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  1. This is my favourite, a freebie from the Times from years ago, probably listened to it more than I have any NGHFB / Oasis / Beady Eye album. Love it, maybe it's the inclusion of a duet with Weller on the Butterfly Collector.
  2. This is one of my regular haunts, love the Park in the early hours
  3. Another sufferer here, mine definitely eases with movement. First thing on a morning is the killer. Like Pilton Digger, standing still is definitely the worst for me. First bout was in 2014 and I didn't attend in 2015. Not related. Second slipped disc happened during the first lockdown and I think it would have meant me missing Bearded Theory, not sure it would have stopped me going to Glastonbury. I would have just taken it easier, seen more of the Cabaret and Circus and not walked the 20-25km a day we did in 2019. Once it's settled down, I have found the Renpho massage gun really good for relieving sciatic pain/ Hope you manage to make it
  4. I was really hoping for Kid Kapichi, they're playing Kendal the same weekend. So far enjoying Spyres and Stanleys, who I now remember I saw supporting the Lathums. I'm sure they'll be a few more I fancy by the time we get to July.
  5. Allotment stage, any recommendations?
  6. I must be in the other 50% of males there, I'm a bald headed average sized bloke, albeit in a kilt.
  7. They've had Lukas on each of my visits, so fully expecting them to have it again
  8. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    @PipineJust checked then out, turns out I saw quite a few Phlegm works over the weekend. They're really impressive I much prefer street art to art galleries. I've been fortunate to see a lot of street art around the world, my favourite so far is DJ Lu, a Colombian artist. Well worth checking out if you like your street art
  9. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    Thanks, I'll check out the other ones.
  10. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    Assuming it's this one? If so, it's cool. Does he wear it or does he have it framed?
  11. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    Mrs Boomtowner has also been following him for a long time too, I'm a little disappointed she didn't introduce me to him earlier. I'm now following him on the dreaded FB, but I've been going trough his back catalogue. I bought a copy of the Snog as an anniversary present for us.
  12. They were awesome live, the first few times I saw them. Diminished somewhat over the years.
  13. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    Here are a few pieces that need really liked;
  14. Boomtowner

    Pete McKee

    Out celebrating our anniversary this weekend in Sheffield and Mrs Boomtowner dragged me to an art exhibition (not my usual thing) of a celebrated local artist. Long story short, it was amazing. A real look at working class culture and some fantastic art. Turns out I've seen him perform a couple of times with the Everley Pregnant Brothers but had no idea he was an artist. A lot of his work his themed around music, just wondered if there were other fans on here as well. I am genuinely shocked that I haven't seen his work before, especially when our musical taste and political views are obviously similar.
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