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  1. Been going through a load more of the bands and added some more to my 'must see' list. 'The New Twenties' sound good, to me sound a bit like 'Frankie & The Heartstrings'. They are on early Saturday afternoon, they'll be good in the sunshine with a beer. 'Hotel Lux' are really good, a bit 'Art Brut/Libertines'. Big Joanie and Bob Vylan are also on my definites list. Seen Primal Scream loads of times over the years and are both one of the best and worst Iive bands I've seen depending on Bobby Gillespie's mood. My guess is they will absolutely smash it out of the park. Oh, if you g
  2. The first beer after pitching the tent is always the best tasting beer of the weekend! The 'DJ Yoda presents Stranger Things' should be really good. Bit different
  3. Shame that the food and drink policy has resulted in the discussion centering on the logisitics of our can movement around the site! Moving onto more positive areas, any recommendations for bands on earlier on the bill Saturday and Sunday? Really want to see Cassels but can't imagine we will be there in time for 2.30 on Friday. Massive gap between 'Fresh' and 'Sports Team' on Signature Brew Stage Saturday, reckon somebody else might be slotted in there. Pretty much looks like I'll be running between main stage and Sig Brew most the weekend Roadhouse Inn sounds like be interesting if
  4. Yeah I am sorely tempted but if I bought that worried wouldnt be able to try many of the others. I assume you'll be able to take them back to your tent and back into the arena the following days?
  5. Looks like they have expanded the explanation on not bringing your own food and drink under the 'Go Green' bit saying there are food and drink stalls in the campsites.
  6. I've seen that as well, think there is draft/cask but not at all bars. Sure they said bars by the main stage are can only, presumably to speed the process up. EDIT...Just found it. Its under the 'Go Green' section and says 'Can Bars - The main festival bars will have cans'. Goes onto to say the majority of draft beer onsite will be in steel kegs so there is some draft at least. Be interesting to see how they manage queuing for drinks and food. Sure they've said something about limiting number of people in each queue, but that presumably means there will just be a queue to join the queue.
  7. It does seem odd. If you are sat in a tent at a table watching a band you shouldn't have to wear a mask. I went to a gig on Saturday that worked the same as pubs, if you are sat at a table your mask comes off, if you go for a slash or go the bar its back on. Don't think people would quibble much at that. To have to wear a mask when you are outside more than 2m away from people makes no sense. Think we are all wanting the same thing, a safe, enjoyable experience. Just think the food and drink policy works against that as you are making people queue unnecessarily, which seems purely
  8. Hows that gonna work if you're drinking?? Your mask will be up and down like a newlywed's nightie. Trying not to be too negative as it must be a nightmare trying to put a festival on at the minute but a combination of that and the food and drink thing is a bit disappointing. The latter can only be a purely financial decision as will lead to more queuing etc. Not being able to make a coffee (or beer) at your tent in the morning without getting dressed and going to queue is nuts.
  9. Thats disappointing and will definitely mean I won't be booking tickets for next year no matter how good a weekend it is. Shame. From a covid perspective doesn't make a lot of sense either...4k people queuing for a coffee at 8am! On the plus side I suppose a lot less shit to carry
  10. Thats looking pretty good for me...no major clashes. Will probably miss Cassels who I wanted to see as we can't get the babby out of school until 1pm and its at least an hours drive so can't see us getting there, getting in, getting pitched up and getting in the arena for 2.30. Forecast is looking OK as well. Christ, 10 days and we could be at a festival! Bit surprised DJ Yoda is Friday headliner but wanted to see that so could be interesting.
  11. Bugger! Was really looking forward to them
  12. Think Bearded Theory said they start just over a week before. Thats a bigger fest but I assume wouldn't leave it much later than next weekend as all the traders will presumably be on site Wednesday/Thursday Be great if we had weather like this!
  13. Yeah...only seems to be the main stage that hasnt been confirmed yet. These are for smaller stages
  14. Just found this on the Signature Brew page...looks like most the stuff I wanted to see is on that stage.
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