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  1. Ride on the Glastonbury Festival monorail
  2. Now need to find out whether I'll be going back to uni which is also a tier 4. If I can't that'll be the cherry on top.
  3. Getting rates down and the reward is a higher tier and more limitations. Stating the obvious but this is shit and why they allowed Christmas is laughable. Its not gonna stop at this rate, most Brits are so evidently self-important, always bend and break rules and we never get any better. Why allow the trains prior to Christmas from tier 4 london to the north. People, man.
  4. Come off it, Tier 3 was working for us and now we're being stuffed even harder. Anywhere other than the South is harshly treated. This country at the moment is bloody useless, cant even follow rules and this is gonna go on and on.
  5. FUCK THIS SHIT In Greater Manchester we have been amongst the lowest rates and we get put in Tier 4. So fucking demotivating, cannot be arsed with this shite anymore.
  6. Gutting it isn't happening. Want to see Kendrick at Glasto so bad. Hope he reschedules to 2022.
  7. Go whichever day you will enjoy most. There isn't a 'safe day' and most of the people will be the same anyway. No one usually gets ID'd but if you look younger then obviously more chance of getting asked.
  8. If anyones interested, returned tickets for My Chemical Romance's Eden Sessions gig is on sale now.
  9. That’s the cover for people wondering:
  10. I listened to it all because of you and no fucking Glasto news. Didnt need to give spoilers as there arent any. Cheers (still a good podcast)
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