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  1. Gotta be due an announcement soon surely!
  2. Wouldn't say they were anymore out there than psb
  3. Yeah i reckon there's one more to come as well, Also starting to think lewis capaldi won't be third down as he's not on the same row as broco etc
  4. With broco having a 3rd from top spot?
  5. So who are the main stage subs and market stage headliners then?
  6. Moose blood aren't a thing at the moment
  7. Sweet, thinking of doing the volunteer thing for it but don't want to miss either of those
  8. Anyone know roughly what time architects and bmth will be playing?
  9. But lewis capildi playing the main and not headling market like we all presumed is it possible that broco or thieves are a market and not sub
  10. Would kill for Doves but they'd headline surely
  11. Wonder if he'll be third from top or lower down, Slightly unrelated but sea girls are playing the Sunday
  12. Lewis capaldi is on the main stage it seems
  13. I think the exclusive show refers to the fact they are playing the debut album in full, so that specific show will be exclusive not that band.... Though it's not particularly clear if it is that
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