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  1. I think it’s a tough one, if the ESL does go ahead then surely Chelsea and City want to play with the ‘best’ clubs in Europe, which are (in theory) in this new competition. Regardless of money or any other factors. I think the whole thing needs to collapse before any of the founding teams start to distance themselves.
  2. I live 15/20 minutes from Old Trafford (just outside Manchester) and get to as many games as I can. I’ve also worked in Manchester city centre for 9 years now too, so I really don’t need your guided tour thank you very much. Just like all City fans I know, you get so wound up over any negative comment regarding City and the fact the club could be viewed from outside fans as a mercenary club. When the reality is that if Sheik Mansour had bought Sheffield United instead in 2008, it’s very possible that the league positions of the two clubs could be switched right now. Oh and obviousl
  3. Why - because I called City a mercenary club? Diddums.
  4. As a Man Utd fan, you’d be shocked to know that isn’t my default thought process when it comes to my thoughts on most things relating football. I just know this has the Glazer’s fingerprints all over it and they won’t be moved. I don’t know a great deal about FSG, but I’d be shocked if they are leeches as much as the Glazer’s are. And speaking of the big 6, it’s United and Liverpool who’s legacies and histories stand to be tarnished the most by all of this, as it rips apart everything the great clubs have stood for over the years - one/both of them should be the rising up and setti
  5. Also worth noting all the time, money and effort that Mansour has put into improving the surrounding areas of the Etihad / Manchester in general. Would suggest that he does care about the community somewhat. Plus the fact he doesn’t need the money the ESL would generate.
  6. Mainly through deduction. Spurs need it to pay for his stadium, and are pretty much a tinpot club who are lucky to have been invited. Same to Arsenal really, their time at the top is a long way away in the current set up. Chelsea and City are mercenary clubs with no real history or heritage to tarnish. Glazers have overseen protests in the past and have remained unflustered, and can’t see them being bothered at all by the outcry. So that leaves Liverpool. But maybe none of them will crack and it will go ahead as planned.
  7. Actually saying that, Sheikh Mansour really doesn’t need the money does he - so maybe City will be the first to pull out.
  8. Yeah you’re probably right, but can’t help thinking that Sheikh Mansour, Abramovich and Levy are probably the greediest, money hungry of the owners - even more so than the Americans.
  9. Which of the 6 are going to crack first and pull out do we think? I can only see it being Liverpool.
  10. Asking such a binary question on such a complex issue is a bit silly and pointless. It was clearly a whole host of factors behind the rapid spread, with many crossovers. Of course the government had a part to play in it, but so did many others outside the two options given here.
  11. I think there is a fair argument for booking certain artists to headline The Other Stage whilst at their most popular, and riding the crest of the wave. Otherwise you’d have the same establish artists booked every couple of years for the slot, who aren’t big enough for the big gig on the Pyramid. Obviously this will leave some acts like Jake Bugg that will raise some eyebrows looking back years later, but at the time I think it was a booking that made enough sense, and added some ‘variety’ to the slot.
  12. Yeah - he has been for a long, long time. I’m convinced they only went for him for the purpose of the Amazon documentary. He’ll probably go to MLS or something now and see out his days. Maybe a spot of International management.
  13. Good move from Germany / Merkel showing that she’s had the AZ jab (although she’s probably had the Pfizer in secret). Might go some way in rebuilding confidence in it.
  14. I do miss ‘chatting shit’ with work colleagues in the office though. Talking about last nights football, news event etc. That type of release you can’t get WFH, and the only interaction you get is of a more serious nature, on calls and meetings etc. So I feel I do lack from that social side in my current set up.
  15. st dan

    2021 New Music

    First listen of the day was the Coach Party EP. Really enjoyed that 20 mins - think a few on here will be a fan of it too. Getting The Cribs vibes from this. And I like it.
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