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  1. Got my refund too. Might still buy it again for 2021 if things pan out.
  2. Same. I was told to hold tight, it's coming. Assume some insurance money has to come in at some point. Sounds painfully slow to me...
  3. Going off other events, it'll be a free drink voucher and something along the lines of keeping your ticket at 2020 price instead of a 5-10 euro increase for 2021. Still, if people can afford it, they should keep their ticket. Bit odd having to wait until June 3rd to request a refund though.
  4. No doubt Primavera has to work out how to refund all their customers via DICE. They've got get those millions back that've been spent on infrastructure, deposits, etc. There are a ton of moving parts, so you'd hope people would have some common sense and patience. You see some of the replies for postponements and cancellations and the grief they and the ticket agents are getting is a bit OTT.
  5. I think they do the Mighty Hoopla and there's that other festival, Cross The Tracks (I think?), which run on concurrent days with the same production. I imagine it was trying to move lineups for 3 days for 3 different festivals that caused most the issues. I got cheap tickets, so I'll keep mine for now.
  6. June 5th? Doesn't feel as if this will happen on that date. Given most the bands are UK based, feels like it could maybe move to September easy enough, perhaps? Assuming the festivals they share the weekend with can do the same. Such a shame for what was looking like a great first year.
  7. 99.9% sure tickets will carry on to 2021, but you can claim a refund minus deposit/or a new admin fee if you want to.
  8. Yeah, it's not a bad set of bands, but £55 seems far too much with no real headliner there. Especially jarring when you see Wide Awake are charging half of that.
  9. Looks like it's by one of the co-founders of Field Day, so that makes sense!
  10. I think people might go Twang crazy, but they (and JAWS) do play Birmingham quite a lot, don't they?
  11. This looks great. I hope they just get an absolute ton of bands on. Make that poster as long as possible!
  12. This is new and local for some of us. Not 100% my bag, but glad someone's doing something new, a bit like Dot to Dot that's on in a few other cities.
  13. Probably for the best, as my mate got caught in that. Got charged twice. Also, is it me or are booking fees double last year now though? Seems a bit rum. Pretty sure it was less than a fiver last year. Nobody seems to be complaining though, so... ?‍♂️
  14. I'd expect Noel Gallagher, Courteeners, Two Door Cinema Club, will be knocking around. Maybe Snow Patrol?
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