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  1. I tested positive this morning. First time.
  2. One year. Around 2011 my ticket didn’t arrive. See told me to pick it up from the box office which I did. It was a pain as I was in a campervan and the box office was the other side of the site. I had to drive to box office and get the ticket, then drive round to campervan fields. Somehow the friends that I was meeting and wanted to camp with managed to save me a campervan space where they were camping, meet me at the entrance on foot and lead me to the said space.
  3. Spacey

    Volunteering 2022

    There seems to be a few of us on here with earlies. Anyone know how many get earlies out of the total number of stewards?
  4. Spacey

    Volunteering 2022

    I’ve got early shifts too. Can’t wait!
  5. I have a place volunteering in the Oxfam shop at Boomtown. First time at Boomtown and first time in a festival shop although have stewarded at quite a few festivals. Should be interesting!
  6. Been every year since 2000 except 2003. Managed to get hospitality tickets a few times when I didn’t get normal tickets. I volunteer now which takes away the stress of ticket day.
  7. I’m stewarding with Oxfam so will be there. If my shifts allow I will come to the meet 😀
  8. I can imagine getting off site and out of the car parks will be a nightmare for a one day event. Everyone will be leaving at the same time!
  9. Checked in the week. It worked then stopped working. Contacted support and they cleared problem. Worked today
  10. Thanks logged out and back in and it’s working now
  11. I just have a black screen when I log on. Is that what others have?
  12. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the live stream? I know it’s not on until Saturday but they suggest testing it. I logged on to test it and it worked at first. (There is a short rolling video showing all the time). Logged out but when I tried to log back in have access denied. Can’t log in to it on any device now. Message is saying I have 3 active sessions, all on the same device and at a similar time. This seems to be blocking me. Contacted support and they have yet to get back to me.
  13. Covid restrictions: Can music festivals be safely planned? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56462200
  14. The Big Sheep near me in Bideford North Devon have been putting on socially distanced gigs. You buy a circle in a field with a stage and can have up to 6 people from 2 households I think. Bit expensive if only 2 of you but I think they are now selling circles for less people. Haven’t been my self but looks OKish. Have to stay in the circle with only one leaving at a time to get drinks etc. Don’t know what the atmosphere is like. Beans on toast played the other week which tempted me but don’t know anyone else who would go round this way. Usually go to Glastonbury on my own and meet friends there. Article and photos in link below https://www.mnprmagazine.com/live-music-returns-to-north-devon-with-the-baa-ladium-socially-distanced-outdoor-concert-series/
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