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  1. Just a final point re the WFH debate (which has been good IMO and good to see everyone's points of view) I've just spoke to the Managing Director of my firm and we discussed this very subject. Although we've not seen a direct hit in terms of fees there has been a significant uptick in complaints and negligence claims during the last year in comparison to previous years. The extra burden placed on staff who are coming in to the office to do let's say the less glamorous jobs that would usually be shared amongst a team has had a negative impact on that group of staff and in turn demotiv
  2. You’re probably right although I don’t entirely agree re the criticising of those not breaking restrictions. I’m more than happy for people stick to rules however I don’t think those who aren’t should be chastised as the devil incarnate (I’m not talking about taking the piss entirely but you get my drift) I’m relaxed on the fact there will be people who think differently to how I do and it’s pretty clear to see how we all have settled in to different groups on that which is completely reasonable and to be expected.
  3. Dude, it’s highly likely that we work in different industries & you really need to open your mind to these things before making childish statements like this. You shouldn’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes etc. I’m happy you work in an industry that can support you working from home and in turn you can work as effectively as you have done previously in the office however this isn’t a blanket approach that will work for every office based business.
  4. I should add that decisions regarding WFH are more complex than I think some posters perceive them being.
  5. WFH is an employee choice and there’s nothing contractually in the majority of employment contracts that gives the “power” to the employee in that regard. Of course employers can choose to be flexible but they don’t have to. I foresee my firm doing giving employees the option of splitting their week with at least 50% in the office (3 days realistically) however if choosing to WFH the firm won’t be providing equipment as it’s not the firm requiring you to work at home.
  6. That sweet vaccine nectar is doing bits in America.
  7. Funniest moments I can recall are the fake betting slip saga a few years ago and also the time a poster claimed he’d been told by Bob Harris when the lineup was out (it could have been the headliners I can’t remember exactly) If anyone can locate either of these things please do repost so we can all relive them. I have a feeling both things may have even come from the same forum member?
  8. It was nicely busy. The pub had 40 benches with about a quarter being used. Rammed with bookings for the next 2 weekends which isn’t surprising. This weekend will be carnage everywhere I’d imagine!
  9. I also went to the gym. It felt nice to have my life back. Cheers Boris.
  10. Had my first pints of freedom at lunchtime. Bath Ales - Gem. What a treat.
  11. It's odd isn't it. Risk wise I really don't understand all of this pausing etc!
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