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  1. £4 a pint aint too bad at all...I've seen a lot worse (including £5 for a pint of pi$$ in the O2 Academy in Leeds!)...do you happen to know if they've entered the 'contactless' age at the bars?
  2. After attending Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, Leeds Festival, Hardwick Live, Wickerman, Electric Fields and Bingley Music Live between us, me & a mate (Lochland5) have decided to give BT a try this year. What's the vibe like compared to the above (with the exception of Glastonbury as, just like Sinead O'Connor said, nothing can compare)? In addition, what at the bar prices like? Some festivals take the proverbial as punters can't take their own stuff into the arena...is it the same at BT?
  3. Thank god I didnt waste any money this year. You'd have thought with being no Glastonbury this year that there would have been a glut of decent bands/singers looking for some extra cash this summer...the current line up makes it look like a poor mans festival. I hope the weather's proper good for you all this year otherwise it could be a really, really miserable weekend.
  4. Can't see it being Travis...too soon after their 2016 appearance in my opinion.
  5. Just booked weekend tickets - top tip for anyone thinking of buying tickets, go to the official Hardwick Live website (http://www.hardwicklive.co.uk/tickets/) and buy from there. The fees for 2 weekend tickets there is £3.50...if you go to Ticketline, the fees amount to £22.75!
  6. Live In Vehicle/Campervan ticket for sale - decided to give it a miss this year as not impressed with line up. PM me if interested with an offer SOLD
  7. You can say the same about all three headliners - they have very specific followers, with those followers being happy as Larry (whoever Larry is) they they're playing. The vast majority of festival goers want to hear 'greatest hits' sets from headliners, tunes that they'll have heard either on the radio, in films or on 'Now' type albums. They wont want to hear album or obscure tracks that only the die-hard fans know. Apparently Springsteen played to his fans at Glastonbury 2009, playing stuff from his albums interspersed with hits, not to the vast majority of the crowd who only knew a handful of songs.
  8. Live In Vehicle/Campervan ticket for sale - decided to give it a miss this year as not impressed with line up. PM me if interested with an offer.
  9. It's not looking like it this year unfortunately. Mrs Grump want to do a festival again this year but unfortunately it's her weekend to work & can't get time off. We're currently looking at doing Beautiful Days down in Devon around 3 weeks after KC...line up announced in 3 weeks so that will tip the balance. However, stranger things have happened....
  10. Long time since I posted, but thought I'd throw my hat into the ring even though it's highly unlikely I'll be there this year: Glasvegas First Aid Kit Shed Seven Rae Morris Lily Allen George Ezra Bastille Chic Ocean Colour Scene Vengaboys Pale Waves Brooke Bentham Lewis Capaldi The Magic Gang Sigrid Stereo Honey Yonaka Anteros Jacob Banks The Sherlocks
  11. And there was me thinking you didn't love me any more!
  12. One tip I'll give you is that if you're taking a pushchair, it's an ideal way to smuggle booze passed security! Make sure any booze is stored inside the pushchair, behind the little one...doubt security will go anywhere near them lol!
  13. Just spotted one on Scarlet Mist (no Thursday though)...might be worth a try?
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