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  1. Not quite the answer you’re looking for, but I use my ancient old black and white Nokia at Glastonbury. Calls and texts only; I don’t want to be disturbed by emails from banks or utility bills or stuff.
  2. From the email: ”The event will support Glastonbury's three main charitable partners, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid, as well as helping to secure the Festival's return in 2022.”
  3. Reporting in with a cheese purchase in Balham, South London. Also in the promo section, not the regular cheese section!
  4. Me too! Thank you!
  5. Who’ll be the first eFester to purchase and review this cheddar goodness?
  6. Greenfields stuff is brilliant!
  7. Hoping Mum will buy me something!
  8. Great tip, thank you, bought (have the signed hard copy but it’s a bit cumbersome and a Kindle no brainier at that price!)
  9. GlastoEls

    BBC Glastonbury

    My memory of 2000 was that it was genuinely packed with a ridiculous number of people coming overnight Friday > Saturday. We woke up on Saturday to find tents crammed in everywhere. As for Bowie’s crowd, I don’t seem to remember it being a seminal booking / must see moment at the time in the way it’s rightly become legend now.
  10. GlastoEls

    BBC Glastonbury

    That was Alan McGee’s quote not Noel! CP’s 2016 set was indeed brilliant. 🙌
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