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  1. Yeah i saw that one, I was ideally looking for colour... and i dont trust my colouring in skills
  2. Hi All, Im looking to buy my first place in the coming weeks (covid depending) and am already getting carried away looking for cool stuff to adorn the bare walls... The piece i really like is from 2017 by Stanley Donwood and is called "Hold your cool" - They were on sale as prints for £275 at the time, but cant seem to find them in stock anywhere (id be happy with a print, i dont need an original!) Anyone know where to get one from? Cheers Rob
  3. Festival site is private land, can't see them allowing / wanting to encourage this.
  4. They were great, but there wasnt a drop of rain all week!
  5. It's logical that this virus will not go away between now and June.... it could be contained to a point or the numbers may reduce by then however there will still be a risk as there are lots of people gathering in one place... if you are seriously at risk, surely you wouldnt go anyway?
  6. Why? Just create a presale next year with all the reg numbers who have tickets... anyone who doesnt want to go next year, their tickets go into the main sale. Not too much of a nightmare.
  7. Just taking the opportunity to show off my mates trolley again, which we will br bringing this year, worked wonderfully last year and even charged all our phones!
  8. I got into gigs / 'guitar music' late... first gig was this:
  9. Wouldn't that be the perfect cover for a surprise reunion tho!
  10. So by your own argument, the alcohol market went underground ( a reduction of 40-75% is still significant numbers of people ignoring the law)... which is what i said. Loads of smokers may have quit, but many wont, and will buy cigarettes on the black market where there is no quality control. It would create a lucrative criminal market and product would be pretty easy to source for criminals since they'll still be legally manufactured all over the world, unlike illegal drugs. What 'effect' your particular drug of choice has is irrelevant as smoking is physically addictive, it doesn't
  11. Would just push the market underground. It amazes me that people still think banning stuff works. (Hello illegal drugs market!)
  12. GoonerRob

    The Strokes?

    Gutted not to get tickets to the Strokes.... Delighted with the Spurs result ... and Mura Masa at ally pally tonight!
  13. Would be decent if she played all the MK remixes of her tunes...
  14. I have a SMOK nord which is a MTL vape that lasts most of the day and charges pretty quickly on a powerbank, and i also have a direct to lung box mod with a Freemax Mesh pro (triple mesh coil). Last year i took both as well as 8 sets of batteries for the box. To be honest, ill probably do the same again, but carrying the box mod around is a pain in the arse. Haven't smoked tobacco in three years, so i just smoke pure joints pretty much all weekend too.
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