw

    West Holts 2019

    It’s back to how it used to be then. Always used to face directly to the Mexican hammock stall at the end of the row of stalls on the left. Great to lie in a hammock and watch a chilled act in the afternoon.
  3. I would like the webcam to go off. The speculation on here will be awesome. Let our imaginations run wild. EE will probably monitor what people are saying to give her ideas for next year
  4. tarw


    Still is. Just not the spider something new
  5. tarw

    2019 Map

    So will I be able to chill in a Mexican hammock and watch what’s on WH again?
  6. Do they still have the real ale bar in the acoustic field?
  7. Really struggling to choose here. It’s between People’s faces, Europe is lost and ketamine for breakfast. Europe is lost by a whisker I think
  8. tarw

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I think that it is a mistake to call Farrage a fuckwit. I get the impression that he is like Boris - an intelligent man pretending to be a buffoon. Far more dangerous than a fuckwit.
  9. tarw

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Unfortunately not. The dumbed down rhetoric of Farrage and his ilk are more powerful to those of limited understanding than reasoned arguments.
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