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  1. Nice one...cheers. Looking forward to this...camping next to the car is a massive bonus!
  2. Yeah hoping to catch them. Like the fact there arent loads of stages so dont have to worry so much about clashes as at other festivals. Does anybody know if you can your booze into the arena at this one?
  3. Overall brilliant weekend. Got in remarkably quickly, was pitched up by 9.30am. As my other half and babby weren't coming until the Friday went down to the entrance to give people a hand who were struggling (rather than just start drinking). Really enjoyed Dubioza Kolektiv, Frank Turner, Hives, No Doubt, Porridge Radio and Flaming Lips. Bumped into and shook Wayne Coynes hand and caught their soundcheck (not gonna lie, I cried when they did the soundcheck for 'Do You Realize?!') which was a massive bonus. Definitely felt busier than previously. Sure the organisers said the capacity hadnt increased but can't believe that...by 4-5pm most days felt like all the stages were rammed. With the exception of Bob Vylan didnt really get to see anything on the Woodland (couldnt justify queuing for an hour when there were other bands on) The ale was decent but felt like a lot less choice than in previous years. Literally everybody I spoke to was lovely (was wearing a 'Never Voted Tory' t shirt on Saturday which started a lot of conversations). Overall, great weekend, although it felt slightly less being part of a little secret club than in previous years.
  4. Think they are recommending selling on Twickets...good luck
  5. Hoping to be set up around the same time...need to try and take it easy on the beer once the tent is up so dont peak too soon. Will probably go back down to entrance and see if anybody needs a hand
  6. Yeah, really surprised he is subbing...we saw him at Beautiful Days which has a much bigger capacity last year and he was headlining so its almost like we are getting two headliners on the Saturday
  7. Yeah...this time next week...FINALLY! Been packed for ages although my other half is leaving to the last minute (as per usual). Cannot wait.
  8. Getting the tent back into the bag used to be an absolute bastard of a thing! Found since we got an inflatable tent the bag is much better and usually do it at the first attempt.
  9. Ha ha...glad I'm not the only one! I've printed two lots of tickets off, packed everything weeks ago and loaded and unloaded the car twice it make sure I can fit it all in. My other half is dropping me off Thurs to set up then she is coming down with the babby after school Friday...so my panic will stretch until Friday PM when they turn up. Stressful this festival lark! Don't want to mention the 'W' word but its looking very good at the moment.
  10. Guessing might be the field for artists given he appeared to be dj'ing.
  11. Family camping is on the website as 'family and quiet camping'...usually about a 10-15 walk from car park. To be honest nowhere is really far away at Bearded anyway. In terms of loos, normally a few by family but we take one of them little ones you can get from most camping shops for £15-£20 just for any 3am wee's if you dont fancy getting dressed and traipsing to the portaloos in the rain.
  12. Must admit I was a bit indifferent about Placebo, despite loving them back in the day. Been listening to them loads recently and forgot how many great tunes they have, now on my must see list. Lost count of how many times I've seen Flaming Lips live and they have never been anything less than mind blowing Some incredible bands on...gonna be an absolutely cracking weekend!
  13. Expect there might be a queue at 9am on the Thursday and possibly after the schools close Friday but otherwise you should be fine. Avoid camping in Family and you will be fine. The carpark to any of the campsites is not a massive trek...one of the easiest festivals I've ever been to. Would definitely recommend talking your mates into getting there on the Thursday if you can, extra day drinking and the likes of Dreadzone and Craig Charles...why wouldn't you?! Its a great festival...really nice laid back crowd, very few knobheads. Gonna be a cracking weekend...have a good one!
  14. I've always said the last band I want to see at my last festival was Flaming Lips. Although Bearded isnt our last booked festival for this year (and hopefully I might have a few more festival years in me yet), if this is my last Bearded, can't imagine a better way to end it.
  15. We haven't been going that long but for me it is absolutely the highlight of my year...one of the main reasons I can drag my arse out of bed every day to do a job I don't particularly enjoy. Can't think of anything they could do to make it better. A lot of festivals try to grow and get bigger name headliners but lose what made them special. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes I suppose!
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