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  1. The Amazons to open on the Other Stage on Friday. Bat For Lashes to headline the Park one night. Hall & Oates for the legend slot.
  2. This article too: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eveningexpress.co.uk/lifestyle/entertainment/jools-holland-to-be-joined-by-co-hosts-in-shake-up-to-music-show/amp/ Sounds like a lot of bollocks to me, didn't think there was anything wrong with the show, personally.
  3. Aargh! Too hard to choose one! Hmm... I'll go for One Life Stand
  4. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1090930861665599488.html
  5. Blinded By The Lights, with Has It Come To This coming in a close second.
  6. I've read the tea leaves in the bottom of my cup and drawn the following conclusions: there will be a headliner announcement a week today #bewareTheIdesOfMarch the first lineup poster will appear on 2nd April I need to buy better teabags
  7. Last time, we knew it was imminent because The Avalanches shot their load early: Then, a mere 100 pages of feverish excitement later, Neil tweeted his traditional "stand by yer beds" warning:
  8. Yeah, it does seem a bit odd. If there was a screening in the Stockport/Manchester area I'd definitely go. I might go to the one in York - I used to go to that cinema back in my student days, when it was an Odeon, so I'm interested to see it in its new guise.
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