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  1. God I was probably planning on keeping it even tighter than that really - leaving Sydney on the Monday evening to get to the festival for Wednesday morning and fly back the following Monday… to be honest I average 3 to 4 hours sleep a night at the festival, so think I’ll find it manageable.
  2. Flights not booked yet but feeling good about it - currently trying to work out how I can make the trip from Sydney while taking the minimal amount of annual leave.
  3. Lmao can we not post old Emily tweets in this thread this gave me a heart attack.
  4. Nah, they’re commercially massive, I’d just be raging - that is a dreadful headlining trio (no offence to Billie). Love Kanye, saw him live the year he did Glastonbury and it was brilliant, but I’d probs not pay any money to see this version. And Harry Styles? Gosh. Comfortably the worst headlining trio they’ve ever had.
  5. Couldn’t imagine going to coachella size+cost festival and it being headlined by Harry Styles and 2022 Kanye. Jeezo hope that isn’t an indication for Glastonbury.
  6. I’ve only just seen efests is back - has there been any big updates since before the site went down?
  7. That Friday is a serious line up. Know nothing about the festival other than I’m definitely sworn off London day fests now.
  8. They aren’t “just” that, but they certainly are that…
  9. Joesef feels nailed for Glastonbury to me (acknowledging I’ve not glanced at his tour schedule). Early on Park or JP.
  10. The poster also literally says “UK Exclusive” without qualification.
  11. Ah it’s on Patrick Topping’s Instagram story, so it’ll only be there for about 8 more hours.
  12. Ah yeah it’s pretty crazy what they can do. They somehow have this ability to light the room to make it seem like there’s no back wall and it extends for eternity. When I was last there Patrick Topping had a pretty cool fairly simplistic thing where it was just 3 coloured balls that looked like planets, that would periodically bounce the length of the very long screen, it was mesmerising. and lots of stuff like this IMG_5379.MOV
  13. Can any other venues in the UK can do large screen visuals the way Printworks can (I.e. fairly high concept, Chemical Brothers style productions)?
  14. MaxPower

    Pitchfork Top 200

    Bzzzt wrongo it’s the best.
  15. As an Irish person, can I just say lots of Irish people hate Bono (and as a result, U2) because he’s a smarmy tax-dodging prick, completely unrelated to whatever worthy causes he champions.
  16. Mr Kieran Hebden for sure.
  17. Reckon this is complete nonsense tbh, he’s just annoying - it’s not that deep. He’s universally decried in my friendship group, and we’re as “woke” as they come. This is like when someone on here called me a misogynist for saying Teenage superstar Billie Eilish’s main fan demographic were teenage girls.
  18. This is the really obvious answer imo. You don’t want a festival full of oldies (no offence to those here…) - the youngest cohort were not able to buy tickets becusse they were under 18 when the tickets went on sale, but are now 19/20.
  19. Ooft, thanks! I flew return from UK to Sydney in late December 2016 and it was about £800, so was hoping a June flight would be a bit less but alas!
  20. The dance is still 100% the first thing I associate with her haha
  21. By online metrics and my own vibes, I think it’s pretty tight globally, but Billie bigger in the US and Dua bigger in the UK. Future Nostalgia, although massive everywhere, didn’t make as big of an impact in the US as Billie’s first album. Future Nostalgia was no1 in the UK for 4 weeks, Billie’s album jsut 1 week so far (I think). Billie has more Instagram followers, Dua has more monthly Spotify listeners, both have or feature on multiple Spotify tracks with over 1 billion listens.
  22. Depeche Mode would be on the Sunday surely as no chance they’d be up against PSB?
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