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  1. st dan

    Nick Cave

    Only had one listen so far, but wow, what a sublime piece of work Ghosteen is. I haven't felt that much emotion from an album in a long time.
  2. st dan

    2019 New Music

    Liking the Sam Fender album a lot more than I was expecting. Definitely getting the Brandon Flowers/Bruce Springsteen/War On Drugs vibes. All of which can’t be a bad thing!
  3. st dan

    2019 New Music

    As above, new Lana album is fantastic. I think this may cement her as the artist of the decade for me.
  4. st dan


    Concerning thing is how many players are actually nailed on starters for the test side at present? Taking in form and age/injuries I think you’re looking at Root and Stokes only, and probably Woakes and Broad. There is no settled side to bring in any new guys to help them feel their way in. And surely they can’t continue to play both Bairstow and Butler as neither are good enough test batsmen to warrant a place for both. Pick one and have him as your keeper/batsman and add an extra high order batsman - although the jury is out as to who that would even be!
  5. st dan

    The 1975 2020

    Just when you think you couldn’t dislike them anymore .... what a load of pretentious tosh. (*that is these clowns putting their name to it for exposure and publicity - not the message itself which is obviously very real and disturbing).
  6. st dan

    2019 New Music

    Wow. Was in tears at both the Daughter and Manchester Orchestra covers. The lyrics really do hit hard.
  7. st dan

    Miley Cyrus

    Wow ... Don’t think anybody was expecting that! She absolutely nailed it.
  8. st dan

    The Crowds 2019

    They’re going to have to start booking some bigger acts on the other stages to go against the Sunday legend slot.
  9. st dan

    The Killers

    Hands down the best Pyramid headliner I’ve seen on TV - everything about the performance came across so well.
  10. Don’t think too many would complain with: Fri: Foals Sat: Fleetwood Mac Sun: Taylor Swift They would ticks all the boxes in terms of genres, age and gender equality. None of them are boring or safe bookings and all deserve it in their own right.
  11. Doubt there is a better live act around right now than Foals.
  12. st dan

    Is It Too Hot?

    Not there myself this year but watching as much as I can online whilst sat in the garden with a few beers in the lovely weather! Just had a text from a friend who is having a great time, but says he’s beginning to struggle with the heat. Not a thread for moaning (as I’m sure we all agree it’s better that a mud bath) but wondering from those that are there .. is the glorious weather too hot for you?
  13. Stand in the field from March onwards wearing this ...
  14. A group of my friends and my brother are all first timers this year so I took great joy in explaining to them about all the hidden gems and where to go/what to see and avoid etc. Seeing them all so excited made me at peace with not going. And seeing all their photos etc has made me happy. Booked tomorrow off work for a day at the beach and then BBQ with the coverage on iPlayer all day Saturday. I will be just fine.
  15. st dan

    Staying Cool

    Positive thoughts will also help. If you’re struggling in the heat .. just be thankful that you can lie/sit down on the grass and you’re not knee deep in mud in the driving rain.
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