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  1. Might be something to do with all the days off Bruce let them have. I'd argue they still aren't up to pace yet. This is damning of Bruce's coaching in my opinion.
  2. Got the platinum for God of War (2018) making it my 49th. Really love that game and cannot wait to see where the story goes in Ragnarok.
  3. Rafa was a big part of the plans for the new ownership, think a lot of people forget this whole takeover saga started back when Rafa was in charge at the toon. Majority of NUFC fans love Rafa but there is a portion that didn't like his more defensive/counter based game.
  4. I always said it would start bad for him there, he actually got a little good run right at the start of the season though. Rafa teams usually come good back end of the season. Still not sure why he took the job, if he'd have just waited a little longer he could have returned to Newcastle.
  5. Long time no see in this thread for me, been busy building my channel up. Cricket 22 releases tomorrow! Was hoping to get it free but my contact isn't emailing back so I've ordered it now.
  6. Injuries is what their fans are saying.
  7. Slightly harsh, when you look where Bournemouth were when he took over and where he left them, it's a big difference, even if they did fall out the prem, did they really have any right to stay in it so long?
  8. I think it would be pretty short sighted to sack him if we go down but there was rumours that they were putting an out clause in the contract should we go down.
  9. We're down mate, I've accepted it, Ashely's legacy and parting shot to the club.
  10. Sounds like he has a crap agent putting him forward for work he's never, ever gonna get. Mind he did land the Newcastle job somehow, oh yeah, because reportedly 10 others turned down Ashley before Bruce was offered it.
  11. Well for starters, he couldn't hack the criticism for how sh*t he was at Newcastle and played up to the media that he was being abused by the fans. He cried to his mate in the telegraph about how it might make him retire but now he's putting his name in for possibly the highest profile job in the English game. Bloke is an absolute clown.
  12. Reports that Bruce's agent has reached out to Man U. If true, the bloke is more deluded than I thought. *Hope it happens though 🤣
  13. Please let him take over, would be brilliant at SJP, he'd be booed so much 😂 Also he'd take Man U even further backwards.
  14. Please, please, please let this happen!
  15. Just talking about it now with my brother, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City are all better. So Man United are already down in 4th for me, I reckon Arsenal are around the same level too and West Ham are on a flyer this season. Realistically they should be fighting it out for 4th-6th. Isn't that about where they are currently?
  16. I know you're taking the piss but to be fair, his overall record is around the same as the previous three. What do Manchester United fans expect? Obviously that's the level of the club in the post Fergie era.
  17. Disgraceful from the Man United fans, hounded out a club legend. The abuse he's suffered on social media is shameful.
  18. Yeah I think I got it. Regardless, I watched the match and there was a definite improvement in the approach of the Newcastle team. Unfortunately the defending was still Sunday league standard.
  19. Those home games are must wins if we are to survive, won't get anything at Arsenal other than a battering.
  20. I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere if it actually made sense.
  21. well yesterday was an improvement, we actually played for a result.
  22. The damage has well and truly been done by Bruce, can't see a way out of relegation now.
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