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  1. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Of course, some of us just want a fairer game.
  2. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Huh? Perez scored and had it calked off for offside I'm led to believe. VAR would sort that out. Shite if not.
  3. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    We should have a 2nd goal as well. Ruled offside when it wasn't. Bring on VAR.
  4. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Robbery from Newcastle today. Can we have an owner next season who doesn't have a fetish with putting our fans through relegation battles each year?
  5. WS_Jack_III


    It's great if you can find the time to dig back through it.
  6. WS_Jack_III

    Things that ur happy about

    Going to see Orbital next week!
  7. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Usually bring out the worst type of fan in an away end.
  8. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Ever been in an away end?
  9. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Part of the reason I stopped playing and attending games as much. Loads of blokes in their 30s, 40s & 50s acting like 12 year olds. Embarrassing.
  10. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Yedlin just been sent off. Now I haven't seen it to say whether or not it should have been but someone tweeted that stat I was talking about last week. 146 prem games since an opponent has been sent off vs Newcastle.
  11. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    That was my initial thought too.
  12. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    I know some clubs have had it worse like. Kenyon obviously knows the PL though if he's been in Man U & Chelsea and if it's not actually his money going into the club, surely he'll be answering to someone else?
  13. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Shareholders aren't happy with the negative press he's generating via the club though. Share price has plummeted since the summer. oh right. When was he at Chelsea? it can't get much worse than Ashley.
  14. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    Why's that?
  15. WS_Jack_III

    Football 18/19

    The only hope i'm clinging on to is the fact is he's got trouble over at SD and maybe he wants to go and focus on that again.