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  1. Speaking from a personal point of view I find it really bizarre people can be comfortable with this sort of thing.
  2. Explain that to the oldies who don’t use the internet or have an Amazon account!
  3. It certainly feels a bit Orwellian to me.
  4. Anyone seen the video of that chap over in Wales tearing down wrapping to stop you buying “non-essential” stuff? I genuinely can’t believe it’s been banned. Children’s clothes considered non-essential for instance is an absolute joke. My wife seems to think nappy bags / wet wipes have also been put in that category?! I’m intrigued to hear if anyone thinks doing this sort of thing is necessary and the reasons why?
  5. It's Friday. Let's have some positivity to end the week!
  6. Our daughter's name is Thea after my favourite bar / area at the festival. Theavaloninn
  7. I can't fathom a society where there are people within it who actually want to restrict what items can be bought at a supermarket?! What have we become
  8. @Toilet Duck as the most trusted source on all things vaccine here. Your comments please...
  9. One assumes they'll be giving us lots of old classic uplifting type stuff on the TV over the Christmas period. * Mrs Brown's Boys can absolutely get in the bin though.
  10. I'm not religious in the slightest but I have a feeling that the 25th of December is more than just spending time with loved ones for many!
  11. Pretty confident my question will get read out in the next briefing...
  12. I wonder how many people of a similar age feel this way as well?
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