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  1. I'm going to avoid discussing the Summer Camp example for a number of reasons, however I really don't see the problem with acts lower down the bill being paid in tickets/expenses, especially when the festival donates so much to charity. It's probably not viable to pay some of these smaller acts what they would consider a going rate, so it's either this approach, a massive cost-hike, a reduction in the charitable donations or those stages get deleted. I think that this is the least-worst option.
  2. Some of the beer options look pretty interesting (although I suspect that the prices will be eye-watering) and as you say I am going to think of it as a beer festival with camping! The rest of the line-up come out today too; I can't say the additions are enormously exciting, but I'm happy with what was there anyway
  3. I was just wondering if anyone else was planning to head to this? I know that it looks somewhat perilous timing-wise, but we decided to take a punt. Fingers crossed that it does go ahead are there are some people I’d like to see and it looks like a nice site.
  4. No. If all goes well I should be away that night and am planning to have a nice meal. I would sign up if there was a buy now watch a few days later option.
  5. I'm not against it at all. Very happy to help the charities and the price is fine. It's just the timing is awful; it will clash with the first night for a lot of grass-roots venues and I think that a lot of the interested audience will be doing other things that night. A "watch-later option" would fix everything.
  6. We may not want it, but after months of being locked up that it what a lot of people are going to do. I take your point about the global audience but I would bet 13p that 90%+ of the interested audience will be UK-based.
  7. It's a funny one. I'm really glad that they are doing something and I'd be happy to donate some money to the frame and the charities. It's just that it's a Saturday when we can all go out and do things again. I would have loved this in Feb/March/Early April but I'm not going to spend a Saturday night in watching yet another livestream when I could be out having dinner or seeing friends in the pub. I would happily buy a ticket if I could watch it back on a quiet Tues evening though.
  8. You forgot the bit where all of your data gets a) sold to the highest bidder or b) gets used in Cummings' think tank's social control models...
  9. None of these days are really doing it for me which is a pity as we have had some great times at APE in the past. Oh well, I hope that they do well and that everyone has a great time!
  10. I think that you are probably correct
  11. This transformation does seem to have happened rather rapidly. Almost exactly 3 years ago I almost walked into him as he was hurriedly exiting a restaurant post breakfast. He looked like he has had a rather large night previously but still looked exactly as you would expect Alex James to look.
  12. I am actually pretty interested in just camping at the farm over the summer (assuming they get the licence)!
  13. It does seem a bit of a rum deal, but I guess that the priority had to be saving lives. I guess that they can blame the Covid passports on the destination government’s and so avoid the ire. I think it would be different if they had to be used internally (pubs, cinemas, gyms etc)
  14. Some friends of mine are keen to go to this, but just missed the boat with tickets. If anyone does have a pair of spares I can point you in the direction of a happy buyer.
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