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  1. nearing 12k season tickets not renewed at Newcastle now. Bruce being an absolute shithouse again to force the move through. Perfect fit for the fat cockney bastard.
  2. Finally saw Baby Driver (it's on Netflix now) Bloody loved it! Seems like one of to watch a few times.
  3. Now hearing Bruce isn't happening 😂 f*ck you Mike Ashley.
  4. Bruce was their 6th choice, taste of your own medicine Mike! Tells you all you need to know about his running of the club. We were so lucky that Rafa approached them 3 years ago. Nobody wants to be his yes man, well I guess someone does, shame on you Bruce.
  5. We were 12/1 to finish dead last. I was gonna stick a hundred on it, might have missed out on that now though.
  6. The bag checks were very full on this year I thought. We used Gate A mostly. On Wednesday, after 2 trips back to the car, I couldn't be arsed stopping so I just pretended I didn't hear the bloke shouting me. Not that I had anything to hide, just couldn't be bothered stopping, just wanted to get set up and to the Brothers Bar.
  7. We already covered the whole DJ/producer live or not thing in the Chems thread. It seems to come up a lot on here. As someone who makes electronic music and performs it live, I always like to try and defend these acts. I brought up the fact that Disclosure go out of their way to really make sure you realise they are actually doing stuff up there. They don't really need to do all this but I think they were worried about the exact comments we've seen in this thread. Each act is different and I've not seen an awful lot from Chems regarding this. Paul from Orbital has become more open to showing his setup, in recent years. I like to term my live set as "Live Sequenced" because it is my tracks cut up in sequence (intro, middle & end usually but can have break downs and such too), some loop round until I move it on, some automatically follow on and I always transition from one track to the next. The main things i'm doing "live" is messing with my bass synth's parameters (on some tracks) messing with the delay on vocals/bass/overall track, adding reverb to snare (in some tracks)and of course, triggering out of loops and transitioning into the next track (check out a recent video of me performing below) but I'm never actually playing an instrument live, it was all done at home or in the studio to make the track though. I've just started practicing doing some stuff on the fly with my korg volca keys too. It also takes a shit load of work in the studio to make this all work and quite a bit of practice so it's all good on the night. The problem we face is people like Deadmau5 coming out and saying "anybody can do this" but people need to learn the difference between some of these acts and what they are actually doing up there.
  8. Said on his blog that he's had more contact with his current bossed in a week than 3 years at Newcastle.
  9. WS_Jack_III

    Any videos?

    oh yeah, this one really got to me.
  10. To be fair, 8 managers have been favourite to take over since Benitez left, although Bruce hit odds on tonight. I could go stick 2k on Jose to be manager and his odds would be slashed again due to my bet.
  11. 😂 F*cking shite. Hopefully that'll finally get everyone to boycott.
  12. Having said that, it's difficult AF! The online is basically who can avoid being hit on the first lap, they end up winning by a lap. They've added like a season pass thing called "Grand Prix" which is free and has new challenges daily, weekly and monthly. Unlock skins for your karts and new characters. Nice bit of replayability.
  13. WS_Jack_III

    Any videos?

    It's actually on my gaming channel, it used to be my channel for all my videos but I split them all up a few years back.
  14. WS_Jack_III

    Any videos?

    Cheers, doing good numbers compared to the 2017 one I did.
  15. WS_Jack_III

    Any videos?

    Posted it a few times on here, sorry to those who are sick of it.
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