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  1. Don’t see an area like Block9 not getting it’s own pre full lineup dropping personally. WH have been confirmed as having their own and Pilton Palais yet to come as well. Much more likely we’ll get those 3 announcements this coming week and then the full drop w/c 30th May I’d say…
  2. So 24th for the full lineup is off the table now then?
  3. It couldn't be more SeeTickets to have nigh on 3 years to prepare for sending out these emails for you all, stating it'll be w/c this week and then leaving it to the very last minute to send them. They're so slap hazard I'd put money on the emails not even going out today (sorry!)
  4. Given what we know it's unlikely but I'll ride that train of confidence. Why the hell not 😬
  5. I'd say give it about 1hr 30mins to get to Gate A.
  6. 24th's not happening is it. Unless something major happens or someone in the know says otherwise we're heading for the end of next week or early the following. 1st June given what Emily said previously is a distinct possibility still.
  7. Are we all just working on the theory that Pilton Palais has been bumped from having it's own announcement now?
  8. JoeyT


    Possibly the annual tour Michael puts on for local pensioners? My Wife's grandparents have done it previously.
  9. The window for announcements we know about is getting very small. Only one we don't have info on saying it's definitely getting a drop is Pilton Palais. Unless there's a double drop today I don't see the 24th happening.
  10. Do the coaches run throughout the day or does it tend to be mornings? As in surely no one will be leaving at say 6pm?
  11. Forgive my absolute ignorance but what do you coachers know so far? The day you're departing? So you're just waiting on exact time yeah?
  12. I'm excited for the emails to land and I'm not even going on a coach 😂
  13. Someones had info that WH will be... @sisco
  14. Agreed. He's not in my head at all yet and by this point in a normal year I'm sat in a corner weeping everytime I see him post in this thread.
  15. Getting big doubts about 24th being the full lineup drop. Someone tell me it’ll be okay 😭
  16. I suffer terribly with heartburn at the moment. I'm going to be stashing a rucksack of Gaviscon at one the lock ups this festival I think!
  17. I'll approach this as "first thing i'll do when through the gates..." as we'll be arriving on the Tues in the camper fields. It'll probably be a bimble over to the ciderbus. We tried going to the Avalon Inn first off in 2019 but if I remember correctly it wasn't open by midday? So yeah, safe bet is the ciderbus and then bar tour from there really with us ending up at Croissant Neuf for Mik Artisitk at 4pm. Then down to the ridge and furrow before things get hazy!
  18. My friends stitched me up in 2019 with that. Gave them some money (foolishly) as it was my round at the ciderbus but I couldn't be arsed to go to the bar. They come back with 3 hot n spicy's. I get to the end of my pint and see them sniggering like school girls. It turns out they'd popped a 10yo cider brandy in mine. It was at that point I realised my cheeks were glowing red as my body tried to deal with the added alcohol and evil dose of treachery! Things got messy.
  19. On the opposite side of things, there's nothing better than sipping a pint of it once the sun has just set and you're at that point where you don't want to commit to jumper yet but the temperature has definitely dropped. Heaven. I'll probably shed a tear whilst doing so on the Weds evening of this year!
  20. One of the biggest "I'm home" moments I'll get is asking the nice person serving behind the bar at the Ciderbus to double cup my hot n spicy.
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