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  1. Yup, I go for 2 seconds. Works well.
  2. I use auto refresh in chrome... wouldnt bother with mobile apps as its a pain in the arse to copy and paste on a touch device.
  3. You dont need to, it carries on refreshing till you stop but you dont loose your screen
  4. Nobody is gonna steal your beer.
  5. GoonerRob

    Camp Fires

    We usually have one every year (and havent burnt anything or anyone in the process) - but the guys usually selling logs at the back of the other stage were gone this year Considering selling them myself next year, bet they make a mint!
  6. LOL, you really do love a downvote don't ya. To answer the original question, plenty of portaloos in the queue.
  7. Yup, I use it every year and am 5/5 since 2014. Keep your requests per session to under 60 a min (i usually set each one to 2 seconds) and you should be good.
  8. Also, reddit... but no where near as detailed as here... https://reddit.com/r/glastonbury_festival
  9. GoonerRob

    The Streets

    One of my faves of the weekend, thought they were brilliant and the energy was perfect for last headliner on a Sunday
  10. GoonerRob

    The Killers

    Haha, no glasses - and im not one to moan during a gig, i wait till after so everyone can hear me properly 😂
  11. GoonerRob

    The Killers

    Found it quite boring if im honest, wish i went to the Chems. Edit : Except the bit with Jonny Marr doing Charming Man... that was cool.
  12. Chems instead of Killers. You live and learn I guess
  13. Saw his set on the sonic stage and it was awesome - anyone know if its possible to rewatch? Im not sure the BBC would have filmed it
  14. Use a computer https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer
  15. No sorry mate, we usually leave London between 8 and 11pm tonight (tuesday). We generally get no traffic at all. If you leave at 4am, you should arrive about 7 which Id guess would have a bit more as i think a lot of people will do that.
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