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  1. Something we could do if someone had the brains to put all of the tests which we have capacity to do each day yet aren't being used. It's bizarre.
  2. Saw this and it made me chuckle
  3. Where did you get this list from mate? Need it for a work meeting...
  4. Wonder how many would book two weeks off in the lead up to the festival and isolate at home to ensure they will be virus free and can get in?
  5. I think there are lots among us who do exactly this every year at the festival
  6. I wonder if we could get to the point where you can only go to an event such as glastonbury if you had been given the vaccine? (positive trial dependent of course) I have no idea of who it would be rolled out to first or how long it would take before it got to my demographic. 31 year old male no health conditions for what it's worth.
  7. What if it was a choice of take the vaccination or no glastonbury?
  8. When's the next big date in regards to vaccination testing results etc? Is it another couple of months?
  9. Now I'm not from Western Australia but with my Sister and Bro-in-Law living out there I keep an eye on how they're doing. I just love the simplicity of how they release the details of covid issues, see below for instance:
  10. If this is anything to go by the press conference will be pure comedy gold...
  11. After a big lul due to fatherhood and lockdown I've gone back to doing crossfit. Haven't done it for a few years as I concentrated on running but as that took a backseat I felt I needed to freshen up my fitness life again. Did a 7am class this morning and my god I loved it.
  12. JoeyT

    Taylor Swift

    I was hoping Paolo Nutini would be doing similar, he's been awol for bloody years.
  13. JoeyT

    Taylor Swift

    Cardigan sounds very much Lana Del Ray. Only two tracks in so far but if this is the vibe throughout it's a thumbs up from me.
  14. JoeyT

    Taylor Swift

    Having just watched this again I thought i'd share. Love this song. Although now sad we didn't get to see it at the festival this year
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