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  1. Woe be tied they charge £45 per ticket again
  2. The Libertines, Royal Blood, Bombay would be nice with IDLES, Fontaines subbing.
  3. and the Friday (to be covered the whole weekend) Excited to see how the event will work, the amount of people and who would play it!
  4. Might add another date or they might be doing 2 and your source only heard of one of the days. Booked the Sunday hotel also just in case.
  5. Booked a free cancellation room as if anything is announced, availability will be 0
  6. Why would they cancel though? Enough people have been vaccinated and would probably sell out anyway. I bet people will be vaccinated by July. As much as it’s harsh (none of my mates have been vaccinated), events will want to continue even if some haven’t had the chance to be vaccinated as some need the money ie 2000trees - if younger adults can’t get a vaccine by then, I suppose it’s tough, you either allow businesses money through the passport system this summer, with potential they might not be around after or you unfortunately stop younger people who haven’t been vaccinated attending
  7. Yeah I didn't think before I commented. Said completely the wrong thing and of course I will be paying it. I know, dont really know why I said it, sorry if I offended anyone.
  8. Definitely feeling Coldplay are in the frame. Booked for this and a 2022 slot, 6 years after last time. They have a new album since and an easy booking to replace one of the three who potentially could pull out since 2020.
  9. Need to make money for the charities, it’s only £20.
  10. True, didn’t think before I commented. Yeah 100%
  11. What would have been nice (yes they have to make money) but giving ticket holders free or cheaper access for us keeping our money in the festival. I don’t know but I’m very underwhelmed.
  12. Thought that Leeds notification was going to be the lineup on X day announcement. Nope, advertising the ADTR new album this Friday.
  13. That’s your opinion though, I don’t care about upvote/downvoting but doing it over a musical opinion seems a little odd. Oh well
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