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  1. Think he means the sets sometimes eclipse and you can't have a good position for both headliners.
  2. Tool headlining the Pyramid is what dreams are made of. EDIT: Fuming I'd be legging it from Shame to Tool and that Phoebe/Tool clash is cruel. Also Lorde vs Macca is mean and making me run from The Smile to Macca/Lorde? Rude mate.
  3. Cant see anything. Anti climax!
  4. So if KISS did pull out due to virus, who do you reckon a good replacement would be? Could BMTH do RandL and Download? Muse? Bump up anyone on the lineup?
  5. Do it. It’s not just the gig. It’s the documentary and something else that I’ve forgotten. Plus if they’re selling the livestream then it must be a pretty decent setup. The musics like the more rocky Radiohead. I think it’ll be class and don’t think The Smile will do too much in the future like all side projects, Especially something like this at Magazine London.
  6. Biffy Clyro postponed their acoustic dates. Bullshit.
  7. Doesn't he use @Neil nowadays?
  8. Got ticket for the 1am show. Cannot wait, really excited.
  9. That would be a camp at Pyramid day.
  10. We're actually speculating The Rolling Stones
  11. So we are agreeing Billie // Stones // GnR. Right, sorted.
  12. Very true, but as their touring europe this year maybe the latter is right but they must have discussed if she's stating them in the media. Without many options if our two/three are out, Guns seem a good bet.
  13. Guns can only do Sunday and Adele has exclusivity at BST. How much would it be to take that off BST?
  14. Not for most acts but GnR arent doing 2 consecutive nights in two places. Though if you're offered Glasto headline I suppose you'd make it doable. Plus Emily chatted about them. Hmm could it be Guns n Roses?
  15. I'm currently thinking Billie // Macca // Guns n Roses Still not sure on Macca but dont know who else at the moment.
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