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  1. blue6field

    2020 headliners

    It was magnificent!
  2. blue6field

    The Cure

    Amazing show last night!!
  3. blue6field

    The Cure

    Aye looks like a typical Scottish day ahead, not dampening my excitement levels at all though, can’t wait to see Mogwai again also
  4. I’ve missed out a lot on the main sale over the last 10 years and not bothered with the resale. Our outlook has always to book an alternative and try the next, of course we’re not getting any younger but it means when we do get to go we give it everything and really appreciate the farm. last two were 2011 and 2016, so if I do manage next year , expect lots of mud and Coldplay 😬
  5. blue6field


    Aye, two great big ones sticking out the top of the pyramid like the guns of navarone
  6. blue6field

    The Cure

    Just back from a screening of the Anniversary film from Hyde park last year, Amazing, the quality of the picture and the sound is incredible, highly recommended!!
  7. blue6field

    2020 wishlists

    Elton jesus and Mary chain Doves The XX Tracey Chapman Regina Spectre Bright Eyes the Zutons Pixies B52’s
  8. blue6field

    The Cure

    Roll on Glasgow!!
  9. blue6field

    The Cure

    One of the things that got me through not having a ticket this year was the fact I was going to see them twice this summer, Dublin and Glasgow. Watched it last night and simply put its the best I’ve ever seen them and so wished I was there watching my favourite band in my favourite place. Glad to see so much love for their set last night on here, it looked so special!! Disintigration!! Holy shit what a performance
  10. blue6field

    The Cure

    Amazing show! Amazing set list!!
  11. After missing out in 2017 and watching it on TV , I struggled, this year decided to book a holiday instead and record the highlights.
  12. I know they close the gate during the fireworks, might have been around then
  13. blue6field

    The Cure

    You might be right, personally I loved it, but I always want them to open with shake dog shake, and night like this is my favourite Cure song,
  14. blue6field

    The Cure

    Just flew back from Dublin yesterday, the set list went down incredibly well with the crowd and the band were bang on form, I think they will tweak it for Glastonbury as there were a couple of rarities thrown in for the die hards, they’ve got such a massive back catalogue that there will always be something that gets left out
  15. Just started this, really enjoying it
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