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  1. st dan

    2020 New Music

    It’s very good, but thinking more in the fact that she is a young, British, female (if that is actually still of any relevance) artist that is at the top of her game, and a leading artist in her genre - not sure anybody out there is making pop music at consistent high levels as she is. She also has enough well known chart hits to pull it off. Would have thought she would have been everything Emily is looking at in the future.
  2. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Doubt it .. she’s Pyramid headliner material now. Sure she’ll be in contention in the coming years.
  3. Not quite sure why it’s taken a pandemic for the general public to recognise and appreciate the amazing work the NHS does 24/7, 365 days a year - but I’m glad it’s happened. Now maybe they’ll get the pay they deserve and grants will be reintroduced.
  4. st dan

    2020 New Music

    The new Brian Fallon album is just what I needed today.
  5. st dan

    2020 New Music

    The Lone Bellow new album is a nice chilled lockdown listen in the sunshine.
  6. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Cracking return - like they’ve never been away, and loving the bagpipes on this. New album this year is fantastic news.
  7. Brilliant measures announced today - as much as could realistically be offered at this stage. Sunak really is coming across excellently though all of this.
  8. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Nothing earth shattering, but another very good output from them. On my second listen or the day already and really enjoying it.
  9. st dan

    Football 19/20

    I also agree with current placings, however it would be mightily unfair on Villa and Sheff United with their games in hand. To relegate one, and deny the other the potential of CL football (assuming City ban stands and 5th gets CL) through no fault of their own would be the most unjust option of all surely?
  10. st dan

    Football 19/20

    I agree, that does seem to be a sensible route to follow. As much as Liverpool do deserve the title this season, there has to become a point where the season becomes void to limit the knock-on impact for the next 2/3/4 seasons to follow. Whilst it would be unfair on a number of clubs throughout all divisions, it would be the same for all teams, and given the circumstances there couldn’t be too much to complain about.
  11. st dan

    Football 19/20

    Looks like we may be some closer to a decision on the PL by the end of today. Reading that clubs are pushing for the remainder of this season to be completed, but other than Liverpool and Leicester I am unsure who else really benefits from this? Maybe United (potential CL qualification) and Sheff Utd (potential CL/Europa qualification) for next season. The other clubs should be fairly neutral on this option or the season being scrapped, with Spurs and all the clubs in the relegation mix potentially actively pushing for the season to be void.
  12. There is a good chance we will all be in days 90 to 95 of lockdown at this rate.
  13. I go years without listening to this, and then become obsessed with it for a few weeks - and the cycle continues. Currently assisting me working from home right now.
  14. True, but I guess some people may not be able to make 2021 due to other pre-arranged plans (e.g. holidays, weddings, planning to start a family etc). Even for people not on this forum, I imagine those looking to return their tickets would be less than 10% (and that’s being optimistic!!)
  15. Would be good to add a poll to this to see who is intending on rolling their ticket over at this stage (expecting 90%+ !!)
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