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  1. Great, looking forward to (touch wood) trying it out!
  2. GlastoEls


    Ah, a sign of home for those of us from Salisbury!
  3. Just booked this to 'replace' G on the festival list. Fingers crossed!
  4. No impact. They only cancel the booking on their own registration number.
  5. For a bit of a comparison, those of us who had/have Euros tickets now rolled over to June 2021 have basically lent UEFA big sums of money for the best part of 18 months!
  6. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bats (sorry).
  7. You’d just have everyone submit second registration numbers.
  8. All they’d say is “you have the option to refund or we can use that money to secure you for 2021”. That’s what the Euros did today.
  9. That's my favourite ever gig - on the back of Brexit, Xylo bands, the colour, the positivity - fantastic.
  10. GlastoEls

    Roger Waters

    Gilmour was brilliant on the Rattle That Lock tour...
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