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  1. Pulp: headliners or legend slot?
  2. I can't stick them either. Terrible band, think the singer had a very privileged upbringing. He's got a famous parent, which is most likely only reason they are known. Similar to inhaler but much worse musically. I'm not a fan lol.
  3. The mosh pits at JP on Sunday for Amyl and Turnstile were even better. Other than Macca, my most fond memory from this year.
  4. I'm definitely gonna be arriving Thursday next year (if I get tickets again 🙏). The extra days hangover isn't worth it just to watch some fireworks cramped in between 100 000 + other people at the park. I've a feeling next year's line up is gonna be special and want to be in top shape to get maximum enjoyment😀😉
  5. Can't wait for new Working mens club on friday. Hoping they on the farm next year.
  6. Any chance of Green day next year?
  7. I've heard they are quite popular
  8. It would be an act of evil to have AM clashing with the Prodigy.
  9. How is she any different than Stormzy or Billie Eilish though? Talented, very popular and an incredible performer. Guaranteed to be a big crowd pleaser.
  10. She played West Holts in 2019, and was very popular. She's a much bigger name now and would be a very memorable headliner 👄👄
  11. Fri - AM/Doja Cat Sat - Elton/Prodigy Sun - Swift/1975
  12. I hope the rumour about wall climbers is just a rumour. Puts everyone's safety at risk.
  13. Public Enemy..? Definitely legends. Would be amazing.
  14. Would be fantastic, would she be up for it or wanting huge fees though?
  15. Thank god someone else heard him! My first thought was that he was having a really bad trip, but since u say u heard him a second night maybe he has night terrors and was screaming in his sleep..
  16. Also, on Wednesday night/Thursday early hours about 3 or 4am did anyone else hear some guy screaming as if in panic, followed by a female hysterically screaming..? Nobody else I've spoke to heard anything but I was wide awake and it scared the shit out of me tbh.. came from sticklinch area.
  17. We were camping in rigs field, which was nice and quiet last time. The noise was really bad this year cos of people coming and going from sticklinch constantly. We were camped right next to the track to be fair. Where would be a quieter spot for next year(if I get tickets 🤞)?
  18. Some guy whilst watching inhaler, shouted out 'your dad has the biggest collection of hatchbacks in the South East'
  19. I'm already nervous about getting tickets for next year. Would take a major dose of luck to be successful 3 times in a row. Prodigy Slipknot Arctics Orbital Aphex Twin Viagra boys
  20. Massive cheer went up in the park Wednesday night, literally thousands of people at the same time. Was incredible. 20220622_212755.mp4
  21. Best for me was the Indian food stall at West holts, quite long queues but the chicken tikka wraps were stunning. Worst was a fish and chips stall, with rock hard thin chips.
  22. Nice one! been told i'm on the idles set apparently, not had a chance to watch it back yet.
  23. The most fun I had was Amyl followed directly by Turnstile. Proper mosh pit for both, and I love the newest turnstile record so had a blast hearing it played live.
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