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  1. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    Read somewhere yesterday that, Google had said the most popular search they had was the cost of moving Scotland , not sure if its true or not
  2. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    Brexit won this election, it was like a crap prize won in a raffle that hadn’t been delivered yet! But because it had been won people had to have it at any cost. The amount of people that I am talking to up here (Scotland) that are saying “ what the fuck are they doing down there??”
  3. Not a Labour voter but agree Starmer would be the best option
  4. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    SNP smashing it up here
  5. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    Bloody hell, Labour taking a total kicking tonight!!
  6. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    Hopefully Ian Duncan Smith too
  7. blue6field

    efests Exit Poll

    Aye we couldn’t do much more up here
  8. Wow! Really sad to hear, did have some great tunes RIP
  9. Yip just got a ten club ticket, very nice surprise!!😀
  10. blue6field

    2020 headliners

    And Stone Roses at T in the Park
  11. blue6field


    An hour and a half of bangers would be better, they’ve certainly got them
  12. blue6field

    2020 headliners

    And then send him the link to TRNSMT
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