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  1. Never been before, want to try it this year. Lineups been very good pretty much every year. Seems a excellent festival and in a nice part of Portugal. Based on what they’ve looked like the last few years I reckon it’ll be something like: Tame Impala • Foals - Both played 2016 so it has the four year gap and both will have new material by next year. Based on positioning and how much they have grown, they would have to headline. The Black Keys - New album out and if Vampire Weekend can headline and are big enough then so are Black Keys. Seems the type of booking they would make based on prior lineups. Haven’t been on the festival run this year so very likely next year. Green Day - New music out next week and I think they’ll do a run of all the main festivals and I can see them doing NOS. *New music rumours apparently rubbish according to the band so maybe not* Prediction based on other lineups and what’s available next year. What do the people who have actually been think it will be and any rumours or news for it?
  2. An article I read didn’t state all the dates. I’ve checked now yeah, very unlikely. Sorry about that. I actually have no clue now who will do it...
  3. Good gap in the schedule for a headline set off Rammstein.
  4. How does that rule them out? They can play 12-14th and do Download, play Belfast and then play Coventry. I may be being totally naive.
  5. Definitely not. Green Day have much more stock than Kol or Chilis
  6. Eavis American Punk Ban may prevent Green Day JJ.
  7. Said so on the Werchter 2020 thread but I’ll say it here also, Green Day releasing new music 19th July. May be contenders for headliners 2020.
  8. Green Day releasing new music July 19th. More likely them playing Werchter next year now.
  9. Even if you are being paid, thanks for the recommendation.
  10. Probably me being stupid but on the lineup. The FONTAINES D.C. set looks to be Saturday night/Sunday morning at 3am but on the app it looks like Sunday night/Monday morning. So when is the set actually on, to confirm really. I’m probably looking to much into this but I’m unsure. Thanks.
  11. My experience has been very good so far. Though I’m in my mates camper van. Quite muddy on the walkway but the stage is all good and I throughly enjoyed yesterday without many acts I wanted to see. Whitesnake pleasantly surprised me and i caught the first part of Eagles who were alright, helped because I knew the songs but where alright. Def Leppard put on a hell of a show which I thought I was going to be bored throughout. Women, Animals, Rocket and Pour Some Sugar as the first four songs went down well and I liked them but as a band got into it more later down the set. Very good headliner. Die Antwoord and Slipknot tonight and I can’t wait. Hope everyone has a great rest of the festival, how’s everyone found it?
  12. Have our 2019 line-up, so why not start the 2020 thread? Thursday: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / The Strokes Friday: Rammstein Saturday: Tame Impala Sunday: Green Day Nick Cave has gone up the line-up and with a new album pending I reckon he will headline like he will do Glastonbury. If not on his own, I reckon he could do it with The Strokes since they have an album pending also. Also, with Rammstein releasing a new album, Werchter like booking them and I can see them headlining 2020. Tame Impala are big enough now and can see them headlining , especially as they also have a new album and aren't playing this year. Green Day are the biggest question but I reckon they'll be back and will be there if they are back.
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