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  1. Ticketmaster have been taking the piss lately. When Coldplay released additional dates, they were twice the price of the original ones with a banner that said 'prices fluctuate based on demand.'
  2. Much more likely to be vaccine resistant and be more transmittable, in comparison to the usual mutations. I mean give this a read : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59418127
  3. New variant has 5x the number of mutations as delta did. 85%.
  4. It's extra funny because there's no such thing as class.. *hides*
  5. Me in this thread right now https://media.tenor.com/images/561a7fc8b7f53b5fe37b7e7df541ede9/tenor.gif
  6. 90%, definitely very far from over in Europe with various lockdowns coming in, but don't think it'll impact next summer.
  7. AM Europe festivals announced
  8. This is 98.4% likely to be correct.
  9. Great to see PSB on there too. Would think that pretty much confirms them for Glasto right?
  10. A shame tbh, she was an excellent surprise to me in 2019.
  11. Until this changes, my money is firmly on Kendrick and Macca...as much as I absolutely love reading the speculation and speculating myself!
  12. Fairly sure it's still gonna be Kendrick and Macca to be honest!
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