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  1. Interesting! I suppose taking it down would have only confirmed that it was legit? Did you know exactly where it had come from?
  2. ...orrrr when someone perfectly predicts the line up before we even get to Simpson's memes?
  3. Absolutely this, but might be a little too optimistic - McCartney, Kendrick, Swift, 21 Pilots, Foals, The 1975 would be immense. The clashes would definitely hurt a lot.
  4. This made me laugh out loud!
  5. It's funny that the Muse hyperlink goes to Muses, rather than the band...
  6. THE RELIEF! Finally something new to discuss
  7. God we need something new. Any rumour.. Anything at all.
  8. Yeah, that and the fact that it fits with a couple of other clues. Not a great deal though, definitely just a rumour.
  9. Coldplay are now ruled out - Confirmed in an Australian interview with Chris Martin
  10. Four and a half pages on Brexit incoming ...
  11. Things Chris Martin physically can't say? 😅
  12. Surely it's a good thing to know either way ?
  13. Also, and I am sure this'll get some hate, isn't it all part of the yearly experience? The groups of friends, the screens, the F5's, the joy/devastation...I think it adds even more to the excitement.
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