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  1. Yeah....did have the misfortune of catching one of them once. 'Nothing Lasts Forever'....except for one of their sets when you are watching it in a muddy field on the last night of a festival
  2. Nah, just killing time waiting for the next announcement!
  3. Just thinking I believe BT delayed the announcement last week as they were waiting on one of the headliners making an announcement, Simple Minds announced some dates this week around April/May and they are probably about the right size? Would prefer Manics/Levs myself...
  4. Got a sneaky feeling 'Simple Minds' might be one of the other headliners
  5. You definitely won't regret it. Friendliest crowd, really sound organisers, small enough to get round easily, lovely choice of booze & food, eclectic music. Currently our only 'book regardless' festival. My money is on Manics for one of the other headliners...
  6. Can't wait to look round at all the smiling faces in the crowd when they're on. Gonna be awesome.
  7. I suggested Flaming Lips on the Facebook group and that got over 100 likes so fingers crossed. Regardless we'll be booking tickets when they go on sale
  8. Cheers, I will get it in the post tonight or tomorrow (might be an idea to delete your address from your original post!) Can't wait. Got Lakefest next week then back for 2 days before Beautiful Days! Looks like weather should be OKish as well.
  9. Tickets here! If you still want it message me your address and will post out. Sort payment when you receive it
  10. Hope you had a good night! I'll message you when the tickets arrive and its in the post to you...hopefully won't be too long
  11. I have a spare. Happy to send it to you when I receive it and you can pay upon receipt your end so you know its legit! Obviously only looking for face value
  12. Got a spare for this, if anybody fancies it give me a shout. Can meet in person in Cardiff about midday Friday
  13. Happy with that! Funnily enough booked for Fri and Sat last night. Tempted to book the Sunday just for Sugarhill Gang
  14. That's weird. Presumably they won't bother with the cost reprinting another lot when the bands are announced which suggests they're obviously thinking particular bands won't be the main reason people will be going this year
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