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  1. PARKWAY DRIVE / Five Finger Death Punch / Lamb Of God / Killswitch Engage / Jinjer / Code Orange / Spiritbox makes sense with the "weak headliner but strong undercard" thing
  2. Judas Priest are far too big to 3rd down, other than that i would love this
  3. really don't see that friday happening but i would absolutely love it. there' s a strong emo revival happening right now and Download should ride that wave. Put MCR to headline, Paramore to sub (if it's possible) maybe even Yungblud to 3rd down
  4. know it's a joke but imagine living in a world where Kid Rock still get logo spots at a UK festival
  5. Hellfest only got NIN because they let Trent curate the lineup with bands that appealed to their music, i would lose my mind if Download did the same something like: NINE INCH NAILS / Placebo / Rob Zombie / Ministry / Killing Joke / Skynd / Health
  6. Don't see why Muse, Biffy and MCR are ruled out as headliner options IMO the headliner pool now looks like this: Established headliners Iron Maiden Metallica Slipknot System Of A Down Rammstein Avenged Sevenfold Biffy Clyro Muse Guns N'Roses Def Leppard My Chemical Romance Big enough but never played Green Day Pearl Jam Blink-182 Ready to get bump up Bring Me The Horizon Ghost Five Finger Death Punch (?) ...and some other bands that i don't know if will tour again: KISS, Aerosmith, Ozzy/Sabbath, Foo Fighters, AC/DC along with once in a lifetime bookings like Tool and RATM
  7. AC/DC are now rumoured to do Hellfest next year Metallica - BMTH - Metallica - AC/DC
  8. FFDP were incredibly shite at Download Germany, i know they are huge and i used to like them a lot but i hope they don't sub nex year let alone headline otherwise, i don't like Sabaton music but they did put a hell of a show right before Metallica
  9. in the US festivals that Metallica played twice the headliner of the day between actually played the second mainstage, would it be the same at DL? i can't imagine BMTH or whoever headlines Friday playing at Opus
  10. if the rumours about headliners are true: Apex: METALLICA (hits set) / Ghost / Trivium Opus: Limp Bizkit / Alexisonfire ___ Apex: BRING ME THE HORIZON / Architects / While She Sleeps Opus: Alice In Chains / Stone Temple Pilots ___ Apex: METALLICA (Kill Em All Set) / Parkway Drive / Gojira Opus: The Offspring / Papa Roach ___ Apex: GUNS N'ROSES / Alter Bridge / Halestorm Opus: Lamb Of God / Behemoth Apex and Opus headliners not clashing, Metallica and GNR with 2+ hour set
  11. METALLICA Alter Bridge Gojira 2nd: The Offspring _____ BRING ME THE HORIZON Architects While She Sleeps 2nd: Rob Zombie ______ METALLICA Five Finger Death Punch Trivium 2nd: Halestorm _______ PARKWAY DRIVE Ghost Lamb Of God 2nd: Sabaton
  12. just thinking about how powerful the last few years lineups could have been with a 4th headliner added 2017: LINKIN PARK - SYSTEM OF A DOWN - BIFFY CLYRO - AEROSMITH 2018: FOO FIGHTERS - AVENGED SEVENFOLD - GUNS N'ROSES - OZZY OSBOURNE 2019: BRING ME THE HORIZON - DEF LEPPARD - SLIPKNOT - TOOL 2022: METALLICA - KISS - IRON MAIDEN - BIFFY CLYRO
  13. went to a few festivals with main stages side by side and i think it works pretty well, Download itself already did it in 2010 with AC/DC
  14. if they really want to get BIG next year and put a 2 Mainstage setup (with Mainstages side by side) Thursday MS1 (Knotfest UK): SLIPKNOT / Gojira / Killswitch Engage MS2: BRING ME THE HORIZON / Parkway Drive / Bury Tomorrow ___ Friday MS1: METALLICA / Alter Bridge / Halestorm MS2: GHOST / Trivium / Mudvayne __ Saturday MS1: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / Run The Jewels / While She Sleeps MS2: FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH / Limp Bizkit / Papa Roach ___ Sunday MS1: SYSTEM OF A DOWN / Disturbed / The Offspring MS2: JUDAS PRIEST / Lamb Of God / Amon Amarth
  15. that's what i think, Ghost are playing O2 in london, so did Alter Bridge and BMTH multiple times. FFDP in 2017 pulled a crowd bigger than any headliner that year, i don't know what doesn't make those bands bigger than Def Leppard and KISS
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