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  1. Obviously nowhere near the worst thing going on, but still really devastating. Really hope they give people the option to roll their tickets over.
  2. Only 4 songs in but Four Tet's new album is absolutely super. Track 2, Baby, is unreal. https://open.spotify.com/album/5gIa8hTQGPwVeNYjDwrraZ?si=i7frdkCTQRqggB1vhYhjkA
  3. MaxPower

    Other Stage 2020

    Not great headliners but think the lineup is so stacked throughout it doesn't matter.
  4. Makes me think Bicep are doing a dance stage, rather Park as rumoured. Similarly Orbital, floating points and Carl Cox. There's very little dance stage acts on the poster really.
  5. Ah right yeah, so nothing public.
  6. Where's this statement? Must have missed it.
  7. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

  8. Prydz and Khalid the only ones I'm not really confident on just based on tours, other festivals etc, so no not a wish list.
  9. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

    Haha yeah 100%
  10. Nah fuck that, he's a grifter.
  11. Shockingly. Guy promoted his book 3 times in his 2 line post.
  12. I know DJs etc don't always make the main posters but think there's a few obvious artists you're missing from here that Re certainly bigger than your bottom 5 live lines, and are pretty likely Robyn Camelphat Badbadnotgood Nina Kraviz Peggy Gou Eric Prydz Grime FM MC Sinead O'Connor Fatboy Slim Khalid (maybe, dates are a bit funny) Annie Mac
  13. Why do you think this random Hollywood rumour clown, who hasn't been relevant in over a decade, is some how worth posting here? Fucking melted man.
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