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  1. Anyone mind explaining 2004 vs 2011 Morrissey? I'm intrigued
  2. It's something to look forward to at least
  3. Twitter just said 'Ready?' It's imminent!
  4. The pain of being 27 has never been more real.
  5. The enthusiasm he has for patting himself on the back makes me very uncomfortable.
  6. Incorrect. Even five seconds looking into it could tell you that. I despair.
  7. I'm just saying that disparaging remarks about Capt. Tom are unnecessary. A man who, sadly, has very recently passed away and who I believe deserves respect from all of us, shouldn't be disrespected to further a point about Boris, politics or anything else. What's the need?
  8. Sorry to be that guy, but I do think this is a little disrespectful to Sir Captain Tom. Probably not the point you were trying to make, but still.
  9. OK fair enough, that's interesting. If the gov had played all its cards right (ha) then what impact do you think covid would have had on the festival with regards to international acts as well as covid safety? (masks etc.) do you think it could have been a non issue entirely?
  10. Well put, and completely agree...though my question is still whether the correct actions pointed out above would have been enough to save the festival this year. Of course it's an open question, I don't really expect a definitive yes or no. I guess you answered in your first sentence!
  11. Sure, I agree with all of this. But do you think all of this would have been enough to ensure a festival of 210,000 people could go ahead this summer? I'm thinking about the new strains, worldwide travel restrictions, the global situation, vaccine progress...in my opinion things that aren't really in the government's control would have ultimately called it off anyway.
  12. Do we really believe that any government in the UK could have controlled Covid so dramatically differently so as to have allowed for a Glastonbury to go ahead this year? I will be the first to say Boris has been an utter, utter shambles, and that it could have been handled 100+ times better than it has been, but based on the very nature of Covid and how it's developed across the world.. I think I'd argue Glastonbury was never going to be possible this year. I'd love to have a genuine discussion about this if there really is a strong feeling it could have with a better government. (
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