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  1. Hi. Has anyone had experience of using the challenge 21 wristbands that can be obtained from the property lock ups? My twin daughters turn 18 on the first day of the festival so will be getting one of these wristbands. Do all the bars accept them or do some still ask for id to back it up? They were hoping to get the band and then leave id at the camper van. thanks.
  2. Jackal1

    Gate C

    Sorry if this should be in questions. Is anyone aware if gate C will be made any bigger to cope with the additional East CV fields? We have been in the West CV fields for the last few and entry is easy. There used to be queues at busy times at C in previous years. Thanks. Nice to be back!
  3. We have been in West campers for a good few years now. It was easy to get vans in and out and access via pedestrian gate was always no problem. 5 minute Q at the busiest times. I wonder if the capacity to handle more people at Gate C will be improved. A long walk and then a long Q are never the best start to a day!
  4. Thanks! Thats as I read it but just wasn’t sure. We have the plan in place and the children only pair would only get bought if the adult pair bag some (and locations are all close). It’s being massively over optimistic to think we will get 1 pair never mind a chance for a second pair but if for some magical reason it happened we need to have a plan!
  5. Hello. Does anyone know if there are any minimum age restrictions for children traveling on coaches without an adult. We are sorting groups for the resale and it maybe that one group is 2 14 year olds. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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