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  1. Went to the latest of the Kelvingrove Bandstand shows last night. king Creosote doing a live soundtrack to the movie , From Scotland with love. incredible experience! Movie on the big screens with the band on stage
  2. Gutted also! Just seen that Reading and Leeds have replaced them with the 1975
  3. Wellies 20 Walking Boots 65 Fresh and Black tent 70 Power Bank 60Camp Shower 45 Kettle 50 Lenor Bottle 60 (+10)Torch 50 Paper Soap 50 Wet Wipes 45Flannel 50 She We 50 Hat/Hats 60Camping Chair 55 Pillow 50Airbed 60Travel John 50
  4. The Bratwurst were great value, agree the extras weren't worth the money
  5. Saturday was my one day not working with Oxfam so decided to get as much in as possible, planted myself at the barrier and waited for the next act on the Pyramid. Didn’t know much about her. Appart from Macca the act of the day for me and one of the whole weekend, she was just amazing!
  6. Bloody hell! That set list is fantastic! Book them!
  7. Watching it when I get in tonight, can’t wait!
  8. blue6field

    Neil Young 2023

    Another one for Team NEILJAM
  9. New Better Call Saul back from its mid season break tomorrow, can’t bloody wait!!
  10. blue6field

    Neil Young 2023

    Pearl Jam didn’t half smash it, went both nights incredible!!
  11. blue6field

    Neil Young 2023

    My first time seeing Neil Young! Will never forget it ! Incredible show!
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