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  1. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    I'd be interested in this as well! I've already filled out the form to say I'll be getting the coach but I imagine you can email them to change. I'm in Stoke Newington so it would be ideal
  2. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    I think it was very early May last year
  3. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    Is it difficult getting to sleep with it being so close to SE corner?
  4. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    I've been one of the lucky ones chosen by Avalon... does anyone know what the shift patterns are like? I did oxfam last year so wondering if they are the same
  5. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    Clicked on proceed within ~3 seconds and it was sold out
  6. But how would they know the exact IP address of the server before the sale? Would have to be someone on the inside who knows the public ip addresses surely
  7. At least you'd know pretty much instantly though. Saves the hour of refreshing
  8. Got to be a better method than have everyone waste an hour of their morning constantly refreshing. Queue system would probably work better
  9. Coach sale was this evening
  10. I'm having the same. I updated my details and my reg can be found using the look up page but when I click the link none of my details load 🤔
  11. Tr234


    Is this/will this be on iplayer?
  12. Tr234

    Volunteering 2024

    Agree with this, planned some things to do around my shifts but found that I missed some stuff due to being knackered and needing a lie in from all the working/walking. Would definitely do it again but can see why some people don't enjoy it
  13. Tr234

    Volunteering 2023

    Does anyone know when oxfam refund the deposit? Edit: 4 to 6 weeks for Glasto
  14. Tr234

    Other Festivals

    Bestival on the IoW (RIP)
  15. Silver Hayes crew bar
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