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  1. They haven’t cancelled any dates and Weiss left S-K days before the late stage splits so it wouldn’t add up. I wonder if there ever will be an explanation about why it was YLT after all this time. Not that I’d say they necessarily owe anyone one.
  2. dentalplan


    Bands like this aren’t doing it to sell more of their albums. There’s no way that, in this day and age, selling a few thousand copies of an album covers the gulf between the Glasto fee and their standard fee. The prestige of the gig is what it’s all about and what could yet tempt them to sign up (if Angus is arsed about that).
  3. The ire is all mine, I think. I had those stages set as hidden on the defaults from way back but Nickyboy did add the details for those stages. Still, it wasn't exactly hidden that there were some stages and dates hidden.
  4. True but I think you can gauge the venues for most cities.
  5. Earning kudos for championing pop and rejecting old rock is played out. Sheryl Crow’s booking for the Pyramid this year was as naff and dated as if Starsailor were up there.
  6. dentalplan

    The Rock Slot

    It’s not gonna be Sum-41.
  7. dentalplan

    The Rock Slot

    Where's Snow Patrol?
  8. Calvin Harris isn’t coming anywhere near TRNSMT. They’d just have him headline his own gig at Glasgow Green instead like Bruno Mars a year or two back.
  9. dentalplan

    The Rock Slot

    The ‘rock slot’ is on the Pyramid.
  10. Really great work on this. I'm sure it's heavily skewed towards the top two stages because of Latitude's lateness in releasing the running order for the other stages but here's a roundup of the top 20 most highlighted. CHVRCHES (35.84 %) Primal Scream (35.43 %) Lana Del Rey (32.00 %) Underworld (31.76 %) Stereophonics (29.63 %) Sigrid (29.39 %) Loyle Carner (29.22 %) George Ezra (28.49 %) Everything Everything (28.00 %) The Futureheads (25.96 %) Let’s Eat Grandma (23.43 %) Pale Waves (22.29 %) Anna Calvi (21.39 %) Slaves (20.90 %) Neneh Cherry (20.82 %) Honeyblood (20.82 %) Tom Grennan (20.41 %) Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (20.33 %) Gomez (20.16 %) Khruangbin (19.35 %)
  11. dentalplan

    2020 headliners

    Did he show up the same year as Boris Johnson performed in the Poetry and Words tent?
  12. dentalplan

    2020 headliners

    I think the booking of him, (particularly) Take That or the Spice Girls opens up a portal to the underworld and swarms Glastonbury with evil ghouls that it will take years of crusty-friendly bookings to banish once more.
  13. dentalplan

    The Rock Slot

    Not if #WrongShazza has anything to do with it.
  14. dentalplan

    2020 headliners

    They’ll buy them next October, once they find out that Glastonbury belongs to them.
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