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  1. Tbh, that’s a line up of a lot of DJs I like, and is my vibe, but it’s pretty light? I really thought they’d have someone bigger ie honey Dijon.
  2. Oh nice, I was predicting Honey Dijon and Or:La so that would be cool. Trying to think who else.
  3. Let us know the lineup! I know Moxie and Saoirse are doing a B2B set 8.30-10
  4. Yeah god I’m excited for printworks. Still wish I was going to today rather than tomorrow, but just can’t wait to be inside a proper venue again. although I will say Printworks was the last venue I was in back in Feb 2020, so I hope I don’t start the pandemic all over again…
  5. Aye but sadly my girlfriend doesn’t have a ticket (couldn’t commit to it way back in 2019, can now)! so May have to try TRNSMT unless there’s other Scottish dates annoyingly.
  6. Would love to see Paolo, Fontaines, Wolf Alice and Slowthai but TRNSMT looks rough as a badgers arse with an average age of 18.
  7. Looking to sell 4 tickets for Saturday Printworks (face value £30) - trying to switch to the Friday, if anyone is keen.
  8. Why you confident about Eclair? I think Moxie is free on Friday, but generally unsure about bigger names. Honey Dijon is about and free. on the Saturday I’m fairly confident about Eats Everything and Richy Ahmed. Think Patrick Topping is likely too. Given Carl Cox is playing/curating at Drumsheds same time, wonder if he might slot in?
  9. Anyone going to the Printworks shows this weekend? worried I’ve ducked it by booking Saturday over Friday, as I think Saturday will be heavier and less suited to the pals I’m going with, which is annoying.
  10. Yeah the visuals are pretty great for sure. I thought they were pencilled in for Park headliners in 2020, don’t see any reason they wouldn’t just do that slot again.
  11. No? It’s fine to speculate the impact such accusations would have on festival credentials, it’s another to speculate about the validity of the accusations.
  12. Really happy from Arlo, she’s brilliant, although I think Wolf Alice probably should have won. Also a lovely reception for Annie, what a legend.
  13. Going for the first time next year, pretty excited after seeing videos and the lineup from this year. hoping the lineup is as good next year - quite like the idea of the odd non-electronic act in Bombay Bicycle Club and Arlo Parks - wonder if they’ll do that next year as well.
  14. It was shit to be honest, couldn’t hear Tom Misch on the Saturday over people talking which I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced before.
  15. Ah floorplan we’re great, just thought the base was a little over powering compared to some of the gospel vocals.
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