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  1. Got my Nokia 3310 tested and ready for WP in a couple weeks - its 10th visit to the farm! (Don’t want banking apps or Twitter notifications etc to break the peace!). Part of my little tradition!
  2. I believe I hold the Festival record of fastest transfer from Snoop Dogg on the Pyramid to Steve Mason on the Park in about 2010. Full sprint, full Twix power, and only the merest glance at the cider opportunities and it’s frothy distracting goodness! 😂😂
  3. Not sure about days gone past but the Monday prior my parents always pick up their camper van and begin packing it for the short-ish journey down from Wiltshire the day after. A few texts shared this morning wishing that was the case today! Meanwhile I’d be getting the rucksacks and stuff out the shed for Mrs GlastoEls and I, and nipping to the garage for petrol for the journey from London to Worthy View car park!
  4. Someone buy the techies a Twix each!
  5. Nothing like a drunk full of wonder!
  6. Yeah we were wondering about how they would manage that - I know the site mentions Pastures wristbands.
  7. Got mine, really looking forward to it!
  8. Only on the new monorail, sponsored by Twix, with constant piped in Pablo Honey!
  9. ^ Plant-eaters of the world, unite and take over!
  10. It’s in the FAQ. “Only bring food and alcohol for personal consumption”.
  11. Ah I’m really upset about this! I didn’t know he was ill. Like many, I was a Twitter friend and had exchanged DMs and the sort happily over the years. One Christmas I sent him a little pic which I’ll post here as my tribute - RIP Rick and hope the coffee and cake is good up there!
  12. Not quite the answer you’re looking for, but I use my ancient old black and white Nokia at Glastonbury. Calls and texts only; I don’t want to be disturbed by emails from banks or utility bills or stuff.
  13. From the email: ”The event will support Glastonbury's three main charitable partners, Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid, as well as helping to secure the Festival's return in 2022.”
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