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  1. Got to admit, must of missed that, although I only went there a few times.
  2. I am now interested in what they will do with the D-DAY car park, that's a big space - although I agree, not a lot more will be announced. as they will put some of the beats acts on the poster (They had 2 or 3 from each day last year)
  3. I doubt it, Victorious never announce on a Friday, but could be wrong - Not expecting much in the announcement.
  4. Looking a lot better from the last time I saw the field in person xx
  5. I think you wanna add Sonique to Saturday beats & swing as local paper stated it’s a DJ set
  6. A weekend camping ticket is the same price as non camping ticket for an adult, however if you chose to camp, you need to know the following If you park in the campsite parking its £25.00 for weekend (Free street parking is a little bit of a trek with all your camp stuff) If you use the campsite buses to go to festival, it costs £35 per adult plus booking fee
  7. I live about a mile from the farlington fields camp site: And was shopping at the weekend in my local supermarket, Sainsburys (next to the campsite-down the road) Just to update anyone camping, they are putting in a Costa Coffee, in the Sainsburys. No date of opening, which I have seen, but the signs have gone up outside the area inside Sainsburys. Also to say, sainsburys has a hot food counter, with pizzas, sausage rolls, wings etc and a yo sushi counter, as well as the usual bits and pieces. Anyone else thinking of camping, there are also a couple of food vans near the camp site, which may be a lot cheaper than onsite.
  8. Just seen that the Costal scheme want to open up the bandstand field for April, and the new costal path from June (if they run on time) Looks like we may have bandstand back at the bandstand 🤞🏻
  9. I believe we will get a 3rd announcement but as others have said, I don’t think we get any big/huge names. as Sisco said, if we look at the Sunday, if his prediction is correct, we have most of the Common & Castle acts. but the posters from last year had all the Common, Castle, 4/5acts for acoustic, 2/3 acts for beats, and couple for world music for the Saturday for example. While we may not get any big names, we may get some more acts for these kind of stages. And the headliner a few years back for seaside, if it comes back was Clean Bandit
  10. Kens isnt as good as the old days, when it was only one shop in Osbourne Road, we would do the drunk walk from 5th to Ken's.(Showing my age here ) hahahax
  11. They won’t book them anymore as it gets too busy! Were you at victorious when they had them on the common stage? That was mental x
  12. To be fair, I think its a educated guess. The Seaside stage or as us locals call it The Bandstand was closed in early 2022, as this field was used to house machinery and materials during the construction of the new costal defenses around the castle. This section of the works is due to be completed in Spring 2024, therefore should be reopened for the summer. Last August, with the bulk of the heavy lifting work completed, they removed all the machinery and re-seeded the field, so it would be back to normal ready for the summer 2024, as the area is used every weekend over the summer for free music events. So the bandstand or as Victorious call it the Seaside Stage, will be available to use again. Whether they use it, is another thing, but on victorious website, they state it will be back once the costal work is completed.
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