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  1. Black Country, New Road are unmissable imo
  2. Sunday night Garden headliners would be a nice slot for em I guess...but I could see Double Negative working in the big top
  3. Low would really suit a late night Big Top set tbf...I'd rather see that than them repeat the Garden I think. Agree with Sean, Beak> were superb last time but just repeating the slot doesn't really do it for me...same with Oh Sees playing the garden two years running last year really...
  4. Loads of stuff I like of the bands I know...can't see me not going now really. Time to start exploring the undercard I guess
  5. Damn I was planning to skip a year but I've been waiting for Spiritualized forever.
  6. I like it but yeah, a little ambitious I think
  7. With the amount of Aussie talent they've had recently hopefully theres a decent chance of getting Tropical Fuck Storm over. Love that record. Would love a headliner that really appeals to me for once...something like Nick Cave, Spiritualized, The The on the Woods...or GY!BE, NMH at the Garden...a man can dream
  8. Wat!? He was awesome 🤣
  9. Absolutely. And tbh, if ya daft enough to pay a tenner a pint ...
  10. I happened to be in the Beaverton bar early Sunday when it was first kicking off about the half specials...they had been instructed not to sell the specials as pints under any circumstances for some reason...the lass running the bar was trying to find a solution ringing HQ cos everyone was complaining you couldn't get a pint of anything....lol at the solution ending up being £10 pints 😂
  11. ah right...glad they got it sorted....great band
  12. were the oh sees not way way too quiet? I was watching from the back and had just come from the front at Gruff so it could just be that but I thought I heard a chorus of 'turn it up' early on? I ended up wandering off tbh but seen em a few times so wasn't too fussed
  13. awesome weekend! absolutely awesome. Highlights for me : Amyl and the Sniffers, Josh T Pearson, Richard Dawson, Colter Wall, Amen Dunes, Gruff Rhys (happiest crowd of the weekend that), Stella Donnelly, Tiny Ruins, loads more tbh I hardly saw a disappointing set all weekend...The goddamn amazing weather! Lowlights (minor quibbles) : Bugger all t-shirts for sale in the rough trade shop. The old pizza place was gone and the new one seemed very good at burning pizzas, Missing Hookworms and Destroyer...ah well you can never see everything. How was Ariel Pink? I saw him in manchester a few weeks ago and loved it but couldn't drag my tired ass into the big top last night.
  14. domjon


    Yeah I bought my missus a pair when we had a deluge a few years back...about 20 quid I think. Doesn't look like you'll need em but I'm sure somewhere will be selling em if necessary
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