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  1. Just didn't get into Metronomy or Glass Animals at all. I was really looking forward to them both.
  2. Yes, this year was my last festival for the foreseeable future. I've enjoyed every moment but definitely had enough for now.
  3. I have it and I feel awful. Fever, aches, stomach cramps, sore throat, heavy cough and the list goes on. Had all 3 jabs but feeling a bit breathless
  4. Joe Talbot in the Park, such a nice guy.
  5. 1) St Vincent 2) Pet Shop Boys 3) Paul McCartney (that last hour thirty was simply amazing.)
  6. I may get to the Pyramid a lot earlier than planned. Tail end of Noel with some gin to see me through.
  7. Heavy rain in Hitchin Hill
  8. I've changed my plans to avoid acts I'm concerned about, Calvin Harris, Olivia Rodrigo, it's really a shame.
  9. Got caught in the awful Park/Arcadia crush last night, it was awful. Its never felt this bad before, I'm dreading tomorrow when the Sunday ticket holders come in with their chairs and blankets.
  10. Lamb, halloumi and red pepper burger by Williams Green. £9
  11. About as warm as this one, the Wednesday made hiking in unbearable. But we had a heavy storm overnight that didn't really do anything other than damp the dust.
  12. Ran 8.5km this morning pushed the pace for the first 6km, ran it under 25mins. I'm reasonably happy with my fitness going into the festival.
  13. The booking of Dave Chappelle feels really strange and totally unexpected (in the wrong way).
  14. Kalopsia


    It's 2022. Lizzo should know in the first place. Do better.
  15. Kalopsia

    Kate Bush

    Kate Bush would be a huge headliner and coup. I don't ever see it happening but I would absolutely love it.
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