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  1. Pm'd you, still available
  2. Not eotr related but anybody London based want a ticket to see Angel Olson do an afternoon acoustic set at Rough Trade West this Sunday? I won a ticket buying the album but can't make it.
  3. If they could only find a way to get Jonathan Richman over...
  4. There's always one 🤣
  5. It's 12 o'clock on the Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining hot... your hangover ain't too bad...you stretch out in front of the garden stage, adjust your position and wistfully remember the pre-cheese grater days...your mate arrives back from the bar, hands you a glistening cold pint...the peacock chicks are pottering around your feet, the dragonflies are swooping overhead, everything is at peace in the world...so, who ya got playing that plum Saturday garden opening slot??? One of my favourite slots over the years tbh...a realistic guess...or just who would you love it to be out of the current line up? Dream opener for me would be Alabaster Deplume, what a fucking way to start the day that would be, mesmerising jazzy wistfullness to ease in the long day ahead Perhaps more realistic and equally soothing, someone like Lael Neale? Who ya got?
  6. I've worked my way through the bottom 50 of the bill and only crossed out about 5 acts so the clash finder gonna be fun 😬
  7. doing the same, got stuck on Sophie Jamieson.....lovely stuff
  8. Come on now settle down, we've all had a drink
  9. great line up for my money. Not fussed about Khruangbin admittedly but I reckon I'll give em a go and wasn't madly bothered about seeing BT again. Murder Capital would have been nice
  10. fleet fucking foxes!!!! get in
  11. Ooh hope so, missed almost all of it last time watching hmm gruff i think
  12. Amen Dunes signed to subpop and released that amazing single with Sleafords.... All gone a bit quiet since but you'd hope there'll be an album to follow... Would love to see him get a late evening garden slot. Loved the big top set but well worthy of a prime spot next time, would blow a lot of people away i think.
  13. Godspeed You! Black Emperor just rearranged their January UK gigs for second half of September...possibly a few weeks too late to put them in the EOTR picture but you never know...
  14. Yip. I don't mind a standard release and perhaps a limited run of one special edition but this kind of thing is pretty absurd and kinda a turn off tbh... https://black-country-new-road.myshopify.com/?utm_source=identity&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=black-country-new-road-pre-12-10-21&src=mk_etblack-country-new-road-pre-12-10-21
  15. Yup. Bummer the vinyl been delayed again tho. Speaking of vinyl.... Seen the marketing for the new Black Country, New Road LP?... A cool £94 for the deluxe bundle...nearly choked on me matcha shot. Fuck that.
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