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  1. WS_Jack_III


    Avengers: Infinity War - they nailed it. Deadpool 2 - as good as the first. Watched them back to back today.
  2. WS_Jack_III

    2018 New Music

    Liking the new Disclosure Feels like a return to form after a slightly disappointing second album.
  3. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Seems dodgy to me.
  4. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    So apparently they've included future wages in it. This seems totally wrong to me. PR stunt to avoid backing Rafa again.
  5. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Newcastle's accounts have finally been published. Wage budget somehow went up 30 mil in the championship No wonder HMRC were looking into the club. I don't get it.
  6. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    While I like the idea too, you have to play Kane!
  7. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Keep your hands off Rafa!
  8. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Could be. Sunderland fans are clamouring for him to return
  9. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

  10. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Big Sham got the boot again! Wonder how long it'll be until he fools another club into hiring him.
  11. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Oh it was related to that. All I knew about that was him and that fan having an altercation.
  12. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Not saying he should start but if things are going wrong, throw him on. He's custom made for Vardy and Sterling imo
  13. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Why not?
  14. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Shelvey to miss out on England squad because of his disciplinary record and fears he won't be a good "Tourist". Livermore tested positive for Cocaine use and wasn't exactly a great "Tourist" with WBA when he stole a taxi. Dele Ali has an appalling attitude but gets away with everything because he already is an England international.
  15. WS_Jack_III

    Football 17/18

    Keepers off the line is the last thing that needs sorting with penalties anyway. Need to stop the bullshit stop/start thing players do when taking one. Should be one swift motion.

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