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  1. tarw

    Secret sets 2022

    The inevitable appearance of Chris Martin just got bumped? Actually a stripped back, low production Coldplay set might be quite refreshing
  2. It’s working to design. A silhouette of whatever you get up to at night is projected on the back of the tent. Film crews will be going round recording any interesting action to put on www.fresh’nblacklacetube.net.
  3. tarw

    Volunteering 2022

    I’m happy to start a thread with a poll to see when and where would be best but I’m crap at organising shit so if someone else wants to do that?
  4. tarw

    Volunteering 2022

    I’d be interested. Would it be best Monday or Tuesday?
  5. Everyone’s got their own views on trolleys. I’m firmly in the sack truck camp. More solid, manoueverable, loose things can be put in plastic crates which keeps them dry
  6. It’s what I do. A godsend when it’s a hot one. Every second fill I put a couple of hydration salt tablets in. I duo drop the bag at a lockup or tent before sub time. I like to be in the pit and hate having a bag in a dense crowd. What I need can go in the pockets evening time.
  7. tarw

    Crew Bars 2022

    Let me know when and I’ll come and watch if I’m not on shift
  8. Yup omperazole or esomperazole tablets are what you want. Stops excess acid production. Only for temporary festival cider use though. If you’re having heartburn all the time go and see the quack
  9. I’ll have set up Monday so it’ll be wander down to GoS see if it’s finished. Climb up to the sign to get an overview (depending on energy levels). Then callin to the Tow and Hitch if it’s open. Wander down the railway track. See what the Glade area’s like this year. See if Maceo’s open and then have a mooch around T&C. This’ll be open to change depending on mood a chill in permaculture/ green fields might be the order of the day or being one of the first to be off their tits at the stone circle
  10. tarw

    Stage names help

    If you go to last years clashfinder and set it to show all stages it should have most of them on
  11. I would use the lockups by gate A to store the trolley. Take the trolley on the bus or walk with it when collecting wristbands. When you’re heading back to the van drop it off at the lockups and it’s there waiting for you when you go back on-site
  12. tarw


    I thought other went up last minute? Don’t they put all of the lighting rigs on before they put it up? Suppose they might put it up to test and then drop it to fix lighting etc.
  13. tarw


    I’ve only been up once on the way to the festival. Even fully built the site was not obvious. Your eyes are probably better than mine but I would say good binoculars are a must
  14. tarw

    Hare Krishna

    Sorry I meant their location rather than someone in there putting me off😂
  15. tarw

    Hare Krishna

    I really enjoy visiting their tent as an oasis in the bedlam and have had a chant or two there. I didn’t go in 2019 because they were in there. Probably my loss
  16. tarw

    Hare Krishna

    Any idea where this year? Silver Hayes was just wrong
  17. I’ve been to nearly every festival since 2004 and not seen fatboy yet! Actually quite like to see him so glad he’s there every year
  18. I think that will look fantastic! I would go for it if you have a tattooist that you trust to do a good job with it.
  19. tarw


    Wasn’t it more that they had to renew all of the safety certificates that was prohibitive rather than the actual dismantling?
  20. Some of the campsite crew posts used to do it as a way of raising extra money for their charities. Not sure if they still do. Probably the same with the lockups. More likely in the quieter fields I’d have thought
  21. tarw

    Paul McCartney

    You get very defensive when someone criticises Coachella comparing it to how it’s done at Glastonbury because they don’t understand the culture and infrastructure of your country. The relationship between the BBC and Glastonbury is symbiotic and the BBC has a very different position to any of your media outlets. Just because YouTube is right for Coachella doesn’t mean it’s right for Glastonbury!
  22. Looks brilliantly organised. I would make sure that I left the speaker at the lockups when I wasn’t at the tent though.
  23. Self Esteem in Wrexham last night. Really enjoyed it. It’s always good to see a band enjoying playing. One of the main reasons was to tick her off to free space at the farm. Now I’d probably go and see her again IMG_2770.MOV
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