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  1. I lost it watching the Pyramid crowd go nuts to Wonderwall at sunset, having barely made the festival myself due to a leg injury, with some best friends (who I normally go with) having left the festival early on (as in the Wednesday evening) for terrible and sudden personal reasons, and having my family around me who barely made it themselves in 2017 due to a very bad illness...
  2. Cody v Dustin, definite 5 star match at DoN.
  3. Great performance so far...
  4. GlastoEls

    Resale Club 2019

    Great post, and I'm perhaps a slightly unwelcome visitor in this thread in that I do have a ticket, but I'm not at the festival. Nastily broke my foot about a month or six weeks ago, and it's still bad to the point where I'm on two crutches, not really supposed to be doing anything. Worked from home since it happened. So now my wife, parents, brother and mates are at the festival and they've been great with texting me today, doing the things we normally do on Wednesday, such as 'iconic first cider' at Worthy View, then a nip to the Tiny Tea Tent... and now the fireworks.. etc. I'm going to bust my backside to get to the festival on Saturday for a night (staying with parents in the camper fields as I can't make WV with my wife) and just plonk myself somewhere on a chair when normally I love to dart around green fields, Park, West Holts. Something is better than nothing. So a shout out to us all here who would rather be there... ❤️
  5. GlastoEls

    Steel cups

    Wonder if they're the same as in 2017 or a different design? I'm still after an original Pilton Party test one if anyone has one and will sell it me!
  6. Is it me or is there a bit of a hiss coming through on the signal? (using the website).
  7. GlastoEls

    Out of office

    Great thread!
  8. Hey all, Selling my Worthy View Parking Ticket which I no longer need as taking trains. No customer number or anything on them. I'll take £30 (face value £45) as it's late but might be useful if someone is planning to buy yet on the door. Realistically last day for me to post first class is Saturday first thing. Let me know if interested? GlastoEls
  9. I'm listening to yours as I type in fact, so good!
  10. We sure did @vintagelaureate and I love all three that I received, all very different! @Avalon_Fields @Supernintendo Chalmers @yehbutnobut
  11. Time machine for the 1994 festival: Johnny Cash, Rage Against The Machine, early Oasis, The Pretenders, early Manic Street Preachers, early Radiohead, Bjork, Pulp, Beastie Boys, Nick Cave, James, Spiritualised, Paul Weller, Van Morrison...
  12. Yeah it’s a bit pitchy this version, not that it mattered one jot in the field I imagine!
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