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  1. WS_Jack_III


    Wow, have you guys heard about why the NXT lads were called up? Apparently there wasn't even a script and Vince & Triple H argued a bunch over what was happening.
  2. WS_Jack_III

    The Gaming Thread

    Sounds about right, the guy I watched was constantly in the top 10 and picking up wins. He was always being targeted early on in games.
  3. WS_Jack_III


    ewwwwwwww a 6 man tag at mania
  4. WS_Jack_III

    The Gaming Thread

    I was watching someone on twitch play this. I didn't understand the BR element of it. I assumed that you target players with an analogue stick ready for when you clear off lines and they get added to your opponents stack.
  5. WS_Jack_III

    Is anyone else still waiting to get properly excited?

    I don't have a ticket yet and therefore I cannot get excited. When the line up comes out it'll be weird because I'll want to get excited but I'll have keep chilled about it.
  6. WS_Jack_III


    Also don't get the NXT thing. Now if they have a revolving thing where different members appear on Raw and SDL every now and again that could be cool. But yeah, you just called up a bunch of them and you have one tag team that features a bloke who I can't understand, Lacey Evans just walking around and EC3 has gone missing.
  7. WS_Jack_III

    Things that annoy you ?

    and Robin Hood's Bay 😂
  8. WS_Jack_III

    Things that annoy you ?

    no, i've started to broaden my search
  9. WS_Jack_III

    The Gaming Thread

    I did this for my 100 sub special, not the most interesting video in terms of what is going on but some of you might get a kick from seeing some of the different games I play. Bit of a shameless plug...
  10. WS_Jack_III

    Things that annoy you ?

    yeah the Clown mask is maybe a bit much.
  11. WS_Jack_III


    Their way of pleasing us and not going all in on her. As long as she's in the HOF, that's the main thing.
  12. WS_Jack_III


    Most people didn't get IIconics at first. I just loved them avoiding tagging in during the week plus that double team pin in the Chamber was class.
  13. WS_Jack_III


    I'm not sure people are surprised at Kofi's performance, more he's been booked into this position. Remember, he wasn't even in the match last week. Totally get Sasha & Bayley winning, they put more spotlight on it, now one of Riot Squad or IIconics should take it off them at Mania, would help put them over a bit more. IIconics have been fantastic recently.
  14. WS_Jack_III


    In a sense yes but it was enjoyable. Yes that match took me off guard, was sure McMiz would retain.
  15. WS_Jack_III


    I honestly thought he was going to win.