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  1. Bugger. On the bright side it's great news for the festival...
  2. Somehow I just can’t see them announcing anything this side of Christmas. Partially because I think they will want a bit more certainty about how things are going to play out and also because I don’t think the public sentiment is quite right. Why risk having your good news drowned out by a lot of chatter about the probability of the festival happening? I’m expecting an announcement somewhere between late-Jan to late-Feb with some names and confirmation (or not) of the resale.
  3. I think that that idea is very fair. Also close new registrations before they announce it.
  4. It's a strange one isn't it? I was really confident that I would have managed to get a ticket in April or today (but I always think that!). Let's just hope that the festival does go ahead and those of us without tickets do get another crack next April!
  5. Zwan? Edit. Oops. I am very late!
  6. If this is the case (and I suspect that they haven't made any decisions on scaling down yet) hen there are no good solutions. As you say randomly selecting ticket-holders for the 21 mini-Glastonbury is a PR disaster in waiting. However I'm not sure that allowing people to defer until 22 is a great idea either. The festival will have an idea of how many regular festival goers missed out on 20 tickets and I do think that there may be some nervousness about significantly reducing the amount of tickets available to them in 22. Anyway I don't think that any significant decisions will be
  7. It's pretty gutting, although not unexpected. Given how this year has gone we may find that relatively few people are willing to put their summer plans on hold till April.
  8. I think that that is pretty believable and you can see it in a lot of the bookings. I know that the bookings like Johnny Marr, New Order, The Cure or ahem, The Vaccines, must mystify some of the younger posters but the crowds they get aren't tiny. Somewhat surprisingly I found myself watching Morcheeba last time and the Avalon tent was rammed.
  9. Looks like Geoff Barrow from Portishead!
  10. That would be brutal, but hopefully the number would be quite small? Also (and I know that I sound like a stuck record) not much fun for people who missed out on 2020 tickets who have no real chance of attending before 2023. I suspect that some of us will just give up and move on to other festivals (new habits established etc).
  11. sadimmock

    Kate Tempest

    Surprised the hell out of me when I found myself very jet-lagged in an Adelaide park!
  12. sadimmock

    Kate Tempest

    Unless you were in Australia and you might find that the person drew a Black Swan by default. Situation, experience and memory shape the way in which people interpret words/labels
  13. I I did, but thank you! It was the poster we really wanted. I will keep on watching though!
  14. So as an update.... They have responded to the ticket today and have confirmed that they can't track the package and it is probably lost. No apology whatsoever. We have got a refund, but I did actually want the stuff. Oh well.
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