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    Kendrick Lamar

    Hello! All is fine. Just stepped off the forum for a while. It seems people have correctly assumed why so will leave it at that. I didn't know about any threads or I'd have logged in and said hello sooner. Anyway, to bring it on topic, I am definitely looking forward to this album, and the whole May/June album release list. It's gearing up to be like 2013 when there was a tranche of highly anticipated albums all at once. Here's hoping it'll be as high quality a summer as that was. It is funny though that some big albums around that time have 1950's album titles. Enjoy it, and enjoy the festival if I don't pop by again. Peace and fuckin' ☮️
  2. He’s in Germany across Glasto weekend.
  3. dentalplan

    Wet Leg

    Emerson Dan Burn's gone Here comes Son Oh no
  4. dentalplan

    Wet Leg

    What? Were they commentating?
  5. dentalplan

    Wet Leg

    They'll have an album out on Friday and you'll know all the songs. That'll change it.
  6. Normally 2nd and 3rd names are against each other... Surely that won't be the case here?
  7. dentalplan

    Wet Leg

    all my friends call it ‘the big D’
  8. Ehhh... I don't expect them to be anywhere other than Sonic in the evening at this point. Early on the Other Stage though. Would love to see it. That'd be unmissable.
  9. dentalplan

    Kanye West

    He played Paris Fashion Week since. He’s done that a few times. Dude loves fashion.
  10. I wonder if it is/becomes a thing for buzzy new bands to release 75% of the album as singles with videos before the album is released. Guess it makes sense in a way.
  11. Real nice secret organisation we had once...
  12. Always has been. 🌍🧑‍🚀🔫🧑‍🚀
  13. That would be a surprise to everyone, given that most people have forgotten Jared Leto has a band. Except of course the people paying $2k to visit Mars Island and hang out on the same island as the band.
  14. Are you talking about who's supporting on the Arctic Monkeys European tour this year? If so, it's Inhaler. Already announced.
  15. omg i just caught up with the rest of the thread too
  16. Los Bitchos OUT?!? What the hell?
  17. It isn't a reflection of what's popular, it's a reflection of the media and major festivals (not just G) adjusting to what's popular. If you look at the charts in the mid-2000's when the festival was indie-heavy, you'll see that they were still dominated by pop music (albeit with a week from Ting Tings or Kaiser Chiefs here and there) even if the post punk revival was going on. It's just that was happening at major festivals and music publications and now it is not. Pop music hardly got bigger or better, but it did gain more credibility over the years as the taste-making publications and brands had to go online and rely on clicks and likes rather than a sheer following. Similarly, rock music hardly got worse or less popular, it's just that the festival is booking for a more populist audience now than the in-market festival fans it used to. Festivals used to be the refuge of the rock fan, and those fans still go to Glastonbury because it attracts a loyal fanbase who don't stop going easily. But, you do have festivals like V Fest, which died chasing the pop crowd. A noticeable shift in booking policy is likely to rankle some of the older Glastonbury audience and it's no surprise that the mid-sized festivals catering more to the disenfranchised are getting more popular year-by-year as the majors change their tack. I can't imagine that the resale was actually easier this year and it's purely anecdotal; definitely way too early to say. However, it's something to keep an eye on as the years go by. If people gradually decide that Glastonbury isn't for them anymore and the crowd that the festival pivots its acquisition focus towards decide it's too expensive and cheugy to bother with, the fest could struggle to sell the entire allocation of tickets instantly one year.
  18. This is very catchy. Like it a lot. Not sure if it has been noted but I peeped at their tour dates to see if they have anything in the UK and they've just the one date, June 22 in London. 👀
  19. dentalplan

    2023 Headliners

    One day like this a year would see me right
  20. dentalplan

    2023 Headliners

    Maybe the Black Dyke Band were right and Sunday is "Legends Day".
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