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  1. Kalopsia

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Anyone going to The Strokes day solo? I'm going solo and up for meeting new people if so!
  2. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    How much are VIP usually?
  3. Kalopsia

    The Strokes

    I met with The Voidz and Julian in October I should've asked Beardo if The Voidz are playing Glasto as they're everywhere The Strokes are.
  4. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    The 21st would be my birthday, so that would either make or ruin my day! Hoping the 28th as it might make it that little bit less busy we all need:)
  5. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    The 6-12 it'll be a hard push. Not my first choice tbh would rather have a ticket, I've done 3 years in a row and live in Street so in the local catchment area but my luck ran out this year!
  6. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm currently waiting for an application form, I'd love to be there so I suppose litter picking is better than not.
  7. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    I'm tempted...
  8. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    Anyone here done litter picking before?
  9. Kalopsia

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    I've had to do it with paracetamol leaflets as I had my toiletries bag with fuck all bog roll in.
  10. Kalopsia

    Secret resales 2015

    Thishas probably been discussed many times, but what is the best way to track the website in preparation for a secret sale?
  11. Kalopsia

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    Tame Impala would be a decent headliner in my opinion, last played in 2016.
  12. Kalopsia

    Jeremy Corbyn

    This is exactly why I would prefer a second vote.
  13. Kalopsia

    The Strokes

    Angles can be hard to get into but some very strong songs on there! Listened to it for the first time in a long time today and really enjoyed it.
  14. Kalopsia

    Resale Club 2019

    Christmas time is here yet my mind is only thinking about April I wonder why...
  15. Kalopsia

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    I prefer The Voidz and JC seems more interested in this project over The Strokes so I'm pleased they are back around next summer!