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  1. Aha right. I missed last year.
  2. Scalping would be fun late night big top
  3. Some aussies hopefully... Tropical Fuck Storm Amyl The Chats Spike Fuck The Goon Sax Id take any of them. Wouldn't mind seeing DIIV make an appearance. Was hoping Destroyer would show up again aswell.
  4. Yeah would have thought so. Caught her first uk gig in front of about a dozen punters at Gullivers in Manc, she's come a long way since then... quite the transformation
  5. Some of my favourite moments of EOTR are the first couple of slots on the garden stage on the saturday and Sunday early afternoon.... Anyone got any guesses as to who might fill those slots from the names so far? That Andy Shauf album is a real grower and would fit the moment but his name probably a bit too high on the bill
  6. Tropical Fuck Storm over for Green Man then, be surprised if they dont appear in the next announcement
  7. I'm liking 'Just Mustard'....shoegazey, big dollop of Slowdive, bits of MBV, Spacemen3 . Shite name mind
  8. Why what has he done? Haven't followed them at all but thought they were great in the Tipi last time. Is Evan the singer? Seemed a nice chap
  9. Meh i think the thursday slot is a great slot tbh.
  10. I think they will. The Shins, Slowdive, Yo La Tengo, Spiritualized... Pixies definitely fit the formula...
  11. Surely be Pixies on the Thursday
  12. Real Estate, bright eyes, destroyer would all be welcome returns Tindersticks haven't played for a while have they? Garden subs again? No idea on the headliners although Angel would seem an obvious pick if they can get her. A few I'd love to see... Tropical Fuck Storm Withered Hand Spike Fuck
  13. Was mine too for most of the year... Although some decent competition released last few months... Murder capital, Blanck Mass, Purple Mountains etc.
  14. How did Ohtis go down? Decent crowd? Missed EOTR this year but just seen Ohtis in the back room of a pub in Manchester in front of literally 23 people. They were great but felt bad for em man, fucking love the album, deserved a big audience.
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