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  1. What is this 'Glastonbury' you speak of??
  2. I think the tone towards getting festivals up and running for next year has been really proactive and positive from all sides. I've gone from absolutely no chance to cautiously optimistic in the space of a few weeks.
  3. I won't lie. I'd probably be there.
  4. Looks like Biden will take it by a tiny amount! What a turnaround on the betting. At one point Trump was 1/5 on to win.
  5. Agreed. It wasn't a surprise the Tories won. It was a surprise (or more so) that Trump did.
  6. I reckon it's time for a four week national lockdown, with the aim of being 'allowed out' in some form over Christmas. I think otherwise we risk the Christmas period being an utter shit show. Very easy for me to say in my position though. I get that a lockdown is a final option.
  7. Aww gutted. I guess this means I didn't. Anyone wanna take me as their +1? haha
  8. I am confident they will announce as per usual. There's no real reason not to, particularly as other festivals have.
  9. Ooo I entered this. Fingers crossed all! How do you know it's Wednesday by the way? I couldn't see when it was being drawn on the page.
  10. I've had that alert literally five times (Liverpool...). It should follow up to say all clear / isolate very soon.
  11. I've got it. Heather is lucky. Roll of the dice. Paul has headlined glasto once before. Tried to this year. Third time lucky.... Too far? 😋
  12. Up to now I've tried not to get too down, follow the guidelines and get through it as positively as I could. Today's announcement is really tough to cope with. All of winter, probably Christmas and into the new year.. And of course more and more likely Glasto to be cancelled again. Eurgh.
  13. Yep same here. Have to say feeling less optimistic, especially living in Liverpool right now.
  14. Haven't we been saying this for months?
  15. Not sure this is accurate. 52 deaths being reported elsewhere.
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