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  1. didn't saw that coming, i'm feeling the same thing i felt 11 years ago when Paul died the drummer of a generation for sure may he rest in peace
  2. really hoping for Jinjer from bloodstock. would love to see bands that are playing elsewhere in 2022 like Ministry, FFDP, Evanescence and Opeth
  3. i'm sure Metallica will play in 2023 not only in Download but in festivals they are missing like Rock Am Ring, Nova Rock and maybe Graspop
  4. Evanescence are at Nova Rock 2022 any chances?
  5. NIN are Hellfest exclusive but yes i would love to see a festival with BMTH, A7X and Metallica headlining with bands like Faith No More, FFDP and Judas Priest on the undercard about Limp Bizkit, they aren't big in their own shows but i think they could be a nice sub because they draw huge crowds at festivals and they are becoming a nostalgia act at this point
  6. Limp Bizkit are around next year? if so, they might be the sub for KISS
  7. new Trivium (leaked) single is astonishing. really hope to see them subbing next time
  8. if Gojira released a bunch of crap albuns...
  9. headlining 2nd with their own stage is the perfect spot, at least they have a band like Iron Maiden headlining to sub...
  10. Gojira will play a arena tour next year. They are definitely rising for headliner level in a few years
  11. wishlist based on bands that are around in 22
  12. just made a wishlist lineup based only on bands that will be around
  13. this song is horrible, i hope BFMV be happy with headlining the pilot and stay away from the mainstage sub spot forever
  14. hellfest and primavera just putted all other festivals, in their respective genres, in shame
  15. now i'm dreaming of: an regular day of APE with Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, HEALTH and Youth Code an extra day of APE with Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne, While She Sleeps, Jinjer and Bury Tomorrow and a BST day with Metallica, Bring Me The Horizon, Sabaton, Opeth and more
  16. surely the biggest metal fest in history. the only thing missing to make it even bigger is Iron Maiden
  17. unbelievable lineup, there's something for everyone there
  18. can't see them doing festival circuit without playing rock am ring and download
  19. Metallica are almost nailed. Rumours since beginning of the year said that they were doing end june-early july fests (werchter, hellfest 2, mad cool etc) in 2022 and early june fests in 2023 (rock am ring, download) which has been proven at least half true now all bands RATM, Avenged Sevenfold and MCR are pretty likely tho
  20. at the time of Download 2019, We Are Not Your Kind were not released yet so they technically have 2 albuns and four years on the back for a return. Slipknot in 2023 would be a good booking
  21. Slipknot - Metallica are almost nailed on, i think SOAD could be the 3rd headliner but i hope for RATM or MCR
  22. i think they will get them. it was only a matter of schedule. metallica just vanished from european festival circuit for almost a decade
  23. Metallica oficially confirmed a end june-early july festival tour for next year so it's true the rumour that they will be doing that in 2022 and early june festivals (Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park/Download/Graspop) in 2023
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