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  1. I used this app in 2016 to find a local resident who was renting out their space for the festival. Worked really well and meant someone was keeping an eye on my car. https://www.justpark.com
  2. I'm not sure if it's a rule change or just a mistake on their part. We were able to book 3 campervan tickets under registrations of people who were all in the same ticket buying group. But we do know someone else who had their registration blocked like yours so was perhaps a system glitch. Will keep my fingers crossed for you in the resale. There seemed to be quite a few resales this year so hopfully it'll be similar.
  3. Summertime


    Yes. Think the choices are East, West and Bath & West (off site).
  4. Summertime


    Have you seen the date confirmed somewhere? I didn't think they'd announced it yet. It was Saturday 27th October last year. Keen to get it in the diary if we know it already :-)
  5. Got through in the first minute for friends (I’m trying for my own ticket on Sunday) and it was going smoothly until payment page when I had to click proceed 5 or 6 times and it kept freezing. Wasted at least 3 mins of the timer waiting for it to do something then payment finally went through. Worried about payments pages for Sunday given the likely extra numbers trying. Got through using Chrome and manually refreshing. Never saw the registration page again after that tho and it just kept saying ‘This site cannot be reached’
  6. What you’re saying makes sense and I’m not sure on the answer either. My concern is the bit that says ‘an attempt to book is already held against your registration number’ - as you may have made no errors but still have the locked issue. I’m sure our group didn’t put the details in incorrectly last year as we all had the same shared document to copy and paste from. Hard to say for certain I guess as things can get crazy on ticket day.
  7. This happened to us last year, but at the time we hadn’t read about it before the sale so couldn’t work out what had happened (turns out there was something in the ts & cs about it). One friend got through to the payment page and another got through shortly afterwards (can’t remember if it was to the payment screen or just the reg one) for the same group, then the registrations got locked and it wouldn’t accept payment on either of the sessions. We guessed afterwards they’d been blocked for about 8 mins but it was probably the 10 that Glasto state. It was so stressful, but incredibly our group got through one more time later and got the tickets. So im quite worried about this happening again now as it seems like it could happen relatively easily. But hoping See have made an enhancement since last year and the first session will be protected in the way parsonjack describes above. ?
  8. Interesting. Looks like it’s still getting phased in then.
  9. Did you pay with Visa or MasterCard out of interest? I just bought some comedy tickets on See tickets this evening and used my MasterCard but didn’t have to do the mobile verification step.
  10. Summertime

    Help Please

    Hi Waynewdk Here’s some answers to your questions from my experience: 1. They were £120 per vehicle (a car towing a caravan counts as one) last year and you pay in full when you buy them 2. No, you will each need a normal ticket but then just one campervan ticket per vehicle 3. Yes. Although my experience is all of the west and there are only two fields there so arriving late doesn’t make much difference. I believe it makes more of a difference in the east. 4. Yes. The max length is 8m (I cant remember the max width but it’s around 7m I think). They don’t measure your space on the ground for you like they do at some other festivals and it’s pretty laid back so we’ve never had a problem with this. They allow bigger spaces in the Bath and West fields and I think you pay a bit more for these 5. Haven’t stayed in east sorry, but never heard of anyone getting turned away from a field that they have a ticket for. 6. I wouldn’t say it’s easy. We still treat it like ticket day, though to be fair we’ve never missed out before and there seemed to be a lot of resales this year. Be careful because it’s easy to accidentally buy two campervan tickets for the same registration number. The system doesn’t prevent that from happening like it does in the main sale. So each year we’ve ended up with an extra one or two by mistake and had to ask See tickets to refund. So far they always have refunded without an admin charge but I’m waiting for them to start charging for this. 7. They go on sale two or three weeks later. Last year it was on the 27th October which is a Saturday. They went on sale in the morning i seem to remember. Good luck and also good luck with the main ticket sale on the 6th as everything rests on that - that’s the one I’m getting most nervous about! ?
  11. Thanks for the extra research. ? Been trying to do some too but there’s not too many specific details from the banks or merchants and See Tickets are being typically quiet ? Guess we’ll see over the next few weeks
  12. Those were my thoughts too re ticket day. And it sounds as if the banks aren’t ready for it yet so hopefully they’re working through alternatives as guess there will be others in the same situation as your parents.
  13. Has anyone heard much about the new rules for using a credit/debit card for online purchases? It was due to come into effect today but an 18 month extension has been granted to give banks more time. But they could introduce it anytime between now and the 18 month extension deadline. Might mean an extra step if any of the banks bring it in before ticket day. This is an extract from the article and the link to it: “From 14 September 2019*, you’ll no longer be able to pay online using just your credit or debit card details Banks are telling customers to confirm online card payments by entering a unique security code sent by text message or via push notification (if you have the mobile banking app). *UPDATE* On 13 August 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority agreed to give the payments industry more time to implement SCA. There will now be an 18-month managed roll-out, although some banks are already making extra security checks. https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/06/new-online-security-checks-exclude-people-without-mobile-phones-or-decent-signal/ I don’t know any more than what’s in this article but thought I’d share in case others also weren’t aware.
  14. Summertime

    Campervan 2020

    As others have said there is no hook up for vehicles (we stay in west campervan site) but you can normally power your fridge, hob and hot water from the gas. We got through one bottle of gas this year between 3 adults (having showers every day) and we stayed from tuesday to Monday so two bottles should be plenty for your entire stay. Getting your ticket is definitely the biggest hurdle but at least there are 6 of you (the max you can buy in one transaction) so that’s a good start. The campervan tickets go on sale a couple of weeks after the main sale and were £120 this year. Although it’s nowhere near as stressful as the main sale, still take it seriously as they do sell out quickly. Good luck! You’ll absolutely love it!
  15. I left the site after Chemical Brothers on the Sunday last year at a similar time no problem. Lots of others were doing the same.
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