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  1. That's a really good point that I didn't consider. I suspect that there aren't a lot of old coaches hanging around for big-day charters these days.
  2. I am guessing 1st of Oct for Coach Sale and 4th for the main sale?
  3. Do you think he'd try and jump the fence? 😉
  4. Being entirely selfish I would have liked them to close new registrations when they canceled this year. It would have given people who missed out for 2020 tickets slightly more hope in October. I guess that there is no business reason for them to do that, but I do wonder if having no realistic chance of getting tickets for 21 will lead to some people to moving on?
  5. Thank you. I will look into that.
  6. I am hoping that a lot of tickets are going to be returned, but sadly I also think that they might just end up skipping the October sale. The probability of me being on the farm in 21 appears to be vanishingly low. Up until this weekend I was okay with the idea of missing out (I've had a good run etc...). However watching all of the footage gave me real pangs.
  7. It would be like being in Belgium, with much worse beer....
  8. I once saw a guy call Cakeboy in the old Dance tent (I think it was 2004). It was quite early but I seem to recall that there were less than 10 of us there....
  9. 1) 2003 (for sentimental reasons and the setlist) 2) 1997 3) 2017 (despite being a massive Radiohead fan I felt pretty disengaged)
  10. sadimmock

    BBC Glastonbury

    We’d watched PJ Harvey before and were blown away. LCD started and a wave of tiredness just hit us. Couldn’t really get any into them so just wandered over the Glade and had a few cocktails in the Spike Bar while listening to guy playing the Sax. Seemed a more fitting end
  11. I have a feeling that there may have been quite a few secrets across the weekend, probably including a few former headliners. Mumfords (as above), Levellers (probably on a smaller stage against a big act) and the dreaded Coldplay. I would also be surprised if there wasn't an Orbital DJ set on Arcadia or something like that.
  12. Another one for R.E.M in 2003. It felt incredible at the time!
  13. sadimmock

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sorry I should have said that if you clicked on the image I posted it would take you to the full Twitter thread.
  14. sadimmock

    BBC Glastonbury

    They have just posted the full list on Twitter I am mistaken or were the Stones on one of the earlier list?
  15. sadimmock

    BBC Glastonbury

    I wonder who the Special Guest is?
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