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  1. I'd have thought so. It's not until then the jokers who moan about the lineup get their comeuppance! Scrolling down that big b*stard in its full glory for what seems like hours as you drink in the lineup is pure
  2. Must admit I struggle to make a list due to how crippling clashes can be. Roll on the end of May for the full lineup with times.
  3. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  4. Gerry Cinnamon is the big one missing for me. He was my one big hope.
  5. JoeyT

    John Peel Stage 2019

    Any chance of us getting Gerry Cinnamon for the JP?
  6. Just had a count up and I only watched 8 of the acts on the poster last time and having counted 23 I'd go and see this time it's safe to say 2019 has been kind to me!
  7. 23 acts on the lineup I'd like to see. Hoping Gerry Cinnamon gets added though...!
  8. Each of the stages will announce a poster of their lineup starting late April to end of May with the full list including timings shortly following.
  9. Let's have them then folks...
  10. JoeyT

    Hot Chip

    Over the moon with this. Proper party last time.
  11. I left for work 30mins earlier than usual this morning. Buzzing!
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