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  1. Yeah I put James as well. Bit of old school indie was missing this year
  2. Was going to wait until the line up announcement but having such a sh*t week at work just rage bought early birds.
  3. It was honestly one of the best days of my life the last time they played...not only did we catch them soundchecking the whole of 'Do You Realize?!' I bumped into Wayne Coyne later and shook his hand.
  4. If you think people on the forums moan a lot about Bearded you should go on the Wychwood one...bloody hell. We went last Sunday for the day and it was like a village fete with a great soundtrack but the whinging, particularly from the people in the VIP area was putting me right off ('its too far from the stage' 'its too close to the funfair', 'there are people standing up in front of the VIP area', 'the bar has run out of ice') Probably a bit too early for them to return to Bearded but just had an email from DHP about a Flaming Lips tour of the UK in April/May.
  5. Along those lines...how about Lenny Kravitz. How about Self-Esteem? Too big? Surprised Manics have never played Bearded (unless they have)
  6. Yeah...we stayed until the end and enjoyed it. It just happens sometimes. I remember a festival in the centre of Brum which Editors headlined but majority of the crowd buggered off after J&MC finished.
  7. Virtually nobody else was...
  8. Assume there isn't likely to be a Wednesday next year? (and before some smart arse says 'yes there will be 52 Wednesdays next year' I mean specifically at Bearded)
  9. Those two on Sat and Sunday would probably be enough alone for me to get a ticket. Also some of the following-. * Super Furries reunion gig * Bob Vylan * BIg Special * DEADLETTER * Charlatans * Johnny Marr * Skindred * Young Fathers * Teenage Fanclub * Squeeze
  10. Frustrating because the signage would have been such a simple fix...it defeats the purpose of trying to cut down on traffic if every car is doing 2 or 3 trips up and down the same road trying to find which way to get in. Thinking about it, dont remember seeing any exit signs either in the main field which given the state of the car parks wasnt helpful.
  11. Wednesday didn't start well, thought the signage for the car park was crap. When we got there it just said 'pick-up/drop off' so we drove past it twice (as did both my mates who arrived at different times on the Weds morning). Two hours late opening the gates, but appreciate with the extreme weather probably took longer to get whatever agreement is required to open the site. Generally think the site held up relatively well considering. Had great conversations with absolutely loads of lovely randoms, but for the first time did see some real dickheads this year, (including the couple who had a very loud profanity filled blazing row in family camping at 3am (I know it was 3am because they kept shouting it out like some sweary drunken Big Ben) Music wise think Bob Vylan was an absolute highlight, thought Dexys were surprisingly good and Beans and Jess Silk were great. We decided to shoot Sunday lunchtime so sadly missed Big Special (but had seen them the week before). Didnt really find any new bands before. Overall, generally enjoyed it and it got the thumbs up from the two mates and their families that I'd finally persuaded to come for the first time. This was our 6th Bearded and we normally book early birds but think for next year we will wait for the line up announcement...being there next year doesnt feel as essential as it has previously.
  12. Ahhhh balls... ...but on the plus side, music and beer in a field.
  13. Big Special have cancelled their last couple of dates as Joe has lost his voice...hopefully better for Sunday
  14. Hmmm...wonder if there is any chance of a brief Carter reunion? Not sure where they got the weather forecast from though...
  15. Yeah...can't imagine they'll get many bookings for kids parties. The album is brilliant 'Black Dog/White Horse' sounds like a different band. Not a duff track on it. Loving the new Bob Vylan as well.
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