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  1. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    Must admit I'm not a huge 'onesie' fan I find them too hot and restrictive haha.
  2. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    Yeah that'll do it tbf😂
  3. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    Naww ain't you sweet 😂 you too x We all need a bit of love tonight😂
  4. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    What time do I need to make myself look pretty for?
  5. Hey Durbs, thanks and yes you're correct regarding the training! The event was moved from March to September so don't get too worried about Glasto yet!
  6. https://bathhalf.co.uk/2020/09/postponement-announcement/?fbclid=IwAR296-cZRYPLmcpgC0usy9IomhYQKQs4ELQNo09xxh2U9kGakhKpuVdgTaI Disappointing news.
  7. Thanks Durbs! Next time you're down the South Coast the pasty is on me
  8. Managed to get out and keep a decent pace for 5km tonight which I'm really pleased about!
  9. That is bloody brilliant example! The trouble is most people blindly go with Boris even though he turns up and waffles out a load of shit, it's so frustrating.
  10. Pretty standard I'd say, nothing sensational.
  11. I find it quite distressing that they are calling it "NHS Test and Trace" at every opportunity as if to shift the blame of it's failure towards the people most clapped for on a Thursday night when really the people behind Test and Trace are the government and the blame should lie with them. Shift and Denial.
  12. That made me laugh! Not answering the question and then just accusing Keir of not listening....like that will get him out of it.
  13. Yea watching that it felt a bit like Boris really wanted to be in a theatre shouting this....
  14. Boris is losing again this week, it's almost like Keir is an expert at dismantling sub-par defences.
  15. Since I'm back to full training and gunning for my target of running a half marathon in 1:44 I wanted to share my fundraiser which raises money for a cause that is quite personal for me. Thanks for giving this a read https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gareth-leitch
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