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  1. You got the email from them yet?
  2. Depends on size limits though, would have to get the 4k cap released
  3. And now we play the waiting game.....
  4. Ahhh ok! So will truck likely get cancelled if they don't get both? Or unknown at the moment
  5. From the original article that was posted this afternoon, and I have a feeling they will be doing festivals around the 30k mark
  6. I think it's just tramlines and latitude tbh
  7. I mean if they aren't granted ERP it may be to much of a financial risk for the festival to hope and see
  8. It's to much of a risk financially though, Kendal cancelled for the reason of not getting ERP etc
  9. Can they realistically have pilot/test events running along side normal festivals though? The whole idea of the pilots is to work out safety protocols etc for festivals, seems a bit redundant to do that if there's other festivals happening on the same weekend like normal....
  10. If there is I'd say latitude and standon they have been the only ones to say about confidence on still going ahead
  11. I think it's latitude that's the pilot
  12. Doesn't look good with Kendal going, both being part of the superstruct family and all
  13. Standon calling are also saying they are still going ahead
  14. So latitude is currently still going ahead, does this bode well for truck?
  15. Probably looks a bit like 4000 people in a field drinking beer...
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