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  1. Gerraway with all this negativity. Most of our must see’s and would love to sees on our cool wool are made up of acts from 1960’s-2010’s…and we are only in our late 30’s! Only got Griff, Sigrid and years & years for the newer stuff.
  2. How we do check if they’ve been dispatched?
  3. So this is a thing….tried one earlier tonight and gets the thumbs up from me 👍
  4. Currently 4 for 3 in Tesco. Just bought one of these and the Mrs got a load of the margarita ones as she hasn’t bought any yet
  5. Loved It! think it’s more of a mid morning pick me up as opposed to a mid afternoon / early evening after a skinful of cider drink though! Might be a bit too sweet.
  6. Hmmm I’m starting to feel I should taste test this Khalula espresso martini before taking it…already basically packed
  7. This is disappointing as bought 4 cans of the khalula ones based on recommendations on here
  8. Thanks for all the pillow replies! I plumped for This one; https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/camping-pillow/_/R-p-308736?currentPage=1&filter=all&mc=8549585&c=BEIGE&orderId=gb1526501085
  9. Honestly, get a better tattoo artist and go to a few more!
  10. This thread has now become null and void due to Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott headlining the Acoustic stage on the Friday night!
  11. So with Primal Scream self confirming headliners for the John Peel…how are they live? I’ve heard from you guys on here that there not so great and when a mate came round he said they weren’t brilliant about 4 years ago. Add to the fact the Mrs has seen them before about 6 years ago and can’t remember them….. are they worth seeing?
  12. I think I’ve reached a peak efests when you start to feel sorry for a crane…
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