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  1. Tough to see this happening, since almost all of the tickets were sold over a year ago...
  2. Whilst I haven't used my F&B tent outside the UK, I would have thought that it would be more effective overseas than here. Its main feature is the reflective white flysheet, and so the stronger the sun (such as in Spain or Portugal) the more it will reflect. Decathlon is a European shop, and so they do sell their tents in warmer countries than the one we live in. If you look at the reviews on their website, and skip past the UK ones, you can find the reviews left by buyers (in their native languages) from other countries. Just to say about the ventilation, I went for the pop-up versio
  3. Lead singer of Min doing a live concert now: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreJustMint
  4. If they did a 4-man version, it would presumably be 2.4m 'wide'. Big enough for anyone, even professional basketballers.
  5. I'm watching a live stream from the lead singer of Dirty Sterling right now... https://www.facebook.com/DirtySterling/
  6. I only got my Fresh & Black 3-man pop up in 2016, so I think I'll squeeze another year or two out of it, but I definitely want one of these. Probably a 3-man version of this one, which would be a nice balance between size and weight for me. Being able to strap my tent onto my rucksack would be such a relief after over a decade of using popup tents.
  7. Yeah. Every year I've bought a fresh hand sanitiser for Glastonbury (or whichever festival I go to that year), and afterwards I always throw it into my festival box. When I checked, I had 6 of them. Just the small bottles, but still.
  8. I think the core question is: Which is financially best for Glastonbury Festival? If they get a big cheque from the insurance companies which allows them to prepare as normal for next year, I think it's likely they'll start from scratch. If they don't, or such payments are significantly delayed, keeping a hold of those £50 deposits (or even asking for more to guarantee tickets for the next Festival) might be a good way to pay their bills.
  9. FrankieX

    The poster 2020

    Not bad for me so far. 28 acts I want to see spread over (presumably) three days.
  10. On the other hand... The full text on instagram: "So, after much consideration given the current circumstances, and with the best of intentions, here is the first list of musical acts for Glastonbury 2020. As things stand we are still working hard to deliver our 50th anniversary Festival in June and we are very proud of the bill that we have put together over the last year or so. No one has a crystal ball to see exactly where we will all be 15 weeks from now, but we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that it will be here at Worthy Farm for the greatest show on Ear
  11. I have to say, this is perhaps the first day that I think it's more likely to be cancelled this year than not. It's not so much the festival itself, as it is the coaches and trains which people need to get there and back. Hard to avoid close contact with people in those confined spaces. Also, if the festival will be near the peak period, possible shortages in police and healthcare personnel may make it harder to run the festival.
  12. It costs £44 and weighs 6 kg. A bog standard camping chair costs £7 and weighs 2-3 kg, with which you can use a cheap umbrella or poncho to keep dry. I can't see them being very practical for a festival...
  13. I can't think this would be a feasible for a festival of Glastonbury's size. If you had 120,000 ticketholders in 80,000 2-man tents, and each tent took 2 people 5 minutes to take up and down, you'd need 320 people working 8 hours a day for 5 days both before and after the festival. And, given the possibility of wind or rain slowing things down considerably, that's a very optimistic estimate. Perhaps there's a more efficient way of doing things, such as having large tents or other pop-up structures act as hotels with multiple rooms inside. That still runs into problems when you think about
  14. Perhaps a better 'green' tent would be one made of compostable materials, but which could also last for years? If it only broke down in high temperatures, as I believe some bioplastics do, then the tent could be put in a garden waste bin at the end of its life rather than a landfill.
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