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  1. Think it means two of the same nothing of layout.
  2. Honestly no one now who I REALLY want to see. So badly wanted to see Queens again. Seeing Biffy twice on the October tour and I dont see how in the daytime and with the Leeds demographic how the set can be as good as the previous appearances. I love them but fear for the Biffy reception. AND Denzel gone, they've taken away two of my must sees. Now Biffy, Slowthai and Wolf Alice are the only acts I know I will be definitely there for.
  3. Was told 12pm yesterday so could have been delayed
  4. Nevermind, I was told a lie. I was told 12pm today but it didnt happen.
  5. I reckon the American acts aren’t likely to be playing now. As the Glastonbury Equinox isn’t happening - Biffy seem a nailed replacement for QOTSA and maybe Dua Lipa replacing Post Malone? Could even see Wolf Alice being bumped up after the very successful Latitude headline slot. Just doesn’t seem likely with the restrictions and coming over to play one or two festivals.
  6. I prey they add Squid, they were sensational at Latitude. Also Wolf Alice smashed it and could definitely headline in the future or replace QOTSA if they pull out though I hope Biffy get it.
  7. Went on the Friday, here's some thoughts. Great to be back at a festival but totally glad I only did one day. Captured everything I wanted to do and went to every area of the arena. Thought the BBC Sounds tent was incredible, best moments were Dream Wife and Squid with Lucia and the Best Boys not far behind. Felt BBC Sounds attendees were having fun, actual pits compared to main stage where I thought the younger people (I mean I am only 20) were a bit yobbish - throwing things onstage (Joff of Wolf Alice had to dodge something), shoving after a song ended to get further infront and the general vibe of the Obelisk I didnt like compared to Sounds. I mean during Declan McKenna (who I was watching while eating) you could tell the post GCSEs were out in full force. Wolf Alice were incredible though and I can definitely see them pushing for the top spot at Glastonbury in the future and maybe even RandL this year if Queens of the Stone Age have to pull out. Great mix of tunes and as someone else said that run of Squid and Wolf Alice was one of the best I have seen. Loved the comedy stage while waiting for a musical act - Jessica Fostekew was a great act I caught that I had never heard of. Would I go back? Maybe a day again, wouldn't do the full weekend but only if there is an act I really want to see like Wolf Alice, with an undercard like Squid and Dream Wife, 5hrs of train travel to Bolton was very draining but after two years it had to be done. Pint prices were ridiculous but after so long I made up for lost time. After seeing Fontaines at the Roadmender followed by that day of music - its great to be back. EDIT: Oh and totally jealous of those seeing Chems.
  8. So was Lucia and the Best Boys, been a cracking event.
  9. Dream Wife were incredible.
  10. Choose ya date: https://www.thewarondrugs.net/tour
  11. Presale is on Eventim or Ticketmaster
  12. Yeah true, that does help, thought it was less than that.
  13. Copped some standing Leeds. The intimate Birmingham is also very tempting but I will probably see them at Glasto which they seem to me pretty nailed for.
  14. The code for the presale is DRUGS22
  15. I've got the same for Fontaines DC tonight in Northampton if anyone wanted that free ticket.
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