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  1. When are the rest of the prices coming up, need to know the two man bell price.
  2. Not really related to what he was saying.
  3. That’s pretty much Radio X in a nutshell. That will be circulated around social media now for the months leading up to Glastonbury. I think you are right though, Emily isn’t the only one making headliner decisions and it is kinda sexist to presume the woman chooses pop artists. It’s the best available and what will go down best and if Taylor and Kendrick are available who are some of the biggest contemporary artists she will choose them along with one of the biggest legends of the Beatles.
  4. We have nothing to suggest Kendrick which concerns me like no idea of touring and no news of an album as of yet meaning I’m thinking Madonna/Macca/Swift so far.
  5. I would say we are more Madonna or Kendrick/Macca/Swift. macca meant to have French dates late May putting him back in the picture.
  6. Even shorter pool: AC/DC, Kendrick, RHCP, Aerosmith, The Strokes, Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses and Post Malone. The third one is a complete mystery at this point. Post won't headline, Guns seems unlikely and not someone the festival would book, PJ are apparently not from there forum, Strokes doesn't seem big enough after the debate and worthy of a 50th slot, likewise Aero, RHCP. AC/DC dont seem around - who knows?
  7. makes the pool even shorter. Madonna, Macca and Swift wouldn't be my taste at all but I cant think of anyone who we know is touring bar Kendrick who needed to be booked two years ago and would be 'something to be proud of'. That trio couldnt get any bigger. Female legend, Male Beatles legend and someone who is collecting artist of the decade award.
  8. Taylor’s nailed. Macca has to be the one in discussion. The sayings of himself and Michael suggest he was the one they were talking to and the supposed French dates make Glasto look very likely but the third headliner: Looking at the options are: Madge, Kendrick, RHCP, Aerosmith, The Strokes, RATM, Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses and Post Malone. Out of them to be booked two years ago could only be Madge who is touring and Kendrick, the others seem very unlikely to be needed to be booked two years ago except maybe Guns and even then, doesn’t seem or scream 50th anniversary. Feels funny Madge touring and after Glasto wanted her I reckon she has been offered and potentially accepted it. Finally touring and we have nothing to suggest Kendrick and the others as I said don’t really need to be booked two years in advance and what a statement. Two female headliners - ‘something to be proud of’ as Emily said. Im starting to think Madonna, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift. At least until some Kendrick info pops out. EDIT: Apparently not Rage as @SomeoneListeningIn correctly pointed out.
  9. I’m very surprised at the shocking sales of the tour...
  10. Surely Macca has to be a rumour again now @eFestivals
  11. Day of no pyramid headliner Friday then the rest we can be at two of the most legendary artists. Think Macca is nailed as the one in discussion: Michael said 'hopefully for 50th', Macca said 'my children want me to play, ill have to put things in place' all suggesting being talked about and now gigs in France a month prior. It is happening. Swizzle is being confirmed as act of the decade one of if not the biggest female act available. What a pair of headliners. IF Kendrick does play, it has to be discussed as the greatest trio.
  12. It is: ?? - dont see Kendrick until some info about 2020 so I think it has to be a band, Macca and Swift
  13. The Journey of eFests on the headliner thread going from Kenny, Macca and Swizzle to Kiedis nonce argument. What other thread would you conversation dive between those two riveting conversations?
  14. Right so what’s our last minute predictions of 1) First announcement 2) Both weekend headliners.
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