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  1. dentalplan

    2020 New Music

    I tuned in at 7pm our time like a dickhead so yeah waiting until tomorrow. We eatin tomorrow tho. I want to pace myself and enjoy each wonderful album over a few hours but I’m excited about them all.
  2. I think they’ve dropped every album early and for free.
  3. Just got done listenin’ to the album. God damn that motherfucker cold.
  4. They only booked some weaker headliners because of the scarcity of available headline acts for this fest. The festival is backed by.a multi-billion dollar conglomerate and wouldn’t struggle to afford this acts together.
  5. dentalplan

    2020 New Music

    There’s a listening party for the new album tonight. https://www.primaverasound.com/pt/pslife/listening-party-rbcf-03-06-2020 One for Hinds tomorrow night on PS website too I think.
  6. FR starts to talk to potential Reading headliners years in advance and would be a career-making gig. There is no way that All Points East would have convinced them out of a Reading headline slot because of an opportunity to play with the Architects. It’s because no one else wanted them to headline.
  7. You’re right, it is. Definitely no higher though and I wouldn’t label them a strong sub. I would say they are smaller than at least two of the subs this year and both special guests. But obviously bigger than a typical third down like RTJ. I just don’t see where people are getting the idea headlining could happen still, though. They played a secret set in 2018. But that says to me that not even a good relationship with the festival can give them an in for a headline slot. They don’t even have to sell out their day - that’s not a requirement of a headline band - they just have to be roughly big enough not to absolutely tank the thing. The thing with them subbing Metallica was that the festival was generous with that booking and the band later proved that they were that level with a big tour and successful album. They didn’t improve on it though, and are no bigger than when TTS came out.
  8. They didn’t sell out both Ally Pally shows either so I’m not sure them having exhausted demand is an excuse. They’re barely sub level - headlining is a fantasy.
  9. Puts into perspective a bit why acts will be sluggish to commit to 2021 tours. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/elton-john-forced-lay-band-22114540.amp
  10. dentalplan

    2020 New Music

    New EP ‘Show Pony’ out in a couple of weeks. Features a duet with Shania Twain.
  11. Again though, Glastonbury was part of a three-week tour of Europe. All the other shows paid much more and subsidised the Glasto slot. If she could rearrange one then she could rearrange them all - no reason why she’d just choose the one and disappoint a million other fans. If she can’t do Europe summer 2021 then I’m sure she’d be eager to come back for 2022. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t ‘get’ Glastonbury.
  12. But one would suspect the reason she’s not fulfilling all of the European shows is prior touring commitments. Same for Kendrick Lamar. They do this as a job so why would they just bin these previously agreed shows and decide not to play them the next year unless they couldn’t? If they’re still holding out on whether to agree or not then that’s not down to how much they heart the festival either, it’ll be whether to financially commit to this thing. Seriously, y’all putting too much thought into the emotions of the artists. Not just about the dancers and inflatable snakes, it’s logistics too fam.
  13. Sure but she still turns a profit at those shows. Glastonbury pays shit all and she’d be doing it at a loss. If it is confirmed that she’s not doing the other shows then it will have to be the next tour. Doesn’t mean she’s heartless and doesn’t care about the festival - she’d be gutted - but it’ll be for prior scheduling reasons and not losing a heap of cash.
  14. I was totally hoping you’d start arguing with that. I think it’s going to happen. Taylor Swift looks to be non-returning and I think they would be against replacing with an all-male group unless the options dictated that they had to. Lady Gaga wasn’t offended to replace Beyoncé at Coachella (albeit paid handsomely). Good time to do it.
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