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  1. I expect that the information was true at a point in time, and I hope it still is, but the sources reinforcing the info could potentially be working off what they heard pre-pullout so I’m too cautious to believe it ‘adds’ to what we’ve got. Paul and Kendrick doing what could be their only shows of the summer - or even the year - at Glastonbury would be an amazing coup. But just reading it written down makes me think how far-fetched that might be. I think we need some indication by February. Acts will know if they’re committed to playing shows this summer by then. Fingers crossed.
  2. And looking at how he could have otherwise scheduled that Hamburg date, he’s not playing the Saturday at all.
  3. Eh? Not Haim because they didn’t stay at number one but Jungle are okay? That’s weird. They’re not doing it because they are back in USA supporting the Chilis on Saturday, but their arena tour says they totally could. Liam will play wherever. I think he’s a decent shout if Flo isn’t the ‘big’ headliner.
  4. dentalplan

    2023 Headliners

    Probably depends on how Coachella goes. They didn’t rush to book him on the first two albums despite him attending and mingling backstage a bunch. Might be because of the image of being an ex-talent show contestant/boy band member and they didn’t want that. Coachella could obviously flip the script there.
  5. If Styles is playing Germany on Sunday and we already have a Friday headliner then he’s not playing is he? Sorted.
  6. They've announced their headliners. Lorde and Bicep.
  7. Is that real? Looks like something @Hart Attack would make.
  8. dentalplan

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah I’ve been cordcutting for a while but got a license for the first time in years for the Euros. I’ve only watched Toast of Tinseltown on it since. Right waste.
  9. No, not really. Some acts from 2020 aren’t going to be part of the 2022 lineup. That is to be expected. Even ones who are playing other shows that year. We already suspect that Fatboy Slim isn’t headlining the Other anymore (granted he’ll have other slots) and he’s obviously in UK around the time. I don’t see The Specials playing UK shows as they do every year, years they’re playing Glastonbury or not, as an indication that they’re there. It shows they haven’t split up or retired from touring, but that hadn’t been suggested.
  10. The Specials play half a dozen shows in the UK every summer though. It’s not indicative by any stretch.
  11. ‘Here we go’ but it happens 78 times for one year’s headliners.
  12. They should have put up a sign saying LAWKS
  13. They already had a show at the Cheese & Grain on Saturday so that does lock in the Friday if they’re there.
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