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  1. what about Mudvayne being 3rd down on Friday? they were on the first leaked Hellfest lineup, i'm beginning to think they are waiting for the current US festival run to end to announce a whole tour in 2022
  2. the leader of the band that Download booked to headline twice in five years without any new material
  3. realistic wishlist METALLICA / Trivium / Gojira 2nd: Sabaton __ RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / Architects / Run The Jewels 2nd: Halestorm __ AVENGED SEVENFOLD / Ghost / Disturbed 2nd: Slash
  4. Trivium's new album is superb, they need to get the jump to big festival headliners now
  5. those bands doesn't have to be necessarily future headliners, but look at Trivium for example. they were almost unknown and played very early on mainstage in 2005 and according to the band that show boosted their career
  6. that alien weaponry + power trip run was one of the few times they did it right and put really exciting new bands in the early mainstage spot
  7. they won't. they did the same in 2019 with Jinjer
  8. looks like a Reading lineup from the 90's or 2000's, i dig it
  9. i personally wouldn't mind Arctics headlining a download-esque festival
  10. talking about Korn, weird to think that not so long ago they got a 3rd down Mainstage spot
  11. i know download doesn't have co-headline sets but it would be a way to bump bands like them. put korn and deftones to co-headline a day with bot 1h30 sets
  12. Download is the weaker of the 2022 festival season
  13. BMTH are the band that have everything that's required to do an amazing headline set. loyal fanbase, sells out arenas, amazing production but for some reason they never get the bump in neither Reading and Download
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