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  1. Pabboe

    Diana Ross

    She will be fantastic. Just need some luck in the resale so I can see her!
  2. I am here in the resale club for the second year in a row. But I was successful with the coach resale in April, just got to keep positive
  3. Squid. Went along knowing nothing of them but they were great. Jade Bird was also brilliant but was hoping/expecting that.
  4. Jade Bird was fantastic, will definitely be on a higher slot in future
  5. Pabboe

    Miley Cyrus

    I was completely underwhelmed when I saw her name of the line up poster. But listened to her a fair bit on lead up to Glastonbury and quite liked her music so thought I would watch her. I was totally blown away by her performance, I thought she was excellent. Great voice, great performance
  6. 1. The killers 2. The cure 3. Miley
  7. We got our tickets from a see tickets rep just before the coach departed
  8. Put the fresh n black tent up in the back garden and got the kids to soak it to make sure it’s still waterproof. All looking good!
  9. The Cure and Lauryn Hill for music I listened to a lot when growing up and love. Sam Fender and Jade Bird for new (to me) music that I have really enjoyed since the line ups have come out. And Kylie for the Sunday singalong!
  10. Thank Christ just received my email! Was getting a bit worried!
  11. Have joined. This site has been so useful for suggestions about bands, areas, what to do away from the main stages at Glastonbury, and most importantly food!
  12. Pabboe

    Resale Club 2019

    Phew that was stressful. But worth it!
  13. Pabboe

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck all, hope the ticket gods are kind tonight. And thanks for the work on the resale spreadsheet, much appreciated!
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