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  1. kemosabe

    Is It Too Hot?

    It was probably ‘too’ hot, but I would take it over rain 100%. Saturday morning on a hangover was pretty ropey (fine after a sit down in the shade and a lot of water). Sunday was absolutely the perfect weather for me. I refuse to complain about a non-muddy festival.
  2. [On Chris Martin joining Kylie on stage] “I swear that man would play the Hare Krishna tent if they asked him, absolutely loves it”.
  3. Obvious one, but Idles will have to be moved up, their crowd was massive. Pip Blom had a huge crowd for their opening slot on the JP
  4. kemosabe

    Flops 2019

    As already said Tame Impala were poor in my opinion, we left early and I regret the decision not to see any of the major alternatives to be honest.
  5. I looked nothing like my photo in 2017, I was asked for further ID and told to change it for next time. I stupidly haven't changed it (what an idiot) so now, two years later, I look even less like my photo... I’m taking two sets of ID this time ?
  6. Imagine how hard tickets could be in the coming years if global warming makes this the normal! There's a generation growing up without the glastonbury mud being on their TV's every year!
  7. kemosabe

    Sean Paul

    Horses for courses innit I mean it’s for bands not quite at Other Stage level but bigger then BBC Introducing or other small stages right? So the headliner is always going to struggle (as if they were bigger they be up a stage), but there’s normally absolutely loads during the day, for me at least. Regarding headliners though; Sigur Ross was pretty special in 2016, I didn’t see M83 from the same year but I heard they were outstanding too. They weren’t headlining but Death Cab For Cutie we’re one of my favourite ever sets as sub-headliner in 2015.
  8. One of my favourite bands, upgrades my Friday night massively that!
  9. How early you thinking? Like the full set before hand?
  10. Tent, Sleeping Bag and Rucksack have been checked (and the first two packed away). Also started charging the battery packs. Will do the shop tomorrow and I’ll sort out my clothes.
  11. Emily is class isn’t she!
  12. kemosabe

    2019 Crew Map

    I guess I just didn’t know where it was. Is there a second Kids area on the left hand side of the train track if you’re walking towards the SE corner?? I’m sure that’s a thing as well.
  13. The synthetic ones you get now dry really quickly tbf.
  14. Wait the rain is coming from the Americans weather model?!? In true Glastonbury spirit can I say, fuck Trump and up the Europeans ?
  15. I support Sunderland, so it’s a familiar sense of dread and disappointment.
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