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  1. She hasn’t rearranged her Primavera Sound slot for next year so it follows that she might not be rearranging any of her shows. Just takes one European show announcement until she’s back in and nailed on though.
  2. dentalplan


    Weren’t you guys agreeing yesterday that commercial failures didn’t matter because she was more about doing things on her own terms at her own pace? Are you suggesting she is lifted up bills as a reward for the bravery of opting out of mass sales?
  3. As I said, I know about this, you don't need to explain it to me. That change was done six years ago. I'm talking about since then. That's a really good point. Also I can imagine the reason bigger pop/rock acts have held off releasing is that they make their money on big-ticket live shows rather than on album sales/streams. Releasing albums some time before potential live shows is probably being actively avoided.
  4. Obviously I understand that. It's not a new thing. What I'm not sure on is why two years ago pop acts dominated the album charts all year round and now it's more of a playground for independent artists. My assumption would be that the album is dying and playlists are king amongst the younger, high-volume music listeners. And that's why the singles chart is still full of pop releases and no Mogwai to be seen. Could be something else though - maybe the pandemic means that there are just fewer pop albums coming out because they're a more high-intensity recording thing with different wri
  5. I am surprised they didn't put LL and RR in there too, however it would have thrown up some confusion around Metallica.
  6. Good work. I think the second line of Saturday would be Major Lazer/Royal Blood and Zara Larsson before Editors and Leon Bridges/London Grammar after, if the past couple of years are being more or less carried over. Guess we'll find out on some of those in a week after K, Q, X, V, Ñ and W are done.
  7. dentalplan


    Lorde fans this weekend
  8. Have you seen the album charts in 2021 though? It's so heavily geared towards physical sales that Dry Cleaning, Squid and BCNR all debuted at #4 as well. The Coral, Maximo Park and the Offspring charted even higher. Mogwai at number one! I don't know exactly what has changed, and I'm not complaining, but I think there's a bit of inflation compared to the past few years.
  9. dentalplan


    He did headline Coachella the very next year.
  10. dentalplan


    Everyone gets one stealth passage through there in their Glastonbury career. If you haven't had yours, maybe you are due. I can't believe I wasted mine legging it to the Arctic Monkeys.
  11. There's nowhere on the Mad Cool poster they'd reasonably fit with those letter reveals. There are other Spanish festivals, of course. Bilbao BBK a most likely destination, Cruilla, maybe even Benicassim if they're feeling adventurous. Matt's right that they could be added to Primavera - probably aligned with the Hellfest announcement if so.
  12. I'm thinking subbing John Peel à la Father John Misty. Potentially headlining Park or early afternoon Other too. High Other and John Peel headline slots don't seem forthcoming. There was a time when it looked like she could hit that level but with the new album being something of a non-event, I think her pursuit of mainstream success is a bust.
  13. One of probably very few brand new names to be announced by Mad Cool looks to be St. Vincent. Been a while for her so would be good to have her back.
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