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  1. No way. Who was thinking that? I don’t think they’d do these offers if they were canning it. I know there’s the benefit of getting people in to buy drinks but more so it’s a marketing strategy to introduce people to the festival, and AEG can afford to run this at something of a loss for a while until it’s more of a well known event.
  2. Sorry, I’m not really part of a tout WhatsApp.
  3. He'll be there all weekend I'm sure. I'd actually argue that Mike's less likely to headline a stage that night if he's doing a two-hour DJ set less than a couple of hours later. But I wouldn't argue it vehemently - he's not Paul McCartney.
  4. No no I didn't say beer and a burger, I said bee-reakfast bap and a soft drink.
  5. Fuck, that's terrible. Hope you get recompensated.
  6. By Wednesday it'll be "free entry and one free drink".
  7. The tout whatsapp group is in shambles. One dude is freaked to fuck.
  8. Haven't. Did you register anyway? P sure people were signing up and buying their tickets in the time since those tickets went on offer. O2 Priority are in on it now. Giving away tickets to Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and BMTH days. I don't know the intricacies of it because I'm not included on this one either but I'm told that its working. https://priority.o2.co.uk/offers/5ce66467dc0e82003003ac99/all-points-east-festival-your-personal-invitation-from-us-to-see-bon-iver
  9. Nice! Pure madness at this point. Londoners are eatin'.
  10. Are O2 priority giving away tickets now? There's a Bon Iver thing here, it might be a competition but it looks very much like a giveaway. https://priority.o2.co.uk/offers/5ce66467dc0e82003003ac99/all-points-east-festival-your-personal-invitation-from-us-to-see-bon-iver edit: Mumfords too, and BMTH but everyone who wants to go to that surely has tickets already
  11. Not really saying anything about how it'll sell, I'm contesting that "QOTSA are already pretty far from the Reading crowd".
  12. Nah that's shit. They're just about at their most commercially viable point now and are very big, particularly with general rock fans into Foos, Muse and Arctics. Would go down even better now than they did in 2014. The narrative that R+L is now Wireless in a field is clearly wrong given that Foos day flew out with a supporting cast of rock stalwarts.
  13. swear we did this last week
  14. They'd already pulled out of their slot on BMTH day but sad news about 404.
  15. That doesn’t seem like something that'd happen. I think every time Emily’s spoken about the lineup in interview it’s a brief thing about a couple of acts, amongst lots of other chatter about the festival in general and new areas and behind the scenes work. I don’t see why they’d sync up the full stage split announcement with a radio interview like she’s gonna be listing out names and slots.
  16. I know we mostly expected those days to perform poorly but each only selling 10% is so poor, it's quite hard to believe.
  17. In case anyone's not keeping an eye on the APE pages: ShowFilmFirst members (I think you can still sign up and redeem, apologies if not) can get £3.50 tickets to Christine & the Queens and Bring Me the Horizon days of All Points East. Links here for Christine and here for BMTH. Credit to the people who posted those in that thread.
  18. No I don’t think so. There’s no real ‘event’ of releasing the stage times. What can they really do for it? She could just as easily be talking about acts that were announced days prior, or keeping tight lipped about acts to be announced a few days later.
  19. Everyone really blew their beans early with the "June, the end of May" stuff for the election a couple of years back. Such a shame.
  20. dentalplan

    Tame Impala

    More London standing tickets on sale, if that's what you were lamenting here.
  21. So glad you didn’t say the opposite, “they won’t do it today because it will get buried by the news” etc.
  22. Nah I don’t buy this one. Very rarely do bands hold back all future festival shows before they start publicity on a new album. And it’s not like this Hopscotch Music Festival is some Coachella-type thing that has first dibs on announcing its headliners for anything. There’s really no reason that the announcement of Sleater-Kinney would have been drawn out this long and I think the wait was due to uncertainty and difficulty in securing a third headliner.
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