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  1. st dan

    Arctic Monkeys

    Rumours of new album coming in October. Guessing that news, plus their R&L headline show, means we should expect the lead single very soon I would have thought. Looking forward to seeing which sound they’ve gone for.
  2. Yeah true, fair point. For me personally though, I’d rather spend the £300 in October before the shit really hits the fan in terms of the energy crisis. If I put that money to one side I think I’d be quite likely to dip into it if/when needed .. but guess that is the point you’re making. More responsible to pay to live rather than the luxury of a festival.
  3. Yeah I’m in the same boat - opportunity cost is going to play a big part for a lot of people I think.
  4. If the ticket balance is due in early March as usual, then I assume a fair few will be struggling to afford it after paying the sky high energy bills that are expected from October - March. It would be better if there was an option to pay the full balance in October for those who have the funds available at the time of booking.
  5. Just caught up on The Boys Season 3, which has cemented that it’s currently my favourite show out there at the moment.
  6. st dan

    2022 New Music

    New Jamie T and Beach Bunny both sounding great. Onto Jack White next … and then will tentatively give The Kooks new one a go for purely nostalgia reasons.
  7. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Yeah don’t mind that at all. Proves that they can still do it if they wanted to .. which makes their last 10 years + of output even more baffling.
  8. st dan

    Sam Fender

    Another thing in his favour which is adding to his ever growing popularity is that pretty much everybody ‘likes’ him to some extent don’t they? Covering all spectrums of music taste, age, demographic etc. I don’t mean everybody is a massive fan, but his music is pretty inoffensive with some great singalong radio friendly hits and he seems a nice, relatable lad. I think he’d be a very popular choice for headliner in 2024 with another solid album behind him.
  9. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Black Midi album is as manic as expected. Like it a lot.
  10. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Yeah agreed - played it this morning and totally unforgettable. There are many better acts out there doing a similar sound right now, but are much better.
  11. st dan

    Sam Fender

    Have been thinking, which artist is the best comparison to Sam Fender? In terms of being a solo, guitar fronted British artist, with a similar heartland rock sound. I can’t think of any off the top of my head.
  12. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Another superb release from them. Hopefully this album takes them into the big time that they deserve.
  13. st dan

    2022 New Music

    Katy J Pearson’s new album is a lovely listen. Also enjoyed Viagra Boys too.
  14. As much of us on this forum love the farm and it’s much more than just a festival - the harsh reality is that attending is a luxury. If cut backs are needed for some to get through these difficult economic times, then unfortunately a festival really is one of the first things that should be going. Regardless of how much you’ll miss it. Not a nice thought, but im not sure how the festival itself can be more accommodating with the rising prices, and the fact it will sell out whatever they charge (within reason obviously).
  15. I think it’s time the bookers started booking acts on the stages that are relevant for their expected crowd size, rather than where they necessarily ‘fit best’ in terms of style, genre etc. Once all the bands are booked, then they really try to split the crowds as much possible and put an educated estimate for act, and then decide the relevant stages that way.
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