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  1. JoeyT

    BBC Glastonbury

    A friend of mine owns a farm and has already suggested getting a big screen projector / PA sorted in one of his fields and having a socially distanced party.
  2. JoeyT

    BBC Glastonbury

    Almost as big a scroll as when the full lineup drops
  3. JoeyT

    BBC Glastonbury

    Click the festival link instead. Safe to say the beeb have gone in heavily on this which is brilliant. Sounds pretty epic to be honest!
  4. JoeyT

    BBC Glastonbury

  5. He's too busy staring at the sun testing to see if his sight is working correctly.
  6. I hope sky news put a replay of the PM's briefing on after this...
  7. If he's going for a drive to test his eyesight he's an absolute cock. This could cause an accident thus requiring emergency services. Sweet jesus I can't believe it.
  8. But ours is Rees-Mogg... not sure its worth the effort
  9. Can't believe I'm this excited for sky news and the Marr show tomorrow. What on earth?
  10. I'm intrigued as to why the South West has always been at the bottom when shown on the slides at the briefings yet I'm now reading that we are nigh on top when it comes to the R number? Can someone explain?
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