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  1. But that’s not quite the case - if restrictions are relaxed for one day only, then to pass anything on to family members, somebody within that household would have to have Covid on 25th December and be also be in the actively contagious stage. Therefore the laws of averages would say that it is much more unlikely to happen in this instance than if people met up multiple times a week/month etc. And families could take precautions the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and can essentially self isolate if they wanted to reduce the risks even further.
  2. No that’s true, but a 5 tiered plan that actually ends with a number 4 just doesn’t sit right with my mild OCD and need for things to be in a correct order!
  3. Annoying it isn’t 1-5 rather than 0-4 .. but that slight annoyance aside, this seems to make sense and is fairly clear and easy to understand.
  4. I would rather be locked in a room with no escape for the rest of eternity than attend a virtual one with my work team.
  5. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Nothing But Thieves to add to tomorrow’s list too! Should make up for the relatively slow past few weeks.
  6. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Agreed, but really wish Foals had just released the one ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ album. Could/would/should have been an absolute banger with no filler.
  7. We’re in Tier 3, and my wife now gets a weekly test in the hospital she works at. Results were back around 12 hours later. So that is some good news and shows signs of progress in helping to tackle this.
  8. When Nigel Farage takes the moral high ground, there is an issue there.
  9. Im only suggesting that because I don’t know where the strong calls from Kier for a circuit breaker are coming from - as far as I’m aware it’s not something that science is massively suggesting would have a huge impact is it (for the country as a whole)? I know we’ve missed the boat in regards to timings for this and it should have been done in early September if we were going to do this. So I'm just questioning whether his strong stance could be more party politics and point scoring based, because he now has this in his back pocket if/when deaths rise rapidly. But it is fairly easy for
  10. That was localised to Victoria wasn’t it? So no different to the Tiered approaches in the NW.
  11. Are any other countries around the world in a full scale lockdown right now? To the levels we saw in the Spring? If it was purely the only solution and was fully backed by the science, then why hasn’t the approach been adopted around the globe? The obvious reason is due to the economic impacts to all of this. The Tories have obviously handled this terribly, but I don’t think the solution is simply just another short term full lockdown.
  12. I’m sorry, but I really haven’t.
  13. But this is where party politics probably comes ahead of the interest of the nation. If Boris was angling for another lockdown, would Kier be suggesting a more localised Tier approach? Who knows, but I wouldn’t rule it out. The constant fighting should be put aside to come together to guide us through this mess. There can be elements taken from both parties approaches that would be in the best interest of all.
  14. I agree with you there, it is a strange format. But at the same time, you can’t allow Kier to have free reign to ask whatever ambiguous questions he wants without some response back from Boris back. And this isn’t me backing the Tories in any way at all - just think that it’s easy to suggest a counter to the current Tier approach, but you should be asked to explain what/how/why etc.
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