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  1. Can they really sign Kane and Grealish in the same window? If they have to prioritise one of the two then surely Kane is the one. Starting to wonder if the Grealish talk was to break the impasse with a potential Kane deal - if it was, then it’s certainly worked with what we’ve seen from Kane today and his attempts for force a move.
  2. Have an act with just one song ever won one of these before?
  3. The Prodigy 60 LCD Soundsystem 20 (-10)
  4. The Prodigy 135 LCD Soundsystem 95 (-10)
  5. The Prodigy 195 LCD Soundsystem 185 (-10)
  6. Give them some tranquilliser - thats got a track record of making people dance a bit more.
  7. The Prodigy 360 LCD Soundsystem 130 (-10)
  8. Oh that’s good to hear! Thanks for the reassurance - definitely needed that. I was expecting to be almost back to square one. I’ve never had an injury when actively training before, so it’s never really bothered me too much. Hopefully then I can pick up where I left off in a couple of weeks then!
  9. Good to hear positive reviews of the venue - I’ve got TWOD tickets for Leeds too, but have never been myself. Usually never have to venture outside of Manchester for live shows, but I’m excited for the trip for it.
  10. Thanks both .. I might try my first gentle jog round the field tonight and see how that feels in the morning. Not a member of the gym, but I have a couple of day passes from friends so bike take them and go for a bike/row/swim to build the cardio back up. I was in a good place before this injury so it’s going to be grim seeing how much I’ll have lost in a month of no activity!
  11. Has anybody got experience or advice for returning to running following a stress fracture to a metatarsal/foot? I’ve given it 4 weeks rest now and the pain has eased, but not tried to exercise on it at all since. I know they said 4-6 weeks at the hospital, but wondering if I am ok gradually returning now and taking it very easy. Was in the middle of marathon training and this has been a real set back, so want to get out there ASAP but don’t want to risk any setbacks.
  12. st dan

    2021 New Music

    This is just fantastic isn’t it. Listened to it so many times since it was made available yesterday. Just love his - such a talented guy.
  13. st dan

    Gig Ticket Prices

    Completely get that - but customers only have a set amount of money they are willing to spend on watching live music. If the prices continue rising as they are, I can only see more and more people deciding against getting tickets for individual gigs, and holding out for festival appearances instead. Then their incomes will be hit by reduced sale volumes. Appreciate it’s a fine balance in terms of pricing, but for me the scales have now tipped to being too extortionate in most cases, and I’d rather not watch the act than pay some of the prices they are asking.
  14. The Prodigy 466 LCD Soundsystem 256 (-10)
  15. st dan

    2021 New Music

    Dave > Stormzy For me, this has been confirmed by that second album.
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