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  1. So did I and seeing others had a similar thing and got them takes the piss.
  2. Yep, "site not reached" back and confirm for the next 10 mins and it still never worked. I don't understand how I didn't get them. Feel very cheated.
  3. I'm still completely unaware as to how I didn't get tickets when I clicked confirm around 9:25.
  4. I genuinely feel cheated out.
  5. I only put in 5 so I think that's what it meant.
  6. So I'm not sure how I haven't got my tickets really. Starting to feel quite pissed off about it.
  7. nothing in my bank about it and no confirmation email. I cannot fathom how it hasn't worked for me since I got to the very end and clicked confirm.
  8. I got to the 'check all info is correct' part and clicked confirm for it to come back 'site has crashed.' Duno if I got my tickets or not
  9. ARGH I duno if it went through or not
  10. I have done I'm clicking confirm on the page that says check all the information is correct.
  11. it keeps saying Site can't be reached after i hit confirm. Has it done or not?
  12. put details in, clicked buy tickets, site can't be reached! Did it do it or not?
  13. white page only for Wednesday. Gonna attempt for the main on Sunday.
  14. Holy sh*t what is going on, the scores are crazy low.
  15. Knew Liam would keep it going.
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