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  1. There was broad awareness of him outside of his core demographic. He had had genuine hit singles and had been widely discussed/featured in the mainstream, e.g I remember a long piece about his publishing house on Radio 4. Also extensive newspaper coverage....
  2. My credit-card provider was desperately trying to sell-off VIP tickets for the Strokes. I think that they were offering them for less than standard admission and seem to recall getting about 5 emails in a week about it....
  3. sadimmock

    2020 headliners

    Not quite true.
  4. Is there any information on how to enter the competition? We pre-ordered from Waterstones before it was announced...
  5. sadimmock

    Nick Cave

    Indeed it is. Like it so much that it soundtracked our wedding! (although I was slightly grumpy to see it used in the same way in a TV programme a few years later)...
  6. sadimmock

    2020 headliners

    But have the Glastonbury audience? The real question is who would keep a broad cross section of the punters happy and are they bookable? Foals would certainly be on the smaller side for a headliner, but niche acts have had that slot before. For the record I don’t even especially like them by the way!
  7. Partially I keep on wondering if our relative ambivalence is way of coping with not getting tickets, but when I think about it every act that I really wanted to see this year was playing at a smaller festival.... We have all agreed to keep the weekend free and try in the resale, but not really think about it too much till then.
  8. He has already played Glastonbury several times. I saw him in the Glade years ago and, as others have said, he does show up in the naughty corner.
  9. Similar here. A lot of my friends (late 30s to early 40s) have kind of lost interest. I guess it’s a combination of the difficulty in getting tickets (we’ve got in the habit of going elsewhere) and the main stage line-ups inevitably becoming less relevant to us. Obviously still lots of amazing stuff at the edges, but you can see a lot of that elsewhere for much less hassle. A few of us still really wanted to go this time, but we aren’t devastated about missing out. So in conclusion I agree that there are probably still a lot of registrations belonging to former hard-core attendees.
  10. About 5s after I typed that I remembered that a lot of people might be stuck on shared-IPs. Also I guess it would horribly difficult to do in real time anyway.
  11. As someone who didn't get tickets.... As frustrating as it is the current system is basically as fair as it could be. The only minor changes I would consider are: a) Strengthening the hand-over to the payment engine. Once you have been lucky enough to get your reg details in the process should be cast-iron b) Not re-open registrations after the initial sale. If you didn't want to go in oct then perhaps you shouldn't have the opportunity to try in April. c) consider locking out IP addresses once you've made a purchase. It would level the field for people who don't have multiple teams all trying to help each other (and I say this as someone who is part of a buying group). I know that this would be unfair for people who like doing it as a big-group, but...tough, it's Glastonbury; you don't need to take an army.
  12. It was fine for us, in that we got the holding page reliably on both laptops and phones. Usually we spend most of our time on the page not available screen. However we only got through to the booking page once it was too late, but hearing some if mates stories it seems if it was carnage once you had entered your reg details. A lot of people seem to have dropped transactions and such like.
  13. sadimmock

    Sold out

    Same here. Got my reg numbers in but then went straight to "no tickets left to allocate". I guess that everyone just gets put through at the end
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