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  1. All great - apart from the new path which was just too steep and to your point, they’re lucky it wasn’t raining. Every time we went up or down someone nearly stacked it. I’m not sure that’s repeatable. And a bit of a shame to lose the usual “view” at the top of the old stairs! But car park, check in, tent, food stalls, showers, perfect.
  2. You must have been right behind us - that’s exactly right (we were on the right hand barrier). It happened a few times. Hopefully all good.
  3. God - much missed. That bloody path at 2am!
  4. 100% - the path in the rain would have been a real problem.
  5. Worthy View’s new path was so steep! Definitely more so than the old entrance.
  6. Best Glastonbury set of all time.
  7. Not me! Had my barcode some time ago so sure it will be okay! Edit: was in Junk!
  8. South London > hotel in Amesbury (A303 just 50 yards away)
  9. You were perfectly eloquent my lad! ❤️
  10. GlastoEls

    BBC2 9pm

    Great stuff - evolve or die!
  11. It’ll end up on my car window or something if nobody needs it!
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