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  1. It costs £44 and weighs 6 kg. A bog standard camping chair costs £7 and weighs 2-3 kg, with which you can use a cheap umbrella or poncho to keep dry. I can't see them being very practical for a festival...
  2. I can't think this would be a feasible for a festival of Glastonbury's size. If you had 120,000 ticketholders in 80,000 2-man tents, and each tent took 2 people 5 minutes to take up and down, you'd need 320 people working 8 hours a day for 5 days both before and after the festival. And, given the possibility of wind or rain slowing things down considerably, that's a very optimistic estimate. Perhaps there's a more efficient way of doing things, such as having large tents or other pop-up structures act as hotels with multiple rooms inside. That still runs into problems when you think about a huge festival like Glastonbury though.
  3. Perhaps a better 'green' tent would be one made of compostable materials, but which could also last for years? If it only broke down in high temperatures, as I believe some bioplastics do, then the tent could be put in a garden waste bin at the end of its life rather than a landfill.
  4. I went to Latitude the last two years, having missed out on tickets for this year's Glastonbury. It's a very middle class festival, but it has a very strong comedy lineup and a nice selection of up and coming musical acts too. On the downside, the selection of beer and cider is just Carlsberg, the food is a bit limited too, and obviously there isn't the depth of choices that Glastonbury provides.
  5. The showers at Latitude. Close to the campsites (although it's a small site overall, so it could hardly be as far away as the Greenpeace showers are from the northwest corner), and with a much higher capacity than those at Glastonbury despite serving a significantly smaller number of people. Even if I had to pay, being able to shower on a daily basis would be a godsend.
  6. FrankieX


    Apart from the Fresh and Black tents, and to use sunscreen when necessary, the best advice I could give to a Glastonbury newbie is to accept that you will miss out on some stuff. And you will miss out on some stuff. There are around a hundred stages, and at any one moment there might be three or four things which you'd enjoy, but you can only be in one place at a time. Try to enjoy what you see rather than regret what you didn't.
  7. I think the larger advantage for non-sustainable plastic or vinyl ponchos is that they are significantly lighter and more compact. You can just have one in your trouser pocket or handbag in case of emergency. There's literally no way for a sustainable waterproof to be that convenient, because the added robustness inevitably means added weight. Also, I would imagine that cleaning the fabric on a poncho like this would be a pain if it got muddy (from someone walking on it while you were using it as a blanket, for example).
  8. FrankieX


    + 1 recommendation for the Quechua Fresh & Black line. Getting one of these was a game changer. Before, bright light streamed in to my tent, meaning I had to sleep with an eye mask on and by 8am it often got roasting hot. Now, I'm able to sleep in (at least a little) and it's cool in my tent all day.
  9. If that happened, I'd just re-register with new details. Likewise, if there was a ballot then a lot of people would have multiple registrations to maximise their chances. The current system is probably at least as fair (or unfair) as any of the alternatives.
  10. Refresh, but not more than once per second (on average) as they're apparently temporarily blocking people going faster than that.
  11. FrankieX

    Resale Club 2019

    Yeah, I was trying that too but it didn't work for me. Well done!
  12. FrankieX

    Resale Club 2019

    So far just 4 people on the spreadsheet in green? Ouch...
  13. FrankieX

    Resale Club 2019

    I think the 'Sold Out' page is on the sales server. In other words, those of us who see it got through just too late...
  14. FrankieX

    Resale Club 2019

    Seems like efestivals is starting to slow down already due to the high demand. Maybe some people are already hammering F5 while reading this thread?
  15. FrankieX

    Resale Club 2019

    Just checked, looks fine now. Someone must have beaten me to it. Thanks for pointing it out!
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