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  1. Just add a rule that new accounts can't post in the first seven days of account creation. Or maybe one or two posts a day or something. Might help I dunno.
  2. Apart from refreshing seetickets for coach times all day, I'm charging up my portable phone chargers. Haven't been used since 2019 so making sure they aren't dead/not holding charge.
  3. Pls unlock the other one, it's literally the most useful thread on here 😞
  4. This forum is so dramatic. Personally, I love it. 😂
  5. All I remember is that the see tickets website updated before the emails were recieved last time
  6. I dunno why getting my coach time is one of the most exciting build up thingies to me 😂
  7. Didn't check in 2019 at all. Literally could have hopped on any!
  8. You would, at a big push. Maybe go for slightly bigger.
  9. Second this. They are surprisingly sturdy considering the ridiculously cheap price.
  10. Second the gang over on the Electronica thread. It's almost like another forum entirely compared to some of the threads on here 😅😂
  11. I know it's too early, and I know the same info is probably on the page before this one, but can someone give me the current ground status/weather predictions please!
  12. As a bit more of an unusual 'symptom', dunno if anyone here gets hangover anxiety (or as I believe it's properly termed 'hangxiety'), but I do, and I find mint tea really helps with that. But as many have added, am I going to take mint tea - sure. Am I going to drink mint tea rather than another tin of warm lager (which does the same thing... Until Tuesday) at 10am? Probably not.
  13. Even the smallest of the smallest acts usually have some sort of online presence. Not to exist at all is pretty suspish.
  14. Foals (80%, Could be lured away) Calvin Harris (65% if Saturday, but still can see myself ending up at Macca) PSB (95%, though gutted for the clash with Bicep)
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