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  1. st dan

    Taylor swift

    If anybody needs bonus tracks after 31 new songs then they have issues.
  2. st dan

    Taylor swift

    On listen 4 now. There is some really good stuff in there, and as mentioned, it would have made for a great 13/14 song album, but this is just needlessly long and takes a lot of the gloss off it as a whole for me. Even the world’s biggest Swifties didn't want or need a 31 song, 2+ hour release, given she’s already put out 4 albums in the past 5 years.
  3. st dan

    Taylor swift

    It’s good/fine. Florida my clear favourite on first listen - mainly because it’s the only song that seems to has any real ‘oomph’ in it.
  4. I guess it’s because she’s never posted something like this before, as far as people are aware? And assuming the record for biggest take up before this must have been at some point in the last 10 years - and most likely in the last couple of years. So it does seem a conscious decision to choose to mention it now and never before, against the backdrop of the lineup being the most negatively received in recent times. That, and everybody loves a conspiracy these days for every single event that happens.
  5. Not saying for one minute I don’t believe Emily or that she is lying, but her statement certainly just pours over all the negative comments re the lineup - which there is no denying there have been this year. So even if her statement isn’t true, it is a very tactical and well placed one.
  6. Whatever Dua Lipa’s next single is
  7. In a similar note, there can’t have been many acts who have headlined The Other Stage who don’t have a single ‘hit’ that the casual music fan would know (in the UK at least). I mean, what would their one song be at a push? Have they had any singles with radio airtime? They are more well known for the Dessner/Swift connection than their own music. I adore them, so obviously these are not my personal views and everybody else is missing out.
  8. I’ll hold my hands up, Alien had previously failed to really grab my attention and was one I glossed over. But since you posted this, I have given it the time and attention it deserves .. and you are quite right - a really great song song! So, thank you!
  9. Have the latest two albums suddenly really clicked with anybody else recently? Whilst I did enjoy them when they were originally released, I can’t stop listening to them lately. I think a combined 12 song album would be right up there with their very best. Something like: 1. Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces) 2. Eucalyptus 3. New Order T-Shirt 4. Weird Goodbyes (ft. Bon Iver) 5. This Isn’t Helping (ft. Phoebe Bridgers) 6. Once Upon a Poolside (ft. Surfjan Stevens) 7. Tropic Morning News 8. The Alcott (ft. Taylor Swift) 9. Grease In Your Hair 10. Alphabet City 11. Hornets 12. Smoke Detector Really can’t wait to see them multiple times this summer. What a band!
  10. I think if you’ve enjoyed those two, then hopefully there is every chance it will all just click together with TWFM.
  11. st dan

    Taylor swift

    Anybody watched the Eras show on Disney+ yet? Having tickets for Liverpool later in the year I’m going to avoid it, although I’m not sure if it would actually be a ‘spoiler’ or not.
  12. Generally speaking, does the strength of the three Pryamid headliners alone have a lot of weight as to how the lineup is received, regardless of the acts underneath? Or does this go for the whole Pyramid itself and not just the headliners? If the same lineup had Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Stevie Wonder at the top would it be a completely different attitude?
  13. st dan

    2024 New Music

    Add Master Piece’s debut album to that list. A real blend of indie styles in one album, I really enjoyed it!
  14. st dan

    2024 New Music

    Wow, really surprised by how good that MGMT album is. I was impressed by the singles they released, but was expecting it to be front loaded and then the rest be ‘duds’. But it’s a great album, and sounds very ‘fresh’ considering their first album is 17 years old!
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