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  1. The specials have been playing everywhere this summer so there's probably not as much draw to see them. Ymas have also done alot recently but at least they've been a bit sensible with what they are doing at gunnersville
  2. But they are getting bit bands playing now that it's a corporate machine and let's not forget the festival might not even still exist if it wasn't for that. 2000trees may go the same way at some point, like I said sooner or later it'll happen
  3. Glastonbury is weird and doesn't work like any other festival, at the end of the day it's a business and it's aim is to make money so price increases will happen whether its the same time or a few years later than other festivals
  4. Was always going to go up though, everything like that does, especially when the tickets are still relatively cheap! Taking your own alcohol in was always going to stop as well, even the free music festival in my town has stopped letting you!
  5. Bar prices aren't that high, £5.50 is pretty standard for these sort of events now, even at a normal gig is can Ben £5.50
  6. Hhhhmmm I've concealed some extra alcohol within my food haha
  7. What was the bag searching like?
  8. Yeah, depends on the heat after it rains i suppose, i still have nightmares of the dust bowl that occurred reading 2009
  9. You gotta be careful with the met Office website, when theres a chance of a thunderstorm somewhere in the UK it'll put on every bloody destination, if you go in the hourly bit it says nothing about rain untill lunch time tomorrow 😂
  10. I'm ginger, I burn at anything over 10 degrees 🤣🤣
  11. I think I'm literally going to melt this weekend
  12. Not long to go now, whose high up on everyone's list? For me it's idles, slaves, foals, hot 8 brass band, broco and clean cut kid
  13. Would i be able to take a mini keg in?
  14. They are class, though I am a hit biased cause I'm mates with the guitarist 😂
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