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  1. https://www.facebook.com/4L4Music/videos/334357304433001/ They've purged it from YouTube but here's Idles doing Reptilia by The Strokes
  2. Let's go. Top 10 King Gizz songs. In no particular order. Other than alphabetical. And there's 11. Am I In Heaven? Billabong Valley Danger $$$ Head On/Pill Hot Wax I'm In Your Mind Intrasport Real's Not Real Robot Stop The Fourth Colour The River POST YOUR LISTS IN 15 MINUTES AND YOU WILL RECEIVE GOOD FORTUNE AND MEET THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!! IF YOU DO NOT POST YOUR TOP 10ish GIZZ SONGS YOU WILL BE CURSED!!! x
  3. It was a second reunion though. They went away for another four years though after 2010 and came back to nearly sell out Hyde Park. Maybe spreading themselves across BST, TITP and a Glasto guest slot was a bit much but at the time it seemed justified.
  4. I am rather surprised that people reckon Miley Cyrus would headline/play. I know pop has an increasing place at R+L but it would be too far a shift imo - especially considering the festival dipped on female headliners this year. If Miley was in their sights then a lot of female artists would be, and they probably wouldn't have such a bloke-heavy headline group.
  5. Stu became a dad yesterday. There was me thinking a studio album and a live album was enough for one day.
  6. Folks have been saying this for five years and all they’ve done since is afternoon second-stage slots at Glastonbury and one outdoor headline show that a busload of people bought tickets to. They’ve done arena tours that have sold quicker than this one too, so the new EP lighting up internet messageboards for a week won’t be that shot in the arm they need to make it to the top. Not everyone has to headline. If they come back and sub, everyone goes home happy regardless.
  7. Pretty fat chorus on this new one from Scientist and the lads.
  8. Amby sounds like he has some hairs on his chest in Straws. Love it. The album is just really good.
  9. Totally. Fans wanting something new and different to their oeuvre to date will be disappointed. Fans just wanting to get turnt up will be delighted. Oddlife and Ontology are fantastic too at building up to and carrying on from Intrasport. I have to show props to those too in the Intrasport love-in.
  10. Can’t say it’s made as much of an impression on me but I’ll be glad for a new album from ‘em.
  11. Yep but even with the silence around Taylor, the mood has shifted, now that it looks more likely that festivals will happen and that businesswoman Taylor won’t be sinking costs into plotting a tour that doesn’t happen.
  12. Just to be clear, I'm not creating any rumours. I just want to see it and I believe we can collectively will it into existence.
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