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  1. SOAD - Faith No More - Judas Priest - Aerosmith it is they lost Guns and Maiden and there's no bigger names than those two
  2. Alter Bridge played O2 arena twice and never got the jump, and probally never will
  3. looks like he got a good relationship with Hellfest crew. did Puscifer in 2016, APC in 2018 and Tool in 2019 and will do Puscifer again, on mainstage this time
  4. anyway, it's good to see that 2021 lineup is finally giving a damn about the future, even knowing that's only due to the circumstances. we have a band that always played there and got the jump to headline in the last 5 years doing it again, wich is great. i really hope that the same that happened with Biffy happens real soon with the likes of BMTH and FFDP and on the other big hands we have A Day To Remember, Frank Carter, Gojira, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage as big names that can carry the torch for the next years. Deftones and Korn both should have headlined a long time ago but it's good to see them doing the sub again. even with dinosaurs like KISS and defunct bands like SOAD i think this lineup is finaclly moving foward instead of being stuck in the past
  5. are Puscifer big enough to headline 2nd? they a only toured europe once and played at small venues and low spots at festivals, but suddenly they are subbing mainstage on Hellfest so i don't know
  6. why Puscifer is subbing main? they are so huge in France?
  7. Disturbed are on Rock Am Ring and Nova Rock so they are around
  8. lineup prediction after Hellfest and Nova Rock announcements Friday Main: KISS / Bullet For My Valentine / Volbeat / The Darkness / Airbourne / Theory / WayWard Sons Zippo Encore: The Offspring / Babymetal Avalanche: Creeper Dogtooth: Sepultura Saturday Main: BRING ME THE HORIZON / Deftones / Gojira / The Pretty Reckless / Suicidal Tendencies / Northlane / Suicide Silence / Loathe Zippo Encore: Killswitch Engage / Puscifer Avalanche: Funeral For A Friend Dogtooth: Electric Wizard Sunday Main: SYSTEM OF A DOWN / Korn / Disturbed / Heaven Shall Burn / Of Mice & Men / Code Orange / Jinjer / Ego Kill Talent Zippo Encore: Sabaton / Rival Sons Avalanche: Poppy Dogtooth: Exodus
  9. now we know that maybe Alter Bridge and Mastodon will not be around next year
  10. almost the same lineup from 2020 and i like that. but i don't know why are Deftones and Puscifer so high on the bill
  11. have a personal dream of The Original Misfits subbing Metallica but they cost a lot and only headlines every festival they play
  12. from what i've heard, Creed will tour US in summer. don't know where would they fit if this reunion continues to 2022
  13. yeah, they could sub again. alter bridge will not be around next year due to Creed reunion
  14. could Faith No More replace Iron Maiden as headliners? they are already around
  15. Max Cavalera said that Soulfly were scheduled to play in a lot of summer festivals this year including Download, where would they fit if it works for next year?
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