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  1. Hey gang, I finally got my new track uploaded to all the music sites (took way longer than normal) Here's the music video, links to music sites are in the description if you like what you hear and wanna save the track to playlists and stuff.
  2. WS_Jack_III


    There's evidence out there that it have got shorter with media. To your point on nobody being over, MITB is the specific PPV to build someone.
  3. WS_Jack_III


    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the comedy spots here and there, think R-Truth has been ace these past few years but to have your main event be just complete nonsense doesn't sit right with me.
  4. WS_Jack_III


    Exactly, hence it was crap.
  5. WS_Jack_III


    First point is absolute rubbish 🤣 sorry but it is, the cases were on either side, they both could have just won there, the spot just didn't need to be there at all. The elevator doesn't just go up one floor though. Apparently there's is only 4 floors at Titan towers, why did she only ride it up one floor? Your bottom point brings up something else I hate from wrestling, when they do that rope run and hop over and duck under thing, don't know what it's called but it seems like wrestling 101 and i've always found it to look fake.
  6. WS_Jack_III


    yeah and it's interesting to hear him saying what we've all said but on the trail for episode two he clearly wasn't happy with his "Last Match" and wanted to prove he was better than that, unfortunately the Goldberg match was even worse. Wonder how they're gonna tackle the Saudi stuff as well and not say it's literally for the money. A good story is one that makes sense and follows some sort of logic, at least to me. I'm mostly not actually mentioning "Real fight scenarios" here just the pure lack of logic taken by the characters. It would make more sense to equate my complaints to that of something like Star Wars or Game of Thrones here. Why are those characters doing stupid things? Lazy writing, direction and production.
  7. WS_Jack_III


    Why did Asuka jump on all the women, she was a floor up already and had a head start. Why didn't she then ride the elevator all the way to the top? I duno, I know they aim it at kids but even kids should pick up on the lack of logic to all of it.
  8. WS_Jack_III


    Oh also, food fight 🙄
  9. WS_Jack_III


    Okay i'll break it down. Why did Dana not know it finished on the roof when it had been reported for two weeks that's where the briefcase is? why the f*ck did Corbin try and stop Asuka? Why did none of the other women make it to the roof, they wouldn't have known the match had ended for them. Why were Vince and Steph sort of mad with the superstars for being there/wrecking the office. They booked this match. Not as sure on this but pretty sure AJ won, did he have the case in his hands? Boneyard dumb bits were literally the dumb taker things that we've had for years, like teleportation and shooting fire. Speaking of taker, the doc is good.
  10. WS_Jack_III


    I hated it and when you think about it a little bit it really made no sense. Loved the Boneyard, should have tried for something like that again. Huge news coming out of WWE Raw tonight, Congratulations to Becky and Seth.
  11. oh man, that's rough. I'm sorry.
  12. So since none of us will be going to festivals this summer. What are your streaks that will end? Haven't missed a Glastonbury since 2005 ( although technically we pass this off as a fallow) First summer since 2005 I won't be at a music festival Going hand in hand with that, first time in 3 years i won't be uploading festival highlight reels to my YouTube channel All this dawn on me the other night 😭
  13. WS_Jack_III


    the hair is a handy guide, Phil is the "Loud" personality. It's funny, not sure i mentioned on here, but when I talked to them, I found Phil to be really chatty and lovely and Paul was fine but conversation was more difficult with him.
  14. WS_Jack_III


    Particularly the final 3 minutes or so, apparently it's Paul's favourite track he's made too so that's cool.
  15. WS_Jack_III


    He's going to get done over by a heel. No way Otis cashes in.
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