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  1. I'm impressed you even remember this discussion tbh
  2. Have people had emails from kaboodle about the refunds?
  3. Still nothing for me.....looks like I'm gonna have to email them.... great
  4. They headlined a few years back themselves are they that much smaller now?
  5. Yeah not refunding the delivery fees is silly, can tolerate losing the booking fee though
  6. Ah cool, I'll wait patiently then
  7. I only had pearl jam on a payment plan, I moved to a new bank halfway through so I reckon that's gunna cause me an issue
  8. You win some you lose some, they still have staff to pay and everything
  9. Well I've not got a refund of £22 and £29 🤷🤷
  10. Well I've not got a refund of £22 and £29 🤷🤷
  11. Whose to say he won't have another album out/just coming out by July 2021?
  12. Maybe they are going to send it super late, giving less chance to apply for a refund...
  13. It's doesn't specify 13th may this year.....
  14. Only had pearl jam ones so not sure you what you need to do, I requested the refund after pearl jam said all there shows were being carried over to next year but bst show was previously cancelled! So presumed it was gone completely
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