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  1. dentalplan

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Is this the tour that’s £5 w/ a free t-shirt and beer? Was the beer any good? Did the t-shirt fit?
  2. dentalplan

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Florence and the Machine UK tour dates 2018:Thu 15 Nov – First Direct Arena, LeedsFri 16 Nov – Genting Arena, BirminghamSat 17 Nov – SSE Hydro Arena, GlasgowWed 21 Nov – O2 Arena, LondonFri 23 Nov – Manchester Arena, Sun 25 Nov – Brighton CentreMon 26 Nov – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
  3. dentalplan

    2018 New Music

    Yeah these are just paydays to tide things over. KP said at the end of last year (when he tacked some new songs onto a Currents deluxe edition) that he didn’t want to start writing a new album yet and the band’s manager confirmed that he hadn’t started on it yet earlier this year. He might have found inspiration since and his studio is only in his home I believe so could have changed but I predict we’re at the least a year away regardless.
  4. dentalplan

    R&L 2018 Bracket Tournament

    Not knocking her but defo a sign of the times at R+L when Dua Lipa can run Death From Above close in a fan poll. IAMDDB.mkv my dudes.
  5. dentalplan

    Rolling Stones

    Ayy no problem but also it was @Tommy101 cos I wasn’t keeping an eye on Soton tickets.
  6. dentalplan

    Download 2019

    It's a nice enough thought but it'd sell atrociously.
  7. dentalplan

    Rolling Stones

    Dead Flowers is goat. Faith restored in humanity.
  8. dentalplan

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Yeah but they're clearly scaling down headline bookings so I think Justice would headline this now. Would be grand if they were but they've probably been slipped a fatter cheque to headline the tent at All Points East.
  9. dentalplan

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Yep, thinking just about the same. It's a pretty good start but I'm surprised that it's probably the least typically radio-friendly thing Diplo has put out this year, given that it's hard 10x the hype. Undeniable that the man has hit a purple patch though so I would trust the Friday headline slot to deliver.
  10. dentalplan

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I bet Mac DeMarco gigs smell.
  11. dentalplan

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Best of luck to @yaniv297 and Bones Garage on Sunday, by the way. Wish I could go to that.
  12. dentalplan

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I assumed they were doing both. See here:
  13. dentalplan

    Download 2019

    That poster design is awesome. Acts look realistic too, however I think it’s perhaps a bit too strong at the top of the other stages.
  14. dentalplan

    All Points East Festival 2018

    There are quite a few things worth checking out on Nick’s day. Depends what you’re into I suppose. Richard Strange is a 70’s punk singer from Doctors of Madness, might be of interest if you like Baxter’s dad. Post punk from Yak and Bo Ningen, pop infused country from Jade Bird and The Magic Gang are the anthemic indie types who stick out on this line up like a sore thumb, but they’re cool. Alternatively there’s the small stages where it’ll be a lot more sparse and you can discover something. The National seems to have a lot less going for it before a certain time because I don’t think the line up is complete yet. Rostam you might know from Vampire Weekend, and alternatively there’s folky lass This Is the Kit who’s supported The National a bunch already.
  15. dentalplan

    Ed Sheeran cancels tickets

    It’s fantastic. Such a big tour to spread awareness for Twickets with too. I’m someone who often looks for cheap tickets on the secondary ticketing sites but would be happy for that to go out the window if it meant there’s no touting element persisting. What Viagogo says at the end, however, does feel a little valid. Doesn’t seem like it’d allow in the competitions act for a company to be part of something that is pulping tickets from a competitor.