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  1. I was there, my friends and I felt like it was listening to hold music for an hour... and it sounded a bit like chaos. I don't think i get Jazz.
  2. Wore them in Arcadia when close to the speakers all Saturday night, first time I’ve ever worn them and will be taking them again! None of my mates even considered it.
  3. Ellie from Wolf Alice with her mates up at the Stonebridge before Khruangbin.
  4. Get the coach with your daughter... say your daughters name is your wifes name. Meet your wife and son at the gate.
  5. Im jealous you get to find them for the first time. Inflo (the main guy from Sault) is a genius. (Produced Adele, Lil Sims and The Kooks).
  6. This is a troll post right? People on this forum are obsessed with the festival... why would they want to spend their time in a food van, offsite, for minimum wage.... after paying £280+ and waiting 2+ years since buying tickets.
  7. GoonerRob

    Show us your list

    Don't forget sandbags, and a small kayak.
  8. If she's pro Putin then screw her, there are plenty of DJ's and only one Glastonbury... she doesn't deserve the privilege.
  9. GoonerRob


    Same here, it really adds to the atmosphere for me... i wonder if the firewood stall will be back this year. Are you selling your Swedish torches again this year @Sawdusty surfer?
  10. GoonerRob


    Morning all, So usually we would pick some some firewood from the stall by the other stage for a fire back at our camp (nothing quite like getting back from a long day / night of partying and chilling in front of a nice fire with a few joints). However in 2019 the stall wasn't there, and we couldn't find any of the free firewood either. Does anyone know if this is by design? Are the festival not allowing camp fires anymore? We will happily bring our own firewood if needed but would rather buy on site for ease of transport. Anyone have any insights? Thanks
  11. Nope sorry, just found this online!
  12. Three was perfect for me in 2019, had no issues at all.
  13. Just gonna leave this here... https://mega.nz/file/tUAz2aoT#n1QHvbtH2NmMCsnBNKXxMY2ctucGHz3DFUN01nJk0bg I actually have a copy on DVD, but i don't own a DVD player anymore. You'll need vlc player for this
  14. Card for most things, cash for hash brownies from the random sellers in the healing fields. 😄
  15. We do it every year... it's when the festival starts for us. Few cans in the queue, joint or two, excitement building, try grab a couple of hours kip (wear warm clothes or just bring your sleeping bag and a camping chair)... cant wait.
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