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  1. I saw you posted on the reddit group as well right? All I would say is that perhaps as a first-timer you wouldn't necessarily of had the opportunity to know where to head to have the best time for you personally. I appreciate it was very busy and that needs to be addressed by the festival - it hasn't been like that in previous years. But, as you say yourself, there was the theatre and circus areas, craftfiedls, permaculture, strummerville, greenfields and the likes of Avalon - which all seem to cater for what you're after (that laid back vibe and less drum and bass). It's hard, because you want to do everything and see everything, but ultimately the festival has to cater for everyone. There's nothing wrong with people wanting to get fucked up and watch dance music all weekend and they deserve their part of the festival just as much as the hippies need theirs. So, personally I love the likes of left field, the speakers forum and the craftfields, but I appreciate they're not for everyone. But as i've been lucky to go a few times I know to head to them to have my own festival. I have to disagree about there being an edge though. People were doing drugs yes, but there is nowhere near the aggression I have seen at other festivals. Largely it is people just having fun and enjoying themselves. Not to diminish your personal experience at all, but I'm surprised you've done the links of R&L and think Glastonbury has an edge?! Finally about the music, on the bigger stages of course it's going to be big names. But the pyramid stage's line up wasn't Big Weekend at all and there was hundreds of smaller stages with literally every genre of music. It's a matter of knowing what you're after and planning before hand. Of course the biggest festival in the world is going to have big pop names. But West Holts in particular had a hugely diverse line up you just wouldn't see elsewhere. I loved the line up on Avalon, thought the Mandala stage had some really cool stuff. The Truth Stage was really cool, the Theatre line up was great etc.
  2. Couldn't agree more. They put on a hell of a set and the crowd obviously responded. I'd fucked my foot so couldn't do the circles, but imagine that was proper surreal but brilliant!
  3. Set of the weekend for me (Other stage). I just don't understand how they get such emotion into their lyrics. You can also really feel how captivated the crowd is, proper cut the tension with a knife. Think I was crying, about four of the group I was with were crying and the people around us were all crying ๐Ÿ˜‚ Big love to the LGBTQ+, and specifically trans, community "those who have to love a little harder".
  4. It was absolutely rammed from after the headliners through to about 1am on the Sunday. Pretty busy on the Thursday as well. But yes, I feel like one massive stage like arcadia which starts after the headliners finish would be a good idea though. Then you could use the arcadia space to have a couple of SE corner stages or something.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I got a ticket in the resale this year, reduced capacity might mean I didn't get one. I'd honestly take that (as well as a higher price) if it leads to a more enjoyable experience when I'm there. Reduce it to the levels of 2016 and it's a much better festival as a result...
  6. kemosabe

    Wolf Alice

    Just the perfect emotionally charged set. Can't think of many better i've seen on the Pyramid. I think they're one big album away from hitting a massive headline slot and i'm there for it.
  7. I was pretty gone going into Foals and lost my mates, the people around me were absolutely amazing despite me being an annoyingly talkative stranger. Had a right laugh with them all and everyone was having a proper party. After the set this group of ladies (I think they were off-duty stewards) allowed me to tag along with them to Arcadia then to see Girls Don't Sync in Silver Hayes. Had the best evening of the festival, and they were genuinely all so so lovely. Cheers team, especially to Nat and Rachel (sorry if I have those names wrong!).
  8. We camp by Darble and have done for the past five festivals, in my estimation there was probably just as many, if not more, arriving at the gate Thurs-Sun morning as per. Loads and loads were streaming in all morning. In previous year's you'd get barely any on the sat morning, but this year there were absolutely loads. Also, with the tickets it's an extra 1 in ten. That's loads.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Also, if we all spent our time in the T&C fields and/ or Greenfields then they would be fucked too. On that note actually a friend of ours who spends the entire festival in those fields said even they were far busier this year then normal...
  10. I found the crowd were absolutely great to be honest. The vast vast majority were helping each other where they can and there was actually less pushing to the front then I remember at previous Glastonbury's (i think because the crowds were so dense people knew they weren't getting anywhere close). I really just think there were far more people on site and it was too many for it to be comfortable.
  11. Just to echo what lots of people have said, the increased crowd capacity was very very evident and made me completely change my festival and what I was doing. This was particularly the case in the evening. Its not just that you couldn't do arcadia, but then you'd give SE corner a go and that was rammed. I'd go to Rabbit Hole or Glade and they're also all rammed simultaneously. Even Silver Hayes was fucked on the Sunday and that had been my refuge all weekend. Same with headliners. Ok, so Macca has one of the biggest crowds ever that was genuinely dangerous at the back of the field, but in previous years that would mean everywhere else is dead. But, I go to Jamie T and it's rammed there was well. You think that must mean Megan Thee Stallion has a small crowd, but mates said that was busy too... Look, Glastonbury is amazing and the greatest place on earth. I also appreciate they need the money from the tickets. But that many people, that many crushes and crowds does certainly take the shine off it. The organising team have always listened and learnt from their mistakes in my experience. I'm hopefully that ticket capacity is slightly reduced next year and that creates a better festival experience for everyone.
  12. The BBC, you sexy bastards ๐Ÿ˜
  13. What the fuck, i've seen bars with less booze before ๐Ÿ˜… How many people is that for?
  14. Couldn't agree more Ben. Really loving the line up in the area, especially sonic. Think there will be some great crowds (which will reduce the stress on other areas). Personally looking forward the run of female DJ's on the friday on Sonic. Some great names there and it'll be great to drop in and out!
  15. Well now I know who to blame...
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