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  1. st dan

    The National

    Really enjoyable on first listen - as always, this should be a grower as well. Just wondering is this classed as a concept/experimental album? Or an official 8th LP?
  2. I get that the whole thing could have come across as being a bit rushed, but I took it more that Daenerys has been ‘mad’ all along (just like her dad) and she has just been suppressing it for so long and snapped. She finally had the opportunity to seize the power she’s always craved, and took advantage. She didn't do it the civil way as she knew Jon would get to the throne ahead of her anyway - especially now the truth of him being the true heir was out. She had lost the trust of her advisers/hands along with 2 of her 3 dragons so thought she’d take everything down with her.
  3. Enjoyed the episode a lot - just not quite sure why they didn’t kill off some of the more notable characters who aren’t going to have an impact to the throne e.g. Brienne, Tormund, Sam, Greyworm etc. Would have also liked a bit more of a climax to the killing of the Night King - seemed a bit easy to a) get to him and b) defeat him after all of that! Still - it has set up the real war perfectly for the last 3 episodes.
  4. st dan

    2019 New Music

    New Paak album is sounding great on first listen - can see this getting a lot of plays over the next few months. Back to his brilliant best.
  5. Really can’t see that lineup appealing to the masses at all. Hopefully that will mean more tickets in the resale - I’m suddenly more confident for my chances.
  6. st dan


    The run of White Onions, In Degrees, Syrups and On The Luna is incredible - can’t get enough of it!
  7. st dan

    2019 New Music

    After two very solid lead singles, the new Sundara Karma album is sounding great on first listen. A refreshing change of direction from them.
  8. st dan


    Gorilla gig would be insane. 500 max capacity! On the Luna much better than Exits and would have made sense to be the lead single. Hopes for the album have significantly raised.
  9. st dan

    2019 New Music

    Foals can do no wrong for me, so I really enjoyed it. Nothing earth shattering - but good to have them back. Looking forward to the album(s) now.
  10. st dan

    2018 New Music

    Absolutely. Glorious record. It’s made a late charge into my top 10 albums of the year.
  11. st dan

    2019 New Music

    My bad - sorry!! I just couldn’t contain my excitement for new music from them in 2019. Although I am expecting new music from them fairly early in the new year.
  12. st dan

    The National

    Assuming this is going to be more of a ‘greatest hits’ show than an extension of the Sleep Well Beast tour - how many songs from the album would we expect? And which ones?
  13. st dan

    2018 New Music

    Yeahhhh .. Oxnard is certainly a grower isn’t it?! Keep finding myself coming back to it and enjoying it more and more each listen.
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