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  1. Found it very tough to whittle it down to just 10 this year - working from home has meant I’ve listened to a lot more music than I usually do! Albums of the Year: 1. Yumi Zouma - Truth or Consequences 2. Fleet Foxes - Shore 3. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 4. Bright Eyes - Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was 5. Mystery Jets - A Billion Heartbeats 6. The Big Moon - Walking Like We Do 7. Dream Wife - So When You Gonna ... 8. Run The Jewels - RTJ4 9. bdrmm - Bedroom 10. TOPS - I Feel Alive Feel guilty leaving out some brilliant albu
  2. You’re correct, however to Governments and Politicians it is of huge significance. Johnson can put on his CV that he was PM of the first country to roll out an approved vaccine - masking over all the other horrendous ways the pandemic has been handled.
  3. Seems fairly sensible, although I do think those in category 6 should be much higher up the prioritisation list.
  4. Great - thanks very much! What a year of music it’s been having a small child!!
  5. This pretty much sums it up ...
  6. Does anybody know where to find the Apple Music year review? I do reacall seeing one last year but can’t for the life of my remember where/how?
  7. Maybe I’m thinking over simplistically here, but just read that ‘In the 2019-20 season, more than 14 million adults and children were vaccinated against flu across the UK.’ Would it be right to assume that the majority of these would also take a Covid vaccine? The majority of these are likely to be vulnerable/front line key workers who are already ok with the principle of taking vaccinations? And those that don’t take the flu jab are also very unlikely to take this Covid one?
  8. Agreed - he’s approaching 95 so certainly very high risk, and I don’t think there is a more widely adored and respected person in this country.
  9. This man would be ideal for that.
  10. Almost certain that any ‘vaccine’ these bunch of crooks take live on TV will just be a jab of water. They’ve done for too much for many of us to have any trust in them left.
  11. Yep, once the rates naturally start to fall as we move into the Spring and Summer months and the NHS will be able to cope, coupled with the fact that there will be numerous working vaccines available, then it’s hard to justify why social distancing will be required any longer.
  12. Amazing news!! Next step is for the Government to produce a very strong and effective marketing campaign to encourage enough people to take the vaccine for it to become effective, as there appears to be a lot of trepidation at this very early stage.
  13. Covid will end up being the perfect scapegoat for a number of poorly run businesses that will sadly be wound down like we are seeing with Arcadia Group, Debenhams. These were on the ropes before all of this and would have seen the same fate eventually, however this has just sped up the process. WH Smith will be next I think, amongst others that haven’t adapted with the times.
  14. Think it all depends on the vaccine rollout and how successful that has been in the next couple of months.
  15. Not sure I agree with this entirely but I do see your point. However it can be used in a positive way in certain circumstances, for example the Tongans/Fijians/Samoans could not be prouder of their heritage and use it generally to good effect.
  16. Amazing .. let me guess, he has friends who own a label printing company who he can throw more billions at to supply these?
  17. st dan

    2020 New Music

    Wow .. everything that’s gone on this year, and this is suddenly the low point of 2020.
  18. st dan

    2020 New Music

    All about Steps and Gary Barlow today.
  19. Nailed it. And more helpful than any official government communication! (Apart from the awful grammar I have just noticed!)
  20. Once an area is in Tier 2, it is likely to already be on its journey back up to Tier 3 given the easing of certain restrictions and opening of pubs etc. I’m hoping we don’t see this in the Liverpool City Region, but I feel that we will and then Tier 2 ‘jubilation’ could be pretty short lived.
  21. Yep, it has been a success there is no denying that. And Liverpool was always going to be placed in Tier 2 to show the success the mass testing scheme has been. It’s a (quite deserved) pat on the back to themselves I feel.
  22. Typical - United always get a shitty group.
  23. This is like waiting for a Champions League group stage draw. They should pull each local area out one by one for each Tierd group.
  24. But the science doesn’t need to be concerned about the social and economical impacts of these restrictions. And that is the real issue and impact for many millions of people. Just like economists probably think lockdowns should end altogether and we should all return to ‘normal’. And the Government is sat in between the two and taking in both angles. And I don’t think they are afraid of telling people not to mix - I think for once they are actually putting themselves in the shoes of the majority of families and understand what this time of year needs for many, and are trying to allow m
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