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  1. I actually carry my F&B tent inside a bag from an older Quechua 2 seconds popup because it has loops like this all round it. This allows me to attach a holdall strap, which makes it significantly easier to lug around. Unfortunately, for some reason they stopped adding them to the bags a long time ago...
  2. Yeah, I have mild tinnitus as well, which has made me more cautious about these things although I don't wear ear protection. The only place I felt there was a problem was William's Green, where I stayed near the back of the tent because it seemed overly loud.
  3. Yeah, I was cold on Friday-Sunday nights, which didn't help my feeling run down through the festival as it caused a little trouble sleeping. I had a basic air mattress with fleece blankets on top followed by a 350gsm sleeping bag. I thought that would be plenty, but apparently not.
  4. Yeah, maybe. I think this is probably one of those things where after a few weeks I remember the good bits and not the aches and pains. I missed out in 2019, so it was my first Glastonbury in five years and I wasn't entirely prepared for it. I even was getting lost, which surprised me as it was my tenth time there. I've certainly put some weight on in the last few years (a lot of it over lockdown), so travelling further than necessary wasn't great for me. I'd been to the last three Latitudes instead (2018, 2019 and 2021), and the significantly smaller site had left me not thinking about the sheer physical requirements of Glastonbury. I think I'd want to get fitter if I was going next year.
  5. Small World and Mandala don't have boards out, but this is the lineup:
  6. Wednesday lineup boards. Croissant Neuf Bandstand Toad Hall Lizard stage
  7. Yes, biodegradable shower gel in dispensers. They ask that people don't use their own products in the shower, although you could maybe still bring some just in case you end up using the Kidz Field, Lost Horizons or cycling field showers.
  8. This is the one act I'll definitely be seeing at the Introducing stage this year. Others who I'm either catching on other stages or are missing due to clashes are Nova Twins, Sofy, Bxks, and Cody Frost.
  9. Yes, even my local bus service is apparently short of qualified drivers. I meant in the sense that coaches and drivers already arranged for Castle Cary might well be idle or underused if people can't actually get there.
  10. I'm trying to get on site for Wednesday morning, but I'm less confident than ever that I'll manage it. At this point, I suspect only getting a taxi from Bristol would do it. I had hoped (and expected, in all honesty) the festival to lay on more coaches and buses to other locations since it looks like fewer people will be able to reach Castle Cary now, but that appears not to be the case.
  11. I'm going just from Bristol to Castle Cary, so I am hopeful that the Festival will lay on coaches from there in the eventuality that trains are cancelled. People coming from further away obviously have greater problems.
  12. The Green Futures field Twitter page posted this, so they are apparently running a full program. No times, but sets in this field typically start an hour or 75 minutes after each other so you could have a rough idea. In 2019, Speakers' Forum opened at 1pm, Small World at 1.15pm, Toad Hall at 3pm and Mandala stage at 5pm. It seems likely that the Greenpeace stage, the Bandstand, the Rum Shack and the Rocket Lounge will also have live acts on Wednesday, but aren't able to announce times either. I suspect checking on the forums here or perhaps the Secretglasto Twitter account on Wednesday will give everyone the times for these stages.
  13. I saw her in 2014, and she was at Glastonbury for 2015 and 2016 too. I believe she's had to retire due to poor health, which is a shame because she's arguably my favourite performer I discovered through Glastonbury. I somehow have seven songs from her on my MP3 playlist, when she only officially released four (her four-song EP, a song you could get through signing up to her mailing list, plus two tracks from a live set which are available to download from soundcloud).
  14. It's an odd one. The only reason I can think of is to try and spread arrivals across Thursday morning and all day Wednesday, as opposed to people trying to all get in on Wednesday morning. Generally speaking, the stages and acts on a Wednesday wouldn't be a big draw anyway though (No offence meant to Gecko, Tankus The Henge, Sam Walker, Mal Webb, Rodney Brannigan, Wildflowers, John Pointer, Hayley McKay, Mik Artistik, New York Brass Band, Jess Goyder, The Drystones, Alpha Manoeuvre and many others I've loved seeing on a Wednesday).
  15. Loads of buses (unless you were lookiing to leave between 7.45-10am). https://book.nationalexpress.com/coach/#/choose-journey?journeyType=return&departureStopId=87025&destinationStopId=87155&departureDate=23%2F06%2F2022&departArrive=DepartAfter&outboundTime=00:00&returnDate=27%2F06%2F2022&departArriveReturn=DepartAfter&returnTime=00:00&adults=1&children=0&infants=0&euroAdults=1&euroChildren=0&euroSixtyPlus=0&euroInfants=0&ouiAdults=1&ouiChildren=0&usingCoachCard=false&youngPersonCards=0&seniorCards=0&disabledCards=0&partnerId=NX&campaignId=DEFAULT&request_locale=en
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