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  1. Yeah I mean everyone says that but I don’t think either party would really have an issue with it happening again.
  2. Obviously it’s at odds with the ‘stadium bands sticking to stadiums’ chat but I do wonder if Springsteen is gonna enter the fray with this new album what he has done with E Street.
  3. Well if they are doing that tour, it probably won't be until after that.
  4. I see. But most of their tour was Live Nation in Europe and R+L is a much bigger payday (on account of being a double show) than APE would be so it's pretty doubtful.
  5. They're not doing Rock en Seine. The festival tour is off so their absence at R+L was expected. This is part of an official statement: We are postponing European concerts in Prague, Krakow and Vienna scheduled for September 2020 until we are sure that the concerts will be safe for our fans. If health, local government decisions and safety guarantees allow, we will return to Europe in the fall of 2021. We will inform as soon as we have a confirmed itinerary. And it had already been rumoured that they'd be doing arenas next Autumn so that's that really.
  6. This is interesting. A thirty year anniversary tour for a tour - or essentially its stage setup. If they can update it for present times, it could be really good.
  7. dentalplan


    Didn’t you say you were done with Idles a few pages back? Are you just trying to get ahead of every change in tide now? If the new songs were of a higher standard then they’d probably be cut a bit more slack.
  8. dentalplan


    They just come across as too sensitive and bothered about what people think about them with this whole ‘us against the world’ thing which is pretty boring to read from a fairly beloved and supposedly defiant band. Who wants to hear their fav punk band warning that another artist’s criticism of them is out-of-bounds for discussion? And the thing about there being no female bands to have support them so they booked their mates instead was kind of shit too.
  9. dentalplan


    Maybe it’s just a struggle to deal with being one of Britain’s biggest bands and the attention it draws to them from the likes of NME, The Quietus, other artists. Hopefully they just get over it, get their heads down and kick out some jams.
  10. dentalplan


    Jesus. What a disastrous interview to kick off the press campaign. They seem to care more than anyone in the world about what Sleaford Mods think. This album is starting out on the wrong foot completely so I hope the songs we haven’t heard really turn things around.
  11. Noel's still a prick but there are levels between "nah I'm not wearing a mask, what's the point?" and "the virus isn't real" or "the virus was planned" or whatever the c**ts say, so let's not go too crazy.
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