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  1. I think that the reasoning is fine. Emphases the fact that SAGE is not independent and has been interfered with by having Cummings giving “input”
  2. Of course her politics is relevant. An alt right scientist who believed in competition and survival of the fittest might think that loosing the oldest/unhealthiest 15% of the population to achieve herd immunity faster would be a good deal. A scientist with a different political Standpoint would think it was a bad deal. Same data different conclusions.
  3. Couple of points- if she is the owner of a biotech company then that will be the reason that she wants to leave the EU as she doesn’t want to be regulated. Hydroxychloroquine has been widely denounced by nearly all of the scientific community and has caused quite a few deaths. Any program to boost immunity would have to be done before restrictions were lifted
  4. For me a porch is essential, especially for a wet year. Hopefully they will have one ready for 2021. A lie in after a night shift would be heaven
  5. The only set that has ever moved my to tears
  6. Sure that you can add a seat for under 12’s by sending see an email
  7. tarw

    My first ever gig.....

    Scorpions at Victoria Hall, Hanley on the love drive tour. Second was also at Victoria Hall - Motörhead. So I probably saw them perform one of the first and last Gigs. Also saw Bob Marley at one of his last Gigs at Bingley Hall. Weird place to watch music in a cattle auction. At least there were some more aromatic smells to cover up the cow shit for Bob
  8. tarw

    Food Stalls 2020

    That’s the ones. Have to wait as they cook them to order. But it’s worth it
  9. tarw

    Food Stalls 2020

    There’s been a good burger place there the past couple of years
  10. Sorry but the chances of it being the same festival with all of the same artists is remote. It will therefore be cancelled rather than postponed for a year. If it is cancelled I think that missing out on a festival might be the least of our worries. Hopefully it will all be academic as the virus will be contained and on its last legs by June.🤞
  11. Piles of firewood in the campsites. Things aren’t as good as they ...........
  12. Don’t think London Grammar would work that time on other. JP was fantastic last time so there or Park for me
  13. Took my daughter when she was 3-but it was 17 years ago so things might have changed. Top tip I found was getting a sack truck, plastic storage boxes and bungees. The storage boxes mean you have dry clothes for your kids and can even be used as a bath if needed. We survived 2005 and 2007 doing it that I would recommend Cockmill if you can get in there more atmosphere and better location for all things kids orientated. Never stayed in Wicket but when walking past it always seems to have space but looks a bit sterile to me
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