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  1. Volunteering with Oxfam at Boomtown. First time there
  2. I will be there with Oxfam so will try to meet up
  3. Spacey

    Volunteering 2020

    Got Glastonbury with Oxfam. As well as Bearded Theory, and a few more. Missed out on Long Road
  4. Spacey

    NFR NFC for 2020

    Whereabouts were you? Womad was very hot and then fairly hot with a small bit of rain Friday night. Ground bone dry
  5. Spacey

    E fest meet??

    Well that’s 3 of us ?
  6. Spacey

    E fest meet??

    Is there going to be a meet up? I will be stewarding with a Oxfam but up for meeting up if there are a few from here
  7. I thought it was just like a metal fence before. Never realised it had a bit that could be stood in
  8. Not sure if this has been noted before. Watching the highlights of Glastonbury and during Sheryl Crow’s set it looks like the 2nd barrier back has quite a big space in it with security guards standing in it. Is this new or am I seeing it wrong. Didn’t notice it when I was there
  9. I have just today got a place. First time for me too volunteering and on my own so interested in the answers. By the way it was sold out but places came up this morning
  10. Christine and the Queens Sigrid Keane
  11. Spacey

    Country file weather

    I said to my husband got to put Countryfile on. It’s tradition
  12. Spacey

    eFestivals meet

    I’m sure some of us will be meeting up
  13. Spacey

    eFestivals meet

    I haven’t seen anything about an e Festivals meet yet this year. Is it happening?
  14. Spacey

    Gold Membership Time

    I am Gold now. Well worth the money ?
  15. I saw the Pink Fairies a couple of times in the 70s at the Roundhouse. I thought Lemmy was with them but i think I saw Motörhead as well so may be thinking of that. Also saw Hawkwind at Brunel university around 1976/7. It will be great to see them at Glastonbury
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