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  1. Never had a truer sentence been uttered on this board.
  2. This event in Glasgow May be of interest to Blue Dot attendees.
  3. I agree, given that the last one was nowhere near sold out I would be amazed if they had shifted 35k tickets so quickly. Especially given that a proportion of their core fan-base will have probably moved on to other other things (found other festivals or moved on life) since the last event.
  4. Oh that’s useful, thanks. I might buy a new one as my original is pretty faded!
  5. I’m guessing that the research has been recently published, although the article doesn’t state that or name the journal
  6. I can’t comment on Beyoncé or Jay-Z but I was at West Holts while Kanye was on and there were a lot of people streaming through the field.
  7. Hmmm. I’d argue that Stormzy was relatively well known in the wider world. His initiatives had received significant coverage in the media (BBC Breakfast, rad 4, Guardian etc). There was definitely an awareness of him as an emerging cultural and political force.
  8. Remember the average age of a Glastonbury goer is significantly older than most people expect. The crowd is certainly a lot more diverse than it used to be (and this is a very good thing), but I do wonder how big the crowds would be for a headline set. Although, as ever, I guess it would depend on the opposition.
  9. sadimmock

    Setlists 2022

    To be fair it’s not as big there as it was.
  10. I can only speak from experience of the last one. We bought our tickets just before Christmas the year before but then were able to get one for a friend a month or so before the festival. I think that they were still on general sale when the gates opened.
  11. I’m not quite sure they are going through the rigmarole of the questionnaire, registration and then selection though. The last one was nowhere near sold out….
  12. I have already written off any chance of getting tickets for 22. I also think that 23 is going to be absolute carnage with all of the pent up demand. We will probably try but I think that I will have back-up plans ready. Either way it will be different for us (knowing that it will be ages before we have a chance to get tickets has caused big chunks of our group to loose interest). Anyway getting back on topic. I think good rumours and self-confirmations will start in Nov ahead of Elton being confirmed in Dec and Billie in Feb.
  13. So we've just bit the bullet and booked for next year. I really did enjoy it. Just hope that it has has the same vibe!
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