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  1. Oo oo I'll play. Poster drop.. March 10th.
  2. Yeah add me to the same boat. This is really brutal for me if it's true. I know everyone I'm going with will persuade me to see Taylor, who I know will be amazing, but damn. I want to see PSB big time.
  3. The 1975 is the most logical act I can think of being a big 'surprise'
  4. Glastonbury best festival in the world award...
  5. Hope Alex Cameron makes an appearance
  6. OK how about we all agree not to comment again on this thread so we don't even have to nearly entertain the idea and it can fade away like a bad dream..anyone?
  7. I mean, if you insist...
  8. I just pray that PSB are not actually up against Taylor..
  9. Must be a secret set, which makes perfect sense if they are going to headline next year.
  10. I have a funny feeling something is gonna be announced this week, with my money being on tomorrow actually.
  11. Yep. And I don't think it would ever happen regardless
  12. Fair play. He certainly tests 'separate the music from the artist' to the fullest extent doesn't he?
  13. Agree with everything you said, bar this. Would Morrisseys horrible attitude really be enough to keep you away from a Smiths reunion? I wouldn't miss that for literally anything, despite Morrissey being a tosser. Not gonna happen of course. But still..
  14. Anyone had a listen to their album that was released today yet? Initial thoughts - I think it's good. Definitely not overwhelmingly so, but I'm enjoying the majority of it.
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