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  1. @kaosmark2 @charlierc It's our highest points total in 8 years! We didn't win a match for 14, I cannot describe what an incredible turn around it has been from Eddie, the team and the ownership.
  2. Think it looks smart, I'll be after one if it is indeed the new away kit.
  3. Newcastle are safe, unreal turn around. First team to not win for 14 games and still survive. Excited for next season already, been a very long time since I said that.
  4. Don't think the Newcastle comparison is quite equal. Burnley gone from a stable and long term structure and changed it. Newcastle had 4 managers that season? The club was an absolute dumpster fire.
  5. 22K at St James' Park today for the women's game. What a turn out for the lasses.
  6. Liverpool fans who I work with are genuinely concerned that Newcastle will throw a spanner in the works for their title hopes tomorrow. Not so sure myself but what a weird old season it has been, can't believe I'm hearing this kind of thing.
  7. It's starting to look that way. Rafa lost 10 out of 19 and Lamps has lost 8 in 12.
  8. Newcastle are somehow 9th in the league despite giving everyone a 14 game head start 🤯
  9. Manager of the season picking up a 6th win in a row at St James' Park, only had 1 win after first half of the season, unbelievable turn around.
  10. Wasn't aimed at you, more pointing out the ludicrous opinions given regarding NUFC.
  11. Of course cash helped, literally what the transfer window is for. Liverpool and Man City aren't at the top end of the table by playing a full 11 from their youth systems. But the absolute biggest influence is the manager and we so desperately needed a change from the dinosaur. No club has ever stayed up after no wins in 14.
  12. Eddie Howe, manager of the season.
  13. West Ham have a real chance of winning some silverware this season now surely? Dyche sacked by Burnley, odd timing.
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