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  1. I feel like you didn’t read my post. 😞
  2. You should have chosen next day delivery.
  3. Not the most glaring G-hole I’ve ever seen but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them popping up. JP headline. Chvrches subbing. Party like it’s 2013. Now do the Harlem Shake.
  4. dentalplan


    Poor poster design. They should have put Jimmy Eat World in the middle.
  5. So maybe like I said the other day, major acts will have to take headline gigs at medium-sized festivals to get paid.
  6. Thanks both. Surprising they have to make that explicit but I guess there’s reason.
  7. What does ‘not raked’ mean? Do you get given a chair on your way in instead?
  8. It’s not weird. I think it would be scummy for anyone to get excited about Kasabian potentially being treated negatively as a result of positive and exemplary actions.
  9. dentalplan

    Elton John

    I'm a rageaholic. I just can't live without rageahol.
  10. dentalplan

    Elton John

    They turned Keith's amp off in 1993.
  11. dentalplan

    Elton John

    I think the Stones' night at Glastonbury would have been remembered differently if Mick spent two hours sounding like he was singing while eating his dinner.
  12. dentalplan

    Elton John

    Thank you. I'll think on it.
  13. dentalplan

    Kanye West

    Yeah it's interesting. Netflix paid $30m for it so I guess it must be more than some loose behind the scenes cuts like the one featured. I think I read it was a three-parter too.
  14. dentalplan

    Elton John

    I admit I was hyperbolising but he is better with some songs that now suit his register Eltonister now better than other songs (the other three songs in the set, if you're wondering). He's gone through a bit of surgery in the past five years which has no doubt had an effect, but his performance centres heavily around the vocal delivery - much more than others - so it can't really be discounted. But we're not in a field, or at least I'm not. We're commenting on his voice on various streams and videos.
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