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  1. From what I've read on here, the return coaches are a bit of a free for all. However yes, you can book a one way ticket with National Express on the Monday which is what I've done to get back home as home is a different place from that coach city.
  2. Ah that's quite a bit later than I had in mind, that's a bit annoying. Hopefully we'll have some pals driving to get better camping spots.
  3. What time did you get to the festival/get through the gates? Getting coach from Liverpool this year.
  4. Yeah don't see this all in the same year (not convinced Ezra ever will). Especially as there's been a big legacy act as part of the trio in 2019 and 2020.
  5. Would also love to know this but don't think it's written anywhere, as everyone just gets emailed their coach time, as opposed to a list being published, I think?
  6. MaxPower

    2020 New Music

    Just gave the Mura Masa album a listen, pretty shit. Pretty disappointed.
  7. There was really minimal crossover between the Governor's Ball and Glastonbury in 2019, so not sure the 2020 lineup tells us anything.
  8. MaxPower

    2020 New Music

    Tom Misch releasing a new album in 2020
  9. Think he will play, playing Longitude weekend before, big gap in his calendar for it. Do worry about the billing aspect though, given headlining Longitude and Parklife - something like WH headline would feel like a step down.
  10. Primavera have now tweeted it themselves - What kind of overlap is there usually between the festivals?
  11. Teenage binge drinking is a bigger thing in Ireland than in the UK. Source: was a Teenager in Ireland.
  12. MaxPower

    Billie Eilish

    Weird thing to say there chief.
  13. Does your boss have a stake in travel cancellation insurance companies or something?
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