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  1. When people mention classic albums I always think of these two albums. Track - Satellite of Love Track - Tonight. This song is also my favourite gig moment of all time, hearing Iggy live at the RAH, just sensational.
  2. So I tried to up my cadence, set way to high a pace and gassed out completely, but will keep pushing, as I'm now on furlough it gives me a lot of time to crack it.
  3. I've just been furloughed, but my company are helping to raise the pay to 90% so i'm very lucky.
  4. Thank you, think my long legs help with the pace but the muscles can't sustain it for very long at the moment, that should change soon though, be nice to do a fun run when this is all over.
  5. Sorry if this comes across as gloating but I'm really proud that I almost hit 5k on my fourth run, so close and I'm so excited to hit it next time.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-briton-21-with-no-existing-health-conditions-dies-after-contracting-covid-19-11963451?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter&fbclid=IwAR0JbHozB7-nCfzO1fmyD4EUoymH6rcHqCSIKU6lQB6wp7kbiOweSapbLNc
  7. I might dig out Left 4 Dead and have a play on that soon.
  8. I was too late for David Bowie sadly, he's the one who I'll never be able to tick off the list. Other than that I've been quite lucky so far the rest on my list tour every now and again so I'm fortunate I have a chance to catch them.
  9. I have no idea but I love it 😂
  10. Yea she said verbal agreements but nothing signed, that was at the nme awards I believe.
  11. Just purchased mine also, been using this for too long and not giving back, thank you.
  12. That is my thinking, time to grab that cheap bottle of whisky.
  13. Are we expecting an official announcement on this shortly?
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