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  1. Bath Half Marathon postponed until May, which is actually great news as I'm in terrible shape right now.
  2. Back in my old stomping ground for the weekend so attended the local parkrun, came 5th but tailed off towards the end.
  3. That's still an absolutely fantastic time! You should be really proud of yourself.
  4. Good luck to everyone today! Have a great time.
  5. Kanye had this really weird middle part which was just boring and felt like it consisted of him just playing around with autotune. I almost B-lined for Block 9 at that point.
  6. Still yet to crack a four minute mile though!
  7. So I did a fitness test on a stationary bike, I have an FTP of 180w apparently. Is that good for someone who doesn't cycle?
  8. That's fantastic! Well done 😊
  9. Unfortunately doing their very dirty laundry in public, let's hope for the three kids sake that this stops.
  10. Someone told me recently "fitness is all in the mind" But seriously, I reckon it's doable just be sure to take breaks and keep stretching sure you'll smash it.
  11. I don't want to but in but I hope you're ok? I would recommend taking some time off the forum site and enjoy some of natures beauty if you can I find it the best way to relax (that or running).
  12. Kalopsia


    Gotta be honest, it's a bit pants. So flat and lifeless.
  13. Kalopsia

    Virtual Meet

    I will be on the VM tonight. Come prepared.
  14. Kalopsia

    How do you feel?

    Like shit in all honesty, I'm starting to spiral again.
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