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  1. Yeah mate, festivals arent happening now. These rules are for six months and I doubt they'll be much change.
  2. Its over now. Hopefully 2022, gutted, absolutely gutted.
  3. Pendulum clashing with any headliner bar Queens would be perfect.
  4. Better have better acts, my MUST watch list is: QOTSA. Done.
  5. Day tix released next week. Could have some acts meanwhile as they will wanna show the lineup prior to that surely
  6. Defo buying a ticket for the BST show
  7. Depends on BST I think and even if he isn't, Glasto may wanna wait as we have discussed. Happy to be surprised though
  8. So good then, I'm 19 give me a break.
  9. You've smashed it, thank you so much, Instagrams broken, he read it. He's also confirmed for Werchter on his website.
  10. Rather look forward and be depressed than constantly depressed. This news says to me whenever the next Glasto is Kenny will be there. Only headliner I want he will be so sick and with everything that has gone on his set will be one for the ages.
  11. Massive. Great news the only headliner I wanted to see. Definitely on if he is in Europe in June. I hope to god the festival happens now man or Opener it is (if that happens). God I hate the current game, one time you could get excited.
  12. Fucking fantastic. Seriously though, a great booking, massive artist, deserves the step up and a woman headliner which will boost her profile massively. Will be there if nothing else is on, maybe not if she's Friday night and Thom Yorke is playing. If its correct then Dua Lipa // Paul McCartney // Arctic Monkeys
  13. Love it, great work as someone said, it feels fresh but familiar. One minor thing I have noticed is on my Mac the up vote and down vote logos are covered in a black circle. Dont know whether that is just me but yeah. eFestivals has had a face lift!
  14. I second that. My QOTSA superfan!!
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