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  1. We're just about to set off. I hope that everyone has a great time and that the weather holds for us!
  2. The weather looks great! Hopefully everyone is having a great time and the rain holds off. I have an interest as I am just down the road at Farmfest this coming weekend!
  3. 95% The September event being cancelled has no bearing on the main festival. I'm convinced it was due to logistical (no time/local opposition/the agro of collecting vaccine status) and economic (how many tickets are they really going to sell for a day gig in a very isolated location with limited local accommodation). The main festival won't have these issues. For me, the bigger problem is having no chance of getting tickets for it.
  4. I really think that the future is a lot more positive than that. My own guess is that this has been binned for logistical and economic reasons rather than because of the ongoing situation. There are a lot of events confirms as going forward over the next few months and even if clubs are re-closed I can't see outdoor festivals being prohibited again (with the possible exception of another national lockdown in Oct/Nov).
  5. Just out of curiosity where did you get the 60% figure for the AZ double jab? Most of the numbers I have seen have suggested 92-96% for two shots (after the 2 week period).
  6. Thank you. Will give that a listen!
  7. I wonder if they are gauging how big the demand actually is? It’s an awkward place to get to for a 1 day festival so you are mostly drawing on locals and there will have been quite a few events before then. This is before you consider the increased risk of bad weather in Sept.
  8. You would have thought so wouldn’t you? I have never not wanted to go back but apparently a lot of people do only do it once or a few times…
  9. This leads onto something that I have been thinking for a few weeks now... How popular is Glastonbury really? Obviously it sells out every year, but how large is the devoted fanbase and how many tickets go to bucket-listers or casuals? The (perceived) poor sales of the livestream, the availability of the camping this year and the mountains of the 50th Anniversary books I've seen in discount shops suggests to me that the hard core fanbase may not be as big as we think it is. I think that there is a real risk to the festival in 2023/24. How many of the hardcore who didn't get tickets in 2020 will have moved on? Will the once and done crowd still be as big when a couple of year groups may have not got into the habit of going to festivals. I don't think that it will be a disaster (immediately) but demand may soften over the next 3-5 years.
  10. I would have thought that a positive test would result in a refund. Otherwise they are creating an incentive for people to try and get around it somehow which doesn’t seem very responsible.
  11. So it would appear that it is game on. Just confirmed! https://farmfestival.co.uk/covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR2IDUxulody7B_sVLfIulKUzGTH4hDlE3sluLiuG7ABXy50RnTa2eaSdXc
  12. We have never been either. It will be my wife, myself and a few friends!
  13. That’s surprising, given that the students will already have gone home a couple of weeks ago.
  14. I have a vague memory of the middle of the road Bell Tent (the one with bedding) being about £350 ish when we looked.
  15. I think that my phone was charged all weekend. Anyway it looks like I'm not going to get one. We did do a test a few days after we got back and all was clear!
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