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  1. IICON would be perfect.
  2. Chances of Aphex twin...? Would make my life.
  3. Hope The Hives play Glasto too..
  4. Euphoricape

    Other Stage 2020

    The Libertines have been announced as headliners for a new festival in Cornwall next year. Would be great to see them play Glastonbury 2020. https://www.cornwalllive.com/whats-on/music-nightlife/libertines-headline-new-10000-capacity-3665943
  5. Idles were fantastic at The Park this year, highlight of the festival for me. Hoping they play again next year, maybe on a bigger stage..
  6. Maybe some sort of visual announcement tomorrow..?
  7. See you all in the field of dreams again next year! Cant wait
  8. Yeah I seen one at unfairground.
  9. JP and LF. Both brilliant sets. Saw both idles shows on the Friday which were easily my festival highlight. Pure magic.
  10. That's what got me through it, everytime I filled my water bottle up I emptied it over my head and soaked my tshirt before refilling to drink.
  11. I was at front in the John peel tent Saturday afternoon to see Gerry cinnamon and was so hot I was putting ice down back of my top and my head. Seemed to melt straight away too.
  12. Sun is out and getting very warm already in Cornwall, will reach the site shortly!
  13. 2 hours left at work then Dream land tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for the highs and the lows (lol) and see u all on the other side!
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