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  1. dentalplan

    Music Roast

    New angle on Country Winston's nickname.
  2. I would think he'd happily take an evening Festival Republic Stage slot, going off the other slots he takes. But he's not touring at the moment - The Strokes haven't even begun to tour The New Abnormal yet.
  3. Headliners 100/106 NME headliners 29/65 Subs 57/75 Headliners/subs/NME headliners/subs 187/247
  4. dentalplan

    Nick Cave

    I don't know why and I don't know how, But she's nobody's Babybel
  5. Thanks for the clarity. Yeah I agree. Means that The Hunna are playing but they're a house band so should have never been in doubt.
  6. Was it randomly liking a comment of: "got my tix. i hope there is a R+L announcement next week plz" or "@TheHunna please tell me you are playing R+L and that we'll find out next week" because they're gonna like favourable posts about them every time. Even if it says "i love you please play the tea tent at Shambala"
  7. It's great to see gigs now being rescheduled with confidence of going ahead later this year but I wonder when the new tours will really come in. A bunch of artists never announced any despite releasing in 2020. Still waiting on tours from Tame Impala (assume this would have been announced after APE), Protomartyr, Run the Jewels, King Gizz, Phoebe Bridgers, The Strokes (ok optimistic that one). Exciting times ahead.
  8. They've routed their UK tour around a Glastonbury performance three times now. They're clearly not getting Paul McCartney's green light every time - they're just doing Glastonbury because it's a big thing that they want to do. Besides, it's not a lower slot they're doing out of honour. It's a secret set, despite the best efforts of their communications team. Doesn't really matter who it's before. There's not actually anything to it being anything to do with Paul McCartney and I suspect that they were agreed a long time before. We heard there was a huge act for the 2020 'rock slot' i
  9. I’m a fan of that kind of thing, but it’s very quickly used to death like when someone says “the new Biffy Clyro song absolutely slaps”. No return from that point - it’s gone.
  10. I think they were set to be the first band to release one until a reactionary surprise release by this dude's band... https://twitter.com/devonwelsh/status/1367249236971118592 ...which seems kinda lame and gatekeeper-y. It's not like 'the first band to release album as NFT' would have been news if it was always some tiny act and not Kings of Leon. "Keep crypto weird" is a painfully dumb sequence of words.
  11. That Sleater-Kinney album. OOF. The thing is, if it was a bit pacier, you can half-imagine it as a Strange Mercy/self-titled kinda song but the production absolutely blows. Odd because Antonoff is busy producing gems for Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift but makes weird choices with Annie. Masseduction did win me over in the end but this song will not. edit: not saying that all the credit/blame for albums can be attributed to Jack Antonoff. I just choose to believe he is at fault over St. Vincent.
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