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  1. It's probably better for you if the whole crowd chats through someone you aren't so bothered about seeing as opposed to them chatting through someone whose presence swayed you to buy a ticket.
  2. She'll tour again. The year before the thing she did a European festival run and a US tour, which featured lots of special guests and stuff. She's really not shy of playing shows - I guess finding the right time at the moment is all it is.
  3. I think that's more of a pattern than a criterion. Plus, Jeff Lynne's ELO arguably broke that pattern, with it essentially being the Electric Light Orchestra under a different moniker.
  4. It’s a selection of tracks that didn’t fit into other albums and plays like it but not in a bad way. There’s no overarching theme or headspace, just tunes. Does make it that bit more accessible.
  5. Give it a few days until people start returning the CD’s.
  6. “You’ve got people on forums asking their mothers if they’ve heard of a band or singer as a requirement to headline a music festival. It’s Glastonbury for Christ’s sake. You should be asking your dealer for recommendations, not your mammy.”
  7. There are a lot of them, then. As said, been in arenas for over a decade, run of number one albums… People were saying the exact thing would exclude them from ever headlining Glastonbury - someone’s aunt hasn’t heard of them, whatever.
  8. Imagine thinking Coachella is constrained by budget. They launch money at headliners wherever they can - they secured a GNR reunion and Calvin Harris and then just threw millions at LCD for the hell of it. Prepared to be proved wrong but SHM don’t make any sense as a 2022 headline booking for Coachella, and I think they’ll be second stage.
  9. About a month in advance. So it could have sold more, you'd think. BST is a logical step from there; bigger and fits the dates.
  10. In a normal year you wouldn't see someone headlining both Latitude and All Points East. Would be one or the other; I'm inclined to think Florence would be here or BST and then some Boardmasters, Victorious, etc. type stuff as well. Can't see Muse ever doing this. If they were doing a London show then they would do something bigger. Doing IOW anyway so not scratching around for fests to do.
  11. Noel is anti-Brexit. It’s just he’s anti-‘Remoaner’ as well. And anti-everything in general.
  12. Journalists in France, Ireland and Italy have put him at venues next summer. Springsteen himself has said they’ll be touring next year at a charity appearance last week with the band.
  13. Doubt he’s quite big enough yet, especially not among the Glastonbury audience. I keep suggesting he’ll be underbilled as a special guest type booking; a bit like BMTH or Babymetal.
  14. Yes. Two headliners still to be announced.
  15. Flo just announced for NOS Alive as well. Probably quite a few she can play - was lined up for Boardies a couple of years ago and they’re announcing soon so that wouldn’t surprise me.
  16. Swap TWOD with Elbow and we will talk. I like that. But I like any lineup with The Employer topping the bill.
  17. Looking very nice. Still a headliner to come as well!
  18. https://loudwire.com/fred-durst-poll-fans-release-full-limp-bizkit-album/ New album? It’s low-key pretty hilarious that they’ve only released one album since 2003 but never stopped touring. Kings of resting on their legacy.
  19. I know it was a different time back then when men had to be mentally strong and Flea's chronic fatigue syndrome was dismissed as being bone idle but it'd be an incredibly bad look for Mr. Eavis if he held a grudge for 30 years about a band pulling out with a medically diagnosed disorder. Even if it is the Chili Peppers.
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