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  1. Spacey

    Problem with registration

    I've been waiting over a week for the first one, 6 days for the second and 3 working days for the third. Just phoned them and it sounds like they can't get through them quick enough. They have lots to check.
  2. Spacey

    Problem with registration

    Not exactly easy to find then. Thanks for that
  3. Spacey

    Problem with registration

    I’ll try that. Thanks. Couldn’t find it when I went direct to Seetickets and missed it in your post. I’ve e mailed them for now by the way where did that quote with the phone number on come from? I’ve been looking everywhere on Glastonbury site and Seetickets site for a way to contact them and didn’t see that
  4. Spacey

    Problem with registration

    Thanks I’ve contacted the festival office. Can’t contact See as they want a reference number which I don’t have and I can’t see any way of contacting them
  5. Spacey

    Problem with registration

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problem with registration. I’ve been registered before but it’s run out. I’ve now tried 3 times. Got the e mail thanking me for registering and saying I will get another when my photo is approved but that’s it. I’ve waited the 3 days each time. Looked in junk etc but nothing. What’s going on? There is no one to contact to ask!
  6. Spacey

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    I’m going to Bestival too. Planning to meet up with Curly Girl and hopefully meet you too. I enjoy reading your posts although I only post occasionally
  7. Spacey

    Favourite venues

    I love The Eden Project in Cornwall. Eden sessions held there in the Summer. Small and beautiful venue with lots of plants.
  8. Spacey

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hello @Curlygirl. Met you at the meet and also with the sparkly ones. Also had a nice chat with @H.M.V who let me share her sunshade. Not really been on here much but thought I'd drop in. Hope you are all ticketyboo and enjoying the wet Summer. Been to a couple of festivals and going to The Downs in Bristol beginning of September. Anyone else? Anyway. I live quite close to Beautiful Days and have been a few times. Nice festival, fairly small a bit Avalonish. Didn't go this year but wouldn't mind next year but also need to find someone to go with so maybe we could meet up there. It would be nice to know a few people there x
  9. Spacey

    What made you smile ?

    Did anyone see the blind running in the green fields on Thursday? People blindfolded and running about 50 m. Had people each side making sure they didn't run into crowd and someone at the end to catch them. They looked so funny as they were waving their arms around. Maybe you had to be there but it made me smile.
  10. Spacey

    Alternative Recommendations for 2018

    Is there any festival that has a theatre circus area of the quality of Glastonbury with some good music as well. Maybe Avalon/ Acoustic like?
  11. i have page up @curlygirl if you still need a ticket
  12. I can help if anyone needs it.
  13. Good Morning. The V & A Glastonbury exhibition was interesting but small. Nice mini pyramid with lots of sound recordings. Also has a memory wall where people can write down their memories of different areas. If you are in the area worth a look. Will be travelling back home to North Devon this morning.
  14. Off to V&A now. Will check out Glastonbury exhibition