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  1. Flaminglippy

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Can understand why they won't let people in the campsites etc before 1pm but not why they won't let people in the car parks? Surely it would be better for people to turn up over the course of an hour or so beforehand rather than turning up en masse at exactly 1pm? Anyway...sod it. Tomorrow is gonna be sunny and we'll have a beer on the go at 1pm. Happy days!
  2. Flaminglippy

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Love SRC so will definitely make sure we check October Drift out...cheers! Be a good reason to drag me arse out of bed early on the Friday as well.
  3. Flaminglippy

    Blue Dot Festival

    We found the security took a fairly relaxed approach to taking food in last year You're definitely right about cost for kids though...its not even like the stalls do kids portions.
  4. Flaminglippy

    Blue Dot Festival

    Not having a lanyard was a right ballache last year. The babby scribbled all over the timetable then spilt a drink on it which made it completely unreadable.
  5. Flaminglippy

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Hope this weather keeps up...be bloody annoying if I'm sat in the office while its like this and its pissing down next week, but initial forecast is looking OK. Any recommendations for smaller bands on the bill worth catching?
  6. Flaminglippy

    Blue Dot Festival

    Guarantee if you watch the first 5 minutes of their set you'll be there until the end!
  7. Flaminglippy

    Blue Dot Festival

    Yeah...its addictive! My other half started off coming into the living room saying 'Oh my God you're not watching this bloody thing again!' to 'Can you put that video on again?' within a couple of days. Imagine it could be one of them sets you will remember for a long, long time Plus its the day after the Flaming Lips who are never anything less than amazing live...and Chems on the Sunday to end it...whats not to love!?
  8. Flaminglippy

    Blue Dot Festival

    Its an amazing performance. Saw an interview with 'Mystery Jets' where they said they started off every day of the recording session of their last album by watching this vid and became mildly obsessed with it
  9. Flaminglippy

    On Blackheath

    I doubt the Lightning Seeds are as high as 4th on the bill at their own staff Xmas party. Imagine there will be a lot of '2-4-1' deals for this closer to the time
  10. Flaminglippy

    On Blackheath

    Apologies...when I said I hoped the line-up was rubbish, I didn't mean quite this bad. The music on that Sunday will be like being stuck in a very, very big lift.
  11. Flaminglippy

    On Blackheath

    Or 'Fairground Attraction'...that would be bloody random Suede I reckon. Their London show would sell out regardless
  12. Flaminglippy

    On Blackheath

    I kinda hope the line up for this is rubbish as just booked for the indie All Dayer thing in Brum on the Saturday. Gonna be a bit gutted if its Suede
  13. Flaminglippy

    Shine On Birmingham

    If you're going definitely worth getting there early and catching 'Deja Vega'...great band
  14. Flaminglippy

    Shine On Birmingham

    Yeah, came through about 9.30am. Seemed a bit hit and miss. Originally my other half was trying to book but her link didn't work and just said 'On sale Friday' so I used mine and it went straight through. Daft question but not in your spam folder is it?
  15. Flaminglippy

    Shine On Birmingham

    Booked. Nice little end to the festival season! Venue aside should be a good day. Probably give Orbital a swerve as saw them at Bluedot last year and catch either Rev & Makers or Julian Cope...probably the latter as catching Rev at Bearded Theory and Julian Cope is always entertaining Only problem is clashes with 'OnBlackheath' so hopefully the line-up for that will be pony. Didn't know about the app to order your beer...wonder if they'll deliver to you in the crowd 'I'm the middle aged bloke wearing a Stone Roses t-shirt and with crap hair'. Be like playing 'Guess Who' where absolutely everybody looks bleedin' identical.

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