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  1. Yeah, or Wembley stadium in early September
  2. Would have to be a long old postponement then! Stadium won't be theoretically available from August till next May
  3. Only Bournemouth and Leeds extra this time round, I tried get standing tickets to Birmingham/London /Manchester the day they were released last time and couldn't
  4. Sold out the 02 on the last tour very easily
  5. It is a forum for music discussion though not the spread of a virus
  6. It's sometimes they way that they promote it that makes it come across like they have just booked certain acts for certain reasons, if that makes sense? (I'm probably going to end up getting slaughtered for this)
  7. Well now I feel stupid 不不不 though I didn't really put much effort looking into it just based it on something I read on nme and only ever seeing stuff about the 02 gigs
  8. It wasnt a tour though was it, it was residency at one venue
  9. 1975 are bringing an album out without doing a proper tour
  10. Biffy have pretty much announced there own tour now, so thats probably them out the window
  11. The original announcement had "plus special guest" so I'd say it was planned
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