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  1. Cheers! Should be a good crack...decent line up for the money.
  2. We randomly booked this yesterday...Dodgy Thursday night headliners, Shed 7 Saturday and Manics Sunday. £130 and can camp next to your car so seems great value. Anybody been before? Whats the atmosphere like?
  3. Yeah thats really useful, thanks. Think I'll give it a swerve (with the babby at least) and stick to Bearded and Beautiful Days etc.
  4. Bucking the trend a bit...I actually really like the line-up. Haven't been to Y Not for about 5 years. Last time I went it seemed to be full of pissed up teens. Is that still the general vibe? Gonna be a lot easier sell to my other half if it has magically transformed into a kid friendly paradise for a 4 year old. Anybody been recently who can give us an idea?
  5. Damien Marley maybe? Saw him at Beautiful Days last and he was (unexpectedly) one of my highlights of the year
  6. Ahh yeah good point. Not listed on their website
  7. Does seem to be dragging on a bit now. If its the Levellers they might be waiting until their gig in Digbeth in June has shifted a few more tickets maybe? Manics and James don't appear to have any 2020 dates lined up so probably unlikely to be either of those. Could be Primal Scream?
  8. Yeah....did have the misfortune of catching one of them once. 'Nothing Lasts Forever'....except for one of their sets when you are watching it in a muddy field on the last night of a festival
  9. Nah, just killing time waiting for the next announcement!
  10. Just thinking I believe BT delayed the announcement last week as they were waiting on one of the headliners making an announcement, Simple Minds announced some dates this week around April/May and they are probably about the right size? Would prefer Manics/Levs myself...
  11. Got a sneaky feeling 'Simple Minds' might be one of the other headliners
  12. You definitely won't regret it. Friendliest crowd, really sound organisers, small enough to get round easily, lovely choice of booze & food, eclectic music. Currently our only 'book regardless' festival. My money is on Manics for one of the other headliners...
  13. Can't wait to look round at all the smiling faces in the crowd when they're on. Gonna be awesome.
  14. I suggested Flaming Lips on the Facebook group and that got over 100 likes so fingers crossed. Regardless we'll be booking tickets when they go on sale
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