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  1. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Orlando Weeks’ second album is a vast improvement on his first. A lovely feel good album (as a biased Maccabees fan).
  2. Well they have been talking out of their arse throughout the pandemic, so it makes sense.
  3. Whilst I suppose you can’t support a theoretical argument, surely it’s fair to concede that the initial strict and well observed lockdown (from March to July 2020) saved many tens of thousands of lives, compared to if they never happened? Especially in those who vulnerable and shielding.
  4. Glad there are signs that we may be past the peak now - assuming that the modelling was expecting much higher two weeks after the Christmas household mixing etc. Sadly though we are going to hit the 150,000 death mark tomorrow - in under 22 months. Whatever your thoughts are on restrictions etc, that’s a sobering number of deaths. Imagine the figure it could (and would) have been without the lockdowns and vaccines.
  5. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Dawn FM has got the year off to a great start! Excellent as always, the guy can do no wrong. What a talent. Just starting on the new Spector one now - looking forward to this too.
  6. Yep, it’s just not going to happen is it. I think this is a measured and calculated move from the government to essential put an end the pandemic in the UK, by knowing how people are going to act. I think it will probably prove successful and other countries will follow suit.
  7. I guess some people’s attitudes will move from testing when ill and having to deal with the moral dilemma of whether they need to isolate and cancel plans etc, to just not bother testing anymore if they feel ill, and carrying on as normal as we used to do. e.g. if you felt rough a few days before Glastonbury in June, would you really want to know if you had covid? And if you did, would you really give up your ticket last minute and not go? Hmmm.
  8. As per zahidf’s post above: Guess that’s the beginning of the end of the pandemic in the UK then, as this will probably soon be followed by a reduction in the availability of PCR tests, and then it’s a case of cracking on with it without obsessing over daily figures. Guess a lot of countries will be watching closely and following suit, but it’s certainly time we looked to move to this stage.
  9. st dan

    2021 New Music

    https://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/summary/2021/ Excellent summary for AOTY on here taking into account critics, users and then a handy aggregate. Also has over 100 lists on there. Lovely stuff in case anything has slipped through the cracks.
  10. People are basically having covid parties now (like the chicken pox parties with the kids), by socialising with it being so rife. It’s now inevitable you’re going to get it in the next few months - unless you lock yourself indoors. Say may as well do it in this awful first week of the new year!
  11. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Interested to see the direction of the new Arctic Monkeys album after their lounge music experimental last release - which I throughly enjoyed, despite the reception.
  12. Cases will be so high after this week that surely a lockdown at a later date is going to be a waste of time isn’t it? If they were ever going to do it, then it needed to be before the whole country mixed with families etc over Christmas period, which they held back on (thankfully).
  13. Absolute disgrace with the bat yet again. We can only hope that we get bowled out early tomorrow morning and the last two tests are called off due to the covid outbreak and we can just erase this series from our memories.
  14. It’s a completely different situation than just general under staffing. For example, my wife’s ward have 5 of the 7 staff who were due to be working Christmas Day currently isolating. They’ve had to combine wards .. plus it’s gone round the catering staff too, so only one ward in the whole hospital currently has hot food. It’s a nightmare by all accounts. This will be the main issue and impact to hospitals with letting Omicron run rife with no restrictions. They’ll have to have a think of other alternatives (ie rethinking isolation for NHS staff somehow) or hope it rips through quickly in the next few weeks and we’ll be in a better position shortly.
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