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  1. Yeah not for me when QOTSA are seemingly there. If they’re not and there’s nothing I wanna see I might nip down.
  2. RarerThanDandyB


    Do we reckon they’ll add other dates? There’s the gap for them
  3. RarerThanDandyB


    How much are they?
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know where I can sell my weekend 1 ticket? Its from Festicket so it isn't as easy as Dice to sell and I dont know where to go to do it. Thanks.
  5. Where did they say this? Going to the Biffy and Cardiff date and was looking forward to Frank.
  6. Yeah that probably means no Fun Machine on the other stage. The Eavii wouldn’t accept him headlining other after that performance.
  7. Christ, Hommes always had a chequered past but that’s a completely new level of twat and criminality. Dickhead
  8. While the irons hot with people wanting to go, surely they’ll announce the second ASAP if there is one. Watch there not be another date for BST but then he announces he’s playing Portman Road on the Sunday. Please be playing Glasto Relton.
  9. Eltons ALREADY sold out his BST date - we should find out very soon if there’s another. Madness especially with all his dates so far.
  10. It'd be a cold (play) twist
  11. Oh I strongly disagree with that bit, as Andre said, nobody's given any evidence to back up those ridiculous claims.
  12. I mean it would be two for Reading AND Leeds
  13. QOTSA // Macca // Reg would be a great return to Glasto
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