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  1. Billie Eilish one day, Nick Cave never happening.
  2. Face masks I can see, but social distancing of any sort would be 100% impossible.
  3. Yeah I was on the optimistic side of things right up until the cancellation. When the line up was released I was convinced it was going ahead (even though by then it was quite clearly was unlikely). Ah well, ever the optimist.. I am confident we will be back to mostly normal my this time next year.
  4. Sooooo what you're saying is Shania Twain Glasto 2024 confirmed?
  5. Pretty questionable legend status I guess. (and haha, very good..)
  6. Genuinely think she'd smash it
  7. Can't wait for it to be Shania Twain
  8. Also imagine the queues, the disputes, the fury, confusion. Nah I'm firmly in the tests not gonna happen boat the more I think about it.
  9. Personally I don't see it. How is the coachee meant to get home for a start? Also, they will likely have already infected people on the coach? Or perhaps temperature checks before boarding might be an option? I just think there are far too many variables for it to be viable. Interesting though.
  10. I don't really see how there can be temperature checks. Are you suggesting people might make a ten hour trip, potentially by coach(!) to be turned away at the gate?
  11. You can't start by saying Glasto doesn't take risks anymore, and then say 'except' an artist who performed last year!
  12. She was so unexpectedly awesome. Didn't realise how many songs I knew, and such a performer.
  13. Ahhh it's so so good to see this thread back at the top and for the rumours and predictions to be flying around. Order is almost restored!
  14. Thank God this was recorded in full.
  15. That's just cus it's Bowie
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