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  1. Kendrick, Turnstile & IDLES (secret set Brutalism in full)
  2. Khruangbin // Four Tet double is going to be dreamy. With the Phoebe Bridgers JP rumoured set before, what a Friday. And Wet Leg early on in the Park!
  3. If this is true Wet Leg // Phoebe // Foals is hell of a night.
  4. Fuck sake, waited fucking years
  5. After being up all morning, really miffed to not get one after getting in at 10:01. This will be the longest two hours.
  6. Amazing how technology has advanced.
  7. Chances are slim but I will actually be gutted if I can't get a ticket.
  8. Want Park (never gonna happen so early) and Map
  9. Definitely not for me after watching a bit of her set. Will be at Foals or Bridgersn(if we get friday park)
  10. Gonna be massively disappointed if we dont get a secret set. It'd be biblical.
  11. Its gonna be a party, Foals celebration - I reckon it'll be a Glasto tailored setlist playing as long as they can. One set not to miss.
  12. Also in Belgium on the Sunday and Dublin on Monday which supports it even more.
  13. Have info for Friday Other and makes logical sense opposite The Eilish
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