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  1. Mcbatesman

    Nick Cave

    £76 with fees for standing in Birmingham
  2. Mcbatesman


    What do you mean he's not there again? Thought he played last year
  3. 3 on Friday, 1 Sunday, 0 Saturday
  4. https://bmusic.co.uk/events/centenary-square-summer-series-the-streets
  5. Mcbatesman

    Nick Cave

    I'm not sure why you are trying to one up here.....
  6. Mcbatesman

    Nick Cave

    UK dates is November though....
  7. Mcbatesman

    Nick Cave

    Tour announced for November
  8. Nothing but thieves are at Wembley with green day on the Saturday
  9. Yeah I feel people put way to much emphasis on Spotify figures, Avril Lavigne has more monthly Spotify listeners than all 3 other headliners and all 3 pyramid subs! As does Cyndi lauper
  10. Don't get me wrong, yeah I think you're lineup's alright
  11. Just the way it goes, nothing but thieves are on the bottom line of the other stage and have had a stellar two years.... I guess it's also to give the "alt/rock" crowd something to go when dua lipa is on
  12. A bump up I would argue is deserved....as I've said earlier truck are starting to put bigger headliners on the Thursday night to draw more earl entry tickets. There tour has sold pretty well (playing Similar venues to the national) on the back of a well received number 1 album. If they are giving SZA a chance to headline the pyramid what's wrong with giving IDLES a crack at the other?
  13. I don't think idles is that crazy
  14. I think with the foo's it was there return post Taylor Hawkins and a headliner sized act with no other dates around the same time, Stevie nicks has already sold Hyde park so there's no need to hide it
  15. Thats what I was thinking as well!
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