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  1. It would be business as usual until the point they were told the festival couldn't take place. I fail to see the sense in not releasing a poster? Working on logic like that we may as well not get the lineup until the gates open because the weather might cause the festival to not go ahead...
  2. They are not going to delay any announcement based on the coronavirus unless things get significantly worse. We aren't even in to announcement territory yet given the last one was Mid-March and considered very early itself.
  3. To break up the lack of poster here is a video of Mik Artistik the BBC did last year:
  4. Look on the bright side, the longer it takes you is more time spent away from angry toddlers...!
  5. Well last week's spike in interest has died a death... Reconvene in two weeks time yeah?
  6. There's nothing quite like the lung burn and lactic acid build up in the arms / legs at the end of a max effort row.
  7. It looks like this. Takes a bit of getting used to but much easier to use than a traditional treadmill when doing running as part of a wider workout. I'm pretty sure they are a bit more taxing on the legs / lungs so hoping to see the benefit in the long term.
  8. I've always found my harder / more beneficial sessions have been treadmill based due to finding myself just sticking to one pace when outside. 1% incline and then 1km intervals alternating between 11,12,13 & 14 km/h. 10km is as far as i'll do on a treadmill though as my mind needs the outdoor scenery to keep itself active. They most definitely have their place in a training schedule as far as i'm concerned! Anyway I've been sticking to my new regime of being in the gym for 6.30am for the last 3 weeks (I think i've even surprised myself!) I've tended to do the workouts that my old crossfit gym put online which has kept things varied. This mornings workout: 5 rounds: 400m run (did this on one of those curve runners) 10 x 22kg dumbell snatches 12 x narrow push ups 40 x double unders (skipping) Took me just over 25 mins.
  9. My sister lives in Perth (Australia) and when there is a big gig / sporting event in Perth itself when you buy your ticket it comes with free public transport use to and from the event. Not entirely sure how that would work in this country or indeed if it already does... Just seems a great idea.
  10. Am I right in thinking it was the avalanches who gave away the poster was imminent a few years ago by tweeting that "i'm playing Glastonbury" gif? If so, coincidence much?
  11. I'd plump for a morning announcement so if it's going to be this week then it's probably better to focus on tomorrow than today...
  12. Fairly certain that Neil had wind of something the night before last year and tweeted half the usual "stand by your beds" or something else to suggest it was imminent?
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