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  1. Someone suggested Discord, which as far as I understand is good for specialised threads like this.
  2. In case we lose this thread for any reason, given we’ve already DDiamond (rip), I’m at WinterIsntComing on Reddit. Be a shame to lose this community probs my favourite thread on the internet.
  3. Nah we’re all on coach unfortunately! Strong group of about 13 of us in 5 tents so going to be tough.
  4. DDiamond being banned is fucking outrageous tbh. Electronica thread rise up
  5. Yeah agree entirely. Unsure why every post has to be dead serious discussion, feels like long term users are being banned willy nilly, and maybe some people do actually like Mika. Saying that obvs (VPNs aside) Neil would be able to see who is making sock/alt accounts mind (IP Address, MAC address maybe) which is absolutely embarrassing behaviour tbh so fair enough id probs ban too.
  6. Stressed about this to be honest. Coach from Liverpool so absolute earliest I can be through the gates is after midday. Thinking Pennard will be completely full, Oxylers and Paines maybe too. Was hoping for a more lively campsite than Dairy last time but not looking good.
  7. Yeah agreed. I’m sure I nipped for a piss halfway through and found my way back reallly easily.
  8. Nonsense haha I’d a mate who was in a k-hole that had to lay down for the entire set (we were only there for the acts either side of her and then couldn’t leave due to mentioned k hole). we were pretty central and maybe 15/20 rows back and him lying there all set was literally no bother.
  9. It wasn’t massive no, it was big but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Wasn’t nearly as busy as the Other headliners that weekend. It was more noticeably big because it was bigger than Loyle Carner and Dave either side of her (and consisted of a festival-goer demographic I’d never experience until that point).
  10. Lol I know the forum skews older but this is so much older than I expected so far.
  11. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

    It was very hard to get tickets for DAMN tour in the UK, at least for venues I tried for I wasn’t able to get tickets.
  12. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

    Reckon there’s basically almost no chance this song is ever performed live tbh if that’s any comfort.
  13. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

    On about listen 5 now or so. do think it’s great, I don’t think it’s as good as GKMC or TPAB, think there’s definitely a lull in the middle, but plenty of great stuff. N95, Purple Hearts and Mr Morale the big tracks for the live set, Die Hard too I suppose but I’m not big on it. United in Grief, Auntie Diaries and Mother i Sober are so intense. His mentions of Keem on it and their relationship has made me view Keem in a different light; and I think it’s really nice that Kendrick has basically just really helped out his cousin. Good for him.
  14. MaxPower

    Kendrick Lamar

    Tiny fraction of people tweeting angrily about it, almost entirely gen Z people. All of the queer people I have on socials who would pay attention to that kind of thing either emotionally love the song and what Kendrick is trying to do, or are making ironic jokes about it.
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