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  1. I reckon they just haven't updated two door on that. I live in hope though.
  2. Now 2door are gonna clash with Fontaines ffs.
  3. Definitely not with the tories, that comment is sickening to hear. The comment is IF it intensifies which of course if it did to a stage where it would be unsafe then it would be cancelled. He really has to say that if it got worse things would be cancelled, he isn't saying that is the likely scenario. I agree IF it turns to a pandemic then cancellation chances would be much higher but again the chances of that are low and until it got much worse not really deserving of some of the stress that some posts have given on here. The UK has done well with containing it and unless it gets much worse which I really do not for-see happening then we really have nothing to worry about.
  4. Jesus Christ everyone is massively over reacting. Glastonbury ain’t getting cancelled ffs
  5. Roskilde have announced The Strokes
  6. I said personally. I would rather have some drinks and enter later.
  7. I really don’t understand the fascination of getting there a few hours early let alone the night before. Go for some drinks, relax and go in just before the headline act starts (at a gig) seems the logical thing to do personally. it is a fandom thing and I don’t understand it.
  8. Do you think Rage are good? What do you class as good music Dental? We all talk about music but dont ask what we like much - who are your favourite bands/artists?
  9. How does ‘What took you so long’ go jj?
  10. So it’s not tonight at 7... Do we have a link to the article?
  11. I’ve been at work, saw a bit in my break but what’s happened and why is everyone getting hyped?
  12. Last night I had my first Nick Cave dream. The dream sent me back to secondary school and Nick came in. Started singing a cappella version of Stagger Lee, the dream then ended. I hope dreams foresee the future - Nick Cave doing a acoustic/a cappella set at Glastonbury (maybe on the park stage like Vampire Weekend before a Sunday sub slot)
  13. Cage The Elephant as a drunk gig at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester were class* Crowd weren’t great and they only really played from the Grammy nominated albums however I hope to see them at Glasto, energy and live were great and hopefully they appear in the John Peel or Park. *probably weren’t that good sober
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