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  1. Everyone's right, strongbow yard is missing from this years map, But was on the previous years.....there appears to be a card only bar in its place. But Strongbow are still a sponser of Victorious. Re Seaside Stage, or as locals call it, the bandstand: Its Partially open, They have only fenced the flat part of the field, The pathways around the top of the slopes are still open (I walked that path Sunday to look at the building work) But will imagine that will be blocked for the festival.
  2. Set Times have been published xx https://www.victoriousfestival.co.uk/line-up-2022/
  3. I hope you enjoy Portsmouth. :0) Grass is dead, we walked via castle field to take photos of sign & castle stage build then up to the fair then across the common and it’s just yellow. Turned to dust under foot. Added a photo of Sunday from a Facebook site x
  4. They have started the site build. victorious letters are up and castle stage has started. (I’m local so was there today) x
  5. Did anyone catch Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 this morning saying they would be at Victorious?
  6. Yes, Victorious has always so far been the bank holiday weekend in Auqust x
  7. Another Stage this year.
  8. Another small act announced. Replacing blue stones x
  9. Full comedy tent line up
  10. Do you think this will be local acts? 2 more acts to be added?
  11. I thought it was just the local acts left to announce, but still getting a few surprises!
  12. Another very small announcement James Walsh on the acoustic Stage Sunday.
  13. https://www.turinbrakes.nl/2022/03/01/turin-brakes-set-for-songs-stories-podcast-event-in-hove/ This says Turin Brakes are headlining Acoustic
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