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  1. blue6field

    BBC Glastonbury

    That was fuckin magic!!
  2. blue6field

    BBC Glastonbury

    A wee bit! Looks like they had some spare and thought it was a good idea to quickly fire them up! that Michael Kiwanuka set is amazing though! First time I’ve seen it
  3. blue6field

    BBC Glastonbury

    Starting my weekend with LCD, it is as good as I remember it live, an incredible 90 mins, one of the best sets I’ve ever seen on the farml
  4. Got a campaigner slot for Oxfam this year, as such had to pick a second festival to volunteer at. So I would have doing final checks and packing the car to head to Download
  5. Our local ASDA, finally restocked its supplies of HP sauce
  6. blue6field

    Volunteering 2020

    Oxfam have contacted me regarding my campaigning slot . As they negotiate year on year with the festival on how many campaigners they provide, the number next year may differ from this. For this reason they can’t roll over the offer to next years festival. I do get a priority for next year as the campaigning roll required a second festival application.
  7. blue6field

    Volunteering 2020

    Celebrating my big 50 next year
  8. blue6field

    Volunteering 2020

    Just got an email offering me a campaigning slot for Glastonbury chuffed to bits that I’m now officially attending, just need to see how things pan out now 😀
  9. blue6field

    The poster 2020

    Love it! Specials!! Hopefully nice sunny afternoon pyramid slot!
  10. blue6field

    Food Stalls 2020

    Damn Fine Burgers from these guys!!
  11. Simple Minds, Glasgow Barrowlands 1986 they had hired the hall for 3 days to rehearse for an upcoming tour of the states but then decided to sell tickets and give money to charity, nearly 3 hrs of greatest hits, still to this day one of my favourite nights at the Barra’s
  12. This is sums up perfectly how I feel about it. 93 was my second Glastonbury and when I watch it it just feels so different to what I remember. If there wasn't footage of bands that I watched, I wouldn't recognise it at all
  13. Wouldn't want to miss that!!
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