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  1. Hiya Mark, I sat my GCSE’s in 2017. I missed the One Love concert in Manchester due to exams and that was the 4th June 2017 and after that I only had a few exams left so a week later, I reckon all will be good. I got my exam timetable a few months prior so you may be able to check prior to paying and I bet teachers will know near Christmas the plans for the examinations. I guarantee you’ll be fine as Glasto time is quite late for exams. My mates brother finished the Friday of Download 2019 which was 14th June. I reckon it’ll be the same as if they can’t do it a week before it won’t be happening at all. Hope this raises spirits somehow, may be a bit waffly.
  2. Begins with a C, ends with a E
  3. New Fontaines album looking great. I'm gonna be really early and suggest in a few years they'll have a big slot. Two five star albums (Q already have give the new one five stars), great songs. They are playing academies and if this goes well I can see them doing venues bigger than academies towards the end of 2021. 2022 do gigs like Castlefield Bowl and Sound in the city and I'm sure hype will get them even further to do sub slots at Leeds and 2023 have a high slot at Glastonbury and beyond.
  4. I have seen him live at Manchester Palace Theatre and thought he was great. ANIMA is a brilliant album and live Friday night will be sensational then you have the first album The Eraser which sounds great and he always ends with a Radiohead song (Spectre or Like Spinning Plates). For me I couldnt want more if Kendrick pulled out.
  5. *Thom Yorke then South East Corner early comment*
  6. For God Sake. I’ve seen 75 twice, Leeds was good, Manchester Arena was alright, same as festival show but festival experience always wins. I personally don’t believe the 75 show will ever be a set that people will ‘Wow’ at. I like the band but it’s very disappointing from Kendrick if he pulls out. Even though I like their music I would be at Thom Yorke. with regards to the info, something about Christmas dinner and Tim Healy, at the moment that isn’t enough for me to be convinced. I’m not saying it’s bullshit, seems outstretched and a weird way of it being said but I am waiting till something more concrete before I totally believe they are in the ring.
  7. Didn’t see Kylie and apparently vocally wasn’t great and appeared Cheesy. Still, after watching her back would have much better rather of seen her and Nick Cave than being at BMTH, Sykes voice was gone, crowd weren’t that arsed about the set. I’ve seen 0/1. Want to see Diana Ross when she plays next year though.
  8. First reviews in for ‘A Hero’s Death’ - a five star from Q Magazine for Fontaines D.C.
  9. Prodigy would of been playing. 19 and 20. Definitely at 21.
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